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Obscure Fighting Game of The Week:  Aggressors of Dark Kombat/ GanGan (Arcade 1994, ADK)

Aggressors of Dark Kombat, strangely enough also called GanGan (which is Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a large bell or a scolding voice)  is one odd fighting game. Made by ADK, the Alpha Denshi Corporation (yes, its spelled with “C” even though ADK has a “K”), is an 2D fighter with…well I’ll let Wikipedia explain better:

“The game’s major innovation is the ability to walk into the background, in a similar manner to some 1980s arcade fighting games like Taito’s Violence Fight, SNK’s Street Smart and Atari’s Pit-Fighter. Because of this, unlike many other 2D fighting games, the game uses one action button to jump, and does not use the "D” button, unlike many SNK fighting games. Only two action buttons are used for attacking (punch and kick); instead, grappling and grabbing opponents is the focus of the gameplay: opponents can counter being grabbed and break free as well. Also featured is weapon play (another mechanic akin to beat ‘em ups). Weapons can be picked up and thrown, or used in special and standard attacks. Weapons are thrown into the ring by spectators in the background. Another (unusual) innovation of the game is that characters begin to sweat profusely after fighting for a while.

Characters have unusually high health for the genre with a health bar that has several layers of colors to indicate the health. There is also a “Crazy Meter” at the bottom of the screen. It is built up as characters attack; this gives the character a special – and often very bizarre – attack that will kill the opponent outright. It is called the “Gan Gan Attack” in Japan, and “Crazy Attack” internationally.

Beyond just that, GanGan also features a cast that a check list of fighting game stereotypes for characters. Let’s see we have…

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Japanese rude school boys:Check.

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English School Girl Who Fights Typically Girly Like:Check.

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Karateka Dude: Check

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 Western Fighter Guys: Check

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Painful Reminder of How Bad Black Fighting Game Characters Were Designed in the 90’s Because HE FIGHTS WITH A BASKETBALL:Check.

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Time Traveling Ninja from World Heroes: Chec..what?

As much as I do harp on GanGan’s character choices, at least there really isn’t a giant boss character that really breaks the flow too much. That in itself is worthy of mentioning. What is also noteworthy is the legacy of a few of the characters. The ninja guy above, named Fumma, is actually from ADK’s more popular/infamous games, World Heroes. He along side a few other characters from World Heroes and even the English school girl from GanGan, Kisarah Westfield, would later be apart of the line up for NeoGeo Battle Colosseum. This was due to the fact that ADK merged with SNK in 2003, thus all of its IPs are now used by SNK. The game is very readily available including for download on the Wii’s Virtual Console. 

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