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Noctis' Theme (Flute)
Noctis' Theme (Flute)

This ended up being an actual audio post, since uploading from Soundcloud wasn’t working for some reason… Still, I managed to get it here. If this still doesn’t work, this will lead you to the soundcloud website thing.

This recording isn’t perfect, there’s blips here and there, but I think that’s the best I’m gonna get for now since my hands are cramping up pretty badly. 

So, there’s me playing Noct’s theme on my flute!

If you were married to Joshua...

got a request for this a few days ago, so i decided to go ahead and do it. also i think i’ll be posting “if you were married to vernon..” possibly this week. hope you enjoy!! feel free to request again^-^

  • actual cutest husband
  • so smiley and blushy at your wedding like
  • his face got red every time you even looked at him
  • boy almost died from embarrassment
  • when people were congratulating you guys
  • joshua was smiling so hard and squeezing the shit out of your hand
  • and you’re like “aGH JOSH MY HAND YOU’RE CRUSHING IT”
  • but he couldn’t help himself cause he was so flustered and he didn’t know what to do he was just like “?????????what”
  • the rest of the members also convince him to go dance w them
  • and oh lord
  • he’s got dad dance moves already
  • you can already imagine how embarrassed your kids are going to be when he dances at their parties/weddings
  • and they made you come out to dance too
  • the whole time you were laughing your ass off and trying not to roll on the floor because it was just so funny to you
  • your honeymoon is awesome
  • you guys go on a fuckin cruise around the pacific ocean
  • you visit hawaii and japan and california and all kinds of other cool places
  • and joshua has to buy matching hawaiian shirts and leis because he just has too
  • also makes you go to eveRY ANIME STORE HE SEES WHEN YOU GO TO JAPAN
  • like he’s loaded up w anime merch by the time you guys finish your cruise
  • most of his luggage is anime merch lbr
  • also you guys make sure to buy all of the members a souvenir
  • of course they love their gifts
  • they also want to know every little detail about your honeymoon
  • like what color socks you wore when you stopped in california
  • they ask about everything
  • when you guys finally get a new house
  • you move a couple boxes per day tbh
  • and the rest is just laying around napping because moving iS SO MUCH WORK
  • like you and josh just cuddle up on the kitchen floor because there’s no furniture and fall asleep
  • you finally get completely moved in and the members want to have a sleepover
  • so you all end up crowded in the living room having a movie marathon
  • but sleeping with soonyoung’s foot in your back isn’t exactly comfortable
  • so you end up going to your bedroom at like 3am and like twenty minutes later josh joins you because mingyu started snoring
  • also dance parties in the kitchen while you’re cooking
  • or while you’re cleaning
  • or at any time
  • because you guys love dance parties
  • it’s actually about a year or so before you guys start talking about kids
  • but when you finally have your first
  • like you have the most spoiled rotten little baby ever because josh just can’t get enough of them
  • and don’t forget about all the uncles
  • on every birthday they get probably thirty presents
  • and when they get older
  • josh is determined to teach them how to play the guitar
  • and dino wants to teach them how to dance
  • and vernon wants them to be a fuckin rap god or somethin
  • but basically josh is the cutest husband and the sweetest dad bless

Figured it was time to finally work on my perspective by uh… well, doing it? Lol it’s actually not as difficult as I thought, just takes a lot of lines and a lot of time :V