aggressively cheerleads

daedric princes as lesbian stereotypes
  • azura: the smallest and angriest femme lesbian (with too many cats)
  • boethiah: sneaky butch lesbian
  • mephala: sneaky femme lesbian who flirts with boys to get favors + discounts at shops
  • malacath: so butch that the other lesbians don't even realize she's a girl lesbian
  • molag bal: overly aggressive roller derby lesbian
  • mehrunes dagon: overly aggressive in general lesbian
  • sheogorath: sheogorath
  • hircine: flannel lesbian who hunts
  • sanguine: hardcore party lesbian
  • namira: questionable hygiene habits lesbian
  • clavicus vile: u-haul + dog lesbian
  • meridia: overly aggressive cheerleader lesbian
  • nocturnal: crime ring leader lesbian
  • peryite: general sports lesbian
  • vaermina: volleyball lesbian