aging belt

(God of secrets and knowledge in elven pantheon of Dragon Age universe.)

“Dirthamen is the twin brother of Falon'Din. He is also known as a "twin soul” to Falon'Din, rather than merely a twin. Dirthamen is the elven god of secrets and knowledge, and master of the ravens Fear and Deceit, having found them in the Fade and outsmarted them both.“ (da-wiki)

Friendly reminder that Jaehee Kang

• lost her parents at a young age
• has a black belt in judo
• did amazingly well in her studies, probably graduated early
• lived with her uncle and aunt-in-law after losing her parents and her aunt wanted to kick her out as soon as she got into university
• was blamed by her aunt of not helping her cousins enough and basically got accused of stealing their luck when all she did was work hard
• probably had longer hair before Jumin had her cut it off for her job because the assistants kept getting into things with Mr. Chairman
• was desperate for a job and to become financially independent - probably because of her aunt
• is an expert at Word, foreign languages and processing industrial engineering
• puts herself down - she has called herself a coward and thought that she’s not good enough

my point is that Jaehee Kang is a character that needs to be appreciated so much more by some parts of the MysMes fandom


Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

MINI-TUTORIAL: Belt buckle for Cosplay

1. Make a stencil out of normal paper and copy it onto the styrodur*. Cut out the basic shape with a knife or jigsaw.

2. Grab rough sanding paper and start sanding to get closer to the final shape you would like to create. As you get closer to the final shape use a final sanding paper to smoothen the surface.
Be careful with your fingernailsand other sharp items. Styrodur can be damaged quite easily. The good thing about this trait, however, is that you can add details such as the stripes above with nothing but a pencil or tooth pick.

3. Take some left over Worbla’s Finest Art (or other thermoplastic) and cover the styrodur in it. Add small wholes on the inside of the buckle and push a spit in there. Fasten the spit with glue.
Shape the pin of the buckle out of a tiny piece of thermoplastic as well and wrap it around the spit. Take care to not wrap around the end of the pin around the spit too closely or you might not be able to move the pin back and forth.
Note: The step in which you cover the styrodur with thermoplastic is optional. You can also leave the styrofoam as it is and cover it with various layers of wood glue to keep it from getting damaged easily.

4. Cover the buckle in wood glue and let it dry. Sand the wood glue down to smoothen it. Repeat this step until the surface of the buckle is as smooth as you’d like it to be.

5. Paint the buckle including the pin and spit in one layer of black (acrylic) paint. This will make the golden colour which you’re going to add in the next steps more brilliant.
After the black paint is completely dry you can start applying further layers of gold colour. Depending on the opacity of your golden colour it might take up to 10 layers of paint to finish the buckle.

6. To keep the paint from rubbing off onto your costume add another layer of wood glue or coating to the belt buckle. Make sure to leave the buckle to try for another few hours until you attach it to your actual belt.

*) Styrodur is a more finely pored version of styrofoam. It can be purchased in hardware stores and is used for insulating houses.)



*You have been singing around the house for ages now, belting out all of the classic tunes*

“Please stop, it’s getting really annoying now!”


*Hears you start to sing loudly from the other room and can’t bare having to listen to your terrible voice again”

“NO,NO not again please!”


*You are sitting down together and you start singing Exodus*

SUHO: “Oh god”

Y/N:“What’s wrong, don’t you like my singing?”

*Sarcasm overload* 

“Noooo, i lovee it”


*he was working on some music when he hears you start singing*

Y/N: “Oh she wants me, oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me”



*He is sitting down watching telly when he hears you attempt to belt out his high note in El Dorado from the kitchen*

“Ummm, what’s happening”


*As soon as he hears you*


*He puts up with you singing for about two minutes, and has already had enough*


*He goes to knock your door when he suddenly hears a voice belting out ‘Someone like you’ by Adele and he stops in his tracks*

“How can someone make such a beautiful song sound so awful*


*Hears your rendition of Call |Me Baby from the kitchen and almost chokes on his water*



*A voice erupts from the other side of the room*

“Really are you serious?” 



“Will you please stop singing, just for a moment?”



*You start belting out Love Me Right*

“Really Y/N, do you have to?”

*None of these GIF’S are mine, credit to the owners*

These two things say it all.