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Why are you a history major? Seems kind of useless nowadays. Cool, but useless.

You sir, or madam, have horrified me.

I am a History major because, in layman’s terms, history is SEXY. I’m talking Johnny Depp-Michael Fassbender-Tom Hiddleston-Jamie Bell-Alexander Skarsgard SEXY. It’s full of creatures of such great merit, that they are undeniably attractive – Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Catherine deMedici, William of Normandy, Marie de France, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Pope, Elizabeth I, Isabel of Castille, Rosa Parks, Alexander Hamilton – just to name a few. You look at the complexity of these past people, their actions, their thoughts, the way they handled things, and you can’t help but be fascinated.

In slightly more serious terms, History touches every other subject in the academic arena. Economists only focus on economy. Mathematicians only focus on mathematics. Biologists only focus on biology. Historians can not only tell you about wars, military strategy, literature, and thematic social changes in history, they can also tell you about important economic events and theory, mathematical discoveries, and biology greats. When you do a brainstorm for a topic, there’s always a central bubble that touches everything else, and today my friends, that bubble is HISTORY.

On a more personal level, I am a storyteller. Everyone who knows me, knows that. Historians, at their most basic level, are storytellers. We follow the threads of individuals through time and space, and attempt to show the generally uninterested population just why these people were interesting and important. We look at black and white snapshots from World War I and bits of broken pottery from Carthage, and we attempt to discover the people they belonged to. From the kings and queens of Medieval Europe, to the peasants of Manchu China, they all play a part in that grand tapestry that is history.

On an even deeper personal level, I don’t know why I’m a history major. I have an innate need to discover as much as I can about the world that once was, and the people that made it. I’ve always been that way – my father had a bit of that storyteller quality within him, and when I was three, I wanted to be a Paleontologist, while other kids wanted to be basketball stars. I collect old snapshots because the people within them speak to me, and I mostly identify with historical figures, not pop cultures icons. You have to be a special type of person to be a Historian, and I’m honored to be apart of that old, venerable group. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Norse mythology in a nutshell
  • Loki:Wow, it sure would suck if someone decided to do the thing, huh?
  • Everyone else:Pretty much.
  • Loki:I mean, it would really fuck shit up.
  • Everyone else:Basically.
  • Loki:Can you even imagine what would happen if someone actually did the thing? Like, wow. Everything on fire. People screaming and shit. Absolute carnage. Thor in tears. Freyja on a rampage. Odin crying into his eye patch. Just imagine.
  • Everyone else:That's essentially the situation.
  • Loki:Thank Asgard that no-one has taken it upon themselves to do the thing. I, for one, am gracious that the thing has not been undertaken yet. May it remain this way for literally hours to come.
  • Everyone else:You've done the thing, haven't you?
  • Loki:I am agog. I am aghast. How could you insinuate that I, Loki, the Trickster god, would have done the thing? This is an outrage. I won't stand for it. I demand a lawyer and also a horse.
  • Everyone else:There's a note here that says 'I totally did the thing, you bunch of jerkwads, ha-ha-ha I tricked you so good, signed Loki xxx'
  • Loki:... in hindsight, I may, in fact, have done the thing. But it was just a little joke. A little chuckle amongst friends. Tomfoolery. Japes. A tiny trick.
  • Everyone else:The world is literally ending because you did the thing.
  • Loki:Oh my Æsir, fine, I'll fix it. Fuck, why do I have to fix everything around here? Trickster god? Might as well call myself the Fixter god. Also my son is a wolf.

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Did harry spent his time in Brazil drunk? Tell me more please :D

i wouldn’t say drunk but he was definitely tipsy :p 

(the read more feature is not working :/ sorry guys but this will be long)

the first day here he was seen by the pool drinking caipirinha which is a pretty strong drink (x)

after some drinks he decided to tell ben some secrets… (x)

then he jumped in the pool with julian and looked rather impressed by his hat floating in the water (x)

i don’t think i need to explain this one do i? you all listened to his speech inside the bread van (x)

he partied that same night and looked pretty friendly as always 

OK! this moment, the moment that changed my life forever. parents were aghast, i heard moms saying “is he drunk? is he drugged?” and like, we all know harry is /wild/ on stage but i don’t think he’d have shown that tattoo if he was fine - he was probably still recovering from the previous night -  (or maybe he would, you never know) 

he partied after the show till the next morning!

as you can see he had a really good time :)