kittenclayton  asked:

Man, I don't know how it's even possible that I've missed you until now - yay for smutty bear blogs that lead you into better, brighter shores! I love your beats, I love your flow. Whether or not it's something you'd appreciate, I find you to be an insanely handsome fellow... As such I felt it necessary to hit you up in person and divulge my platitudes.

Um you better believe I appreciate it, my rawking ghost friend.  Maybe it is shallow of me to appreciate compliments to my appearance as much as, or even slightly more than, to my art… but like, I’m pretty cocky about being good at rap (you have to be, or they won’t let you make it).  I’m relatively new to this kind of praise.

So like, thanks a billi, homie.  For real.


2-something in the morning vlog (by downbeatbear)

to answer your question, aghostwhorawks.