I drew another Starfire redesign based on an older design I did and I’m weirdly proud of it despite it being a sketch so up it goes here!

Starfire is one of my favourite DC characters ever so I can only hope they do something interesting with her nowadays - besides Teen Titans: Earth One, which is already interesting enough imo, but I want more. Maybe something animated even.

Hope you all have a great summer!


Been so excited for the release of Fusion Fall Retro that I doodled my 5th character I’ve made in the early release tutorial so far: Meet Arcon ZortZeta, because i had no idea what to name the character anymore so I just left the names as is.and added one at the front. I really wanna draw them again when i have time cuz the design seems fun to me. 

Hope everyone else has as much fun testing the early release before the actual release as me!

Forgotten Falls statue - final - Continuation

posting here actually helps me weed out smaller mistakes so i’m posting it despite the mistakes…. so im leavin this here
maybe i’ll leave it like this tho bc it actually helps readability for me when stuff isn’t as hyper-realistic as sometimes re-designs or video-game concept art can be… which i like seeing sometimes too but not in my own art.
Fusion Fall’s Forgotten Falls - June statue… I’ve had a theory about how the symbol/logo on the statue’s torso is like a gateway or portal? and I’ve seen 0 theories on what the statue was actually for but I like to think that bc there was no infected zones in the map, the statue might have acted as a “safe spot“ later in the game and if the place ever got over-powered with fusion-matter, the statue and locale would just repel it off, maybe even with some big magic glowing.