A Gift for You || Hybridreaper

Grimmjow pushed his hands into his pockets as he looked at his little sister. She seemed overly happy for some odd reason. Last he checked it was his birthday and not hers. But he had to walk her home from school before he could go out and have fun with his friends; they were going to play a few drinking games at his friends house. “And what are ya grinnin’ ‘bout?” He picked the sea-foam haired girl up, putting her on his hip as he leaned in and kissed her cheek, blowing a raspberry. “You know, I don’t think you said 'Happy birthday’ to yer big brother yet.” He said, tickling her side.

“Grimmy! I gots yer pwessent at home!” she said with a giggle, holding her close as she wrapped around him. “I wanna eat all of Gwimmies birthday cake!” she chirped, holding Grimmjow tightly.

“Hey, I get ta eat most of it.” He growled playfully, opening the large rough iron gate and setting his sister down. She ran up to the front porch and turned around just as he tossed his bag through the open door, getting his uniform off already. “I’ll be back tomorrow, alright?”

“But… what about yer pwessent?” Looking down at his watch, Grimmjow ruffled her hair. “Alright, Let me go get changed and ya can’ show me b'fore I leave, alright?”


He hadn’t been expecting the gift he’d gotten, sitting in the living room with his parents and his beaming sister. 'It’s decorative Grimm, no need to get so irritated.’ His mother chided, how was he not supposed to be irritated. it was his eighteenth birthday and he was given a doll, a male doll with short orange spikey hair that looked like he was pulled out of some twelths century painting. 

“Uh, thanks.” Grimmjow said with a smile, holding the keys to his new car from his dad in one hand and the doll in the other, along with the rolex from his mom; 'it’ll help you be more on time from now on’ She teased. “I’m gonna go put these in my room before I head out.”

Once in his room he took a moment to actually look at the doll, he would admit that it looked decorative, and beautifl. but what was he to do with a doll? If any of his friends knew, he would be ridiculed. he was known as ruthless for a reason.


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