aging not so gracefully

here’s a smol thing (only above one k words), I really need to get back into proper writing agh. 

jason todd x fem!reader, inspired by childish gambino’s heartbeat

He didn’t know what he expected to be honest, it’s been five years so of course she’s moved on. Hell, five years of knowing that the love of your life is dead — there’s no other thing to do if you want to survive, only to move on. But it did ache, even angered him. Especially that there was another one touching her.

They were so damn in love, she was the only who could leave Jason so breathless. Now too, she was so damn beautiful, aged so gracefully, they weren’t kids anymore, he barely got out a few words when he last saw her. But they decided against it — well, she did, he immediately regretted ever pushing himself back into her life, he should’ve known better. But Jesus, he loved her so much, he needed to see how she’s doing.

And he is, without her knowing. He’s groaning to himself quietly, he really did reach a new low. He was currently in the opposite apartment building where Y/N lived, having broken into some poor assholes flat, who was currently passed out on his couch, as Jason watched the girl of his dreams from the window. It was early morning, the bloke she was dating was sat by the kitchen table, fancy suit and tie still not done. She was completely naked, placing a plate of eggs and bacon in front of the business man before straddling his lap. Jason growls without even knowing, God he hated seeing him touch her, but she’s doing his tie now and his hands slide down her ass. She’s beautiful, glowing purely just because she’s being herself. The outlaw looks away then, he can’t watch them interlock lips.

Moments pass and he leaves, expensive watch checked as he picks up his suitcase, leaving the girl sat alone by the table. And Jason is getting to leave then too, but he stops when the door of Y/N’s apartment closes, the smile she had for her boyfriend vanishes of her face, her shoulders begin to shake. She breaks down, her head buried in her hands as she starts to sob. He watches in horror, his heart beating so fast, it feels like it could burst out of his chest at any moment, but there’s nothing he can do. He watches her wipe her eyes lazily as she stands up, picking up what seems to be a phone. Seconds later Jason’s pocket is vibrating and he’s quickly grabbing his own mobile so the drunk on the sofa wouldn’t wake up.

“I want to see you.” She says before he can even speak up, and he bites down a smile.

He comes around later, he just poked around the broken in apartment to pass time, not to come over too quick as if he’s desperate, or the fact that he was already here, stalking her. But when he does his heart is beating so fast again, and he can’t help but melt into her scent as she engulfs him into a hug, her legs wrapping around her waist as he carries her down the kitchen.

“Words cannot explain how much I missed you, Jason Todd.”

“Why don’t you show me then?”

After the tangled limbs they agree that this is a one time thing, that it’s not going to repeat. He’s hurt but he bows his head, he’s a ghost, he’s not supposed to be here anyway. So he heads for a bar, a girl hitting him up as he tries to forget Y/N’s soft skin.

Weeks pass before there’s a knock on his door and he finds an angel stood at his doorstep. They fuck again, but this time it’s slower, they’re making love, they’re not animals. She’s asleep after, and he has patrol, but he doesn’t have the heart to go, this is familiar, she’d sleep over all the time back then and he missed it, he missed her a lot. Gotham survives a night without Red Hood, and Jason does too. In the morning there’s yelling, the girl he chatted with at the bar is at his place, unlocking his door with a pair of spare keys. And he’s thinking, examining the girl closely while she’s yelling at him — at him cheating just in the first weeks of them dating. But he can’t recall ever giving her his keys, he’s paranoid now, maybe she’s working for someone. But then he hears laughing from the bedroom and he smiles, that love sick cheesy grin and that makes the girl in front of him even angrier, she’s slamming the door as Jason returns back to bed to Y/N.

“What’s so funny?”

“We’re both pathetic cheating assholes.”

“For you? I’m the worst of the worst.”

And then after another go she leaves again, without establishing what the hell they are. He’s stalking her again, not on foot this time, but the way every other person does it. He’s checking social media, scoffing at her dude’s posts. He’s angry again, thinking of how she’s home with him now, filthy hands all over what belonged to Jason.

But then there’s knocking on his door again and yet the same angel is stood in front of him again. She’s smiling up at him, drenched from the rain outside. He steps away to let her in and she’s taking off her boots, taking them into the kitchen as she flips one over, rain water pooling down the sink from her shoe. He watches her, waiting to be explained why she’s back. He’s regretting it again, regretting coming back into her life, even more so just fucking her. But Jesus does she say the nastiest shit when he’s between her thighs, and she’s so God damned beautiful he can’t help but wonder how did a piece of scum like him end up with someone like her.

When she turns to him her smile only widens. “He was cheating too.” She exclaims and he immediately feels relief and anger all at once. How dare he not treasure Y/N is beyond Jason, but he knew she jumped to the first guy she met after he died, wanting to move on faster, to ignore the ache of his loss. “Karma man, cheater getting cheated on.”

“We’re match made in heaven, baby.” He’s in front of her then and he’s kissing her, and he can’t stop smiling.

“That we are.”


“Small but a mansion in her eyes”: All time favorite lady…as an actress & a profound gem to me since I was 16[Blue]. For me, her roles grasped the inconsistency that comes from being a teenager. She’s gotten increasingly popular since Stranger Things and rightfully so. But my appreciation comes from a slew of characters she’s played & words she’s uttered that have stricken me with joy and sometimes even pain. By pain, I also mean empathy. She’s not Hollywood, she’s over that part. She just does her own thing, creates her own colorful life around her not giving two shits of how it can be perceived and I love that. She has been able show her sensitive soul & her fortitude shines through. In what she has shared about her struggles, I can parallel many accounts to my own experiences. She’s not shy of showing her frailty, which I myself have always struggled with how vulnerable to be with others. It can be frustrating for anyone. “The things that make a woman beautiful - moving with grace, accepting yourself, the ability to enjoy life - are timeless” I believe the same thing, she appreciates the wisdom and serenity that comes with age. Most likely why she ages so gracefully, because she’s happy. People have asked me for years why I like her so much. Mermaids & Girl Interrupted pulls at my heart strings, Heathers kept me mesmerized & Night On Earth keeps me on my toes. (Well I could go on & on about so many of her roles but I won’t) The health of your soul, your mind & your body is so important & she’s never been afraid to show that it’s ok to be sensitive, you don’t have to be this pillar of strength all of the time. It’s ok to fall down, go through stuff and learn to take care of yourself. All of the low points are what make a person stronger. That’s why I have held her in such high regard for so long, and why everything about her is so striking to me. I have amazing women in my own life, I always will. But she’s pretty awesome too. She’s just another strong beautiful woman who has made me realize that all you need perseverance and know what matters most in this life and stay true to it.

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“You’ve aged gracefully so far, Y/N.”  Klaus complimented, engulfing you in a hug as he opened the door to you.  Laughing lightly you hugged him back, taking note of the man standing just behind Klaus’ left shoulder.

“Not all of us can age as beautifully as you seem to do, Klaus.”  You teased, pulling away enough to study the vampires face.  “Why it doesn’t even look like you’ve aged a day since I saw you last.”  Klaus chuckled, finally remembering Elijah when the other man cleared his throat loudly.

“Y/N, this is my brother, Elijah.  Elijah, this is Y/N.”

“The only human that seems to be able to keep up with him.”  You interjected with a teasing smile.  Elijah stuck his hand out to shake yours, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips at the spark of fire he saw in your eyes.  Having you around would certainly prove to be interesting.

The Types + Immortality

ENFJ: Like, of all the ridiculous things I’ve made into a fucking Types As post, this is surprisingly the least outrageous in terms of possibility for you guys… like i mean….. yeahhh immortality is kind of….not real…..but like, have you seen the amount of water ENFJs drink on a daily basis? It’s like…. statistically likely that ENFJs have caused literally every drought known to man. More power to them, though. They’re probably already fuckin immortal

ENFP: Lol I know /exactly/ why you guys would want to be immortal, like imagine how many times you can change your personal philosophy in three weeks… imagine that for eternity,,,it’s just like a never ending daisy chain, as more buds are added, the old wilt and disintegrate into the mossy earth– feeding the soil from which they initially came. Forever and ever adding on into infinity. I’m talking quite literally here. I’m saying that if ENFPs were given eternity, they’d spend their idle time building really fucking long daisy chains.

ESFJ: fuuuck literally every ESFJ i’ve seen seems to still be dealing with the bellowing aftershocks of the fucking Big Bang, like I tried to google how hot Stellar Nucleosynthesis is, but this is a shitpost so i’m just gonna tell you that it’s pretty fucking intense – and like That, on top of Yesterday’s Double Texting Nightmare is like??????? K so you know stepping on a lego? Multiply by the fucking sun. just let them r e s t  damn it

ESFP: idek if they’d want immortality, like it might just kind of fucking destroy their will to do shit but like??? ESFPs would age so gracefully, like…. they’d still be getting carded at bars and like they’d be 405…like, i mean, it’d be a bit of a hassle for them but like, then again? Kinda never gonna die? like

 ‘’how old are you?’’



INFJ: Like Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™, immortal INFJs are probably sulky, have been 17 for way too  long, and drink deer blood for fun

unlike Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™,

i got nothing

INFP: ‘’’’’’’’’‘’Wait….’’ *author spins wheel* ‘’ Fallout Three Linkin Park Days Grace Boys isn’t gonna be here in 4000 years???????


ISFJ: of all of the ISFJs i’ve met 10/10 of them strike me as having been on the titanic at some point in their lives so like?????? coincidence???? i think not. Also, (if you happen to know an ISFJ) (i have several pressing questions about Leo Dicaprio and I’d be very happy to have a primary resource if u get what i mean) (I want to sell his hair on eBay) (help a guy out here)

ISFP: I’m not even gonna lie, ISFPs are a fucking mystery to me, but I respect them. I feel the same way about a lot of things, particularly Life and also corn chips….so like Life = neverending life = immortality + cornchips = double immortality, so like True?

Look, I’m like 67% sure i already made a post about ISFPs climbing inside of deer carcasses (which is what i was thinking of now) and Not Even I Could Stoop So Low as to repeat my own jokes so i’m just going to be completely honest here and say that i did not plan this out ahead of time

and if that’s not the spirit of a 6000 year old ISFP then i don’t know what is

ENTJ:   okay…….me and ENTJs……

It will be a very quick engagement and wedding ceremony, we’ll only invite maybe a few close friends and relatives (very secretive). The police will find me in my private jet 3 days after the funeral, drinking scotch and staring blankly into the horizon – just a few miles off of my private island. ‘’He was an old man…. his heart was failing,’’ I’ll sob into my silk smoking jacket, ‘’it was only a matter of time….’’

immortality would fucking ruin this for me

ENTP: k so i feel like if I, personally, ever got to be immortal, it’d be that fucking immortality that has like this catch where  ‘’you’ll live forever… long as you’re  not killed’’ and i’ll be like ‘’well fuck, that rules out all of the enemies i was planning on making now that there was no consequences’’ and then i’d have to live my careful (boring) life as full as i could make it without accidentally dying and then bam 

i’d step on a poisonous jellyfish

but it’d be in some weird way like i’d be walking down the street in chicago or something and smack in the middle of the sidewalk: jellyfish

and like, i wouldn’t even be mad tbh

ESTJ: Read the ESFJ description from this post (i linked to it here) multiply THAT by the sun. Divide by 3.

Tbh they’d probably enjoy their time as long as people BACKED OFF, MAN

ESTP: tbh i feel like immortality would kind of undermine an ESTPs entire life motto at first, like…..their time isn’t limited anymore….they no longer have to absorb as much input from every situation ever….they’d probably be reduced to like an emo mess for like the first 3000 years, but then they’d probably develop their Se-Ni so well that they like transcend the physical plane and exist everywhere and nowhere at once, and it’d be horrifying….and then they’d become this badass traveling conman with like mystical powers and everyone kind of thinks their like….some mythological figure but in reality, they’re just immortal and bored.

INTJ: I feel like they’d just be generally pissed about it? Like??? This isn’t what they asked for when they said they wanted a sustainable future??? This is too much, it’s like the industrial size bag of Lucky Charms cereal, put it back

INTP: Okay, like on a scale from one to ten they’d be like 8/10 as an immortal like…..yeahhh they’d be pretty chill for most of the time, yeahh they’d probably find things to do with their time…..but like…..when are they gonna hang out with their mortal friends????? probably never??? text me back man

ISTJ: Like, 2nd most likely type to become immortal (first being ENFJs) cuz like…..i’m pretty sure you can leave a pack of ISTJs alone on a deserted island and come back, and they’d be sitting there…no one will have killed and eaten anyone…..they’d just be chilling, surviving…??? like??? what the fuck kind of person kills and eats another human being like lol? calm down hannibal lecter

ISTP: welp, looks like another millenia of staring into the abyss, my friends. 

I’m so sorry. 

I honestly admire Harry’s ability to embrace the inevitably of middle age so gracefully like there won’t be any “crisis” for him he’s gonna be driving a sedan with four car seats in the back in Hawaiian print shirts having the time of his damn life

Teague Martin & The Golden Cat AU: In which Martin, seeing that his dream of being the High Overseer is coming to a swift end, steps out of the equation before he meets the chopping block. Martin finds refuge in The Golden Cat, the last place anyone would dare to find him and a perfect place to begin fade from one identity into another. After all, sometimes it’s better to hide in plain sight and The Golden Cat fits the bill. 

With some “convincing” Martin ends up running The Golden Cat, acting as the new proprietor. While Madame Prudence neglected the state of her girls, Martin was the opposite. If he wants to be successful, it’s imperative that the girls of The Golden Cat have their own needs met. Better living quarters, new clothes, healthier food, and stricter guidelines on what clients can request are implemented and it doesn’t take long for Martin to be more than successful. He’s better as a big fish in a small pond. It certainly helps that he can continue to know all of Dunwall’s gossip, creating a network of spies through his girls, selling his information via the black market.

And so Martin ends up aging gracefully and doing well in The Golden Cat. I have this image of Martin in a bathrobe, hair having streaks of silver and longer – perhaps pulled up in a bun – and ardently listening to the morning gossip with the girls during breakfast.