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If I see one more post with “WHO IS GOING TO DIE IN ACOWAR OMG?!?!” I am going to flip my shit, can we just not live in blissful ignorance for two more weeks? And at least pretend everything is going to be just fine and A-OK and perfect and act like all our ships will sail?

Ok thank you. 😊 That’s all. That felt good to get off my chest.


@literallywhothe omg that cute gif was so cute and then i wanted to draw everybody :,,,^)) 

//the one with akira and vlad is my fav omg look at them husbands

To @the-winnowing-wind from @wolftrapqueen27 who commissioned me to draw you some fluffy Hannigram (celebrating the New Years bundled up–Will in his soft but durable S1 winter clothes and Hannibal sporting the Sea Captain Mads look–and, of course, with sparklers)~

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i want to write a story where Tim and Dami get kidnapped but i also dont want to put any work into creating a villian but i also dont want people to think the villian is lazy/stereotypical but i also dont want to use a villian that exists already because i dont want people to think im not doing them justice 

do u see my dilemma

Day 2: Style / Physique

Style: Noiz is (in)famous for his piercings and his uh, interesting fashion sense. But if it were up to you, would you rather retain these or change them?
Physique: Despite his “diet” consisting of only pizza and pasta, Noiz has good looks and a strong figure to go with it. Besides these traits, what more do you think his versatile body is capable of?

obviously when noiz ran away from home, he didnt have the same appearance as he does in the game. sometimes i like to wonder if there was any point where he looked back, wondered if running away was rly good for him, bcuz the only color in his world is just his own

 fancy date :D

Calvin X Reader - Happy Accidents - Chapter 1

A/N Requested by anon. Sorry this is a day late, and kinda sucks. There were a few spots that I just couldn’t put into words without it sounding funny. I hope this is okay though. If you have any requests don’t hesitate to send them my way!

“Sorry for no game play today, guys. I just got home from running a bunch of errands and I’m too tired to play anything, so hopefully just my face will do,” you explained, smiling into the camera and watching as the chat filled with people assuring you it was alright, and hoping you got your rest.

Though you only had a small YouTube following, and an even smaller following that watched your streams, you appreciated everyone that watched your content as they all seemed to really care about you, and lately the amount of people who did just this had been growing intensely.

You had been planning this stream for a few days now, and since you announced it everyone had been excited, asking about the famous YouTuber ‘Leafyishere’ seeing as you had made a video on him recently talking about his content and joking on him periodically throughout the video. Though you had done this to many other YouTubers before, never had one responded to a video of yours, and since that’s just what Leafy had done people were excited for you to talk about the entire experience.

Reading a few of the messages in the chat, you giggled, saying hello to people who asked, and answering commonly asked questions that usually revolved around personal information you didn’t care to share.

Not 5 minutes into the chat and you got the question you knew was coming.

“How does it feel to be acknowledged by Leafyishere?” a comment read, coming from an anonymous commenter.

You thought about the question after you had read it aloud, not having seriously thought about the whole experience as you didn’t see it how others did.

Not an hour after you uploaded that video, you checked your Twitter to find you had a new dm that just so happened to be from Calvin. Though you were excited that he had even watched your video it never felt weird seeing as the two of you were just people and two people talking wasn’t weird. The two of you talked for quite a while about your video and he even asked about making a response to it which you gladly approved of tell him to give you his worst, to which you feel he did a good job of, considering his entire video was full of roasts and jokes.

“Well, I mean, I still feel the same really. He’s just a person,” you began, trying to find the best words to describe how you felt, “He dmed be a bit after my video was uploaded and after that we kinda just started talking.”

You smiled lightly feeling you had explained well, and read the chat as people said everything to, they “were jealous of you” to, they “wished Calvin would notice them a swell.”

You just shrugged and took a sip of your coffee, wiping your mouth on the back of your hand, “I mean I’d say we are friends now. Since then we’ve talked a bit so I’d like to think so even if he doesn’t feel the same.”

One comment stood out to you after this, it being must longer than the average one, “@skyfallffy178: What’s it like being friends with Leafy? Do you two flirt? Are you interested in him? Are you dating? Dude what if you guys were dating and we had no idea.”

You laughed aloud as you read, finding it hilarious that someone would even think this. Though the idea did appeal to you, you could tell that something such as a romantic relationship would be unlikely with Calvin.

“To the person saying Calvin and I could be dating, I’m going to shut that down right now. We aren’t and probably never will, but hey? He seems like a pretty cool dude and being just a friend is fine with me,” you chatted, looking from the chat to your camera, smiling widely.

Again the chat began to roar after hearing your response and you felt a bit bad that you couldn’t read every message, though you did pick out a few that caught your eye and read them aloud, trying your best to appeal to everyone watching.

“'Were you surprised by the sudden gain in subscribers?’,” you read off, having thought about this question for the last few days now, “I was surprised actually, yeah! I honestly didn’t expect any of this really. For those watching who don’t know, I’ve gained quite a few subs after Calvin did that response video, and I can’t say I’m mad about it. I love making videos for you guys and there being more doesn’t change anything. It just makes me more motivated to do videos everyday.”

You smiled cheerily into the camera, reading a few more messages

“'Would you date Calvin if he was into you?’" 

When reading this message you couldn’t help but have to stop for a few moments becoming stumped, having not thought of the possibility that he would ever be interested in you, “I don’t think that would ever happen, honestly. But I mean I guess if he asked I would say yes? I mean he’s kinda cute, and really nice. Honestly I probably would, he just seems so-”

You broke off and held your breathe, realizing the tangent you were going down and stopped instantly, registering what you had just done.

“I-I don’t know actually. Probably not. He probably wouldn’t ever like me anyways, so why think about that kind of thing? God you guys are asking some personal questions,” you stammered, feeling yourself becoming hot in embarrassment and anxiety.

You had fucked up and you knew you were going to pay for it. Not only had you been responding to questions about you and Calvin’s theoretical relationship but you answered them in such a way that people could take further than it needed to. Yes, you did like Calvin and if he ever did ask you out, you’d say yes, but no one, not even the internet, needed to know that.

The rest of the stream people in the chat kept bringing up what you had said about Clavin, and trying your best to avoid that topic from that point on, it was becoming hard to find questions about anything else, so you decided it was time to wrap things up and pray your friendship with the YouTube famous boy would last through the end of the night.

“Um hey guys, it’s getting kinda late and I know the stream has only been going on for about an hour but I really need to get some house cleaning done, and edit a video. I hope all you lovelies have a great day, and I really had a good time,” you spewed lying, through your teeth, feeling guilty you had to lie to your viewers in the first place, “Uh, bye!”

You quickly pressed ‘End Stream’ before leaning back in your computer chair and pressing your hands to your face in humiliation. How could you have been so dumb as you say those things about Calvin in a live stream. If anything the boy would probably be more inclined to stop talking to you over your stupidity rather than what you actually said.

Feeling all the stress getting to your head, you logged off of your computer and made your way to the bathroom, in your single bedroom apartment, and began to run the water in the tub, in desperate need for a well deserved bath.

Whilst soaking in bubbles, and lavender oil, thinking about what had happened on the stream today you soon calmed yourself down, chalking it all up to be an over exaggeration on your part. Calvin wasn’t going to know you said anything on the sort about him, and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t take it the way you thought he might. Though this thought didn’t completely settle your nerves, it did help.

Just as you were beginning to get out of the tub and dry off, you looked to the bathroom counter, were your phone sat, and watched as the screen lit up with a notification. Feeling it could wait, you made your way out of the bathroom and to your room, quickly throwing on a pair of pajamas and running a brush through your wash hair.

Once you finally had the chance to look at your phone, you almost regretted picking it up in the first place. On your screen read, “Direct Message from: @Leafyishere.”

You began to panic all over again and mentally punched yourself in the face, hating yourself for ever letting those damned words leave your mouth.

Wearily, you unlocked your phone, and clicked on the Twitter icon, fearing the worst. As you tapped on your phone screen you could feel your muscles tighten, and your stomach drop.

“Hey, [Y/N]. Do you have a minute?” read the message.

You thought about your response, trying to talk yourself into believing what he had to say had nothing to do with your stream, “Yeah, sure. What’s up?”

“How was your stream earlier?”

You curled your toes in a panic but still kept calm, hoping it would blow over, but having a gut feeling, he was onto something, and he wasn’t going to drop it.

“It was fine. Nothing super interesting,” you answered blandly, desperately trying to lose his interest.

All you wanted in this moment was to go back to past you and smack her in the face, preventing the cause of all this stress from occurring.

“I got a few messages from some friends, saying you said some stuff about me. I was just wondering if you really said that shit.” Calvin asked, seeming to be calm, while you were having an all-out civil war in your head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, honestly. I said a lot of stuff during the stream, and I cant decide what you mean specifically,” you babbled knowing damn-well what he meant, though you’d never admit it.

After this message, Calvin took over two minutes to reply, and you had never felt like disappearing more in your life.

“Someone said you liked me. Is that true?”

Your worst fear came true, and you couldn’t help but vocally scream as you read, now knowing Calvin had heard what you said.

Almost shaking now, worried for the worst you began to type, “Um. No? I didn’t say that at all.”

“Oh. Uh, okay then. I was actually gonna see if when the next convention comes around, if both of us were going, if you’d wanna do something. Like dinner, or some coffee, but that’s cool.”

You blushed as you read, instantly sighing after once done, not realizing you had stopped breathing completely. Calvin wanted to have dinner with you?

“Wait, you’d like to have dinner sometime?” you typed out, desperate for conformation.

“I mean, yeah. You’re cute and funny, and I thought you kinda felt the same but if not that’s cool.”

Once you received this message you typed faster than you ever had before, not wanting Calvin to have the wrong idea for another second.

“No, no. I do feel the same. I just didn’t really think you’d me into me like that. haha.”

You felt like God himself had come down and given you a miracle. Not only did Calvin feel the same way as you, but he actually wanted to act on those feelings.

You couldn’t keep the intense grin off your face as you waited for a reply, holding in a squeal of excitement.

“I don’t know why you’d think that. I’m super into you honestly. How about next time we are both free and close, we meet up?”

You responded with a yes, smiling so wide, you felt your face might get stuck that way, not that you were complaining.

“Haha great,” Calvin typed back, quicker than expected, ‘I got a video to record so I’m gonna go but I can’t wait to see you. Bye [Y/N]“

You were read as a tomato reading Clavin’s message and couldn’t hold in your excitement, instantly texting a close friend, but keeping it inconspicuous, as not to start any drama or rumors.

Once done texting your friend, you laid on your bed, holding your phone to your chest, thanking old you for being so dumb as to share your feelings over a life stream. Though it may have caused you anxiety in the beginning everything was turning out to be okay, and way better than ever expected.

Woozi Fic 9

sorry this ones really long but it was a lot of fun to think about XD if you like the pepero game then i dedicate this to you

“I can’t believe you’re letting them suck you into this,” Woozi sneers as you both sit down in the circle of members.

“Oh, come on baby, it’s a game. It’ll be fun. Unless you’re…,” you raise your eyebrow and stare at your boyfriend. “…jealous.”

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I fly like a comet, soar like a comet, crash like a comet, I’m just a comet…

In general, whenever Greg sings or plays his guitar, it hits me right in the heart and reminds me of my Dad. So when I saw young rockstar Greg I wanted to hug my dad- this is as close as I can get I guess. I’ll see him soon though~

Edit: Now as a jpg cause the transparency wasn’t working properly.


Argh I love you all to death!! <333 I’m really thankful for having you all here just like and reblogging my art because It’s honestly really flattering!! <3 thank you so so much for everything! if you were here on my blog like months ago(?) when I still had a few followers, tHANK YOU ^///^ Thank you so much for staying up until today!!! I’m really glad you stayed <3 As for the new ones, Welcome to my blog!! ^^ thank you for following me <3 it may just look like pressing a blue button but for me its like seeing you guys accept me for what I do <333

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august 11.2016 // I decided that it was time to do some school shopping! So here’s a little stationery haul of things I bought. My favourite purchase of them all are the staedtler triplus fineliners. I have been wanting them for so long and decided it was about time to get them. It also came with a super cute pencil case to put them in! I also bought a two pack of a 0.5mm permanent pen by Bic because it was super cheap!! The last thing was this super cool 600 pack memo pad that comes in this cool spiral shape. Overall, I’m super happy and I can’t wait for school to start now!