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otterandterrier: “There you go!! Sorry for the delay, I was away for the day. Your art is gorgeous! ♥”

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously I am so happy, you’re completely amazing, I’m beaming. Agh wow. Thank you. I can’t gush enough I’m just so excited that you made it magical, @otterandterrier you rock my socks off. (If anyone is new here, this rad person made my drawing MAGICALLY MOVE. I LOVE THE INTERNET). 

pls watch this video of male melodies fanboying over btob and btob’s cute reactions in return. thx. (ಥ益ಥ)♡ / © hugmejoo

(trans of beginning of the video)
MINHYUK: you too!!!!!

Guys I went to the Not Today Satan tour last night in London. In the Q&A someone asked Bianca “what is your favourite Snatch Game performance of all time”? And she replied: “Across all seasons? I may be a little biased, but it would have to be my favourite person, Adore Delano. She said she was gonna do Anna Nicole and I was like “ok, bitch” not knowing how that was gonna work. We spent the whole day cackling. DeLa’s was great but Adore was fucking genius. I got to sit next to her and we just had the most fun day up in our little corner. She’s amazing.” AGH


Camp Camp could NOT get any better!

I always knew they focused on previous episodes and always remembered and added what characters learnt up as they went but this??? 

He not only has the words from episode 2, but also the stick from the previous episode!

Agh, yes!! Bless you Rooster Teeth so much oh my gosh! <3 


Hello there! I have never read enough fics on one ship to actually write a rec list, BUT TODAY I CHANGE THAT! After reading 100s (and i really mean 100s) of klance fics, I have found my 5 favorites. I put them in order of the ratings I gave them. I don’t really think any of them have graphic smut either. i hope you enjoy them too! 

-You Don’t Own Me by TheUltimateMaddie

kind of fic: short story/multi chapter 

word count: 16,194

SUMMARY (given by the author): Keith is a top member of the most powerful gang in New York City. Lance is the beautiful Cuban lounge singer who catches his eye. But both have secrets and pasts that are better left unsaid. Will the two be able to find love in the middle of the Prohibition?

my opinions: I’ve been looking for a 1920’s au and this one didn’t disappoint. there aren’t many out there, and I liked that this was pre-written (bc its fucking awful when a fic drops off and iSN’T FINISHED). I just loved how the story makes you so attached to the love they have together? AGH! so amazing. The one thing I would critique is the inaccuracy of lgbtq rights in the 20’s. I highly doubt there were as much as there were in this fic (there was a complete non-chalant tone about it throughout the fic) but once again, it was written in a week. Another great thing about it was the fact and the fact that it was written in a week astounds me and I overall really enjoyed it!

best line: “And for a moment, Keith believed him. ”


overall rating: 8/10

-Your Love Has Shown Me Proof by freshia

kind of fic: it’s two chapters and idk what you call that so

word count: 22,483

SUMMARY (given by the author): ““This situation is a bit more complicated than we initially realized.”Lance raises an eyebrow, but Pidge is the one to question that. “Define complicated.”Allura takes no more time beating around the bush, “Well, I received a transmission. Keith and Lance–from the future, that is–would like to have their daughter back.”

or: Lance and Keith deal with a walking spoiler, in the form of a little girl who just wants to get back to her own home.“

my opinions: HOLY FUCK OKAY I’M SORRY IF YOU’RE GETTING BORED OF ME RAVING ABOUT THESE FANFICTIONS BUT ITS CALLED A REC LIST FOR A R E A S O N. lmao anyways, I saw the summary for this one and i knew it would be amazing. I loved how there wasn’t even a lot of klance in it, but that it was about their kid. The only problem I had with it was that I got confused halfway thinking it was an mpreg fic?? i am not about that life lmao. but in the end it was that they adopted them (i think…) tbh it was so wholesome and beautiful and vnjrfegjsivfhjsijghueuri.

overall rating: 9/10

-Reset on the River by jeweniper

kind of fic: one shot

word count: 6,100

SUMMARY (given by the author): Lance has lived his whole life in this town, and accepts some circumstances as fact: History is told by word of mouth. He will never quite feel like he belongs. Their crops are dying, and no one can figure out why. Or maybe he can, assuming he convinces this ferryman to take him to the Land of the Dead.

my opinions: HOLY SHIT??? IT WAS??? AMAZING??? Okay, here’s the thing. I’m not the biggest fan of oneshots myself, because I can never feel how realistic it could be. Like you can’t fall in love so quickly, but maybe you can. idk it doesn’t seem realistic to me. HOWEVER, this fic was able to make a beautful story and setting in just over 6000 words. The only critique i have on it was the ending; it was a bit fast and a bit confusing. OTHER THAN THAT HOLY C R A P

best line: “'My sweet cherry, have the faith in you that I do. I mean, you even found your other stem.‘”

overall rating: 9.8/10

-nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts

kind of fic: It’s all in one chapter but its hella long and reads like a chapter fic?? so?? make what you want of that.

word count: 50,370

SUMMARY (given by the author): Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

my opinions: oh. my. god. words cannot describe how much I loved this fic. The idea of it was just so simple??? i personally don’t want to tell you about what I thought about it bc I would want you, the person reading this, to have their own experience. There was a whole lot of slowburn in it and it was just genius work.

best line: "It would be great to sink his teeth into an entire fucking pizza at this point, but all he has are the singular can of horseradish and singular can of black olives that sit in the otherwise empty fridge. He doesn’t even like olives, what the fuck.”

overall rating: 10/10

-Of Florists and Tennis Shoes by venpast


word count: 63,775

SUMMARY (given by the author): Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)

my opinions: This might have been one of the greatest fanfictions I have ever read. Just the way the author is able to pull out all of the powers of descriptoon. God, the way they describe some things in the fic are just so beautiful. The angst??? Oh my god??? You could literally ask any of my friends “what’s up with your friend and 'of florists and tennis shoes’?” and they will only say how much I screamed about it during lunch period and how it was the only thing I talked about for a week straight. Some of the themes in the story just really stuck to me? Wowow it was just so good.

best line: “But Lance was laughing, head tilted back against the bottom of the counter, with his shoulders rolling and his eyes shut, and his expressive eyebrows drawn in—looking at it, Keith just couldn’t find it in him to regret his decision. Lance, in the dim light of that single hung light bulb, looked happy…”

overall rating: 10/10

Skin Deep (Part 2) feat. Johnny Doyoung, Taeil, Taeyong

“I really hope you don’t think the fun is over Y/N, because we’ve been watching and waiting patiently.” A reved up Taeil began. “And from what we learned…. you’re pretty easy to please gorgeous” an equally aroused Taeyong ended. “I know you still want me to stick around, after how good I made you feel” The low rumbling voice of Johnny who you quickly forgot while you were getting the brakes fucked off of you by Doyoung. “You looked so good getting fucked by him baby girl” Johnny said his voice resting deeply in the bottom of your stomach. “Those powder pink fishnet thigh highs flailing in the air. Your small perfect little feet resting on his shoulders.” Johnny said He came behind you swooping your body in his huge arms in one fluid motion. “Wanna rest them on mine?” Johnny’s provocative question hung in the air until he demonstrated to you that you clearly had no choice but to. He carried you to your couch and gently laid you on it. He bent your legs back as far as flexibility allowed. His eyes a curious child laughing, frolicking, exploring the beautiful vast land that is your impeccable frame. Your pleading eyes looking up at this tall man looking over you caringly. An unintentional “oppa” slipped out earning a deep groan from the tall gentleman.” I’m gonna make you regret saying that.” Speaking through his clenched teeth as if his dirty rough desires would just spill out of his mouth if he loosened his jaws. “Don’t break her Johnny we still wanna play with her.” Taeyong calls out to Johnny from across the room. Releasing your legs and taking off his shirt in a swift motion. You just watched him, you were caught off guard by him gripping your face tightly between his thumb and four fingers. “You naughty little girl, you wanna please your oppa don’t you?” “You wanna make him cum using your pink little sugar cookie huh?” “Yes” you answer weakly. “Yes what?” He chucks your word back at you. “Yes Oppa” oblidging the man. Undoing the belt of his jeans, harshly yanking both his boxers and jeans down. His rock-solid member long and veiny sprung free from its cage. Almost hitting you in the face. Leaning down he effortlessly removes the black belt from the loops of his jeans. “So you can’t run from me kitten.” Johnny explains before anything can be asked.  He proceeds to wrap the leather belt around both your wrists stoping midway eyeing your neck. “I think I found a better place to put it.” From your wrists to your neck, inserting it into the loop and pulling secure and tight. The slight pressure made you gag a little, your throat getting used to this feeling. Pressing the head of his hard length against your lips giving you the sense of an eager child. “C’mon princess.” He encouraged. Opening your mouth receiving the entire length of his member. His tugging farther up on the belt made you go deeper and deeper on him. Feeling him hit the back of your throat. Looking up and seeing him throw his head back in pure bliss. Hearing and taking delight in his sweet groans. “Agh, hit my sweet spot baby girl” It felt amazing to the both of you. Feeling him in your mouth and him filling your mouth was an amazing combination. It was so wet and salivated, your tongue such a strange texture rubbing up against his protruding veins. Those same big pleading eyes looking up at him as you licked his tip as innocent looking as possible.
“The way you look at me drives me crazy princess, let’s see if you look the same way when I get deep inside you.” Stooping his tall frame so that your pelvis could meet his. He inserts his member into you. Innately your legs go up and your back arches. “Yeah, feel it baby.” Johnny breathes out stoking you slowly. Being a lot more merciful to your kitty cat than Doyoung was earlier. He bends your legs back to watch him go in and out of you. Only difference now is you’re creaming so much more than you did with Doyoung. Johnny was like a juicer and you were a fat, sweet, ripe orange with not enough juice to contain inside your natural skin. “You’re so wet for me Y/N, I love hearing me slosh around in all your juice. Gimme more baby.” Johnny says letting a moan slip out after his sultry words. Your moans were far beyond control at this point. All anyone can hear is you and the sound of skin slapping against each other echoing throughout the entire apartment. Getting bored quickly with missionary. Johnny flipped you over putting you on all fours and putting himself right back inside you. Going twice as hard as he did last time. The speed and precison hitting several spots at once seemingly. All Johnny was able to get out was ‘so good’. Johnny was so close to coming and you could tell by the way his breathing and his strokes changed. They both became choppier. Then just fast and hard, he fucked into you fast and hard from behind causing your walls to tighten around him. Bringing him closer to spilling inside you. One last stroke as you felt your walls retract and squeeze the hell out of him milking every last sweet droplet of his essence out of him. Shaking from the large load he just released. He moves carefully knowing how weak he now is. Holding on to your hips for support he pulls out and clumsily falls on top of you, His strappy sweaty torso smacking your back due to impact. Breathing heavily, he kisses you right in the middle of your spine
“God, you know how to drain a cock” Johnny breathes out
“Funny how this was our Idea but we still got no action what so ever.” A horny and fed up Taeyong began
“That’s okay, maybe she can take us both at the same time.” A horny Taeil spits out his lewd Ideals.
“Now THAT! Would be hot.” Says Taeyong

I’ll have part 3 momentarily and part 2 of whiplash coming soon




Agh, okay so…I know my art isn’t amazing but I’m doing anything at this point to raise money for an online training course and to help out my family. So if the donations thing doesn’t work out, then I’ll draw for you guys !!

Also sorry if my handwriting’s kind of shit.

Send me a DM if you’re interested!

You also get a free commission if you buy two of anything!


Your typical “look here’s my leggy!” post. :D


My first. Here it is.

Yesterday I finished spamming AC and painfully waited for the leather orders. Woke up today to my orders finally being complete, soooo it’s time to forge. \o/

There’s at least 7 people that I have to thank heartfully, it’s the feeling of being supported that makes your legendary journey so epic and special. I’ve been helped with INSANE amounts of raw gold, I’ve been helped at Not So Secret diving point, I’ve been helped with fractals and dungeons, I’ve been helped with materials. There was a lot of seemingly impossible stuff for me alone, that’s where the buddies kicked in and took my hand. <3 Agh I’m almost crying. x’D You guys are amazing. Thank you.

Now to the most unexpected part! I heard that making eternity, aka fusing sunrise + twilight will give you the previous skins, so I’ll give them to the ever-patient @flame-squad and she will make an eternity for me, thus receiving the two leggy and two pre skins for free. But wait I have to make a twilight first! :D SO YEAH IT’S OFFICIAL I’m going for the second legendary right away!! And since now I’m motivated and can’t wait to use a leggy already, I’ll try to be faster than with sunrise. MORE SUFFERING WOHOO! Sharing the skins with your dear ones is worth it. x’D


full disclosure, i actually never wear makeup because tbh i can never figure it out (even though i want to aGH at least my friends are AMAZING at it) but hey! makeup does make me more confident, but i also like not wearing it too! and even if you don’t/do wear makeup, what matters is what makes YOU confident! seeing all your beautiful faces today makes me heart squeal with joy. i also want to shoutout my best friend, @hufflepuffholland for always spreading so much positivity in the fandom and for letting me be a part of this movement! i love you all so much, and don’t forget how lovely you truly are❤️

clipping: Philadelphia 3/4

Here is my doofy write up of an amazing night.

  • We had to wait out side in freezing cold for 45 minutes for the doors to open, but it was worth it because my friend Dana and I were some of the first people in
  • While Dana wient to check our coats, I went and made friends with Josh, clipping’s merch table guy. He is an older, very kind very sweet gentleman. I explained that we were super interested in saying “hi” to the band and texted them for us, said they would meet us at the merch table after their set.
  • Bless my BFF Dana. Her tall all loud mouth Jersey girl self dragged me through the pit and we were right up front against the stage.
  • Ok so. Here’s the thing. FUCK PHILLY FUCK FLAMING LIPS CROWD FUCK EVERYONE. Jon came out first and I screamed “JON!” and people clapped (some dickhole behind me was like “is it one guys with a laptop”) then Bill came out and I yelled his name and tried to get people to clap then Daveed came out and I screamed his name and he WAVED RIGHT AT ME (I mean I was right there) and I was like “Surely out of these 3000 people some of you fuck sticks know who GODDAMN DAVEED DIGGS IS” and I guess he’s still not as famous as I think he is? Anyway. The crowd S U C K ED. Here’s why
    • They played their asses off. They played Inside Out, Body and Blood, Wriggle, Air Em Out, Work Work, The Breach, Baby Don’t Sleep, Story #? (can’t remember which one), Shooter… and Jon and Bill did a a few noise only pieces. EVEN WITH THEIR HEARTS OUT THERE THE CROWD WAS NOT HYPE.
    • Of course, I was screaming and jumping and singing along and dancing and trying to get people to cheer. There was me, Dana, a couple next to us and two hipster white dudes a few feet away from me that were clipping fans everyone else was just like dead quiet and confused, on their phones in shit. RIGHT ON THE FRONT ROW WHERE HE COULD SEE YOU. So rude. Ugh. 
    • This one jackass in a Clown Wig behind us yelled “BOO YOU SUCK” And Dana turned around and cursed him out. 
    • I yelled “WE LOVEYOU” And Daveed blew a kiss right down at me. 
    • I hate my city. Agh. 
  • So after their amazing set where they did not get the love they deserved, we went back to the merch table to good old Josh, bought t-shirts, and he told us to sit tight the band was on their way. There was a little bar area that was empty so we just sat there. 
  • Daveed came out and directly came over to me and Dana. He was so smiley and I immediately told him “I am so sorry my city did not give you the love your guys deserve” and we chatted and he REMEMBERED ME and was like “I wear your scarf a lot, I couldn’t bring it on tour because I don’t want anything to happen to it” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He told me he saw me getting hyped and thnked me. DUDE DO NOT THANK ME  DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
  • ok so for the next ½ hour, he hung out with us and talked one on one to me about stuff just chill af. We offered to buy him a drink (he had a mug of tea!!!!) but he was like “I am avoiding alcohol because of my vocal chords” so my friend Dana got him a bottle of water and he was so grateful. 
  • Maybe like 2 other people came up to take pics with him but he just stuck around and talked to us
  • I WAS SMOOTH AS FUCK. I was totally myself. I was so much more starstruck the last time I met him, and this time I got to be myself. Talking to him was wonderful. 
  • We talked about his music, his career, his time as a teacher. He asked me about the school I want to open one day, thanked me (!!!!) for teaching. 
  • Dana told him her 3 year old loved his Rubber Ducky take on Sesame Street. He said “That was one of the most fun things I ever got to do.”
  • After that 30 min or so he was like “I have to go finish helping the guys load up the van” which was fine because I was ready to leave and didn’t wan’t to over stay my welcome. I had already taken so much of his time. He gave us each the BEST HUG EVER (no he doesn’t smell LIKE ANYTHING but his sweater was really soft). And we wished him luck on his tour and he went back stage. 
  • Ok so when Daveed talks to you, he is just so present? Like he looks AT YOU at your FACE and listens and he’s EXPRESSIVE and he’s also super touchy? Like he touched my arm, my hand, my shoulder when talking to me. He’s so affectionate. I remembered this from last time (when he cuddled me unprompted) and I was still not ready for it. I don’t know how I was cooler and chiller this time but I was but still. That man putting his hands anywhere on my person is just like GAHHHHHHHH.
  • They put on a great show. I hope they continue to get exposure and make new fans. 
  • I think I looked pretty damn cute. My goal was to get Daveed to…ya know…check out the boobies, and I can say with confidence this goal was met. (But he wasn’t creepy about it.)
  • If you HAVE THE CHANCE go see clipping. GO. DO IT. They put on an amazing show (seeing Daveed rap in person is a religious experience) and you will still have so much fun even if you don’t get to meet him. But if you do, be kind and respectful. He is so sweet, he will make you feel so valued as a fan.

I love you guys. 

If Noah Shnapp doesn’t get awards for his performance in STS2, I will dropkick someone. I know I keep saying it, but I just can’t get over how unbelievably talented he is. I mean, that entire cast is full of so many naturally gifted individuals, but this was his time to shine and he absolutely nailed it. Agh, so amazing.

anonymous asked:

Tbh I really want Deku and Koichi to meet and become nerd buddies. Like, imagine how cute it would be to see them nerd out over all might stuff? And Deku would probs ask Koichi about his quirk and excitedly write about it in his hero journal and agh it's just so cute. Best boys must meet.

that would be AMAZING and i hope it happens someday!! also i’d like koichi to be admirative of midoriya for being a yuuei student, but also feel a bit protective and responsible towards him because he’s older… so there could be a scenario where they are both hanging out somewhere and there’s suddenly a villain attack, midoriya jumps into action to save people, and koichi excuses himself to secretly put on his hero costume, and they save the day together!!!!! and there’s a superman situation where midoriya is like “thank you for the help……..but who are you mysterious hero???” and ahhh.. 


Switcharound collab with Cat @catfeindraws !!! Cat did the lines for the mattsun which I coloured, and I did the lines for the makki which she coloured. 

Crossover for haikyuu!!/fullmetal alchemist!! (because we were freaking out about matsuhana wearing the state alchemist uniforms…). This was so so much fun!


And please listen to I Need Somebody by day6 it’s honestly so beautiful and the lyrics will break your heart but it’s worth it. This has to be my favorite song by them and that’s saying a lot since I love all their songs. The vocals are simply beautiful, and the guitar and the beat and agh THE EVERYTHING. Day6 never cease to amaze me with their talent and I fail to see how people are still sleeping on them.