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what are your favorite gaymila/5h gay moments ?

Agh there are so many…but here are a few!😉

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  • Canada: Okay, but I'm scared of Russia...
  • Ukraine: *laughs, then has a straight face* It isn't Russia who you should be scared of...
  • Canada: *confuzzled*
  • Ukraine: ...You'll see.
  • Russia: Oh, who is this? Your boyfriend? *dark aura*
  • Canada: Eh he he he he... please don't kill me-
  • Ukraine: Yeah, and he's really-
  • Belarus: Hello Ukrai- ...Who the hell is that?
  • Ukraine & Russia: Shit. Run, now.
  • Canada: *backs away*
  • Belarus: I-is this your boyfriend?
  • Ukraine: *nods slowly*
  • Ukraine: No he-
  • Ukraine: NO! He-
  • Belarus: ...DID YOU GUYS KISS?!
  • Ukraine:
  • Canada:
  • Russia: *Holds her back and sweatdrops* Run... YOu have my approval. Good luck!
  • Canada: ...I am no longer as afraid of Russia.

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Geez, I'm always late for asks (/-.-)/ Anyway, could you do how George or Fred would introduce you to their family? I think it would be so much fun XD

AGH yes of cooourse! this may be super terrible lol but here we go


- i feel like fred would be the more confident of the two when introducing you to the weasley clan
- he winks “c’mon, love, it’ll be wonderful. they’re going to adore you. how could they not?”
- he’d walk very self-assuredly into his home with your hand in his
- “weasleys! i’ve someone here i want you all to meet” and he winks at you
- and his whole family floods into the crowded family room
- george, ron, and ginny offer you smiles since they’ve already come to know you at hogwarts
- ron would tell you “no worries, mum and dad are going to love you”
- and you just wait, patiently, for fred to do something
- mr. and mrs. weasley come up to the both of you, grinning excitedly
- and fred just very coolly introduces you to his parents
- you say nervously “it’s very nice to meet you both”
- and after also being introduced to bill and charlie and percy
- you sit with all of the siblings, talking animatedly
- you hear fred speaking with his parents
- “she’s just absolutely lovely, freddie”
- and you watch as they hug their son tenderly

wtf i suck anYWAY


- okay guys
- george is the nervous one
- completely tripping over his own two feet en route to his house
- the evening before, at hogwarts, he’s dropping his books and putting his shirts on backwards
- “george, what is it?”
- he’s frantically trying to pack for the burrow, as are you
- he’s spilling his ink bottles and mumbling to himself
- “george”
- and finally he sits down next to you on his bed
- “i’m just nervous, i want them to love you. i mean, i know they will…you’re absolutely wonderful”
- and you squeeze his hand in thanks and rest your head on his shoulder
- when you finally arrive at the burrow he tiptoes inside as if he’s sneaking back in
- “mum?”
- and mr. and mrs. weasley appear beside you both in the kitchen
- george skittishly mumbles your name and who you are
- “it’s so lovely to meet you, dear”
- and mrs. weasley pulls you into a hug
- you can see the nervousness on george’s face when he turns pink
- but after he sees how well you get on with his parents
- he quickly comes back to his cheeky little self

Find myself ranting to the ceiling pull my hair out agh fuck you fuck this always denied my feelings i feel trapped even when i am kicking even when the emptiness inside of me manages to reveal some sign of life you ruined me and i held your hand for the process knowing it didnt matter how much you used me hurt me burned me because you said it helped you said i helped well where the fuck are you when the devil you birthed inside my brain wont stop hitting me where are you to make it stop how can you tell me im too much how can you tell me its unfair to you im dealing with your chaotic creation that eats away at what i used to be able to call my sanity FUCK -ef