Tag Game

i got tagged by stage4fears so thanks girly!

#1 Write your name in song titles: Magic- One Direction, I wont mind - Zayn Malik, Run- AWOLNATION, All i ever need- Austin Mahone, Young- Hollywood undead, Amnesia-5sos.

#2 How did you choose your url? i choose mine, gateway-paradise, just because those are two of my favorite meanings and put you put them together and boom you have my url. 

#3 What’s your middle name: Nicole :) xx

#4 If you could be any fictional being who would you be? Definitely Octavia from The 100 because she’s such a bad ass,she has a romantic relationship with Lincoln, and i adore her relationship with her brother.

#5 Favorite color? maroon, black, and white.

#6 Favorite song? how is this question even possible to answer? lol

#7 Top 3 fandoms? ZQUAD and One Direction. Cant name a third aha.

#8 Why do you like tumblr? Gosh for so many reasons, i am now woke and continue to be, there’s so much black positivity and love, i am constantly learning things and staying updated about the world around me.

#9 Tag 9 people Do i even know 9 people on here lol?

hurricanebby  violetsmilestoomuch perksofbeingreallylame hailingmalik locomarcopolo himynameisfelz youropinion-notimportant imbrie mysocialsercurityis

I was tagged by backtoblack17 thank you 

1) Write your name in song titles:

Magic - one direction

Out of the woods - taylor swift

Night like this - hilary duff

I won’t mind - zayn malik

Colors - halsey

Anaconda - nicki minaj

2) Why did you choose your URL?

I love liam and I’m part of the zquad.

3) What’s your middle name?


4) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being what would you be?

an angel

5) Favorite colors?

pink white lilac black

6) Favorite song at the moment?

Colors by Halsey

7) Top 4 fandoms?

1D, Little Mix and Taylor

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

is fun and I love the pain

9) Tag 9 of your fam:

swiftandsupernatural swizzlesmilarkey ziamsshipofdreams ziam-is-my-kryptonite ziamslatinxho