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Title: Wedding Bells (Chapter 3/3 of Broken and Bruised)
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea.
AN: Yay it’s dooone! :D I changed the title a little bit because Wanda and Pietro aren’t Broken and Bruised anymore :) If you would like to read Chapter 1, it’s here and Chapter 2 is here! :D However, this can read as a one-shot as well. It would definitely be better if you read the previous chapters, but then, it’s not necessary to. :) Again, I apologize if there are grammatical and spelling errors. This was way too long to beta, haha. Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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Protecting You

Prompt: Remember that ask (during the day of luci) where he said he’d protect the person even if she were scared, could you make a one shot of that?

Requester: Anon

Warnings: None, really

I’m sooooo sorry this took so long to write. I had trouble starting it, and I haven’t been wanting to write at all lately, plus I’m tired all the time so agh I’m so sorry but here it is

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Yosano x Oda headcanons? Please and thank you<3

((squints at @yosanosuggestions. i see you~

agh, sorry this took so long. i had so many prompts yesterday ;u;

-yosano takes on odasaku’s more serene attitude once she realizes why he’s so vehemently against killing. she doesn’t drop the habit of threatening her friends with “treatment” exactly, but she does adopt more pacifistic tactics when fighting. odasaku appreciates this tremendously, though he can’t quite bring himself to say it outright.

-when yosano’s ability is needed for odasaku, she takes care to sedate him before working her magic. she does this with any s/o she takes on–she knows few like pain, and despite her admittedly twisted sense of pleasure, she does what she can to make them feel better. no one else is spared, however.

-odasaku loves that yosano is a doctor, as it means less casualties all around. yosano has had odasaku drag in wounded allies and enemies alike and has treated all, albeit some more painfully than others. odasaku is nonetheless glad to have a healer he can trust available whenever he needs them.

-relationship is a little less casually touchy-feely than the others i’ve listed, but when things get intimate, it sure is beneficial to be with someone who knows every nook and cranny of the human body like the back of her hand.

-^ concerning that last one, they do hold hands. a lot.

-very rarely say “i love you”. both prefer to show it in smaller, more subtle ways–remembering food or drink orders, sitting close to one another, playing with fingers or hair, telling one another to get home safely, etc.

-had a tendency to shield their partner from their issues until their breaking point, resulting in more than one part fight part reakdown. yosano loses a patient, odasaku doesn’t tell yosano he still has nightmares about losing his kids. they avoid hurting each other so much it ends up fraying the ends of their sanity until someone–ranpo, probably, or atsushi, or maybe dazai–catches on and gives them separate verbal beatdowns until they learn to talk through shit. things settle between them after a few pseudo therapy sessions (which may or may not have led to actual therapy, no one is sure?), and everyone is the better for it.

Errorberry (But not as you’d think)

*Error was still sitting in the multiverse for some reason. One of his glasses’ lens was cracked and he looked a little worse for wear as he gave a small wave* Hey, everyone. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all. It’s been…a pretty hectic day. *Error clears his throat* Basically, I woke up this morning to a letter, and uhh…*He uncrumples a letter from his pocket and holds it up to the camera*

‘Do not come for him, he belongs to me, if you follow I will KILL HIM’

Writing looks familiar? Heh…*Error smiles sadly as he looks at the letter* Kinda looks like mine. But it wasn’t. *Error sighs but he kept a smile on his face* An Error came into Studiotale sometime during the night and took Blueberry with him. Turns out…it was the Error who had destroyed Blueberry’s original AU.

*Error sits down, though it was like he didn’t have the strength to stand* It’s…a bit too quiet to just tell the story. So…I-I guess I’ll show you. It took us a while to find the Error’s antivoid but…when we did…

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