By embracing a simple training concept I call The Perfect Picture you can not only create more success in your dog training but you can also achieve results faster than you thought possible!

In training are there are so many details that it is easy to let some pass by the wayside. But as the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” This is definitely a truism for dog training. Although we may get frustrated by the amount of details and the clarity that is required to create great behaviors or even decent skills, the fact remains that whether we embrace these facts or choose to dismiss them, they are facts that exist regardless.

Very important! Yet another case of “it’s simple, but not easy”. However, learning to focus on and notice many details in your training sessions truly is the biggest factor in more effective training.

Setting out to training your 2-on/2-off, jumping skills, heeling left turns, etc is all well and good, but failing to pay attention to all the “other stuff” because you are so focused on the main point of the training session can cause you to miss a lot of other things that either should be rewarded or need to be cleaned up.

Example, last night I had a student working on her dog’s weaves. He’s still a beginner dog working on channel poles and learning to weave so the main point of the training session was just sending the dog through the poles and rewarding at the end. During this session, our neighbors came outside, which was new for this dog, who also struggles with some distraction and reactivity towards strange people. At one point as the handler was getting her dog lined up to dog the weaves again, her dog noticed the neighbors and looked at them for a few seconds, then looked back at his handler. The handler then sent her dog through the weaves again, missing the opportunity to reward this beginner dog for his choice to remain focused instead of reacting at the neighbors.

Or the other common example of setting out to run a sequence a few times, and only rewarding at the end, which means you probably miss some great stuff in the middle that could be rewarded. Maybe your dog struggles with tight turns and they made a great one, or they held their 2o2o with a tough distraction, or tucked their butt in nicely on a left turn in heeling when that’s typically a struggle. When you only focus on the end or the whole picture, those moments get missed.

So yeah, it’s simple but not easy. It’s a hard concept to wrap your brain around (especially when you’re a real beginner, but even for some more experienced handlers) but with time and practice it does get easier to pay attention to more details in your training session beyond whatever it is you set out to work on.

Fan Fiction Concept: Avatar: The Legend of Abioye (ah-bih-AW-yeh). Stone Sports bike (finished).
With his life constantly on the run for so long, Abioye has become more than resourceful with his modes of travel and way of life. Modern motorized transportation has been the influence of his many modes of transportation, and with his fast pace lifestyle it’s no surprise that one of his favorite earthbending mounts is his stone sport bike.
Using his powerful bending, this creation’s speed and agility is only limited by his imagination and current energy pool. Being the Avatar, however, offers him a deep well of energy and some pretty amazing add-ons including blazing wheels, or icy tracks should anyone dare to follow too closely in a chase. Able to combine gold, metal and stone to form unique armor in case of an emergency, Abioye is a very hard target to catch while mounted on his bike. More to come. Peace ya’ll.
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@dogblr: training suggestions!

Since I have to wait a couple weeks for the next set of classes to start up, I wanted to get some suggestions from you guys on what new, fun things I can (try to) teach Asher in the meantime (in addition to our reactivity regimen, which I’m working on, since we still need a new set of dog licenses at our new residence).

First of all: what agility kits would any of you recommend from, say, Amazon? I have a pretty good deal of room in our yard and plenty of room in our carport for storage, as well as a basement. I’m avoiding chutes and.. I’m assuming jumps are usually adjustable? Since he still a babber, I’m keeping his practice with the hula hoop pretty low (even though he does better when he’s asked to jump higher).

Any other neat stuff from Amazon for training exercises are cool, too. I think I’m going to buy him a puzzle like this. He used a similar one (probably a lower complexity level) that our friends have and figured it out super quick.

Second: kikopup videos! Under the cut, I’m going to do a comprehensive list of what Asher knows so far. What kikopup video do you guys think I should try next? My ultimate dream with Asher is to do rebounds and jumps off my back, but he’s still too young for that. I know @quichehound has suggested sit pretty, so that’s one thing I should get to work on already!

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J’ai mille et une choses encore à te demander, mille et une choses à savoir: soif de Toi… Je suis toute altérée de Toi.  Grande soif , désir de susciter le jaillissement des sources, et de capter l’eau fraîche, l’eau vive…  Ma belle eau calme et profonde, et comme un “clair tombeau” qui s’ouvre, où me perdre… Me perdre en Toi… Aimer un homme, c’est peut-être oui, vouloir entre ses mains retenir une source agile et débordante, et fuyante de toutes parts; mais si mes mains ne suffisent, pour te posséder, j’ai d’autres ressources, ma bouche et mon corps où tu coules, et mon amour qui te contient - sans fêlure, tel un cristal, et si vaste sois-tu…
L’étrange est que cette … main-mise ouvre la liberté, tout grand, l’Éternité loisible….
L’étrange est que la source bue ne se tarisse pas.  Tu es inépuisable, et je t’aime démesurément, à hauteur d’étoile.

Mireille Sorgue


After much pulling of the oars, Erin and Lace arrived at the bay being used at the finish point. 

“We won! We won!” Erin shouted. Enthusiastically, she leapt from her boat, and into the water. Lace leapt in after her, and they played while Tamsin and Ivory’s boat caught up. 

“Race you!” said Erin, agilely swimming toward the second boat. She rocked it heavily as she climbed up. Tamsin held on for dear life and Ivory eyed her suspiciously. 

“Hey guys, hows it going?” Erin said, shaking the water from her head. 

“Fine. Kinda disappointed we lost.” Tamsin said. Lace had finally reached the boat, and clambered on, although a little more gracefully than Erin. 

“What now, Lace?” Erin asked. 

“Now, we row back to shore. Come with me, Tamsin, we’ll leave these two to get to know each other.” Tamsin and Lace jumped ship. Erin looked nervously over at Ivory, who was looking back with an inquisitive smirk.


#i’m still mad u could have met iorveth here playing his goddamn flute again….#why u do this devs

Just picture it, though. You’ve got Geralt walking through the streets of Novigrad, maybe during the series of missions where it becomes apparent that Radovid needs to die, but maybe you didn’t want to side with Roche, maybe you don’t trust Djikstra, and you’re conflicted. And that’s when you hear it. A familiar tune being played over some imposingly high garden wall. Geralt remarks that he remembers that song. You get a Witcher Senses option to follow the sound and investigate, and off you go, scaling rooftops and hopping walls until you reach your destination. He continues to play for a moment, and then;

“I certainly hope your blade hasn’t grown as ill-used as your legs, my friend. Your agility leaves something to be desired.”

Iorveth is there. And he is not happy that nonhumans are being burned at the stake. And he plans to do something about it. 

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (Acoustic)
  • Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (Acoustic)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Live at Avatar Studios 22/10/2013

“One, two, three, it’s just me *laughs* it’s just me on my own…”

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Avatar Studio’s Acoustic Session aka the best acoustic version of this out there

Sword Art Online II Countdown Giveaway!

Hello everyone! As I’ve said, I will start a giveaway on this blog. I wanted to find something that people would be interested in for the giveaway, but limiting my budget at least a little, I’ve though of some prizes that would be interesting for everyone(I hope at least). And I’m even pitching out more since the blog as reached 275+ followers! The giveaway will start now, from June 19th, 2014, and will end on August 19th, 2014, so in two month exactly.


  • 3 Bundles of the Light Novel books of Sword Art Online, Volume 1 and 2.

Yeah that’s all… I wanted to do more, like having multiples prizes of the same values, first winner take first pick, but that would mean that the other 2 winners would maybe not get what they wanted in the prizes, so I’d rather have 3 time the same prize. And now for the


  1. You don’t have to be following this blog to be entering the giveaway, as it is open to the entire fandom. If you want to follow this blog, then feel free to do so(and thanks in advance!).
  2. Likes and Reblogs count, but please try to refrain from spamblogging your follower’s dashes with a twenty post reblog. I will only count that for one entry anyway.
  3. The Likes and Reblogs are your entree to this giveaway. You can Reblog one time each day.
  4. NO giveaway blog, I will be checking for those.
  5. You MUST be comfortable with giving me your address. Otherwise, well I’ll have to go and pick another winner.
  6. I will ship anywhere in the world, so everyone can participate in the giveaway!
  7. With the fact than the Second Light Novel doesn’t come out before August 26th, 2014, I don’t plan to be able to ship the prizes before September, but I will be sure to send them ASAP. This delay will allow the winners to send me their information so that the shipping won’t have a delay.
  8. Giveaway ends on August 19th, 2014. I will take the number of notes this receives and put it into a random number generator to pick the winner. Winner will be contacted via ask, so please have your ask box open. If your ask box is closed, or you don’t answer within 48 hours, I’ll pick another winner. This is a side blog, so I’ll contact you from my main blog when you will have been selected.

Finally, I wish good luck to everyone who will participate! I you have any question, feel free to send me an ask! Happy season 2 to all of you and: