IP_LPI_NAMIBIA_04 by Ignacio Palacios
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Baby Caracal (African Lynx) in wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

This Agile AS-1000 is the perfect example of how fun and rewarding it can be to pick up an affordable import guitar, upgrade nearly everything, and tailor it to your needs. Marc brought this to me to swap out the wiring with a new upgrade harness, wire in those Duncan pickups, and set it up for C tuning. It’s a blast playing every sludgy riff I can think of on this thing, and I’m really starting to love this body shape. A very cool guitar that set up beautifully, perfect for #semihollowsunday!

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A little #semihollowsunday warmup. This import Agile is actually really cool, once all of the electronics have been replaced. #guitar #licks #musician #guitarist #agile #semihollow #seymourduncan #pickups #guitartech

Sketch and Agile: how we improved the design workflow

When most people in the industry think of Agile Development, they think of an adaptable process meant to streamline a project, saving time and effort in the long run. But what does this mean for designers who often set the tone at the beginning of the project through creation of wireframes and visual mockups?

At Devbridge, our product owners, developers and designers all work in an Agile environment, as it allows us to remain nimble by adapting to changes in our projects as well as in the industry. We all contribute to this process in different ways, continually shaping and refining our workflow and collaboration within our team. Thanks to this adaptable environment, our design team has discovered a better way to work over the past few months, and made a big transition as a result.

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