o poder de fazer

Pensei durante o dia todo em como resumiria esta temporada em Berlim e acho uma exposição que vi esta semana foi crucial para a conclusão que cheguei. Foi em Barcelona, quando resolvi pular a palestra do Sagmeister (não aguento mais ouvir sobre o Happy Film!) e fui no Disseny Hub Barcelona ver uma exposição sobre a Escola de Ulm.

A minha maior expectativa era ver alguma coisa nova sobre o Otl Aicher [que sempre admirei mais pelo que escrevia do que pelos pictogramas]. E lá estava o extenso material corporativo da Lufthansa, dos Jogos Olímpicos de 72… e um vídeo incrível de 6 minutos que fazem qualquer um sentir uma gratidão infinita por ter existido.

disseny de sistemes. escola d'ulm: otl aicher from DHUB on Vimeo.


Google AGI Open poster designed by The Rivalry

“AGI Open is a leading international design conference for students and professionals. As a sponsor of the 2015 event in Switzerland, Google was invited to include a branded piece for event attendee bags. […] Deconstructing the logo underlined it’s form and geometry while showcasing the iconic colored dots.”

I met some interesting people last Thursday.

AGI Open: a design conference worth watching.
I entered having read I’d meet and listen to the world most foremost designers.
Pity I didn’t know about them.
I barely knew about Sagmiester. (later renamed ‘Saggy’ - and returned to Sagmiester after his Friday epic on happiness).
However, this wasn’t just a chance to see great work and hear the stories behind them.
AGI Open gave a chance to understand the people behind the grids, type and flashy socks. (Shouts out to Chip Kidd
I left learning a little more about design,
But more importantly,
I left knowing the personalities and desires of an amazing group of people.
Each slide shown on the screens above had an image that was reflection of the designers themselves.
It was Pierre Bernard who said 'You put yourself in your design’.
Since your the person the image is channeled from, the self must come into play,
Not for the sake of vanity,
But for the sake of function.
It’s the exchange; human communicating to human,
Conveying the understanding/perception of your present world.

Look, long story short… Shit was dope.
I hope my tracks earn me a seat at their AGI table. I plan to be able to speak to these people, as their equal.