agh i cant

4+ Hours and I forgot his hat. He almost crashed Medibang multiple times. He’s cursed, I tell ya.
Oh and I recorded it so there’s that

@phantomtype ?? You like this green bean right

I swear friends

If I see one more post with “WHO IS GOING TO DIE IN ACOWAR OMG?!?!” I am going to flip my shit, can we just not live in blissful ignorance for two more weeks? And at least pretend everything is going to be just fine and A-OK and perfect and act like all our ships will sail?

Ok thank you. 😊 That’s all. That felt good to get off my chest.

Inktober Day 13: Recover

Honestly, the whole slow burn/unrequited love between Minako and Junpei is why I wake up every morning.


@literallywhothe omg that cute gif was so cute and then i wanted to draw everybody :,,,^)) 

//the one with akira and vlad is my fav omg look at them husbands

To @the-winnowing-wind from @wolftrapqueen27 who commissioned me to draw you some fluffy Hannigram (celebrating the New Years bundled up–Will in his soft but durable S1 winter clothes and Hannibal sporting the Sea Captain Mads look–and, of course, with sparklers)~

On Redbubble | Commission Info

 fancy date :D