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Confession (Wonho/Reader)

By: Admin Dreamer

Genre: Fluff, a little angsty?, bartender!Wonho

Warnings: None

You decided to drink your problems away after a embarrassingly bad confession, only to find out that your bartender for the night was your crush that you tried to forget about.

“That was terrible.” Your friend whispered as you left your last class of the day with her, your shoulders slightly hunched over in embarrassment and fully aware of the jocks who were laughing about what happened between you and Wonho earlier that day.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Hey, at least he was nice about it and you didn’t make a total fool of yourself.”

With a scoff, you looked at her incredulously, “Are you kidding, Celia? I totally made myself look like an idiot out there. I’m not the most good-looking person out there, what would he think of me after this?”

“Okay first off, you need to have more confidence in yourself. Secondly, Wonho is a nice guy even though he is part of the swim team. If anything I would rather you date him than anyone else, they’re all douchebags.”

“Thanks, friend.” You mused sarcastically, squinting in the sunlight.

“Hey, I’m going to be having a get-together tonight at the bar downtown, you want to come with?”

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Erenbun and Levicat. Bonus aggressive cheerleader Eren.

[coughs loudly] why not both? ;;;;)))

daedric princes as lesbian stereotypes
  • azura: the smallest and angriest femme lesbian (with too many cats)
  • boethiah: sneaky butch lesbian
  • mephala: sneaky femme lesbian who flirts with boys to get favors + discounts at shops
  • malacath: so butch that the other lesbians don't even realize she's a girl lesbian
  • molag bal: overly aggressive roller derby lesbian
  • mehrunes dagon: overly aggressive in general lesbian
  • sheogorath: sheogorath
  • hircine: flannel lesbian who hunts
  • sanguine: hardcore party lesbian
  • namira: questionable hygiene habits lesbian
  • clavicus vile: u-haul + dog lesbian
  • meridia: overly aggressive cheerleader lesbian
  • nocturnal: crime ring leader lesbian
  • peryite: general sports lesbian
  • vaermina: volleyball lesbian

percyyoulittleshit  asked:

If you ask the students of Olympia High they are probably going to tell you Annabeth Chase and Jason Grace are related, perfect blonde hair, perfect athletic body, perfect grades, everybody knows the valedictorian speech is going be given by one of them, they are both going to go to an ivy league and their are both are the reason why their teams have won so many competitions; Annabeth being cheer captain and Jason being quarterback.

Yes, they are the golden girl and boy of OH but there is a reason why people assume they are related instead of dating, what is the reason you ask? dark messy hair, bright sea-green eyes, a bad boy reputation and linked to be in a relationship with perfect girl Annabeth Chase; students were in shock one morning after seeing Annabeth Chase wear Percy Jackson’s leather jacket, how did golden girl Annabeth Chase ended up talking to bad news Percy Jackson in the first place?

two words: Piper McLean, best friend since childhood of Annabeth Chase and close friend of Percy Jackson, who she met in 7 grade after they both crash against each other while skateboarding, it didn’t take long before Piper and Percy became close, it also didn’t take long before Annabeth ended up meeting Percy, didn’t take long before they became friends, it took even less time for Annabeth to realize Percy’s bad boy reputation was nothing but that: a reputation

(the boy was an awkward mess who always ended up at the wrong place and the wrong time usually trying to get Piper out of trouble) but it took long enough for her to ask him out. but what took even longer was Annabeth convincing Piper to join the cheer team (a bet was made, and hair dye was used) but it only took one game for Piper to catch Jason Grace’s eye (who, by the way, is actually related to Percy Jackson, not Annabeth Chase)

passive aggressive punk!piper cheerleading is my new absolute favourite thing ever. like, all the girls around her are yelling and scremaing and she’s side eyeing annabeth with a glare as annabeth leads the crew and cheers like a freaking maniac

and annabeth in her cheerleading uniform with percy’s battered jacket over the top. piper in her uniform with her tattoos and her piercings and jason’s Letterman jacket

they are the weirdest foursome in the school: the jock, the punk, the cheerleader, and the skater


9x10 // 9x22

In which an angel prompts another angel to kill someone they love to prove their loyalty. The first chooses to go through with it, while the other simply can not.

There has been much speculation about the nature of Abner and Gadreel’s relationship, and whether it was platonic or something more. I think after realizing the contrast in these two situations, I’m leaning more toward a platonic reading. The way Thaddeus referred to Abner as Gadreel’s “boyfriend” reminds me of season 6 Dean and Cas, when all the jokes about them were still being thrown about. When they truly were brothers-in-arms. When it was platonic, albeit complicated as hell. But now, it’s so much more than that. So much more than two people bonded through shared pain and tragedy. That bond…it is profound indeed.

So, if platonic love was not enough to stop Gadreel from killing Abner, then what sort of love would prompt Cas to literally give up everything for the sake of one man? The same sort of love that broke through to Cas in Goodbye Stranger? The same sort of love that would cause a man to slash his way through purgatory for a year looking for an angel, even when he had an easy way out? The same sort of love a wanna-be God would use to break the heart of the one angel he was so envious of?

You can argue that Gadreel and Cas simply have different priorities, are simply different angels. But what we were being shown here, we were being shown for a reason. What reason could that be? I guess that’s up to you to decide. But for me…the answer couldn’t be any clearer.