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Nino Appreciation Week Day 2: Hero/Villain -  ‘The Hero Ni-no one Deserved’

The roar of the four-cylinder engine zipped up and down with each and every gear change. The screech of the motorised bicycle tyres weaving in between the traffic jam cars filled the air alongside the beeping of horns. The objective was near and he could feel the anticipation stinging his mind.

Nino had a mission. It was something only someone of his skill and calibre could pull off in time. It was a trial of speed and he needed to beat it.

He had to get to the other side of town and fast. His entire life depended on his speed and agility on this modified bike. He wasn’t going to let the package he was carrying fall to the prospect that he wasn’t fast enough. He needed to be faster.

Faster, faster, faster.

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