The Pokemon variation trend fad has been going on so I gave it a shot!!


  • Bred for young trainers and given as starters
  • Average size and stats
  • Most obedient and docile, very easy to train


  • Larger than other variations
  • Heavier and more powerfully built
  • Spikier bodies
  • Rely more on physical moves than on special moves
  • Incredibly tough skin


  • Lighter and more agile
  • Rarely seen on land, spend most time airborne
  • Whiskers used to detect weather patterns
  • Faster, rely more on special moves
  • Smooth, silky bodies


  • Found in rain forests and jungles
  • Rarely fly, very speedy and slender
  • Camouflage to hide from predators
  • Silent, rarely roar but often growl
  • Can see in the dark


  • Blunt horns and rough skin
  • Narrow eyes to protect from the sand, mostly blind
  • Wings are thick and sturdy, whip up sandstorms to hide
  • Mostly live underground with tails above ground


  • Bred for monarchs and nobles
  • Scales glow and tail flame is larger
  • Crowned with spikes
  • Physically weak, not bred for battle

Very Short Fact: On this day in 1678, Italian composer and violinist Antonio Vivaldi, author of The Four Seasons concertos, was born.

Consider a typical Vivaldi concerto. The first movement begins with a characteristic opening ritornello by the orchestra (just as at the beginning of an aria in the opera house). Then the soloist or soloists (just like the singer) begins with new material. (Almost always the soloist also goes on to perform highly difficult music different from that of the orchestra and that contrast, of size versus agility, has been the backbone of the concerto ever since.) Sections of ritornello alternate with sections by the soloist, and the movement ends with a statement of the ritornello.  Most Vivaldi concerti have three movements, with a slow movement in the middle; many second movements and finales have other formal shapes.

[p. 61, Early Music: A Very Short Introduction, by Thomas Forrest Kelly]

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Vivaldi Caricature, by Pier Leone Ghezzi. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


One more post of @_official.1drew and his #workout. Working on #footwork and finishing with his #lefthand.

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È come quando hai male ai piedi ma cammini lo stesso per arrivare dove vuoi, senza prendere pause perché il tempo è fondamentale e una volta perso non torna indietro.. E sorpassi chi è più lento di te con un agile passo che ti costa-magari-un po’ d’affanno in più.
Ecco, è così che si dovrebbe vivere.”
—Elvira Asile.
—  Elvira Asile.


I just had it hit me that; I’m getting a puppy next week. And now I’m having a minor panic attack. Am I ready for this? What if I can’t give her as much as she deserves? What if we fail at agility? What if…?

This fabulous art was made by juliuhm! Thanks!

Name: Checkerboard faceted tourmalinated quartz, or “Checker”.

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She, Her, etc.

Sexual Orientation: She doesn’t understand the concept. All you do is love who you love, right?

Romantic Orientation: Same.

Height: 4’9”

Weapon: Double headed Scythe, one blade black, one blade white.

Gem Type: Checkerboard faceted tourmalinated quartz.

Likes: Classical music, Dancing, The night sky.

Dislikes: Being alone, Darkness.

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing without words, learning about humans and their culture.

Talents/Skills: Even though she doesn’t seem like it, Checker is a fierce fighter. Her agility is her greatest weapon, being able to move swiftly with her scythe. But she often feels regretful when fighting corrupted gems, her lack of focus kicking in when she needs to deliver the final blow.

Personality: Checker is quiet and reserved, often very shy towards others. She has a hard time meeting and being around new people, but oddly enough she hates being alone more than anything. That could be due to her time as… Nevermind. She hates to talk if her past, refusing to tell the gems what had happened to her long ago. She isn’t the smartest, but takes pleasure in seeing and learning things for herself. Often not able to sleep (or at least pretend to at night) she will either spend her time listening to classical music, or out watching the stars. When she’s doing one of these, she doesn’t feel as alone of scared. She is very nice to be around, and to others usually seems happy and fine, but often she is not.

Gem Animal : A large black and white snake.

Appearance: Her skin is a pure white with slivers and dashes of black. Her hair is very short, curly and black. Her eyes are grey, and her gems are located on the palms of her hands (her scythes come out of them). She wears a light grey, oversized long sleeved shirt, so that the sleeves cover her hands, and a long paint-splattered skirt that reaches her ankles (Steven made, or at least colored it for her). Her body glows with a soft aura of light that discourages anyone or thing with ill intent to be near her, but boosts the positive emotions of those she loves.


mei isn’t very strong physically, even with her intensive training at the academy, she only possesses an average strength for a human female of her size and weight, and she basically resort to her small size, her agility and her speed when it comes to physical fight.

but i don’t think people realize how fucking dangerous she can be when she uses her powers. as inexperienced as she can be compared to other magic users, mei  can kill someone with just a fucking flick of the hand. she can rip limbs apart with her telekinetic powers and that’s just a basic use of magic. she can shape reality into whatever suits her needs and she hasn’t even mastered the art of magic, do you realize that?

not v relevant rn since she can’t use her powers but jUST—!!! MY BBY CAN KICK ASS.

I haven’t been posting much progress on Joffrey lately, so here is some to show i still play on him!

  • 110M Agility
  • 90M Wcing (95m now)
  • 130M Mining 
  • 130M Farming
  • 40M Smithing

Once I complete 120 wcing i’ll move to rc!

Also got 40m mining/ 20m magic on oberyn !

Possible Progress Against Parkinson’s Disease

Full article at

Implanted stem cells reduced symptoms of disease during experiment, researchers say.

The research is in Cell Stem Cell. (full access paywall)

Research: “Successful Function of Autologous iPSC-Derived Dopamine Neurons following Transplantation in a Non-Human Primate Model of Parkinson’s Disease” by Penelope J. Hallett, Michela Deleidi, Arnar Astradsson, Gaynor A. Smith, Oliver Cooper, Teresia M. Osborn, Maria Sundberg, Michele A. Moore, Eduardo Perez-Torres, Anna-Liisa Brownell, James M. Schumacher, Roger D. Spealman, and Ole Isacson in Cell Stem Cell doi:10.1016/j.stem.2015.01.018

Image: Ole Isacson and colleagues reported that dopamine-producing neurons (pictured) derived from the skin cells of primates survived for more than two years after implantation into one of the animals. Isacson noted that the animal was “able to move as fast around its home cage” as an one without Parkinson’s, and had normal agility, though individual motions were still slowed by the disease. Image credit: Penelope J. Hallett.

Quand tu m’embrasses
mon chagrin mange son pain noir
et je garde longtemps
cette mie agile
sous mon palais repeint de blanc
—  jacques dor
So great movie idea.

These two people a guy and a girl invite each other for a weekend at a cabin. They’re both serial killers (neither of them know that about the other though) they both have the intent of torturing and killing the other. Then the movie ends up being a competition, a race against who will kill who first. But in their final showdown, they both realize they need each other (not in a lovey dovey type way I want both to be asexual aromantic) but they decide to be partners in crime because the other has skills that they lack. For instance she’s faster more agile then him, he’s much larger and stronger then her meaning he can help take down bigger people. I don’t know I just think this could either be super fuckin cool, or a hilarious dark comedy