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Pink Flower Petals (M)

  • Pairings: Park Jimin x Reader ft. Min Yoongi
  • Genre: Fluff and Smut
  • Words: 9K
  • Description: Because flowers have to choose the right time to bloom.
  • Warnings: Mildly Explicit Sexual Content

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Dandelions | New Beginnings

You were twelve years old when you received your first flower from Park Jimin.

He was a sweet little kid, your neighbor for as long as you can remember and someone you, more than occasionally, encountered whenever your mother told you to take out the trash or retrieve letters from the mailbox. Despite living right next door, with only a patch of grass and a cement sidewalk separating your two houses, the two of you had barely had any direct interaction, that is, until he walked up to you one warm summer afternoon with a dandelion in his hand while you were sitting on the steps of you front porch reading a colorfully illustrated book.

At the time he was only eleven years old and good half a head shorter than you, not having hit his growth spurt yet. His eyes were curved into crescent shaped moons as he smiled thoughtfully and handed you the fluffy flower shyly, only to bashfully run away after you had awkwardly accepted it.

Park Jimin was the type of kid who made wishes on dandelions and wholeheartedly believed they would one day come true, and that was exactly how you decided to label him after that day.

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Dance Partner

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Prompt: You’re a dancer and your boyfriend Spencer is jealous of your partner 

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A/N: Some content to bribe you guys since I’ve been //terribly// inactive lately 

You were talking with David and a few of your other friends when you spied Spencer stepping into the studio and ran to greet him. 

“Hey! What are you doing here?” You asked, pecking him on the lips and grabbing his hand. 

“We have a date remember?” He said, a hint of a smile on his lips. 

“Yeah, in an hour and a half.” You giggled. “I’m sweaty and gross, you aren’t supposed to see me like this before a date.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re always beautiful.” He said, toying with a strand of your hair, and then shrugged. “I got out of work early for once, I figured I’d come watch.”  

“Okay.” You smiled. “David and I were just about to do one last run-through and then I think I can get out early.” 


“Yeah,” You said, and then grabbed his hand. “C’mon, I’ll introduce you.” 

Before Spencer could protest you were pulling him toward a handsome fellow with coils of dark hair. He looked more like a quarterback than a dancer, tall and muscular, with a wide, charming smile. 

“David, this is my boyfriend, Spencer. He’s a doctor.” You said proudly. Showing Spencer off was one of your favorite pass-times. “Spencer, this is my dance partner, David.” 

“MD or PhD?” David asked.

“PhD.” You said. 

“David Lawrence.” He introduced himself with a friendly smile, holding out his hand. “Little young to be a doctor, aren’t you?” 

“I graduated high school at the age of twelve, and I actually have three PhDs, not one.” Spencer said matter-of-factly, shaking his hand. 

David rose his eyebrows, impressed, and then nudged you. “Where’d you pick him up, Y/N?” 

“I run in some very impressive circles, I’ll have you know.” You put your elbow David’s shoulder. Spencer followed it with his eyes. “He’s cute though, isn’t he?” You looked at Spencer appreciatively. 

“Come on now, babe, you’re gonna make me jealous.” David said. “Thought you thought I was cute?” 

You rolled your eyes and slapped his chest, and then looked back to Spencer, who’d taken to surveying the wooden floors with mounting interest. 

“I told Spence I’d be out early for our date tonight, are you okay with going through the routine one last time and then heading out?” 

“Cool with me.” David shrugged. 

You took Spencer’s hand again, and he looked up. “You can stand over there. And you aren’t allowed to tell me if it looks terrible, okay?” You joked. 

Spencer gave a fleeting smile and moved back to where you told him to as the music started. 

The dance was beautiful. You were beautiful. The way you moved … Spencer knew that scientifically it came down to practiced movements and agility but something about your dancing was distinctly you. As if you were the only person in the world who could do it right. He smiled at you. You smiled at David. That was the part of the dance he didn’t like so much. It was a sensual routine, classic but fun, and you were sure to make it that way. Like the two of you were flirting but without words. A wink and a smile. His hand lingering on your hips just a moment too long. You biting your lip the way Spencer thought you only looked at him.  

Spencer readjusted his bag and unconsciously began chewing the inside of his lip as he watched you be swept up time and time again in muscular arms, curling your legs around his hips and spinning and caressing. Each movement as beautiful as it was maddening to watch before the music died out and, sweaty and gasping, the two of you separated. 

“You didn’t like the dance, did you?” You asked as you and Spencer walked to your car. 

He looked up suddenly, as he did when you drew him from his thoughts.”Huh? Oh! No, no of course I did. What made you say that?”  

“You’ve been quiet since we got out of there.” You said. 

He shrugged in response and the two of you got silently into your car. 

“I need to go back to my place and get clothes, is that cool with you?” You asked, watching him carefully as you drove. 

Looking out the window, he nodded. Silent again. 

When you’d arrived at your apartment building and had safely trapped him inside, you turned on him. 

“Alright, Spence, what is it?” You put your hand on your hips. 

He looked up like a wounded puppy. “It’s nothing. I’m just tired. I had a long day.” 

“Spence, you’re mad at me over something. And I know that because you hate being mad at me, so you just stop talking.” He didn’t reply and you moved closer. “Is it David?”  

Bingo. He looked up at you and then pointedly back to the floor.  

“Spence …”  

“I know jealousy is illogical, you don’t have to tell me.” He said, shrugging. “You’ve never given me a reason to distrust you and as a profiler I’m more equipped than most to see it.” 

You leaned down to meet his eyes. “But?” 

He rolled his eyes as if frustrated with himself. “I’m jealous anyway. He’s so . .” 

“Handsome?” You rose an eyebrow. 

Irrationally so.” Spencer said, and you laughed. “No human being should be that attractive, I know I’m not.” You laughed harder. “And then I saw the way you were dancing with him, you guys looked … connected. I couldn’t help but think …” 

He let silence fill the gap. You looked down and shook your head, and he watched you, and then he realized you were smiling. 

“What?” He asked softly. 

“It’s just …” You bit your lip. “Spence, I never stop talking about you. Everybody knows how I feel about you, especially David because I talk to him the most.” You smiled. “So i guess it’s just … I don’t know, it’s crazy to me that you think he could take me away from you.” 

He watched you for a moment and then his lips twitched. “You talk about me?” 

“Are you kidding? I’m like a one-woman fan club. I may as well have ‘I love Spencer Reid’ tattooed on my forehead.” You giggled. 

He blanched and looked up at you, and you realized what you’d said. 

“You love me?”  

“What? I didn’t say, I mean–that’s not …” 

“You’re cheeks are flushed, you won’t look at me, and you’re playing with your hair.” Spencer said, his smile growing wider by the second. “That means you’re lying.”  

You took your dance bag from his hands. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”  

But he wrapped his arms around you and pressed his face to your hair. 

“I love you too.” 

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 15

Past Posts

Items 1 - 5

Items 6 - 10

Items 11 - 15

Items 16 - 20

Items 21 - 25

Items 26 - 30

Items 31 - 35

Items 36 - 40

Items 41 - 45

Items 45 - 50

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Items 61 - 65

Items 66 - 70

71.      Ring of Race Changing

Wondrous Item (Ring), Rare,

This ring is crafted of simple silver; the band is etched with different letters from all languages of the realms - some unrecognisable to any living person. Every morning the player wakes up taking on the features of a different race according to a D8 roll. If the player is already the race rolled the character is unaffected that morning (Or roll again; DM’s choice). Every morning the player loses the abilities of the previous days roll and takes on the new effects.

1 – Elf. The players’ ears grow long and pointy, and any facial hair they have grown becomes patchy and light. They become more slender and agile gaining 5 additional movement speed.

2 – Dwarf. The player wakes up having grown a large beard if they are able. They also appear to have gained a few pounds – and have acquired a taste for ale. The player also gains the “Stonecunning” and “Dwarven Resilience” traits.

3 – Halfling. The player takes on a cheery disposition to life and a newfound love for music and performance, also becoming noticeably shorter (Player is still considered the same size) They gain the “Halfling Luck” trait.

4 – Tabaxi. The player becomes covered in fur, and their pupils become slit, as well as gaining a penchant for mischievous curiosity. Additionally, they gain the “Cat’s claws” and “Feline Agility” traits.

5 – Half-Orc. The player gains thick, strong muscles, developing an underbite and pronounced teeth. The player becomes proficient in intimidation and gains the “Relentless Endurance” trait.

6 – Tiefling. The player’s skin takes on a tone of red or purple, their eyes turning red and a tail sprouts from behind them. They gain a darkvision of 60 feet and the “Infernal Legacy” trait.

7 – Triton. The players take on a tone of the blue or green in their skin and hair, as well as growing gills on their ribs, cheeks or similar area. They take on the “Amphibious” trait and they suddenly gain a kinship with marine animals gaining the “Guardians of the Depths” trait.

8 – Gnome. The player becomes stout and short of leg finding themselves more in tune with nature, they gain the “Gnome Cunning” trait and their size becomes small if it wasn’t already.

72.      Symbol of the Lich Slayer

Wondrous Item, Very Rare, Requires Attunement by a Cleric

This holy symbol is made of weighted gold, crafted in the shape of a sun and its rays. A cleric who is attuned and uses this symbol for their holy symbol gains resistance to necrotic and poison damage. Additionally, when using the “Turn Undead” ability the target has disadvantage on the saving throw.


73.      Bouquet Staff

Staff, Uncommon

This staff is a long hollowed out clay tube filled with potting soil. Every day 1d4 flowers grow from the top of the staff, with a max of 7 flowers. When the player presses a button on the side of the staff, causing one of the flowers to explode in a plume of pollen and colour, casting the “Colour Spray” spell. The player can explode multiple flowers at once, casting the spell at one level higher for every flower exploded.

74.      Guardian Shield

Armour (Shield), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A glorious steel kite shield, symmetrical jade patterns adorn its front side. As a bonus action you can cause the shield to levitate moving it up to 30 feet to occupy the same space as another creature. When in the same space as a creature that creature gains +2 AC. The creature attuned to this shield cannot wield a weapon in their shield hand while using this effect, guiding the shield telepathically with sematic gestures. The player can move the shield 30 feet as a reaction or call it back to their hand as an action.

75.      Soul Tether

Wondrous Item (Rope), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A length of ethereal rope invisible to a layman’s eyes. The character attuned to this rope ties it around their torso, once tied the rope becomes a tether directly attached to the living energy of the creature. The player may then tie the other end of the rope to another creature’s torso – this creature does not become attuned to the tether. The tethered creatures can not exist on different planes of existence – whenever one is sent to a different plane (such as the astral plane), the other tethered player is also summoned to that realm appearing in a spot within 30 feet of the other tethered creature.

Two Sides Of A Coin // Chapter Five

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Arranged Marriage!AU
Genre: Angst, smut, fluff, violence
Rated: M

Pairings: Kim Jongin x Reader
Summary: Born into a powerful Mafia family, your destined to take over the family business with a promised future but one innocent decision nearly destroys your future. Will you survive the trails and tribulations of life and love?
Warnings: Death, violence, blood.
Word Count: 3,826

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five // Chapter Six // Chapter Seven // Chapter Eight // Chapter Nine

A/N: I do not own the gifs or pictures: credit goes to the owners

You wake up, words repeating in your head and you wonder if they were some sort of dream. You smile as you remember the blissful night before and how you spent the night in his arms in a way you never thought you would ever be, but your body craved him more. His calloused touch, his sweet, earthy scent, the glint in his eyes when he smiles, the way your heart flutters when he says your name or, hell, even looks in your direction. It doesn’t erase the pain but Jongin makes it bearable.

“I love you.” The words replay in your head and your brow creases slightly.

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Little Angel’s Road Trip

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Genre: SMUT

Warnings: sexual situations, smut, sub!jaehyun, vulgar language

Author’s Note: endings rushed, probs typos, hope you enjoy LMAO, will add to masterlist later tonight :P

Four. Fuckin. Hours. That is how long you have been on the road, and that is how long it takes for you to realize how absolutely done you are with this road trip. You are restless. You are hungry. You have to pee. And for the love of all that is holy and pure, if Doyong does not stop snoring, you are going to lose your absolute shit. His snores favor an avalanche, and you favor quietude, which may have been an option had you not forgotten your earplugs during your hasty packing. This is what you get for procrastinating; you forgot the single most important tool to surviving a four and half hour-long car ride with a bunch of guys. Guess you will just have to deal with his obnoxious snoring for a little while longer. Luckily, Johnny says there is only about twenty or so more minutes until you reach your destination, which is an absolute godsend considering how close you are to strangling Doyong.

Until then, you find solace in the sunset; the oranges, purples, and reds easing you for the time being, and before you know it, you are pulling up to the vacation home Johnny’s parents lent you all for your mini getaway.

A swift karate chop to the neck, and Doyong’s snoring magically ceases with a jolt of his body.

“Why,” he whines, bleary eyed and agitated. He caresses his throat and cowers from you, seeking solace in Jaehyun’s retreating form, but collapses in the now empty seat. You cannot help but snicker at his reaction, a satisfied smirk stretching your lips.

“Get out the car, dweeb.”

A few short insults are muttered beneath his breath, but he reluctantly follows direction and gets out of the car. You follow suit, grabbing your belongings before heading to the trunk where Johnny disperses everyone’s suitcases.

“Hey, I think you pissed him off,” Johnny comments, handing over your suitcase.

You hum in acknowledgement and look over to Doyong pouting by the front door of the house. His eyebrows are scrunched and his arms are folded tight, his head leaning against the wall as he waits for the door to be opened. You snort at his suffering and shrug your shoulders as if to say, “oh well” to the ordeal. Johnny shakes his head with a smile, commenting how childish you are whilst handing Taeyong his suitcase.

“Excuse me,” you chirp, “I am not childish. You’re childish.”

“Wow, nice comeback,” he drawls, heaving his own backpack over his shoulder.

“Why, thank you,” you beam, “thought of that one myself.”

The trunk slams shut punctuating your comment, and then you head off to the front door.

“You are so annoying,” Johnny teases, bumping his elbow into your arm.

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“Annoying!” he laughs, his loudness calling the others to attention. Pouncing on the opportunity, you sprint forward, faux hurt masking your face.

“Jaehyun!” you whine, “Johnny is bullying me!” You collapse into Jaehyun’s chest, tightly clutching his sides as he awkwardly cradles your form and pats your back.

Jaehyun has the hugest crush on you. Not that he has said anything to you about it, but it is pretty obvious with how bashful and sickeningly sweet he is towards you. You find it really cute that he, out of all people, has a crush on you, but being the mischievous devil you are, cannot help but take advantage of him. You love to see him squirm and embarrassed (a feat you fancy in all your victims), so whenever you happen upon opportunity, you take it.

Your face is dug in the crook of his neck, lips brushing his flesh, smirk hidden from view. Heat suddenly radiates from his body as his startled and embarrassed flush spreads across the expanse of his long build. He awkwardly chuckles through a shallow breath, the vibrations of his chest reverberating in your ear. His heavy fingers hesitantly travel down the expanse of your back before settling at the apex of your butt and hip, the heat of his hand searing into the exposed skin of your lower back. “Don’t worry,” he addresses you, “Johnny is more annoying than you could ever be.”

“I resent that,” Johnny comments, shuffling in his pocket for the house key.

“I resent you” you mutter, lifting your head to lock Jaehyun in a playful gaze. He returns your cynical smile with a small smile of his own, albeit a bit awkwardly. He is just nervous because of your proximity, but his reaction just eggs you to push a little further. Your wicked smile widens at his faltering grin and tightening grip, his pupils dilating almost instantaneously.

“Oh,” Johnny interrupts, key in hand. “Then I guess you won’t mind sleeping in the car,” he quips, “You know, with you resenting me and all.”

You pull back from Jaehyun with a gasp, right hand pressed to your chest in shock. “Johnny!”

A couple of snickers are heard from your comical exchange. Doyong’s is especially loud.

“Oh come on, Johnny. She was just joking.”

“Shut it, Jeffry, or you’ll end up in the car with her.”

Jaehyun mimics your reaction, hand leaving the small of your back to press against his own chest with a small gasp. “Johnny!”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Johnny chuckles. He finally unlocks the door and steps inside to hold it open for everyone.  Jaehyun makes it in before you and you follow suit, attempting to shuffle by when Johnny’s colossal figure suddenly blocks the entrance.

“What are the odds you share a room with Jaehyun?”

“One out of four,” you readily spit.

Johnny quirks an eyebrow, uncontrollable smile bunching his cheeks. “Confident aren’t we.”

“Always,” you challenge, self-assured smile gleaming back at him.

“Suit yourself, little one. One, two, three—”



“Dammit, Johnny,” you whine.

The pout on your face is hilarious, and Johnny cannot help but laugh at your misery. He unceremoniously pats your back, gummy smile countering your sullen features. He finally sighs and shakes his head, smile unwavering as he leans down to whisper in your ear, “sucks to suck.” He boops your nose and heads inside, leaving you to sulk in after him.

“So,” Johnny announces. “Rooms. There are three of them and six of us. We’re obviously sharing. Ten and I will share—”

You make your way to the middle of the living room, and plop down on the couch with a huff, bags flopping to the floor beside you. You already know who your roommate is. Jaehyun’s little crush was cute, or whatever, and god knows how much you love to tease the shit out of him, but you know yourself all too well and sometimes you can get a little carried away. You pray you can control yourself and not push things too far (as you so often do).

Head cradled by the back cushion, your eyes drift across the room only to settle on Jaehyun seated across from you at another couch. He has cute little dimples and squishy round cheeks; blonde hair barely grazing his eyelids. It makes you want to choke the shit out of him, how innocent he looks. He looks like a little angel, and you are the devil herself.

Suddenly, his eyes lock onto yours as though sensing your stare. His brown orbs wrinkle beneath his cheeky smile, tiny flush stippling his cheeks in slight embarrassment at being stared at. His agile movements alert you to his approach, the cushion dropping beneath his weight as he slings an arm around the back of the couch where your head lays.

“Looks like we’re roommates.”

“Seems so, huh?” you rhetorically ask.

He offers a small nod in response, sight falling to your luggage. “Do you need help carrying your stuff? ‘Cause I can help you.”

“No,” you sigh dejectedly, “it’s okay.” An awkward silence falls between you, and finding nothing better to do, your eyes drift across the room curiously. You take note of everyone heading to their rooms, your gaze eventually making round back to Jaehyun, who has taken to observing the room himself. And then a wicked thought comes to your mind. “But,” you mumble to yourself, shifting your body towards his own “maybe you could help me with something else.” The soft touch of your hand suddenly travels up the length of his neck before enveloping the roundness of his cheek. 

He was just so much fun to tease.

His eyes swiftly reconnect with your own, startled by your unexpected touch. Your gaze is smoldering and flirtatious, thumb softly gracing his plump bottom lip. You bite down on your own with a seemingly pained expression, sight alternating between his wide eyes and his plush lips. You finally settle on the ministrations of your thumb and the way his lip submits to the whim of your digit; how it quivers beneath you touch. It feels so soft and supple; so pliable.

A soft “ahh,” unhinges your jaw, and he dumbly opens his mouth, your thumb making home inside the moist cavern. And he takes it so calmly despite his wild eyes, lips puckering around your digit, beckoning it further into his mouth with a light suck. You crack a smile at this. He is too cute.

Shy and hesitant, his tongue caresses the pad of your thumb, a quite groan tingling your nerves as his eyes flutter shut. Then you’re inching forward, your thumb slithering back from his mouth only to press down on his bottom lip, exposing the pink of his gums. Your finger takes course across the side of his face, leaving a wet trail of saliva in its wake akin to that of a snail. Eventually both hands melt into the nape of his neck, pulling his head towards your own, lips but a breath apart. 

His own breath is rigid and harsh, mirroring the tightening grip on your hips that you had not previously noticed. Eyes half-lidded, his heart torpedoes to the bottom of his belly, embers igniting into flames of arousal.

Is this really going to happen? Are you finally going to kiss him? Weeks of your unrelenting teasing, and you are finally going to kiss him?

Pink and poised, your lips bypass his own quivering lips, but not before brushing the corner of his mouth with a twitching smirk. Your hands cox his head into crook of your neck, and he hears the soft smack of your lips as they part. Softly caressing the shell of your ear, you whisper, “Do you know where the bathroom is?”

No. You are not finally going to kiss him.  

 So, remember when you said you did not want to take things too far? Well…you took things too far.

“Touch me.”

His voice is as whiny and desperate as you had imagined. After having seen him so submissive earlier on the couch, your mind ran rampage with images of a breathless, desperate Jaehyun withering beneath your touch. Persistent and cyclical, your thoughts refused to stray from the idea of tipping this little angel over the edge. And you will in time; after you get your fill, of course.

“You want me to touch you, little angel?” you poke. Peppering delicate kisses across his hipbones, your hand grazes the base of his cock as you rub his inner thigh. “You want me to wrap my hands around your cock?”

He desperately nods, sweat dripping from his brow as he ruts his hips into the air, attempting to seek friction.

“Hmm?” you chuckle, biting into his side. He jolts. “…or would, my baby, rather my mouth?”

The alternatives are too great. He agonizingly bites his bottom lip and moans, flopping his head back into the pillow unable to choose which heat he prefers to engulf his engorged member. A large Cheshire grin spreads across you face, satisfied with his indignant response. Silently gripping the base of his cock, you make the decision for him.

Your mouth joins your fingers at the base of his cock, and an appreciative moan vibrates down his body. A violent twitch jolts up his length, and as of their own volition, his hips thrust forward. You giggle at his desperation. Saliva begins to collect down the seam of his balls from your dribbling, your hand following the path of your mouth as you lather the protruding vein on the underside of his cock. Needy for more, he fists the nape of your neck and attempts to draw you forward onto his dick to suck it.    

“Uh, uh, uh,” you tsk whilst pulling back, lifting yourself to kiss his drooling tip with a heated stare. You coyly break your gaze to tongue at the reddened head, placing one last peck before you climb up to meet his flushed face, his body but a shadow beneath your small frame. “Don’t be naughty, my little angel.”

“M’sorry,” he mumbles, stare boring into the magma of your eyes. But his gaze cannot help but venture down your beckoning body, sight enraptured by the pert of your nipples through your thin t-shirt.

“It’s okay,” you smile, bending down to recapture his sight, playfully kissing the tip of his nose. Then your lips voyage up to capture his lips in a passionate lip-lock, tongues wrestling in juvenile banter. Taking one final joust to his mouth you bite his fat bottom lip, mouth venturing across the smooth texture of his neck, only to find the canal of his ear. You softly moan as you settle your naked pussy onto his raging member, flattening it so it rests against his belly.

Leveraged by your grip on his pelvis, your body can comfortably rut against his cock. Your wetness is more than enough lubricant to allow your pussy to smoothly glide across him, a soft “fuck” escaping your lips from the delightful feeling. The grip on your hips tighten as he maneuvers you back and forth, his hips rising and falling to maximize friction, and the friction is so good. His cock is neatly tucked between your puffy folds, and your clit happily rides the vein protruding from the underbelly of his cock.

“Your dick feels so fucking good,” you whisper. “My pussy’s so wet.”

He whimpers.

“You like that?” He franticly nods, and ruts himself harder into you heat, the squelching of your juices creating a slippery symphony. “You like it when I use you like that? You like it when I rub my pussy against your cock?”

Heat plummets down his stomach and pools in his balls, and his grip grows evermore tight.

“I like it,” he whines. “I like it so much, fuck!” His hips begin to lose control, the tell-tale signs of his inevitable release. His hips halt as you ram your hips down into his own, neck celled by your assertive grip.

“Don’t be naughty,” you sing. “I didn’t say you could cum yet.” Cold sweat shoots down his body as your warmth quickly evaporates from his skin, but then his heart stutters when the pillow beneath his head dips from the pressure of your knees. “Eat my pussy first, little angel.”

Your grip finds solace on the headboard, supplying just the right amount of leverage to position your pussy right above his mouth. His jaw readily unhinges and his tongue provides cushion for your throbbing clit. Your inner thighs are graciously cupped as his head dips back to splay an elongated stripe up the center of your pussy. This coxes your hips to crowd his tongue, and cell his head between your thighs.

The vibrations of his moans tingle your core, and your own moans echo throughout the room. Encouraged by your praise, he continues the motion for a short while before he stiffens his muscle to rapidly flick across your swollen button. Your clit stiffens from the contact, the rough texture of his tongue leaving you dizzy and dazed. Mouth growing tired from the motion, his tongue travels down to lather your labia in thick layers of saliva, creating a sticky sobbing mess, but you absolutely love it. It enables your hips to gracefully grind against his mouth, back arching and rounding out with each thrust of your hips.

His poor lonely cock stands tall and red and bobs with each motion of your hips, his own rutting towards the ceiling but seeking no relief. Nonetheless he enjoys himself, more than he thought to imagine. The taste of your sweet pussy soaking into his taste buds—it grows more delicious with each lap of his tongue. The scene is so erotic—so orgasmic, it is as though the warm cavern of your mouth is wrapped around his weeping neglected dick. And honestly, his dick was the last thing on his mind right now, maybe other than the fact of how hard it has gotten from him partaking in the sweet flesh of your cunt.  

Suddenly tendrils of escalating pleasure shoot down each vertebra of your spine and boils over just behind the membrane of your throbbing clit. Your left hand fists tufts of thick blond hair as your hips shove against his wet warm mouth, fucking forward until your hips twitch in sweet, spine-tingling release.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Flames of arousal dim down to soft embers of pleasure, Jaehyun’s whining moans abusing your overly sensitive clit.  You end up having to pry his mouth away from your gushing core, before you race into a second forced orgasm.

“Shh…shh” you coax him. “You did so good, baby.” His head is finally released from the confines of your heat, and he takes a deep breath from his nose. His eyes are glazed over and his pupils are blown wide, an unexpected silly smile spreading his chapped lips. Despite his goofy expression, his hips have yet to cease their rutting, hard dick begging to release its already overflowing cream.

You position your body to rest beside his own, and you partake in the image before you. Covered in sweat, flushed skin, raging hard-on—no other time has he looked more like a little angel then right now. Your hand slithers beneath his neck and beckons his flesh to your mouth. You take a small nip, and then lather the reddening flesh with your tongue before kissing your way up to his lips. “You’re such a good boy,” you mouth against his lips. “I’ll let you have my pussy now.”

Situating your body above his own, he grips your hips in a forceful grasp, battling your lethargic approach to finally sheath his cock inside your wet warm hole. He almost cries when your cunt finally encases him. Your pussy is so tight and warm. Honestly, any sudden movement can tip him over the edge. You calmly massage his chest, easing him to adjust to your tight grip, teasingly wiggling your hips and constricting your walls to cox him into moving.

“Come on, little angel,” you snicker, bending down to meet his flushed face, lips brushing against his own, parted, and chapped. “Give me your cum.”

 “You guys are gross,” is gruffly mumbled.

Mid bite, you shoot your head over to the culprit of said rude comment.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

“I said, you guys are gro—"

Your hand swiftly drops the spoon of cereal back into the bowl, and the screech of your chair alerts the table to your unexpected movements. A swift karate chop to the neck, and Doyong’s jabber is promptly silenced.



Summary: Sebastian Stan takes dance lessons. He wants to impress his beloved woman (reader). One day he comes back home really late. His girlfriend awaits, really angry that he’s late again. She asks him to show her what he had taught at lessons, so he agrees. It ends in obvious way…

Word Count: 1999

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex

Author: Beast

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Originally posted by cedrcdiggory

Title: I could never hate you.

Pairings: Warren Worthington x Female!reader

Warnings: mentions of blood and injuries.

Request: could you write an imagine with warren. He and the reader have both a crush on each other but haven’t the courage to ask each other out. And then warren accidently hurts her during the training. And it’s all fluff?! :) I love your writings

Gifs aren’t mine.

Y/N found herself starting at the boy across the room, her lip clamped under her teeth - hard. Her eyes followed his every movement, entranced by his gracefulness and agility. His movements were swift and so well thought out. It left her in a complete and utter state of awe. Her eyes hesitantly drifted away from the entrancing boy and fell onto Raven, who was glaring - a familiar sight - directly at Y/N, expectantly. Y/N frowned and her teeth unclamped from her lip, causing it jut back to normal.

“Mhm?” Y/N raised an eyebrow, trying to act as if she hadn’t just been caught eying up the newest xmen.

“You’re up, now!” Raven barked, her patience long gone. She had been calling at Y/N, trying to get her attention for at least three minutes, but her eyes remained fixated on the angel.

“Oh, sorry. I was miles away.” Y/N chuckled, nervously.

Raven rolled her eyes, “yeah, I could tell.”

Y/N gulped, checking her hair was secure in the hair tie before jumping over the gate and stumbling towards to the centre of the danger room. She glanced at Raven, confused as Warren hadn’t left yet.

“Who am I up against, Raven?” Y/N queried, cautiously.

“Warren, of course.” Raven smirked, knowingly.

Y/N gulped, hesitantly glancing at the angel. She couldn’t possibly fight him. She was no match against him. He wouldn’t hesitate to throw her across the room, whereas Y/N couldn’t possibly imagine hurting him.

He smiled friendly at her, but it didn’t soothe her nerves. Her heart pounded against her ribs, as if it was trying to jump out. Her palms grew clammier by the moment, she rubbed them against her thighs.

“I’ll go easy on you.” Warren smirked, winking as he noticed her nervousness. However it just made matters worse.

“I think I’m going to pass out.” Y/N murmured, more to herself than anyone.

Warren let out an audible chuckle before darting towards her, his wings moving more as he gained closer until he was hovering above the ground. Y/N ducked when he swung his wing. She skidded on her knees slightly, hissing under her breath. She clambered to her feet before smirking at him.

He flew towards her, ready to attack once more, but she dodged him again. She, unfortunately, didn’t calculate when to move out to way completely, and Warren’s wing smashed into her shoulder, the razor sharp blades digging into her skin and tearing it. She screamed, staggering backwards.

Raven called Warren to stop, jumping over the gate with Kurt. Y/N sunk to her knees, gripping her shoulder in agony. Kurt teleported beside her and gently peered at her wound, hissing through his teeth at the torn skin. He glanced at Raven, informing her that it was a deep wound.

Warren was across the room, his eyes wide and not leaving Y/N. tears stung his eyes. He had never meant to hurt her. That was never his intention. He never wanted to hurt her or see her cry, especially because of him. He staggered towards her, crouching down beside her - still in a state of shock. He cautiously placed a hand on her other shoulder but she flinched away, scooting closer Kurt.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N, I never meant to hurt you. You’ve got to believe me.” Warren rasped, his voice breaking slightly. “Please, forgive me.”

Y/N nodded, not meeting his eye. Kurt guided her to her feet, glancing at Warren.

“Warren will take you to ze nurse, okay?” Kurt smiled, guiding Y/N to Warren’s side.

Warren wanted nothing more to wrap his arm or wing around her and protect her, but he feared it would only cause more damage to her arm. He didn’t want her to freak out anyway. He smiled apologetically at her before leading the way to the nurse, occasionally glancing back at her and sighing at the sight of her clutching her shoulder - blood covering her fingers and shirt -, teeth gritting together and eyes glossy with tears. He hated seeing her like this, it brought him an immense amount of pain, his heart squeezed.

Once they reached the nurse, Y/N expected him to leave, but he didn’t leave her side for one moment, not even when the nurse was giving her stitches. His eyes didn’t leave her for a fleeting second. As they were waiting for the nurse to get Y/N some pain killers and a bandage to go over the wound, Warren sat next to her on the bench, staring straight ahead at the dull, grey wall.

“I’m really sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. It was a complete and utter mistake and I understand if you hate me. I hate myself for hurting you.” Warren confessed, eyes brimming with tears. He couldn’t imagine Y/N hating him, it pained him - even just the thought - he couldn’t bare to want to find out how it felt when she really did hate him.

“I could never hate you, Warren…” Y/N admitted, sheepishly. “If anything, it’s the complete opposite.” Her legs swung back and forth, she couldn’t meet his eye.

Warren gulped, gently grabbing her jaw and turning her head to look at him. He licked his lips as his eyes dropped to look at her own, clamped under her teeth as per usual. She released it, eyes wide. Warren couldn’t resist, he dove forward, planting his lips against hers. His hand cupped her cheek and the other weaved into her hair. Y/N froze, wide eyed. She watched as Warren’s azure blue eyes fluttered shut and she follows suit, cautiously moving her lips against his and trailing her hand up his arm, gripping his bicep.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the day we first met. I’ve yearned to do it.” Warren mumbled against her lips, the corner of his mouth turning upwards into a smile.

Y/N murmured a response, smiling into the kiss, too.

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Tales of the Hiddlesconda

Since the dawn of the Hiddleston era the Hiddlesconda has been a topic of great myth, legend and discussion. The length. The girth. The speed and force of which it is used. How to best draw it out of hiding. Etc.

Tom himself has said a few things on the topic.

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I mean good lord man, do you even know what you do to us?! (Spoiler-he does)

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An example of length perchance

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Ahem need I say more…

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The long debated potential mating calls…

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Of course you have the good ole snake hips for showing off his agile movement and speed.

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Some pelvic thrusts for show…

It’s fairly instantaneous in its effectiveness.

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He can’t even help it. He knows it’s a bit shocking.



The Witcher turned away from his horse with a swift, agile movement and ran to meet her.

They came together in the centre of the farmyard. The mousy-haired girl in a grey dress. And the white-haired Witcher with a sword on his back, all dressed in black leather, gleaming with silver. The Witcher bounding softly, the girl trotting, the Witcher on his knees, the girl’s thin hands around his neck, the mousy hair on his shoulders.

“Geralt!” the little girl repeated, clinging to the Witcher’s chest. “You found me! I knew you would! I always knew! I knew you’d find me!“

“Ciri,” said the Witcher.

“You found me! Oh, Geralt! I was waiting all the time! For so very long… We’ll be together now, won’t we? Now we’ll be together, won’t we? Say it, Geralt! Forever! Say it!”

“Forever, Ciri.”

“It’s like they said! Geralt! It’s like they said! Am I your destiny? Say it! Am I your destiny?”

“You’re more than that, Ciri. Much more.”


Lightning Court Fashion

The official attire colors of the Lightning Court are hues of purple and rolling grays. While these are the traditional shades, the residents do like to mix and match it up with golds, pinks, silvers, blues, reds etc-the different colors of lightning their court hosts. The females of this court generally favor long, flowy dresses/gowns-in a lot of cases containing tuiles. They’re built of light, breezy material for comfortable wear and agile movement. The males of this court vastly prefer wearing overcoats, trench-coats and often times, suits. And like most cases, they like to stick to the purples and grays in formal events.
The High Ladies, as well as their First, Second, Third, and Spies, have most of their attire made out of dragon-silk of varying colors. 

Here are the Court positions and residents so far! (Do let me know if I leave anyone out)

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre

First: @runesandfaes

Second: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

Third: @fiery-feyre and her wonderful wife @darlingfireheart

Spymaster: @foxboy-lucien

Spies: @havilliardandgalathynius @cynical-minds-for-cynical-times  @shinywhiteshoe  @tarafitz124 @wingsofanillyrian @zacc-efronn

Executive Assistant: @queenoffantasy

Light Wielder: @destiny14444

Thunder Enforcer: @poisonbooknerd

Storm Whisperer: @kazgavejasonthecrowbar

Dragon Keeper: @bbyshadowbat

Emissary: @cassiancalore

Emissary of Mortal Lands: @dreams-of-feysand

Ambassador: @thebookishshadowhunter

Healers: @rowanismybae and @lifelillysandmagicwands

General: @therealmofgoals

Chief Strategist: @acomafxtog24-7

Commandress of Bloodshed: @rhysand-and-rowan

Cryptographer: @deathbytitanium

Captain of the Guard: @highqueenofmagic

Assassin: @acourtoffuckmylifeup

Lightning Thief: @sugarcoated44

Seer: @aelinxfeyre

Priestess: @rowaelinandfeysandfeels

Hitwoman: @seldomsmurf

Cartographer: @she-was-brave-and-she-was-strong

Librarian/Informant: @deezrmuhsheeple

Researcher: @starzablaze

Historian: @rhysand-vs-rowan

Lady in Waiting: @magic-madness-heavensin

Weapons Designer: @inejcalmarekaz

Painter: @thexscarletxwitchx

The Sassy friend who Wanders in when needed: @tntwme

Random Anonymous Cat: @insert-username-here712

Court Falconer: @m0ther0fdragons

Court Musician: @veinssaxonio

Designer: @tog-trash

Cat Lady: @smokeydiamondstorm

Court Entertainer: @acourtofredqueens

Court Witch: @azuremirwae

Crazy Old Sage: @justanotherpaperheart

Counselor: @whyyoumakemesadstahp

Cook: @alexiea1

Gardener: @otaku-trash-sendhelp1000-7

Architect: @couldilienexttoyou

Shapeshifter: @highladyofluna

Story Keeper: @my-ships-will-never-be-sank 

Art Shop Keeper: @skyl0rd5117

Teacher: @amberissues

Mixologist: @ponyjockey

Photographer: @autumn03 

Astronomer: @court-of-shadows-and-fury

Soldiers: @aelin-rattlesthestars​ @the-girl-of-ticking-clocks​  (We are open for potential soldiers)

Record Keeper: @feyre-herondale03

Black Sheep Of The Family: @aroyalbluedragon

Court Blog Lightning Court . Court Edit . Lightning Court Landscape (Part 1) . Lightning Court Landscape (Part 2) . Lightning Court Makeup (Part 1) . Lightning Court Makeup (Part 2)

Ignoti Nulla Cupido (19/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 1 063.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: Hate me here.
Thanks @evanstanss again for looking at this for me!

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The room was quiet, Bucky and (Y/N) were the only ones left standing beside his HYDRA friend. Blood and scratches covered every bit of skin the eye could meet, but their deepest wounds were the ones that couldn’t be seen. Both their hearts ached with sorrow and despair as his words sank in.

It was a subtle movement when Jay finally stepped forward, meeting both of them. His eyes were blank once again and Bucky knew they must have wiped him after their small talk. A devious smirk in his lips as he moved forward, hands reaching for them.

He felt it shortly afterward, the deep cuts in his skins and the blood pouring from his mouth while (Y/N) laid immobile on the floor, tears falling down from her eyes. It didn’t matter how hard Bucky fought against Jay’s mental control over his body, his son had the upper hand in that fight.

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{Reaction} EXO as the Mafia.

Note: Ahh I love exo mafia concept! I hope you enjoy your reaction~ fighting  

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

It’s no game when it comes down to what Chanyeol wants. If he wants something, he’s going to get it, end of story. He’s not used to a challenge, nor is he used to refusal. He’s an important man, and is known widely for his sinful work, he’s feared by a lot of dangerous people. He’s not the leader of EXO K’s mafia group, but he’s certainly not one to be underestimated either. He’s been known to assassinate people in very gruesome ways, and has been known to make some of the biggest drug deals to date. Like I said, he’s not a man to be messed with. But when he met you for the first time, that all changed. You were sweet, innocent, and had no knowledge of this underground mafia cooperation. So when Chanyeol came up to you with his smirking lips, he was taken aback when you refused him of a date. Since then, you’ve been the only one to challenge him mentally, the only one that he really wants but can’t have. You knew he was confident and cocky, and that’s what repelled you the most. He knows he’s attractive, and he knows that he can win over pretty much any girl that the wants, and that’s what you also disliked. But when you realise that deep down his feelings are much more complex, that’s when you really start falling. Beneath his dangerous exterior, he’s lonely, and with a crush becoming so strong on you, it’s impossible for him not to be heart broken.

Chanyeol: “Ya, {y/n}! I want to go on a date tomorrow.”

{y/n}: “Aish… fine.”

Chanyeol: “But I… wait- really? Okay great, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven, and you better be wearing something pretty. You’re in for a treat, Jagiya.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kyungsoo likes to keep his head away from his heart, especially when it comes to emotions and feelings. He hates the complexity of falling in love, especially with the industry he’s in. the last girl he had been interested in had really just been a spy for EXO M, it’s a good thing Kyungsoo’s always been good at keeping secrets and not trusting people too easily. His job is mainly assassinations, he’s good at it, undoubtedly. His long range shots are good, but nothing compares to his short range, he’s always much more lethal with a knife. He met you for the first time when he was hiding from the police, and since then you had seemed to be pulled into the industry without really consenting to it. You’d go with him on missions, mainly to be his escape, you’d wait in the car until the deed was done and then allow him to get away from the loud sirens and red and blue flashing lights. The reason you were doing this? Well, you’d fallen in love with a killer. He’s twisted, and ruthless, and a murderer, but to you, those aren’t his only attributes. Knowing Kyungsoo, you found out about his softer side, the kindness he doesn’t show anyone else. As you’re falling further and further, you don’t realise that he’s feeling exactly the same. But naturally, the chemistry between you does change, and things start to progress. It’s a slow procedure, but it’s getting there slowly but surely.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe we just did that in there” *Blushing, referring to the inappropriate activities you and Kyungsoo had just done inside what was about to be a crime scene. The two of you had just escaped before the police came flooding in.*

Kyungsoo: “That’s the life, babygirl.” *Places his hand on your thigh as you drive away. Is ready for a round two in the car tbh*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by lifemindwalker88

Baekhyun may look like you’re average man, attractive and full of himself. But deep down, this man is much more complex being, and lives a very dangerous life selling drugs and making deals. Baekhyun has always been more of a lone wolf when it comes to his work, and even though he’s more than confident around others and constantly joking, he’s probably the most alone. People say that comedians are often the saddest people, and that’s something Baekhyun could relate to before he met you. He met you on a drug deal. He was selling to your then boyfriend, but couldn’t help but get involved after your boyfriend hit you. Needless to say, Baekhyun pounded the hell out of that bastard before making sure you were alright. Since then, your romance had blossomed, and Baekhyun will forever love you from that moment on.

Baekhyun: “I’m going out now, jagiya. I’ll be home soon.”

{y/n}: “Don’t be reckless…”

Baekhyun: “I won’t be, not when I know what’s waiting for me back home.” *kisses your cheek goodbye.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

You had been in the industry yourself for quite some years now, that was how you had come to know Oh Sehun. Like you, he was the master of taking down enemies. You had never worked in coalition with EXO, but you had never given them a reason to hate you either. It wasn’t until your own gang was wiped out by EXO M that you had seeked help from EXO K. Ever since you stepped foot in their hide out, you had been instantly drawn to Sehun. Familiarity, you supposed. Either way, you told them how you wanted to plot against EXO M, and they didn’t need much persuading to agree. You and Sehun spent a lot of time in the shooting range, practicing shots and helping each other out with personal training and combat. You realised Sehun was in love with you when he finally brought up the topic.

{y/n}: *Shoots the target perfectly.*

Sehun: “God, I love you.”

{y/n}: “Hm?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

The name ‘Lay’ is very well known amongst dangerous people. He’s known to be malicious, and there are people that have gone to see him, and never made it back out. Officially, his job is to get information out of people and steal their secrets. If they don’t tell him, there’s a high chance he’ll steal their life. You are a regular bartender, completely innocent. But that was before you had a run in with EXO K’s Oh Sehun. He came stumbling into your bar one night, drunk and off his mind. He told you a lot of information from his drunken state before rolling out again. Somehow, Yixing found out, and that’s when he came pounding on your front door. Except, he didn’t pound. No, Yixing is much more agile in his movements. He’s quiet and quick. Gets to the point. Somehow that makes him much scarier. But from the moment he met you, it was obvious he never had the intention to hurt you, in fact, he seemed almost interested. The way he scanned over your face and body, watching you as if you were a rare species in a zoo. You told him everything, fearing your life until you were knocked out cold. When you finally woke, you found yourself in a dark room, your surroundings foreign.

{y/n}: “W-where are we? Why did you take me? I told you everything I know…”

Yixing: “Yes, you did. Good girl. But now I’ve met you, I’m not sure I’m ready to let you walk away just yet.” *Presses a kiss to your cheek.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by beastdw

You and Jongdae had been friends since childhood. You’d grown up loving each other, sticking by each others side through everything. Everything would be perfect if it didn’t come to the fact that you just grew up in the wrong place, by the wrong people. Your parents before you had been in the drug dealing industry, and you carried on their legacy. But like everything else, you did it together. You both joined EXO M in your activities and worked together in dealing drugs. You’ve both been close to getting in trouble a lot, but you always manage to pull through.

Jongdae: “You scared me, I thought you’d been caught.” *Brushes a piece of hair away from your face.*

{y/n}: “As if… you can’t get rid of me that easily Kim Jongdae.”

Jongdae: “Never leave me…” *Pulls you into a hug.*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiutiepie

You’ve seen Kim Minseok a few times in your life. Mainly in the coffee shop where you work. He comes in a lot and always orders the same. A coffee, black. He always seems to look devilish. Maybe it’s the constant smirk he wears, or the expensive leather jackets and the ripped jeans. He must be minted, because he strolls into the coffee shop wearing different designer clothing every time. You didn’t talk a lot to Minseok, it was usually small talk, he was extremely secretive about his life, and he seemed to be very good at discretely changing the question, and manipulating what information he gave out and received. By the end of the first month of Minseok coming in, he already knew about your arsehole of an ex boyfriend that kept trying to win you back after cheating, how your car had broken down and cost a hell of a lot of money to repair, and about how you absolutely hated your boss. Yet you knew next to nothing about him. He works (you don’t know where), he has a lot of friends (you don’t know who), and he has a lot of money (you don’t know how.) It’s all small details, a sneak peak. He seemed nice enough, though strangely secretive. But it all made sense when he finally revealed his mafia life with your head at gun point.

Minseok: “I don’t want you to leave me.”

{y/n}: “B-but I…”

Minseok: “You’re always saying that you hate your boring life. So why don’t you let me spice it up baby?” *Smirks at you and bites his lip in that irresistible way.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by czarnybilly

Tao is a previous member of EXO M. He used to work as Kris’ right hand man, since he was the strongest when it came to combat and fighting. But after a huge clash, Tao found him and Kris falling apart altogether. He didn’t have much in life left for him now he had been released of his duty of EXO M. He couldn’t complain too much, he was lucky to still have his life. The only thing he did take away with him was you. Without you, he might as well be dead.

Tao: “You’re my better half. Please don’t leave me.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Junmyeon has a very important job in the Mafia. Looking after the whole of EXO M. he’s a very smart man, very cunning, and isn’t denied of anything that he wants. That includes you. You’ve been working alongside Junmyeon since the gang started, and since then he has fallen in love with you, hopelessly. He’d always told you this, though you never really took him seriously until you tried to leave, that was when he really flipped out. That sadistic smile playing on his lips as he leant against the door, keeping it tightly shut behind him.

Junmyeon: “But Jagiya, you’re not going anywhere unless I’m coming.” *winks to make his comment more suggestive.*

Lu Han

Originally posted by derphans

Luhan is a prostitute and earns his masses amount of money in that way. He was previously a member of EXO M, but after falling out with Kris, he took his own way and left. You met Luhan at a club one night and ended up staying the night at his. After that it became a frequent string of meeting up and ‘having fun.’ But you weren’t going to stay like this for long, the platonic relationship started to bring feelings, and Luhan couldn’t stop himself from getting attached.

{y/n): “If this is just a one time thing, why are you still here?”

Luhan: “Because I don’t want to leave.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by sefuns

Jongin has the job of gathering information from people, so when he finds out that your brother has hand a run in with Kim Junmyeon over a money issue, he makes his way to your house instantly to sort out the unfinished business to get the money out of your brother, or something of value to take instead if he doesn’t have it. But when he arrived and saw you, a small smirk curled on his lips cruelly.

{your brother}: “Please, take whatever you want, just don’t kill me.”

Kai: “How about I take that beautiful sister of yours…” *smirks at you.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by 21ml

The leader of EXO M has been to hell and back with his members. He’s lost three, which makes him incredibly vulnerable against EXO K. He’s on edge, getting snappy and very quickly frustrated. You’ve been with Kris for a long time, but seeing im like this is heartbreaking.

{y/n}: “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore…”

Kris: *Pulls you onto his knee so you’re straddling him.* “Ah Jagiya, you’re not going anywhere.”


Jeanmarco Week Day 8: Ice/Fire

Jean is an aspiring ice-skater, who looks up to his idol, Marco Bodt, a Professional Figure Skater. In a performance where he attempts to impress his idol, Marco is enraptured by Jean’s lithe figure and agile movements, he ends up being Jean’s instructor when he sees the potential in him.

100 Reasons to Love Woozi

okay, so miss @cheollies pushed me to do it so i guess i’m doing it. normally, i don’t have the patience to put so much energy on an idol, but i have nothing to do, so why not.

Originally posted by gotmefeelingwoozi

  • let’s start on his talent, since he is an idol.
  1. his soft toned voice. it kind of the sounds like clouds. or like when you pit your head down onto a puffy pillow~ in the bridge on habit, his voice sounded so pillowy and pretty. then he projected and it just has this lovely honey-like rasp to hit, but god it still runs smooth.i went all silent and i couldn’t bring myself to speak for another whole 20 seconds because i was just so mesmerised by his voice?
  2. his dancing and how smooth and agile his movements are? he’s really light on his feet it’s really nice to watch his dance style.
  3. ok it fascinates me how graceful and wow his hips move in a way that adds some femininity to his dancing, but like in a nice way.
  4. With Me.. just that whole performance was great. i’m getting flashbacks of the thing he did with his arm and my pure soul is being tainted
  6. he’s the cold artist. there ain’t no other one, he’s thE cOlD aRtIsT – it’s Iconic™
  7. his music producing and lyrics wow. he knows how to make a bop~

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • of course, talent has less affect without showmanship
  1. following from his voice, the passion which he sings with in ballads
  2. the way he uses the mic stand/staff. he grips it in different ways and in different places to show portray the mood and his passion. it changes a lot in each song
  3. the way his face scronches (like one side of his face squishes with chARISMA),
  4. the way his jaw would clench,
  5. the way his hand would sway,
  6. the way his head would lower and
  7. the way he looks at the audience when he gets into a song or feels the beat of the music.
  8. his stage presence is subtle in a group, but PANG! he OWNS the stage when he’s up there on his own

Originally posted by tswoondere

  • miscellaneous cute shit
  2. his natural aegyo
  3. the way he denies his natural aegyo
  4. his cringeworthy, disgustingly endearing, saccharine aegyo. (cue: oppaya)
  6. how he deadass points at other members and laughs at their misery
  7. when karma hits him for laughing, his soul physically leaves his body and you can see that shit
  8. that thing he did when he buffed his chest out at the ISACs bc jungkook did it
  9. the thing he does where he slips his hands to the back of thighs when he bow
  10. how obnoxiously he laughs. this bitch HAS to hit something whether it’s the table, clapping or other members
  11. “i don’t like skinship”
  12. *flops onto jeonghan’s back and koalas him* bc he contradicts himself too often for me to let him get away with
  13. how he goes into Soft Mode™ whenever jeonghan’s involved. HE BOUGHT HIM CUTE SOCKS. that’s the only kind of pampering i need in my life
  14. his friendship dynamic w seungcheol.  he would get all pouty and does the whole innocent thing like when seungcheol was like “he never buys me lunch” and girl,, u can HEAR his innocent voice and i  D I E D
  15. the way he’s technically seungcheol’s fiance bc mister coups d'etat decided to announce that they’re gonna be married
  16. his handshakes.. the one w joshua is sO COMPLEX. is this what boys do? spend 15+ whole monutes coming up with complicated friendship handshakes??
  17. ok i just love his friendship dynamics,, gOd we gEt it mOVE ON @ ME
  18. his habit of playing w other members’ hair. jeonghan, joshua and hansol have been victims of this an it’s soft as heck
  19. he jumps when he’s excited
  20. DENIES HIS CUTE REACTIONS,, in one fine day Japan ((SPOILERS)) he got lost and found the group and he got so excited hE JUMPED W HIS LITTLE SWEATER PAWS FLAILING AND HIS STUPUD GRIN I- W O W
  22. his love for puppies (probably why he’s friends w seungcheol)
  23. WILL OTHER MEMBERS JUST LET HIM LIVE IN HIS PART OF HEALING? they always doing some shit at concerts
  25. not to be scatterbrained, but jihoon said he doesn’t need words to describe how close he and cheol are. i love friendship?????
  26. his dying red panda screech in the karaoke vlive when they sang flying duck (not to be off topic, but somehow, seungkwan still sounded perfect and i didn’t know that wonwoo’s voice . was capable of making those noISES)
  27. when he puts on a baby voice like he did in the weird boyfriend video call thing on channel+ singing lean on me
  28. how forced that boyfriend video call on channel+ was actually kinda cute
  29. the way he hecking swIMS IN HIS COATS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS
  30. especially that one black and orange coat he wore to airports a few times. you could deflATE HIM BY HOLDING HIM TIGHT IN YOUR ARMS AND THAT IS CUTE
  31. srsly imagine huggin him and hearing a *POOFfFf*
  33. how much he is into fashion these days AND the way his fashion choices have recently transcended fashionable into questionable
  34. softest eater. he crafted the art of monchingss~
  35. the way he physically loses control of his body sometimes when he laughs
  36. the fact that seungcheol has to kill mosquitoes for him. what a pampered bitch
  37. both his tiny, reserved bopping in that karaoke live just before his birthday AND the less tiny and reserved bopping at that korean restaurant in LA
  38. his lovely eye smiles
  39. the way he PPPFPFTFFFT then laughs sometimes
  40. he said he associates himself w a red panda in a japan magazine
  41. the weird “nnaaaghhh” sounds he makes or his creaking “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”
  42. his confused face is the cutest confused face to exist. like when the one he pulled in caratland whisper challenge
  43. ok the way looking like shiro from shin chan is his thing is the cutest thing.
  44. HIS LITTLE DRAWINGS. i’ve seen a smol rose drawing, a cat drawing, WHICH SOMEONE MADE INTO A REAL PLUSHIE and i, a lee bongbong stan, just love it.
  46. when he judges someone. his face of sheer disgust is amazing. priceless. 
  47. his friendship with ailee (i watch too many jihoon and ailee interaction compilations)
  48. him singing other members’ parts or random songs at the background of videos like Lay Me Down by Sam Smith in one of their mv making videos for their Seasons Greetings, i think it is (in his ultimate manspread, but we don’t talk about that here. this is reasons to LOVE him) and other stuffs like in the chirstmas super junior Show Me Your Love cover~~

Originally posted by wonnhao

  • miscellaneous attractive shit
  1. that look ^
  2. his ping pong skills and the amount of pride he has of it?
  3. he’s got good shoulders. like really good, broad shoulders
  4. he’s also got very defined features, even if it’s often not captured on camera and gOd the nooks and dips of his structure is Good Shit
  5. his good hands. his pretty pretty piano hands.. ; 3; his fingers are so nicely structured and boney but in a pleasant way
  6. his skin is so perfect. i swear, throughout his entire career as an idol, he has had one breakout and that was just a single pimple. LEAK YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, LEE JIHOON.
  7. that picture where it looked like he only shaved his thighs,,
  8. ok but the way he holds himself up is like,, very masculine. how do i even describe it? like, aura. composure? idk but it’s cool and i like it
  9. HE’S SO SMOOTH WITH CARATS LIKE “we shall meet tonight in your dreams”
  10. NOT TO MENTION  WHEN HE GAVE A CARAT HIS HOME ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE “why does it matter?” *insert fire emojis*
  11. the time he went off on a rude fan. he was explaining something to her and she had the audacity to slap him away and i was like b i t c h  e x c u s e  m e :)
  13. 78. his general hand skills? have you see the way he spins his mic and pens? that’s secksi
  15. his adlibs;
  16. his super high harmonies (like the one in Because of You where he did that subtle super high harmonies on top of seokmin’s strong one);
  17. the way he squeezes his eyes shut;
  18. his dimpols;
  19. the way he jerks his body
  20. and the way he bends down w his body turned one side when he belts.
  21. again,, the way he handles his mic staff. as lovely and passionate it is, it is also v secksi
  22. his fuCKING LEGS are superior to the ones of a model
  23. remember his tank top in crazy in love dance practise? me too.
  24. he look great w smokey eye make up
  25. ok when he got the whisper challenge right in caratland a few times after hearing seokmin’s wrong message was pretty hot
  26. his voice sounded really nice yelling
  27. the way he shaded a fansite after she was exposed for being mean to other fans
  28. he’s really smart and witty and observant and that’s hot
  29. ok he did this dance in one of the shining diamond concerts in australia where he danced to careless whisper and i was ready for the ground underneath me to just crack and quake open to welcome me to hell that was a good video eyes emoji eyes emoji -> (you’re welcome)

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  • the couple in front of me just spilled their bottle of water and i’m trying so hard not to laugh why am i like this send help i need to get all sad and serious right nOW so let’s move on to deep shit
  1. his diligence and how he persevered through debut until now with the burden of writing seventeen’s songs. he cried on camera back then and to this day, it still breaks my heart and fills it with admiration until this day. plus, he’s often seen at the back of seventeen videos practising when they’re in their practise rooms. e.g. boom boom (santa ver.)
  2. the way he talks with his hands and stutters a lot really shows how carefully he chooses his words to articulate exactly what he means and wants to express
  3. how much he values honesty in his lyrics and the way he expresses his honesty through creative personas in songs. i heard that downpour (소나기) is an abbreviation for “memories” and don’t listen in secret ?? wow. smile flower? WOW
  4. how comfortable he is with the members warms my heart. he’s so awkward on external variety shows with a host he’s not too familiar with, but when he’s with the other members with the camera, he’s so much more playful and seemingly in his comfort zone and it just warms me how much he loves and cares for them. i mean, he recently started to open up more in variety shows and seeing him growing more comfortable in that aspect of his job also fills me with joy. what he creates in his job makes me so happy, so seeing him grow into his job is just nice to see, y’know? if you watch videos from star show 360 vs yang and nam show, you’ll feel happy for him too and that’s a good reason to love him, i feel.
  5. when he cried in caratland when they were all singing smile flower. idk it was just beautiful. the way he started crying in the second chorus then he sang his own line before the talking part and the he really really cried. it just got me thinking how much they must have been through especially through the treatment of them from the pledis staff. they weren’t very nice
  6. simple could go with lyrics, but i want to talk about it separately.
  7. the song was built around my “in this world, i’m not even worth dust” which he talked about in Orgel Live
    i was crying watching that
    i love the lyrics,,  he felt small looking at stars.  we’re all insignificant and nothing is real in a literal sense, but not depressing a depressing way.
    so trying to see things in a more simple light and holding ones and things close as priorities and that being the source of happiness unlike the whole meritocratic preached by adults and everyone around us. fortune and success is often based on luck. but our values aren’t , so the idea of focusing on those while having enough to stay alive is just so nice and that’s just one song.
    i don’t think i should talk about anymore lyrics apart from this one, or this list will never end
  8. the way he said that carats are his confidence instead of some fanservicey kinda thing in the Diamond VCR. it’s nice bc honestly, we, as fans, can’t solve their problems. well, maybe financial problems, but we can’t make stress go away, so i just kind of appreciated the honest answer and the idea of acting as this source of positivity about himself. yes, lee jihoon, you’re a great, talented dude who we all appreciate and i’m glad he feels appreciated and acknowledges and appreciates our appreciation and it’s just nice to have this realistic side of things.
Bunny- Jungkook Centric Angst (Killer Kook AU)

So the gif is from this video on @/Zøboo on youtube

First: Hipnoticp

Second: refrainbow

**This gif is mine**

This is inspired from that killer kook au on twitter, i wrote this when that craze first started and posted on twit but not on here and i’m finally doing that. As per usual leave your comments and if you think it was any good.


The sound of the wind swept through his ears. Jungkook sat under a tree, his silhouette illuminated only by the moonlight, it was a dark night and it was a quiet night. He was convinced these kinds of nights were created for him. His head resting on the trunk of the tree he seemed to be asleep to any who would have walked by, he was far from it though. He was watching, listening, observing. He was scouting.

There were a few people walking, lost souls trying to find their way back home. Jungkook laughed inwardly, he was once like that but he found his savior. He knew he was supposed to die. He was supposed to be at the very bottom of the Han river but here he was, head resting against a tree and a bag in his lap.

The bag was black in color; it looked like a normal school bag. Jungkook looked like a normal school boy, ah but looks are deceiving aren’t they? He heard the soft ring on his watch; it was time. His target was approaching. He sat up and opened his bag; there were three things within. The three things within were oh so very different from the contents of a normal school bag.

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Accident Prone

Spencer Reid x Reader one shot

Word Count: 2530

Prompt: Can you write something where maybe the reader is super clumsy and trips often, and one day she trips into Morgans arms and Reid gets super jealous??

A/N: Haha, this request was so cute! Thank you anon (: Here’s a little something to tide y’all over if you’re waiting for part 2 of my Harry Potter AU! I am Stressed™ about midterms (college sucks) so it won’t be up until a little later in the week but I shall do my best to have it up soon. I also hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone who has followed, liked, reblogged, or even just read any of my fics. I love you all!

Summary: Sometimes, being accident prone is just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

You’ve been a part of the BAU for almost 5 years and in those 5 years, you never failed to impress your team members with your agility, speed, and flawless movement out in the field. You were quick on your feet, good with a gun, and knew just how to grapple with the rowdier unsubs.

Garcia often referred to you as her ‘Little Lioness’ when you were out on a mission, a nickname that had caught on with the rest of the team as well.

However, the moment you stepped off the field, you transformed from an agile lioness into a spindly baby deer. You couldn’t for the life of you figure out why. You were pretty sure that if it weren’t for your exceptional skills in the field, you would’ve been asked to leave the FBI many years ago.

Gravity had made an enemy out of you whenever you weren’t chasing after an unsub and you constantly found yourself stumbling over your own two feet. And stumbling usually lead to knocking over whatever was in close vicinity.

You teammates quickly learned how to adapt to your clumsiness. It was almost as if they could tell exactly when you were going to trip and possibly break something. This saved them from a lot of broken coffee mugs and saved you from any tripping-related injury.

Their sixth sense, though it helped, couldn’t save you from everything though.

“Ouch!” You glared down Emily’s desk, rubbing the spot on your leg where it had collided with the sharp corner of the desk. She made a sympathetic tutting noise.

“That’s definitely gonna bruise. Want some ice?” she asked, already halfway out of her chair.

“It’s fine, it’s fine… Not worth getting an ice pack just for this little thing.” You waved a hand dismissively, nearly sending her mug tumbling to the ground. Thankfully, her quick reflexes prevented any major spillage. You grinned sheepishly at the brunette, turning to go back to the safety of your own desk.

But before you could make it, you - surprise, surprise - tripped over your own feet, bumping into into the desk closest to you. You almost knocked a stack of files onto the ground, but the desk’s inhabitant reached out just in time, steadying the stack with one hand and clamping onto your wrist with the other.

“Whoops, sorry ‘bout that. Thanks, Spencer.” You smiled gratefully at the brown-haired man, patting the hand over your wrist in thanks. He blushed slightly at the contact and you felt the butterflies in your stomach flutter a little extra as you continued your walk to your desk.

Yes, the entire team helped you out whenever your clumsiness got the best of you, but something about Spencer Reid made it a little more special every time he was the one to do so.

You found it very hard not to develop a crush on the young genius over the years.

His messy hair practically begged to be played with. His mannerisms and constant rambling were endlessly endearing. He was a very loyal team member. He was even great with kids. Plus, his aesthetically pleasing facial structure was quite easy on the eyes.

The two of you had always straddled the line between friendship and something more. You were very close friends, but sometimes when you were hanging out outside of work just the two of you, maybe bundled up on the couch watching movies or reading books at the park or out for coffee, you just wanted to grab his face and kiss him right then and there.

(And then maybe do a lot more than just kissing. The boy had long fingers and you had a wicked imagination.)

You thought - hoped - you had seen him giving you the same longing glances, but it just never really went beyond friendly cheek kisses and ‘just-as-friends’ dates.

You settled into your desk with a heavy sigh, attracting Penelope’s attention as she walked into the bullpen. All you saw was a pink and purple blur before you were wrapped up in the technical analyst’s arms.

“What ails you, my wobbly little Bambi? Did you get hurt again?” she asked in a teasing tone. You made a face at Spencer, who was watching the two of you with an amused smirk.

“I’m a lioness, Pen, a lioness. Here me roar,” you deadpanned, wriggling out of her embrace. She let out a laugh.

“Of course you are, Y/N… Now c’mon, help me find those papers you were looking for. We’re going to have to go old school and actually look through boxes in the file room.” She pouted at the fact her precious computers wouldn’t be able to help her for once. “We have to deal with… hard-copies,” she said dramatically.

You shook your head amusedly, following the blonde out of the BAU bullpen.

“Wait, Y/N!”

You turned back abruptly at Spencer’s call, nearly plowing down a passing intern.

“We still on for lunch?” he asked, laugh evident in his voice as he watched you apologize profusely to the poor intern. The young brunette woman waved off your apology and you switched your attention onto the young doctor.

“It’s a date,” you said casually. “I’ll come back to get you when I’m ready to go.”

You smiled at his excitement over the new cafe you were going to try out, absentmindedly watching as he turned back to his paperwork. You shook yourself out of your Spencer-induced stupor, hoping no one noticed your staring, and hurried to catch up with Garcia.

“Ooooh finally going on a date with our resident genius?” Penelope asked, waggling her eyebrows suggestively, earning her an eye roll.

“You know it’s not a date-date, Pen. It’s a… ‘Spencer and me’-date,” you found yourself explaining for the hundredth time.

“Riiiight.” She nodded, voice tinged with doubt. “Oh come on, Y/N! I know you two are in love!”

You pointedly ignored her as you rounded the corner into the file room. You immediately started sorting through the nearest box, blocking out Garcia’s little love monologue.

“- always takes you out for dinner. You practically live at his apartment, for crying out loud! You know, JJ told me that Henry thinks the two of you are married ‘just like his mommy and daddy’… God, you two are so cute! I totally think -”

“Penelope. Please… Just help me look for this file, okay?”

“Fine,” Garcia said with a resigned sigh, “but this is going to be discussed on our next girls’ night, you hear me?”

Pushing a sleeping elephant up a hill was easier than trying to say no to a determined Penelope Garcia, so you simply conceded, shooing her away to do her own file digging.

After skimming through a couple of boxes, you decided to start looking at the boxes up on the shelves. You made your way towards the stepladder by the wall.

“Um Y/N, are you going to be using that?”

“Yeah, why?” You set up the ladder and just as you were about to climb Garcia called out your name. “What?” you asked, pausing your ascent. She bit her lip worriedly.

“Mmm, you plus heights plus shelves full of heavy boxes that can potentially fall and crush you… You do the math.”

“Seriously? Oh my god, it’s a stepladder, Garcia. It’s not even a real ladder. I’m not that accident-prone.”

“You trip on air, Y/N! That’s as accident-prone as it gets.” She held up her hand, silencing your protests. “Nuh-uh. I am going to get Morgan and he’s going to use those sexy muscles of his to do the heavy lifting for us, okay? No need to put yourself in harm’s way.”

You stayed in your spot until she left the room. Admittedly, you had a bit more accidents than the average human being, but you could definitely find a set of files by yourself without endangering your life. You caught bad guys for a living, using a mini-ladder to find a couple of papers was a piece of cake compared to that.

“Aha!” After a couple of minutes, your search was a success. You managed to find the papers and not get hurt. Well… except for two paper cuts, but no one had to know about those. Your inner celebration was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Hey mama, Garcia said something about heavy boxes, ladders, and the possibility of a broken neck so I came as fast as I could,” Derek said, coming into the file room. “Aaand I see what she means.”

You turned to stick your tongue out at him.

“Well, you can tell Garcia to suck it, ‘cause I found the files I was looking for and used this ladder without any acci- Woah!

You must’ve waved those file papers with a bit too much enthusiasm because you suddenly found yourself toppling off of the ladder. You felt a rush of relief at the feeling of landing in a pair of arms, bridal style, instead of head first on the ground. Derek’s chest rumbled with laughter.

“What was that you were saying?” he teased, earning himself a slap on the shoulder when he bounced you like one would do while holding an infant.

“Shut up, Morgan,” you said grumpily.

“Hey, you’re lucky I was here to catch you.”

You let out an exaggerated sigh of relief, resting your head on his shoulder and batting your eyelashes.

“Oh Derek, thank heavens you were here! My hero!” The two of you fell into a fit of laughter at your antics.

“What’s going on here?”

Derek and you froze at the sharp tone.

You turned your head towards the door, revealing a rigid Spencer, looking at the two of you with obvious displeasure. You knew this looked how this could be misconstrued - Derek holding you in his arms and you resting your head onto his shoulder, smiles from your previous laughter still on your faces.

Derek hastily set you on the ground, clearing his throat. All you could do was carefully watch Spencer’s reaction.

“Kid…” Morgan finally said, holding up a placating hand out to your brown-haired colleague. You felt your heart twinge a little when Reid took a tiny step back at the gesture.

Before you could even say anything, he was out the door, leaving with nothing but a mumbled “gotta go” thrown over his shoulder.

The silence he left behind was soon broken by the click-clack of Garcia’s high heels as she entered the file room once more.

“Um, what did I miss?”

Her question spurred you into action. You pushed your files into Morgan’s hands and wordlessly took off to follow Spencer. You just caught a flash of his purple cardigan disappearing around the corner.

“Spencer, wait!” you called out, speeding up your steps to catch up with him. Curse that man and his incredibly long legs. “Spencer!” You manage to grab onto the back of his cardigan, pulling him to a stop in the middle of the hallway.

“Aren’t we going to lunch together?” you asked, trying to break through his sudden icy demeanor.

“What? You aren’t too busy laying in Morgan’s stupid biceps of steel and laughing at one of his stupid jokes and resting your head on his stupid muscular shoulder? If I had known you and Morgan were…”

You tuned out his rambling, pushing him into the nearest empty office. If he thought there was something going on between you and Derek, then what the hell did he think was going on between himself and you?

You stare incredulously at your colleague, who hadn’t even stopped to take a breath in the midst of his ramble, hands flailing about. You knew just how worked up he was when he used hand gestures to emphasis his often lengthy rants.

“Spencer Reid, are you jealous?” you managed to squeeze in between his own words. “Are you seriously jealous of Morgan?”  He turned to you with disbelief written all over his face.

“Of course I’m jealous of Morgan! He’s - he’s Derek Morgan!” he spluttered. You rolled your eyes.

“I don’t want a Derek Morgan, you walnut! I want you!” You sighed, cheeks burning at your blatant confession. “All I want is you, Spence. I thought you - I thought we were, you know, like a thing? Did I interpret everything wrong? Aren’t we -”


You immediately recoiled, thinking that this was the moment he was rejecting you. He must’ve sensed the hurt in your eyes, because he immediately started backpedalling.

“Wait! Not ‘no’ like to us! ‘No’ to the - I - we’re - I… I like you, Y/N. As much as that makes me sound like some fifth grader confessing a crush, I really, really like you.”

It had finally happened. All the ambiguity had been wiped away. Here you were, emotions laid on the table. There was only one way you could think of replying.

“Y/N? Aren’t you going to say anythi-”

Grabbing onto the front of his sweater, you pressed your lips against his, pouring your emotions out into this one kiss. You jumped when Spencer’s hands brushed against the curve of your ass. He jolted away from you, fearing he had gone too far.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your… I-it was an accident!”

He was caught off guard by the smirk on your face. You used this to your advantage, pushing him into the desk chair and promptly settling yourself into his lap. His hands hovered hesitantly over you sides before you pushed them to press against where they had brushed earlier.

You connected your lips once again, tugging at his hair to spur him into action. He caught the hint, guiding your hips against his. As you trailed your kisses down to his neck, he groaned out your name like a prayer.

“Dr. Reid,” you whispered, biting down on his sensitive pulse point and eliciting another groan from his lips, “this is one accident I don’t mind.”

Back in the file room…

“Told you it would work. Didn’t I say a little jealousy was all they needed?”

“Yeah, yeah but what if she had fallen before I got there? Your plan wasn’t completely foolproof, baby girl.”

“You don’t have to undermine my matchmaking skills, you know.”


“It all worked out didn’t it? I bet you $10 they’re making out in a conference room right now.”


“Oh come on, Chocolate Thunder, indulge me a little.”

“… I bet you $20 they’re in an old office.”

“Now that’s more like it.”

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!


Shield (Gally Preference)

A/N - Hello everyone! I am here with my first ever Gally preference! OMG I;m so nervous for it! WHAAA!!! This preference was requested by becausewckd. Hope you all enjoy it! 

Scenario: When you are split from Gally during the Griever attack

Originally posted by smiley-kamelia

“What the hell is going on out there?” Newt interrogated as Thomas and Minho made their way back into the glade.“What have you done now Thomas?” another familiar voice questioned which made you flinch. This can’t be good. 

You swiftly tied the remaining vines to the barbed wires which divided the garden before racing out towards the group.You noticed Gally almost immediately. Mostly because he had that iconic scowl on his face which made him so intimidating when you first stepped into the glade. But with time, he suddenly started showing his kindness to you. And only you. Certain occasions would sometimes prone Chuck to cheekily say, “I think our grumpy builder has a crush on you.” You initially brushed it off of course. Why on Earth would a guy like him have any feelings for a shy girl with bad anxiety? It just doesn’t make sense. Strangely enough you also noticed that the only time where he would keep his cool was when you were around. This lead to the gladers forcing you to come to any Keeper meetings they would have, afraid that Gally would combust from the intense debates.

You didn’t mind though. As time went by, you began to find his gestures to be sweet. How he secretly stole glances at you at dinner amongst the campfire or how he would offer to carry the baskets of vegetables you picked from the garden. You soon found yourself opening up to him a lot more. Gally did start to be more considerate to the other gladers, all except one person. Thomas. Even you found it difficult to calm him down after their fierce confrontations. It made it even more awkward since you and Thomas got along so well that you might even say you were practically best friends. On certain occasions, you could tell that this pissed Gally off a lot. The two of them were amid their argument when you caught up with them.

“At least I did something Gally! What have you done except hide behind these walls?” Thomas challenged.

“Listen up Greenie. You’ve been here 3 days and I’ve been here 3 years -,” Gally stated.

“And you’re still HERE Gally!!” Thomas roared.

“Guys I don’t think this is going to - ,"you started only to be cut off by a fellow glader.

"Forget it Y/N,” Newt stated pulling you back, “This is something that’s out of both of our hands.”

Before the argument could get physical, Teresa stepped in, grasping everyone’s attention with her message. “Guys, its Alby. He’s awake.”

You cautiously entered Alby’s room along with the others. When he had undergone the Changing, he even attacked Thomas despite his efforts to help him with the WICKED serum. Henceforth, everyone knew to be careful around him. He appeared less deranged than usual though. The serum must have helped somewhat.

“Alby, you alright?” Newt asked gently as he approached him. The room was absolutely still you could have sworn you heard Gally’s heartbeat from behind you. Alby didn’t speak. He had what appeared to be a grim expression on his face, almost as if everything had fallen apart right in front of him. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and this caught you off guard especially since the entire glade looked up to Alby for being the leader of the group.

You sighed and walked out of the room. You felt strange seeing him like this. Things were changing quickly. You began to wonder whether you were truly safe in the glade. 

“Hey,” came a voice beside you, “You ok?” Gally stood next to you and you hesitated to answer, knowing his stance on leaving the glade.

“I’m fine,” you lied, “It’s just that things are kinda crazy here.”

“Don’t worry, we’re safe in here,” he replied running his fingers through your hair, “Nothing gets past those walls.”

Before you could answer, a few of the gladers guarding the North Door ran towards your direction with a look of panic in their eyes. They were screaming frantically when you heard one of them, a clear greenie, point towards the doors and say, “It won’t close. Something is wrong.”

You and Gally exchanged looks. “Shit,” he whispered. 

You then heard a loud clang and metal screeching once more. When you looked up, you noticed the South Doors had started to open. From the corner of your eyes, you saw a movement of a few figures and realized that Thomas and the rest of the group were out of the Medjack hut and were staring into the depths of the maze, equally stunned as you were. You heard the heavy rumble again and this time, the East and West doors opened. The glade was now exposed.

Gally then pulled you over to the side, “Get the others. Tell them to go the forest. Go hide now!" 

You didn’t question him and together, the two of you took off into the fields. It wasn’t until you took a couple of long strides when you heard screams behind you. These cries were different. It was full of trepidation and fear. You turned around and immediately froze. A couple of feet ahead, you saw the mostly ghastly creature you have ever seen in your entire life. A Griever. It unleashed the most bloodcurdling howl into the glade and raced into the green pastures slashing every glader it came across.

"Hey,” Gally called capturing you attention. He cupped your face with his hands forcing you to look up at him. “Look at me Y/N, nothing else. And just keep running.”

You nodded and then sped across the glade with Gally right behind you. You had to take cover so you ran towards the tall grasses just outside the forest. You continued to pace for a bit until Gally urged you to crouch down. He grasped your hand firmly as he looked around to check if the coast was clear. It was quiet oddly enough, but that was what scared you the most. Fear filled your veins causing you to squeeze his hand back with the overwhelming tension in the air. Gally seemed to have noticed the horror on your face since he brought you closer to his chest. You tightly clung onto him, shivering partially because of the slight chill in the air and also because there was a griever within your vicinity.

Just then you heard a mechanical screech followed by a horrifying scream. Stunned, you looked up and for a brief second you caught a glimpse of Zart, Keeper of the Track-hoes, being thrown into the air only to be snatched by the monster in the end.

“Oh my god,” you whispered with tears slowly filling your eyes.

“Come on Y/N, keep going,” Gally stated lifting you to your feet. 

With the remaining strength you had, you sprinted through the tall foliage. When you approached a clearing, you turned to see that Gally was missing. You felt your heart drop.

“Gally?” you asked gently, afraid you would be heard by those deranged monsters. 

“Gally?” you called again when a figure burst through the brambles while colliding into you causing you to crash and roll onto the ground. A sharp pain seared through your ribcage causing you to gasp desperately for more oxygen. You turned to the side and noticed that it was Alby who knocked you off balance since he was struggling to keep up with the others. Jeff, the MedJack rushed to his aid and started to pull him up when you a raging cry from the side. 

A griever had locked his eyes onto you and Alby and it began to race forward.You didn’t have to think twice. You made your way toward Jeff to help Alby up when you saw Thomas and the others head over towards your direction. 

“Y/N, watch it,” Thomas cried. Despite the pain of lifting someone of Alby’s weight up, you fought to endure the agony and ran behind Thomas. “Come on!” he shouted towards the beast. 

Has he lost his mind? 

“Thomas, be careful,” you exclaimed fearing for his life.A sharp spear flew from the side piercing through the creature’s skin. You turned to see Newt, Frypan and Minho arrive with weapons in their hands and their actions had stalled the griever for some time. Together, you all raced towards the Council Hall. Minho quickly took Alby’s arm from your shoulder and urged you to keep moving forward. 

“Over here come on!” Chuck exclaimed from the entrance to the Hall. Thomas grasped your hand and helped you into the room while the rest of the group scrambled inside. Newt and Winston quickly shut the doors and locked it tight.

“Stay back guys,” Newt stated urging everyone to stay as far away from the doors as possible. You then heard a heavy thump upon the roof and heard the griever’s quick, agile movements from side to side. The others had their weapons out, ready to take on the gruesome creature. You stood behind Thomas, the only other person in the glade besides Gally who knew about your anxiety issues. He kept his arm out in front of you, keeping you back and shielding you from any potential danger. Within time, you heard the sound slowly slip away until silence overtook the Council Hall.

“Gally disappeared,” you whispered to Thomas, “I lost him. What if he’s out there by himself?”

“Y/N, it’s going to be ok,” Thomas whispered back giving you a gentle smile, “Besides, hiding is what he does best.”

You glared at him. “Really Thomas, I’d expect that from him but you of all - ”

You couldn’t finish your words when a huge monstrous arm burst through the roof of the building grabbing Alby by his legs.

“Alby!” the others exclaimed. Thomas didn’t waste a minute. He instantly ran over to their leader within seconds and grasped his arm. You could tell that this wasn’t going to end well.

“Thomas,” you heard Alby mumble meekly, “Get them out." 

With those final words, he was yanked back by the beast and vanished from the room. Thomas screamed behind him, unable to believe what he just witnessed. He didn’t wait for the others. Instead, he instantly jumped to his feet and raced out.

"Thomas wait!” Newt and Minho cried from behind, “Don’t go out there!”

You knew how rash Thomas could be so you instantly raced behind him along with the others. “Thomas stop!” you yelled. He didn’t seem to hear you since he was intent on finding where Alby went. 

“You can’t just rush out - ” you called out while reaching out for his arm but he cut you short and nudged you to the side, knocking you to the ground. When he saw you on the grass, he broke from his trance and realized what he had done and tried to help you up.

“Hey,” came a voice from the side. Thomas looked up and took a fierce and heavy blow to the face, crashing into the ground right next to you. Shocked, you looked up to see Gally with rage in his eyes. The other gladers held him back from advancing any further.

“Gally, what you doing?” Frypan cried.

“THIS IS ALL ON YOU THOMAS!” Gally screamed fighting against Minho’s strong arms holding him back, “YOU DID THIS! ITS YOUR FAULT!!”

You stayed glued to your spot. You saw Gally mad before but this time he was so furious it scared you a bit. Just then, Thomas fell to the ground and you noticed that he had purposely stung himself with the Griever’s venom. Stunned, you rushed to his side and tried to wake him up. The other gladers followed your actions.

“Thomas!” you cried out along with Newt and Minho, “Can you hear me?"Despite your desperate pleas, he was knocked out cold. You looked up and noticed and saw Gally walking away from the crowd. You raced to catch up with him once the MedJacks took over.

"Gally, why are you acting like this?” you asked.

“You know perfectly why, Y/N” he snapped.

“You were angry at him before but you never lashed out at him like this.”

“The greenie got lucky that’s why.”

“Gally, what’s really bothering you?” you asked again.

“Nothing,” he replied quickly.

“No its not, you - ”

“Fine, you want to know why I punched him? He knocked you over and I couldn’t stand it.”

“Gally, that was an accident and he was trying to help me up before - ”

“Point being he still hurt you. I don’t care who it is Y/N, if anyone does anything to hurt you I am not going to let it slide.”

“I think everyone in the glade already knows that Gally.”

“All except him.”

“Oh come on,” you stated, “Thomas is my friend too.”

“Why him Y/N?’” Gally whined, slightly amusing you, “Of all people. You had to be best friends with him.”

You didn’t answer. Instead, you gently walked up towards him and slowly wrapped your arms around his neck bringing your body closer to his own. You felt him tense from the sudden sensation as you nestled your face in his neck. 

“I thought I lost you back there,” you said softly, “You scared me.”

“I was helping a few builders who hurt themselves,” he answered placing his arms around your waist, “We were hiding in the Box." 

He suddenly split from you and looked into your eyes. "I scared you?”

You nodded demurely. 

He smiled and gently kissed your cheeks. “You’re the only reason I stay sane around here you know that?”

You chuckled. “I’ve been told that on many occasions.” He brought you closer to his chest and gently kissed your lips lifting you to the utmost pleasure. His kiss grew passionate and deep causing you to grow weak in the knees. Heat raced through your body and into your head, nearly triggering you to stumble from the sudden rush of ecstasy. The gently pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours. 

“Thank you Gally,” you whispered.

“For what?”

“For always protecting me.”