banner art by drawntonightmares and theshadowsreturn

As stated in this post, LordDevourer-mun is on the verge of losing their home.  We need to raise 550 dollars American [ 400€ ] by the end of the month to help save their home.

We as a fandom are like a big family.  Sure, some siblings might not get along with each other, and we don’t all agree on some things but there is one thing we can agree on; the importance of believing in someone.  

Donations of any amount can be made to 

What do you get for donating you ask?

HOW ABOUT FREE ART?  Drabbles?  Handmade textiles?

These fabulous artists and persons have offered their skills as reward tiers for various amounts of money.

askthespectralboy and omnipotentmoon - Drabbles for all donators not wishing to receive art, or for anyone donating more than 25 dollars [you’d get art from the artist of your choice AND a drabble].  All pairings welcome.

aghostnotaguardian - Wonderful digital art and icons for donators!

drawntonightmares - Amazing art and digital paintings for donations!


theshadowsreturn - AJ’S FANTASTIC IMAGES

toothiannaandbabytooth - PRETTY PICTURES!

If you are interested in contributing art to this cause, please contact omnipotentmoon via ask.


  1. Go to your paypal, 
  2. Send money as a gift that way you don’t have to pay as much to do so.  The money goes to
  3. In the message, include your tumblr username and who you’d like art/drabbles/crafts from.  The artist will be informed of your donation and come to your ask box, asking what you would like.  please have your asks open
  4. You get your awesome art/drabble/craft/what have you and feel a wonderful sense of joy at helping someone in need.  Remember, pay it forward!

We ask that anyone who sees this post reblog so that everyone else has a chance to see and participate!  SOMEONE’S HOME IS IN THE BALANCE HERE, GUYS.

We’re using the tag helpnero here on Tumblr.  If you want to get our attention, make a post using that tag.  If you have any questions, contact omnipotentmoon.


Hunchback of Notre Dame 

{He has to be something that people would shrink back from and honestly i didn’t wanna go hunchback. But i guess i kind of did XD Giant ice spikes sprout out of poor Jack from his back and forearms, his knees are hardened as if ice and small portions of his body such as his toes and fingers are as clear and cold as ice. His eyes are a mystery that his patron has never bothered to talk about but they only serve to make him feel even more like a monster. When losing control of emotions frost spreads around him, though at first scared of this part of himself he embraced it enough to occasionally make small ice sculptures.

Much, much more shall be drawn and written XD for now i wanted to do a quickee concept of what Jack would look like in this AU.

ugh if someone does not write a fic of this i might.}

inspired by this post X

res X

The City is Alive
  • Burgess as a sentient town
  • Burgess thanking the Believers for helping protecting it from The Nightmare King
  • Secretly making sure the kids can go to school safely
  • Giving out free food to anyone who needs it by growing apple trees nearly everywhere even though people was sure it wasn’t there before
  • Burgess brimming with magic as belief grows
  • Burgess finally taking a human form to talk to people
  • Burgess’ human form looks just like Jack’s little sister
  • Burgess, a city alive with magic

Toothiana and her trusty exotic bird lovingly named Baby.

For the Hunchback AU ~

Toothiana saved the beautiful bird from a rather rude and bully like vendor that kept small exotic animals in cramped cages before he sold them to those who would pay. Toothiana wasn’t able to save them all but she managed a few before fleeing with an odd colored bird. They became quite attached to each other and Tooth named her Baby. Her baby beauty bird. Pfffff. 

//I am sorry to hear you’re unwell, friend. Here are red pandas for you to squee at. 

((Thanks for the cuties.

I’m feeling a lot better, and I should be around tomorrow again.

It’s weird having a day away from the blog; I’m so used to having it as a constant in my life that I feel a bit like I’m forgetting something.

I love you and I love all you guys. Thanks for being here and thanks for supporting me.))

Up for Adoption ll Open RP {limit x4}

The door rings loud and brightly, and the woman behind the greeting desk smiled. “Hello and welcome! Did you come here to adopt a new pet? We have quite a few wonderful dogs here in the back.”

A quick trip to the famous back room reveals a row of small inclosures filled with all sort of dogs. Large breeds, small breeds, in one there even lived a large litter of puppies. Husky pups by the looks of them. They were adorable and cute and one was rolling around on the ground with a large toy in his mouth like a total dope.