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Sorry for the spam haha XD But get this: the true horror if Mark was a separate ego himself. Can make those freaky eyes (separates), freaky legs, has a range to a shrill high voice or a low demonic one, aiming is true, good reflexes, and agile, could 'mimic' the other egos. Now my artist side is going to Coraline levels of creepy DX

mark is actually the one that we should be afraid of all along omg. he’s the puppetmaster, controlling all the other ones or posing as them. geez louise 😭

So if no one noticed, Puppy2k18 is hopefully going to be a spoo

@hellhoundbarkery @thepoodlepack @other poodle people I can no longer remember the urls of bc is midnight and I’m running on like 3 hours of sleep

Is there any standard breeders you could point me in the direction of? I’m ready bad about looking for breeders on my own and any help would be nice. Puppy will be a SD and maybe agility prospect, but I don’t want to pay a shit ton for the dog (like 2k is way too much imo). Any help is appreciated :)

Favorite Winter Sports

(I was missing the times back when I would go snowboarding and stuff so I decided to do this. this is 100% for my own self indulgence)

Maul: Ice skating. Maul likes how rigorous the sport is and how it focusses a lot on endurance and  agility. It also helps that those are the two areas Maul specializes in.

Obi Wan Kenobi: Cross Country skiing. Obi Wan wasn’t too fond of the extreme side of skiing, but he enjoyed putting in the effort and the concentration that came with cross country skiing.

Qui Gon Jinn: Snowboarding. Qui Gon was always more relaxed and enjoyed the freedom that came with snowboarding.

Anakin Skywalker: Ice Hockey. He likes the loose rules and it’s probably the only sport that won’t penalize him for being a ‘little’ too aggressive.

Luke Skywalker: Bobsledding. Luke understands that there has to be strong teamwork in order to succeed and he gets to experience that in bobsledding.

Han Solo: Skiing. While he’s not into doing jumps, Han enjoys trying to one up his record times on more difficult slopes.

Question for dog(sport)blr

What do you want your team (handler + dog) legacy to be? How do you want folks to remember you?

It came up in one of the bad dog agility podcasts I was listening to and I thought it was an interesting question.

I am so tired of the popular fan characterisation of Hana Song that I have this completely different idea of her in my mind. The way I see her, she’s a very calm and powerful person. She has the mental fortitude to put up a public persona that is much more extroverted and spontaneous than she is and survive it without being worn down over time. She’s not a troubled person by any means. She’s just a celebrity who has to stay in character. But when she is alone, she focuses on her training. She is diligent about her physical training (mostly reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and agility), but also spends time meditating, relaxing in absolute silence. She is an effective and highly trained person, and I believe that is a necessity for anyone who has to juggle the roles of elite pilot and gaming celebrity.

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Katara is the Mary Sue of ATLA. Even if you dismiss her incredible rise in bending ability... She's not a fighter, never trained for it and is not shown to be particularly athletic. But she's significantly faster and more agile than Zuko and Sokka.

Yep, I noticed that too while she’s fighting.

But the telling is seriously the progress which contradicts the first established notion that Aang is the talented one.

She also seems to progress unrealistically fast.

Azula and her are both prodigies, but she gets to Azula’s tier in a matter of months from being able to barely bend and becoming a master. Whereas Azula has been training like almost all her life.

And she learns everything so fast, like with Yugoda, she stays there like one day and she somehow knows so much about healing.

And she learns bloodbending in like 3.5 seconds which Hama took years to develop.

And she pulls a Deus Ex Machina in Crossroads of Destiny, literally reviving Aang from the dead

Not saying tha she’s not a good character, just that she’s such a Mary Sue.

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Where the hell is ymir dont my dear baby is dead Also i had a theory that maybe Pieck has taken her titan, as they are both kind of small and described as fast and agile... idk tho

Hush anon. Ymir is alive, Ymir is well. Look!

And about Peak taking Ymir’s powers, well. Nobody knows. Maybe it is true, maybe not. There are even some that say Zeke ate Ymir, some say it is Jaws but I am &100 sure no Warrior was able to resist the beauty and charm of this goddess, that is for sure.