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I don’t normally post tweet screencaps here, but now that I’ve got your attention: YouTube is fucking over LGBTQ content creators. Their “restricted mode” (basically their age restriction settings) BLOCKS half my videos. Videos blocked include “Signs You Might Be Asexual Spectrum”, “Dating Asexual People” and “The Person Who Sent You This is Asexual”. Basically ALL my most educational videos on asexuality are unavailable. I am by far not the only content creator effected. Whatever algorithm YouTube is using to decide what’s safe for kids and what isn’t is blatantly anti-LGBTQ. Age restrictions shouldn’t be use to block sex and relationship education.

Hi! Some of you might know me from @vvakarians (my main blog) or from @dragonageaspecweek as Mod Mal! I decided that this fandom needed a little more positivity in the trans department, so I’m hosting a Trans Positivity week!

  • It will run from August 21st to the 27th
  • This is for BOTH Dragon Age and Mass Effect series 
  • It is open to ALL people with trans characters and trans headcanons
  • During this week it is encouraged to make anything you would like about your oc’s or send in things about pre-existing characters that you headcanon as trans! 
  • My ask box will be open for general questions, if you want to introduce your character, or just talk about trans stuff
  • I will track the tag #transbioware, feel free to @ me as well!!
  • There will be absolutely no hate on this blog, if anyone sends it in they will be blocked and reported 

I just really wanted to spread more positivity in this fandom during a time that a lot of people are coming out and spreading hate. I myself am trans and know what it’s like to feel like shit when someone does that. I’m hoping that this week and this blog will help people feel safe in sharing their experiences and characters/headcanons!! 

The difference between the Dragon Age fandom and the Skyrim fandom
  • The Dragon Age Fandom: ...but is it ok to mod the romances? Does it erase the characters' original sexuality? Is it breaking the intended story? Do lgbtq characters need more or less representation...
  • Skyrim Fandom: See this dragon?
  • Skyrim Fandom: I'm gonna make it Randy Savage
  • Skyrim Fandom: and romance it.

This Generation: *helps the legalization LGBTQIA+ marriage, actually gives a shit about modern racism instead of brushing it under the rug, accepts each other regardless of gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc., promotes body positivity more than ever before, advocates for the rights of women, and is considered to be way more liberal than previous generations*

Last Generation: ugh, this generation is so shallow! Kids these days don’t care about anyone but themselves and their phones! They play on their devices all day without making any difference in the world! So lazy and selfish!


Outcasts and Prejudice in the Middle Ages

Getty Museum curators and Kristen Collins and Bryan C. Keene are organizing an exhibition for early 2018 on outcasts, prejudice, and persecution in the European Middle Ages. One story they look forward to telling is that of Bagoas (Bagoe), Alexander the Great’s lover. They write:

Some subjects were deemed unfit for medieval readers and were therefore altered. For example, the world ruler Alexander the Great had a range of lovers or companions, including the young man Hephaistion. In the Middle Ages, numerous accounts of Alexander’s life were produced, from France and Byzantium to Persia and India. In a version written by a Portuguese humanist for the Burgundian court, Alexander’s handsome eunuch-lover called Bagoas is cast as a beautiful woman in order to “avoid a bad example,” as the author phrased it.

Throughout an illuminated copy of the text at the Getty, Bagoas wears lavish garments. In one instance, her ability to influence Alexander’s decisions—as a seductive or persuasive woman—is contrasted with the warrior-like Amazon women, who desire to bear a child by Alexander. This transgendering made the story more acceptable; it also reaffirms the impossibility of creating straightforward categories or binaries.

Medieval authors and artists often made considerable changes to well-known and beloved stories. Readers and viewers understood these alterations as part of the process of history writing, or more precisely, of moralized and multiple-perspective histories.

For more on queer erasure and gender fluidity examined through images in illuminated manuscripts, see this essay by Rheagan Martin and Bryan C. Keene on The Iris.

Bagoas Pleads on Behalf of Nabarzanes, about 1470–75, Master of the Jardin de vertueuse consolation and assistant, from Livre des fais d’Alexandre le grant (Book of the Deeds of Alexander the Great)The J. Paul Getty Museum

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Solas, sorry to bother you, but: opinion of non binary people/genders? (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

The sky is broken. People are dying. I’m too old for narrow minded nugshit. Whoever you are, you are welcome in my army. Also please pick something sharp and stab some demons. Please. Regardless of gender.