Since I just read agirlwithguts' blog, I figured I would rant a little bit about Crohn's Disease and how people don't seem to understand.

You always hear talk about Cancer and other diseases that effect millions of people, but what about people with Crohn’s Disease? I am all for talk about Cancer and these other diseases because they should be talked about. The truth is, most people know what Cancer is, I can guarantee most people reading this have no idea what Crohn’s Disease is. But what about the thousands of people that suffer with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)? I feel as if people don’t take it seriously because it involves the digestive system, which includes poop, and people tend to shy away from that subject, never mind, I mean society. Of course it isn’t a “glamorous” disease, but what disease is? No disease should be glamorous. Crohn’s disease is much more than “persistent diarrhea”. I hate talking about it with people because I never know how they will absorb it. “Oh she has a stomach problem, no big deal.” I wish it wasn’t, but it is, I mean too bad it really isn’t a stomach problem, it’s actually an autoimmune response when your body attacks the digestive system for no reason, causing inflammation, severe pain, weight loss, ulcers, bleeding, even attacking your joints, eyes, liver, ect. I never know how to explain how this disease works. One day I could be alright and then the next I don’t even want to get up out of my bed unless it’s to use the bathroom and I think the only person that will understand the most is my mom. I wish I could make legit plans with people, but the truth is I can’t make promises because chances are I just might not feel well enough to go out. Sometimes I feel as if this whole thing has a hold of me and that isn’t the greatest feeling. It isn’t fun being a teenager and have to deal with so many things all at once, I never knew I would be sick and have to take different medications for the rest of my life. Most people are on medication for life, which do not have pleasant long term side effects, some can possibly cause cancer and damage other organs in your body. I wish it was as easy as taking a pepto-bismol, but that isn’t the case. And if medication doesn’t work, the only other option is surgery, and often more than one surgery. The seriousness of this disease also goes for any disease out there, so before you brush a disease off your shoulder like it’s no big deal, it mostly likely is. You just aren’t the one living it. As for society being fucked, it most likely always will be because that’s how it always has been.