What d-d-did you need to win Nickelodeon Guts?

A onetime winner on bungee cords, actuators, and that darn Aggro Crag

The A.V. Club: I mean this in the best way, but it doesn’t seem like Guts really had a verbal personality requirement for its contestants like, say, Wheel Of Fortune does. You guys just had to be tough, athletic, badass kids.

Anne Mercedes Morris: It was interesting, the dynamic, because it was me, another girl, and a guy. What was really funny is that the boy who was on the show, when he saw that he was up against two girls, he got really cocky. When you re-watch the episode, it’s funny to watch when he wins the first two obstacles, because his interviews were really hilarious. He was so cocky. Even the announcer, he was pretty funny.

AVC: Mike O’Malley?

AMM: Yeah. He was hilarious because he just was like, “Ohhh-kay, kid,” because the guy was a little too full of himself. Then I beat him on the third obstacle, and I started beating him on the fourth one, and he got quieter and quieter and less cocky and less cocky at the end.

AVC: Did that add fuel to your fire? Like do you remember being like, “fuck this kid.”

AMM: Yeah! I also had all the spotters that were spotting us—the crew of safety people, and they were really great. They were all like, “Anna, beat this kid. Shut him up and beat him.”

AVC: That’s so nice.

AMM: They were definitely pumping me up to beat him, which I knew I could, and then when we did the Aggro Crag and I beat him, he was really not happy.

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Aggro Crag (ft. Sandra Wallace)
  • Aggro Crag (ft. Sandra Wallace)
  • RareBit
  • The Destroyer EP

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This song from brand new artist RareBit sounds neurotic as all get out- as soon as a groove is established, it’s already onto something else.  That could be unsettling, but it’s engineered so well that it doesn’t seem to matter.  Jumbled digital funk.

Get the free download on SoundCloud.

And stay tuned!  We’re workin’ on something real real cool coming soon.  That was vague, but seriously, prep your ears.

A while back I premiered my first of several pieces commemorating old school Nickelodeon game shows of the early 90’s with Legends of the Hidden Temple. “Knowledge” showcased the complexity of putting a silver monkey together with just three pieces. In the newest addition to this collection, “Strength” from the show “Global Guts” portrayed the skill and grit you had to have to climb the SUPER AGGRO CRAG. Foam rocks and glitter rained down upon each child as they fought their way to the top to become reigning champ of that episode and take home a piece of glorious mountain. 

This print premiered just last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con to overwhelming success. If you happened to stop by my table and picked one up, THANK YOU! 

Look out for the final addition to the collection in the Fall of this year! :D