agh i cant

4+ Hours and I forgot his hat. He almost crashed Medibang multiple times. He’s cursed, I tell ya.
Oh and I recorded it so there’s that

@phantomtype ?? You like this green bean right

I swear friends

If I see one more post with “WHO IS GOING TO DIE IN ACOWAR OMG?!?!” I am going to flip my shit, can we just not live in blissful ignorance for two more weeks? And at least pretend everything is going to be just fine and A-OK and perfect and act like all our ships will sail?

Ok thank you. 😊 That’s all. That felt good to get off my chest.


@literallywhothe omg that cute gif was so cute and then i wanted to draw everybody :,,,^)) 

//the one with akira and vlad is my fav omg look at them husbands

To @the-winnowing-wind from @wolftrapqueen27 who commissioned me to draw you some fluffy Hannigram (celebrating the New Years bundled up–Will in his soft but durable S1 winter clothes and Hannibal sporting the Sea Captain Mads look–and, of course, with sparklers)~

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 fancy date :D

Day 2: Style / Physique

Style: Noiz is (in)famous for his piercings and his uh, interesting fashion sense. But if it were up to you, would you rather retain these or change them?
Physique: Despite his “diet” consisting of only pizza and pasta, Noiz has good looks and a strong figure to go with it. Besides these traits, what more do you think his versatile body is capable of?

obviously when noiz ran away from home, he didnt have the same appearance as he does in the game. sometimes i like to wonder if there was any point where he looked back, wondered if running away was rly good for him, bcuz the only color in his world is just his own

No Finn, you don’t understand, this is an important decision!


I drew this as a stress reliever of sorts but…Haha there are a lot of mistakes…In other news though, I got a new TV so now I can play Animal Parade without lines *A* Who should I go for first?

My bias is showing

Agh king why are you so hard to please


thank youuu my precious @choiminoh for tagging me!!! i lub u andyyy♡♡♡ here are my phone backgrounds, the last song i listened to and me face

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AGH i cant remember who’s done this already rip but if you have, let me know so i can find yours and reblog your bootiful selves :))))) (: