There is an apple browning in my hand,
green-strewn and wet and leaning to one side;
           ugly, like the scarlet blotch of my lip
           against the bloodlessness of nature.
There is a name turned black between my teeth,
turned slick and bitter, cherry-fallen,
mixed with rain;
                                               Rot for rot.
There is a girl whose death
                       I am avenging on myself— 

I burn my name         to ash between my teeth,
to ash-black and saliva,                   gesso; ink-
black and raking across my palate;            ink-
thick against my striated,            hollow cheek:
stucco;             I can neither swallow nor spit / 

                       this becomes my mouth,    and
this becomes the
           outline of my body
                                                  against time; a
ghost of ink and gesso         against the teeth /
this becomes, underneath the tongue, the last-
gasping for air,         for name against the tide;
an ocean weighing vacant overhead. 

                       —I cough the water from my lungs;
                      I retch. I consume myself
                      like a fruit.

a. leylâ

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