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He's Back: Part one

Theo Reaken
Word count- 1100
There will be smut later on. SPOILERS. Hope you guys enjoy. Send me feed back. I do not own any of the cast of Teen wolf. The first two parts. I give the story line of the first two parts to Jeff Davis and the writers of Teen Wolf. After the first two chapters the story line will be mine. Please do not steal my story.

Theo Reaken. The boy I love is back from Hell and in a jail cells. Liam is currently talking to him, trying to get information out of him on how to get Stiles back and stop the Wild Hunt. After another minute or so I hear Liam groan and walk out of were Theo is.
“He won’t tell me anything until he talks to you first.” Slightly nervous I stand up and walk to the cell Theo is in. His heartbeat quickens as her sees me.
“Babygirl I missed you so much. Or did you just use me to get to the pack?” I ask trying to show no emotion.
“I love you. I truly do. Listen to my heartbeat. It stays the same.” He almost whispers.
“You and I both know that you have mastered keeping your heartbeat steady. But I know you’re telling me the truth, you slightly raise you left eyebrow. But you lied during our relationships, so why should I trust you now?”
“I never lied about loving you. You are the only person I’ve ever cared for, the only person I’ve ever loved and by the sound of your heartbeat you still love me. Babygirl please believe me. My plan never involved hurting you or the rest of the pack. I was going to tell you everything and tell The Dread Doctors to eat one, but they threatened you and said that if I told you or left they would kill you.” He finished with a tear sliding down his cheek. I took a step closer to him and gently put my hand on his face wiping the tear away.
“Theo look at me. I love you and I don’t know what happened to you in hell but the old Theo would never cry.” Theo sniffled and leant into my hand. “I trust you but getting dad and Liam too is another story.” A few moments after Theo’s tears cleared up, Liam and my dad walk in.
“Tell me one thing.” Dad spoke harshly?
“About what?” Theo has a confused look on his face.
“My son, tell me one thing about my son.” Dad almost yelled. Theo looked at me for a moment before he spoke.
“You open the door and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.” I look at Theo with pleading eyes. Dad only crosses his arms and turns to leave. Theo looks at me then opens his mouth. “He was smart, he was smart enough not to trust me.” A load echoed through the station. Dad quickly opens the cell door. Theo ran to me and gave me a huge hug. After returning the hug he let go and we follow the Sheriff to the main lobby where the sound of spears got louder.
“How many?” Dad asked.
“Five maybe more.” Liam responded as dad grabbed his gun and took the safety off then cocked it.
“Five against four.” Dad walked to the door to open it. Before he got there Theo grabbed his shoulder.
“You’re just going to try and fight them?” Dad nods and opens the door to be faced with at least ten Ghost Hunter. The Ghost Riders wasted no time and shot my dad. He disappeared in a could of green smoke. Theo pulls me along with Liam. We run to the police car parked outback. Theo pushes me into the car and climbs into the front seat. Liam starts frantically handing Theo keys. “This isn’t even a car key.” Theo almost yell frustrated. Finally that car is started. Theo slams the car in reverse and hit a Ghost Rider. He then puts the car in drive and tears out of the parking lot. “Babygirl, Hey Babygirl listen to me we’ll get them back. I promise.” I snap out of my trance like stat was Theo talks to me.
“Go to the hospital we can hide there.” Theo gets to the hospital quickly. We get out and Liam turns on an ambulance sirens.
“Are you trying to lead them here?” Theo tries to turn the sirens off. Liam pushes him back towards the door.
“Yes, because if they’re here that aren’t trying to get to Scott.” Liam gets angrier with each word.
“Guys we don’t have time for this. We have to get to the morgue.” I yell at the two.
“Why the morgue?” They both ask.
“The Ghost Riders Hunt the living, so we hide with the dead.” I pull Theo and Liam into the hospital. Theo stops when we get to the hallway to the morgue. He has a scared look on his face. “Theo? We have to move.” I say softly.
“I’m fine let’s go.” He starts to walk again. Once we make it to the morgue we barricade the doors. “Do you hear that?” Theo looks at Liam and I. “Do you still hear the sirens?” We both shook our heads. The Ghost Riders are getting closer.
“We’re going to fight. Find a weakness. Use it. Try not to get shot. I grab Theo’s hand. When we heard aGhost Rider outside the door we push the autopsy table into him. We look down the hall and six Ghost Riders appear. We looks at one another a change. Liam is the first to rush toward them. Theo stands in front of me then follows Liam. I look at the ground and find a bone saw. I quickly grab it and run to one of the Ghost Riders. As I reach him I use the blade to but his throat. Black sludge comes out as he falls to the ground. I grab his gun and shot the others. Theo and Liam look at me with disbelief written upon their faces. “Don’t stand there grab a gun and let’s go. Before I could finish my sentence more Ghost Riders showed up. Theo, Liam,and I run to the elevator and open fire. The guns run out of ammo. Theo runs to the elevator and presses the button to call the elevator. When it opens Theo drags Liam and I to the shaft. He jumps out before the doors close. "Theo what are you doing?” I yell. Theo turns around with a smirk but a sad look in his eyes.
“Being the bait.” The doors shut and we began to move. I stand and put my ear against the door to hear what is happening. Theo growled and several gun shots sounded. Liam is beside me with a look of shock. He grabs me and holds me tightly.
“we have to get the back.” I whimpered.