aggressive stance

So… one of the things that struck me after watching this gif about 10000 times on repeat…
While this is a visually stunning shot for a trailer, it actually seems like it has a somewhat deeper meaning.

The shot seems like an intimidating, aggressive stance, but given his slouch and the way his face is hidden behind his arm - and I think he’s actually feeling threatened in this shot - maybe even hurt.

Now… see how he turns the lightsaber? That’s not a natural progression if he was trying to be threatening. For him to be turning the blade like that, it means he’s either putting the weapon down or drawing it up to attack. Gosh, how could we decide which?

See how the blade wobbles as he turns? See how there seems to be a little bit of initial hesitation? I know those sabers are heavy especially if Adam had to do this shot numerous times but I can’t see Rian being like yep, that wobbly shot, we’ll do that one. Add in the fact that his eyes seem to be unfocused, and his elbow is starting to drop down…

I’m of the belief that Kylo is dropping his weapon here. It looks like an intimidating shot of how strong and scary he is, but I think this shot actually shows him weaker than we’ve ever seen him.

Rat Emoji Ratings

I’ve chosen rat emojis because, as a rat owner, this is the animal I feel most qualified to comment on.

A realistic and beautiful boy. Plump, shiny coat, alert and inquisitive, cute little feet and a lovely pink tail–he is flawless. An incredible friend! 5/5

Google has taken a more stylized approach by placing a cartoonish mouse head on the body of a gummy bear. The resulting animal is reasonably cute but would not call it a “rat”. 3/5

A nostalgic 8-bit tune plays in the distance whenever I look at this rat. That said, I am not a big fan of the feet or the thick border. 3/5

This rat is sick. Without a doubt there is something wrong with this rat. He is having some kind of seizure. Take him to a vet and get back to me. 1/5

A poorly stylized rat. LG went for semi-realistic but didn’t follow through. No hands, no mouth, incorrect head shape, and a guitar pic for an ear. 2/5

I’m going to be honest–I am not a fan of this “rat”. Note that I very deliberately put “rat” in quotations. I want to be clear: this deformed rabbit with a worm coming out his bum is in no way passable as a rat. Very offensive, unpleasant sight. 0/5

A small and endearing friend. Reasonably cute. He’s clearly not a rat, but whatever he is, I am pleased to make his acquaintance. 3/5

Frankly I feel threatened by this rat. His face is not unfriendly, but his aggressive stance and whipping tail seem to say, “I’m angry, back off”. 1/5

At first glance this appeared to be a dead rat laying on its back, but I quickly realized that it’s a cat toy with a bite taken from the ear. Very disturbing. 0/5

Verging dangerously close to ‘cat toy’ territory. It would make me feel better if I could see his front legs. I’m not convinced that this is a happy & healthy rat. 1/5

There is no possible world in which this is a rat. I don’t know what he is, but he’s no friend of mine. Very frightening and not remotely trustworthy. 0/5

This rat is very anxious. His stance is guarded, his ears are back and he is preparing to retreat. I’m going to hazard a guess that he saw one or more of the rats above. His hands are missing but I’m not going to pass judgment under the circumstances. In solidarity he gets a 5/5.

Break Free

Winchester Sister Imagine

Warnings: Language

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Perhaps it was a dream, you thought. Perhaps if you pinched yourself, you’d wake up. But you didn’t ever want to wake up. The one thing you wanted was to stay in this dream world where no monsters lurked in the dark. Where you and your brothers didn’t need to risk your lives for others on a daily basis. Maybe you’d each have a job. A family A little white fence surrounding a perfect and unnaturally green lawn. Instead, you sat in the back leather wrapped seats of Baby. Dean drove as usual, while Sam sat shotgun. Forcing you to the backseat.

“Why you hanging your face back there?” Dean asked, repositioning the rearview mirror so he could look at you better. But the eye roll and deep scoff you gave him spoke your voice better than words. “Can we not start this again?” He added.

“Let me out.” You shook your head, never making eye contact with either of your brothers. And instead starring hard out into the fast night passing by you.

“Know what…-” Suddenly the tires directed hard to the side of the road and came to a rapid stop. “Why do you always have to pull shit like this?” Dean shouted at you, turned completely around to show you his resting look of utter and complete irritation.

Once again, you shook your head with a scoff. Only this time you popped open the door. Swinging your feet out dramatically before slamming it as hard as you possibly could.

“Fuck this, fuck all of this! And fuck you too Dean for forcing me to continuously live it!” Your voice screamed so loud you were sure what small voice you had would be gone completely tomorrow.

“Oh, so you blame this on me? What else do you blame me for? Might as well add to the dramatic list of bullshit since we’re starting it with this.” He walked towards you, brushing pass Sam who tried to stop him from walking any closer to you in the defensive yet aggressive stance he took up.

“I want out.” The force you used to sit down on the cold paved road pushed the words out. “I’m so tired of living like this and fighting for my damn life over things that shouldn’t be more than scary stories.” Each word you spoke came out dry filled with tears and hurt.

Dean stopped, taking a deep breath to calm himself before speaking. With two long strides he was right in front of your body which was in a ball like form. Knees brought up into your chest while your arms wrapped around them for a comfort. Resting your head on your folded arms as tears strode down your cheeks and onto your jeans.

“We never wanted this for you. Trust me when I say; Sammy and I tried everything we could to keep you from this life.” He was no longer yelling, or talking harshly. There was a deep sense of hurt resting in his words.

“Don’t blame Dean for this. If you’re gonna blame anyone, then-” Sam’s words were cut short.

I blame Dad.” The truth finally came from your lips.

“I blame him for not giving us a good childhood. For leaving us in shitty run down motels while he went out and got his revenge. When Mom died…we didn’t just loose her. We lost a Dad too.” Pausing, you looked up upon your brothers with tear filled eyes. “But he’s not here now, and I want to put this blame on him. Yell at him as loud as I can because I hate him for it-for making me this. I guess you guys were just a false replacement for him that I could stick all my problems and faults on”

Sam crouched down in front of you. Placing either of his hands on the side of your head. But not Dean. He looked as though he had lost it, that the words you said really did a number on him and what heart he had left.

“Replacements are temporary. Dean and I, we’re not going anywhere. Period.” There was the same type of sadness in Sam’s voice as there was in yours. Even as he extended his hand and helped you up.

“I’m sorry you guys have to deal with me” You said in a serious and sincere tone. But before you could say another word, Dean walked straight for you. Wrapping his arms tightly around you. The smell of deep cologne and a hint of beer filled your head.

“Don’t ever apologize for being you or for feeling something. You’re not a mistake.” His grip tightened only slightly. “We wouldn’t trade you for the damn world.”

Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits part 5

In which more sticky situations and stubbornness ensue.

A/N: I do apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes in this but I am typing this in the notes on my phone and not on my laptop as I’m currently at school with no data but feeling inspired. Nevertheless here is part 5! I hope you enjoy reading it and much as I enjoyed writing it and the amount of support I’ve been getting is unbelievable,
it honestly makes my day and I love talking you so please message me or send things in my ask box. Also let me know if you like the added gifs, they’re not mine but I just figured they could add a little something

- A xoxo

Warnings: language, arguing and the slight mention of panic attacks/anxiety.

Your eyes widened in horrified shock and heat flushed over your entire body. He stood there in the doorway, messy Raven curls spiking out from the brim of his beanie and white vest clinging to his lean torso, exposing his toned, olive arms. You on the other hand were dressed for a party, heels abandoned and the straps digging into your fingers as you clung to them. Your hair was skewed and makeup smudged and you were still rapidly shaking, the remnants of your earlier panic lingering like a stale odour in the air.

He stared down at you, silvery eyes matching your saucer-like expression. You noticed his Adam’s apple rise and fall slowly as he swallowed his thick discomfort. Archie and Val looked between the two of you in confusion, probably anticipating a response but none came.

“So…you two already know each other?” Archie asked dumbly, you couldn’t tell whether it was a statement or a question but neither of you felt as though you could muster the words to form a coherent answer. Jughead snapped out of his (Y/N)-induced trance and shook his head furiously, mouth opening and closing as if words were dying to come out. Your heart sank and you scoffed quietly to yourself.

“Nope, not at all!” You said defiantly, voice louder and more aggressive than you had intended. With that you turned to Archie, shot him a disgustingly false smile of encouragement and led him into his house.

He followed you, eventually overtaking you and leading you all up to his room. You refused to turn around for fear of making eye contact with Jughead but you could tell by the pattern of the footsteps on the creaky stairs that he was lagging behind Valerie, probably with a moody scowl on his face or something of the like.

“You take third wheeling to a whole new level,” Jughead’s voice whispered through the darkness in regards to your current position - next to Val who was curled into Archies side, sleeping peacefully together in his comfortable but much-too-small bed.

“Hey I’d rather be a third wheel than a salty loner,” you retorted in spite, heavy eyes glued to the ceiling, unable to close due to your intense craving for a cigarette.

“Haha, fuck you!” Was the boys response that surprisingly lacked his usual eloquence.

“I have, wasn’t all that great to be honest especially when you abandoned me afterwards!” Your voice was half-yell and half-whisper and your frustration caused you to rip off the covers and fling yourself out of bed.

Jughead looked you up and down in the dimly lit room, the brilliant primary colours of Archies sweatshirt in which you were clad contrasting with your stormy expression. You brought your middle finger to your lips, sucking on it and taking to the back of your throat all while staring directly at the boy before you, slumped in a chair by the tiny television, milky cheeks flashing bright red as he watched your movements. You brought your finger out of your mouth and presented it to him, smiling innocently as you flipped him off. He rolled his eyes and muttered a rather flustered “so fucking immature” before turning his head away from you and folding his arms with a huff. You retorted with a swift “so fucking hypocritical” before shuffling over to the door and cracking it open. Seeing no light or movement coming from downstairs you grabbed your dress and shoes from the floor, fished in the dress pockets for your packet of cigarettes and your lighter before flinging your dress so that it landed on Jughead’s head and making your way into the hallway. 

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You tiptoed carefully down the stairs, wincing every other step as they creaked under your bare feet. When you reached the bottom could hear movement from the landing above you and you swore under your breath. You had woken Mr. Andrews from his peaceful slumber after invading his house despite being a stranger to the man, he would surely despise you from now on. Clinging onto the hope that you could make it outside and avoid his detection you darted to the front door. Struggling but finally succeeding to open it with you elbow as one hand was occupied with your packet of habit and the other had the straps of your shoes slung around it, restricting its mobility.

You slipped out onto the front porch, releasing a sigh of relief even as the icy air whipped at your bare legs. You plopped yourself down into the bedraggled wooden chair just outside of the door and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it with a flick of your lighter and talking a dramatic inhale, tilting your head skywards and closing your eyes. As the cloud of smoke escaped your plump lips, mingled with a contented sigh, you heard footsteps moving rapidly towards the door and then said door open and close. You could sense somebody next to you and you winced, knowing you had been caught and would most likely be sent home by Mr. Andrews in utter disgrace.

Reluctantly you opened one eye, daring to take a peek at the person in who’s hands lay your fate. As soon as you did so your other eye opened too, only for you to roll them and let out a simultaneous exasperated huff. It was not Archies father that stood before you.  Oh no, it was Jughead Pendleton Jones III. He had followed you out and you most certainly didn’t want him around you. It wasn’t even because you hated him because as much as you despised yourself for it, you didn’t. In fact,  every time you were around him you found yourself having to catch your breath and tear your eyes away from him in fear of having the undeniable urge to pull him close and kiss him until your lips turned blue. Of course you couldn’t, he clearly didn’t want that because he was very apparently ashamed to be seen with you and you would not let somebody hide you away from the world to sustain their own brooding image!

“Stop staring it’s strange,” Jughead broke the silence, the undeniable tension in the air prompting his voice to sound thick and laced with sleep. You scowled at him.

“Shit, sorry it’s just that I’ve never seen such a massive asshole approach me before and I’m rather fascinated,” you hissed sarcastically, mocking a mystified gaze, “Please remember Jones, you followed me out here, I didn’t ask to be in your presence! You might wanna be careful though, what would happen if somebody we knew came out here and saw us - God forbid - talking?”

“I just came out here to make sure you weren’t causing trouble, as per usual!” He scoffed, being condescending was apparently his specialty.

“Well in that case mom, I’m fine so I’d really appreciate it if you left me the fuck alone.”

“No!” He shouted stubbornly, folding his arms and leaning lazily against the porch beams, making it obvious that he had no intention of moving any time soon.

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“Why not?” You practically screamed in frustration, clinging yourself up from your seat and stomping you foot on the ground like a spoiled toddler.

“Hmm…let me see…” he feigned a thought with this eyes squinted and fingers rested on his chin “…maybe…because I live here?”

He phrased it more like a question than a statement but knew you couldn’t argue. Even in the misty night you could see his smug expression radiate like a lantern and it tipped you over the edge. Growling in frustration you pulled out your mobile and hastily dialled  a number, long nails clacking against the screen of your phone and echoing around you. You could feel Jughead’s eyes on you, still squinted and probably trying to anticipate your next move, one that you were quite sure would irritate him to no end.

“Hey Reggie have you been drinking tonight?” You began turning to look at Jugheas with a sweet smile as his eyes widened in disbelief “…okay radical…could you maybe come and pick me up, I’m at Archies house and I can’t sleep? Okay…of course Reg, I’m always down for a good time…okay see you in five babe.”

“Did you just…Reggie…are you serious (Y/N)?” Jughead demanded, jaw clenched and hands balled into fiats at his sides.

You nodded, eyes wide with faux innocence, taking a final drag of your cigarette.


“Hey, get in Dollface,” Reggie yelled from his seat in his car up to you on the porch, punctuating his statement with an abrupt beep of his horn. You slipped on your heels and giggled and you tottered over to the passenger door.

“(Y/N), please…don’t do this…you’ll get hurt…” Jughead said sternly, lowering his gaze and silently pleading with you to stay. You just scoffed, voice breaking slightly as tears threatened to escape the time of your eyes. You were already hurt, and it was him who did it. You looked between Reggie, glaring smugly at Jughead, tongue resting on his bottom lip and a single eyebrow raised in question, and then at the beanie clad boy that had broken your heart as he stood, stance aggressive but his face a mix of concern and jealousy. Reluctantly you tore your eyes away from his and opened the car door.

“It’s too late for that Jughead, I’m already hurt,” and with that you climbed into the car, leaning over to press a grateful kiss to Reggie’s cheek, Jughead watching your every move wishing he’d hadn’t messed things up, wishing he hadn’t lost you.

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Spring Tide (1/?)

The new boy. Chirrut hears the whispers among the Guardians. Why would the elders bring in a boy like that?

A street rat and a thief. He’s come skulking around here before.

He’d be better off somewhere else. He’s too old for the orphanage, not cut out to be an initiate. What is Master Dhava thinking?

The other acolytes, young teens like Chirrut, are harsher. How dare they put that boy on our level? He’s like an animal – doesn’t speak, goes hiding away from people. They call them street rats for a reason.

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baby chick emoji review

she looks annoyed, like someone cut her off on the way to work or she just got some bad news and she’s trying to hide how bad she feels :( i just wanna pat her on the back and support her and tell her that things will get better!!!! 3/5

she looks so determined!! where is she going? what is she thinking about? i bet she’s gonna do something really important. 5/5

she is learning how to fly! but i think that huge outline is making it hard for her to take off from the ground. i know she’s trying her best though, so i’ll support her every step of the way!!!! 3.5/5

i think this bird just discovered the true meaning of life, the universe and everything. what did you see, little bird? what has gotten you so struck with wonder, jaw slack open in amazement? 4.5/5

a good girl!! very quiet and and polite and keeps to herself. i dig that. 3.5/5

a cool gal with a stylish haircut!! look at her, she is so proud and she knows she looks good. she is ready to take on the world with her new look and i love it! 5/5

a beautiful plump girl! although her eyes make it look like she just ate too much chips and dip and is now regretting it (but no judges from me… we’ve all been there) 3/5

she looks like she just heard a group of ppl talking shit about her and is now going “what tf u say about me??” very aggressive stance, looks like she’s about to cut someone. i feel uneasy… 2/5

a round, soft nice girl! altho she looks like she isn’t too interested in you. like you tried to get her attention and she’s like “yes?” all disinterested. but it’s ok, she still seems pretty nice regardless! 5/5


oh my… 1/5

✿without thinking✿

↳ Simon x Reader

Requested: can you do a simon imagine where he’s just acting like a complete asshole to some guy who was hitting on you and there’s angst and fluff and stuff because you didn’t know he felt that way?

Warnings | swearing

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A Guide To: Writing Bitchy Characters

There are two types of characters I think we all struggle to write at some point - be it playing them ourselves or playing them against other people. The anti-villain/villainous types as well as the ‘bitchy’ characters — they’re generally mean, have a hard-edged demeanor that makes talking to them a bit intimidating sometimes. They always seem to have snappy, witty remarks or know just what to say to get your character’s blood boiling.

So, how do you write one? 

Tone is one factor.

Words can be carried a number of different ways - by tone and body movement. Is their voice rough? Do they speak with an irritated tone? Is it deadpan? Sarcastic? Defensive? Blase? Abrasive? Authoritative and demanding?

Now, with that in mind, think of mean things to say - they might not be things you would say but they’re probably what your character would say. Meaner characters generally tend to lack a ‘polite’ filter, they’re more crass - and while what they say may not be honest, it sounds honest with the tone. Think of the things you think about saying or do actually say when you’re mad - sometimes that’s an easier approach. Is what they said just a throwaway comment?

Along with tone, phrasing is important - a simple ‘what?’ can sound very upfront and demanding if it’s got an abrupt tone and uptight reaction. Mediator comments and passive ones aren’t typically used by these types of characters - though sometimes it will be used mockingly to taunt the person (but they can also be sincere if they want to be). For example, “I understand that…” versus “I know you…” What they say is more direct, more finger-pointing like they’re out to blame or accuse someone, even with assumptions, they sometimes even lack the ownership of ‘I’ and use ‘you’ and/or ‘they’ instead when it comes to owning up to things. It’s like a redirection away from them to make the conversation about the other person or to make the person feel like they should take responsibility or blame for whatever it is your character is saying. 

If you don’t know what to say, think about their gestures, their movements.

Are they huffy? Do they get defensive and cross their arms over their chest, closing themselves off to the world because how dare you? Do they kick their foot up a little or take a confrontational route by getting closer to the person they’re talking to? Are they the physical type (leans towards controlling when this route is taken), do they grab wrists or elbows? Or do they shove and swat/slap? What’s their demeanor like? Is it really intimidating, standoffish, nonchalant, reserved… 

Body language makes up a huge part of our communication - so it makes sense that their communication also would rely on that. The body can say more than words can. Mean/bitchy characters tend to be more confrontational - they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds, be it alone or in a group of people. Sometimes what they say/do has a motive (big or small, from getting a crowd to laugh at their target or to sabotage their target’s career), and sometimes it plain doesn’t and they just say something snarky because it’s a natural thing to do.

And why do they do it? Is it a defense/coping mechanism of some kind? How were they treated by their parents, siblings, friends, and other peers? What did they experience for them to behave like that? While sometimes the answer may not be readily available and it’s easier to say “they’re just that way,” try to find a reason - don’t use that reason to justify their behavior but to explain it, because once you can find a reason they’re like that, the easier it is to find resources on how people behave and depending on how they coped with it.

*They will more readily jump on the defense when anyone tries to insult them, attack their character or talk to them about something serious that may be effecting the other person.

It’s similar to writing villains. They have a more assertive or aggressive stance in conversations, sometimes they’re meant to challenge the plot and characters, and sometimes their roles can be really antagonistic in general because of that even with personable traits involved to humanize them. 

The easiest transition I can think of as a base is giving them witty and sarcastic remarks. What I want you to do is think of phrases such as:

  • Oh, golly, gee
  • I wasn’t aware that…
  • Seriously? 
  • Right, because…
  • Excuse me?

Read them with a condescending and/or sarcastic tone in mind - imagine your character rolling their eyes, shifting from hip to hip and canting their head. Imagine your character looking at their opposite incredulously with dagger eyes or a complete look of indifference as they deliver those words deadpan. 

Visualizing what they do/react and hearing how they say it can really help make that transition from taking a simple line that could be comedic into something rude. Keep in mind, though, that they’re not always mean - and can just say things flatly or be humorous even if what they say might be offensive or upsetting to an extent, because they’re insensitive about a certain topic or don’t care about whose feeling they hurt.

A mean/bitchy character can speak with any and every tone, it’s more their mannerisms and the words they use - they can take something as simple as a compliment and make it sound completely backhanded. And sometimes, they do relent and back down from conversations if their heart just isn’t in it or the effort to cause an upset isn’t arising soon enough. (They can be compared to a bully, they’re encouraged by reactions - so if a character feeds into it, it only fuels them on).

In the RP community, we’re all at a big advantage with being able to format our texts for emphasis and providing gifs for our characters reactions. While that may not always help, it’s good too. But in paras, try to think about their body movements.

And I know I just gave you all a brief mental task above but now, here’s a miniature assignment:

If you’re struggling with how to find your character’s voice, I suggest writing a 300 to 500 word self/solo para just imagining their bodily movements and gestures. How do they breathe? (Huffy, fast and heavy…) What do they do with their jaw, tongue and cheeks? (Puff them out, clench, bite their tongue/lips). Do they pace around or sit down? What about their hands? Clenched, shoved in pockets, what? But most importantly: what are their thoughts?

Put them in a scenario that gets their mind going with all kinds of thoughts — maybe they’ve just been in a vehicular accident, maybe they’re under a ridiculous amount of stress, maybe they’re attending an event they loathe going to. Now, take one thought and have them blurt it out. Allow them to speak their minds. And see where it takes you (and them). Allow yourself to write freely, don’t try to control/police their voice in this assignment - let them think and say what they want, that can help you get a better grasp on what they’re like/what they say.

Hopefully that will help you break that wall.

little Fenris and Anders friendship things that we missed out on:

• Fenris waltzing up into the clinic and Anders bracing himself for impact when Fenris mumbles, “Do you have a cure….. for hangovers.” Anders giggles and shakes his head. “No one can know about this, mage.” Anders ultimately helps him with his alcoholism.

• After they set up camp for a night, Fenris stays on watch first, but Anders can’t sleep of course so he sits near the fire and writes. They both keep glancing at each other. “What are you writing?” “My will for when you finally kill me.” “Fair enough. Where’s your negative amount of coin going?” “All to my cat.” Fenris chuckles, and clears his throat.

• Either that same night or another, Anders asks, “Do you mind if I try something?” “What, like stay quiet?” He reaches out for Fenris’s neck and naturally Fenris gets in an aggressive stance, but Ander’s raises his hands, “Healing magic. That’s all, promise.” Fenris clenches his teeth as Anders lays a hand on his neck and illuminates the tattoos. “What’s that… what’s that feel like?” Fenris sits back down and gazes forward. “Get back to your writing, which is also too loud, by the way.” Anders grins. It had felt relaxing.

• Them getting tipsy with the crew in the Hanged Man and what starts as an argument turns into them doing impressions of each other, which turns into them making fun of themselves and everyone can’t stop busting a gut laughing. Before they leave, Anders comments, “We sound… ridiculous, most of the time, don’t we?” Fenris smirks. “Only you.”

• They get so used to each other’s movements in battle, for whatever reason Fenris blurts out what he’s expecting his comrades to do, and that includes Anders. “BURN THEM TO ASH, ANDERS.” Afterwards Anders just, “Did you…… did you really scream ‘burn them to as–’” “No one can know about that, mage……….. ” Varric from the sidelines, “Literally everyone knows about it, broody.”

• Anders apologizing about saying anything regarding Fenris and Hawke’s relationship. “Happiness… is something we both haven’t had much of.” “Well… thank you, mage.”

• Anders asking how Fenris carries his massive sword. “I’ve carried a heavier weight for years.” “I… I get that.” “Also my seething rage fills me with might.” “I… also get that.” Fenris asks what’s it like twirling a pole around. “Well… Hawke doesn’t seem to mind my skills.” Fenris slaps Anders upside the head.

Justice expressing his intense opposition to slavery in front of Fenris, sparking a long, involved discussion between Fenris and Anders about their beliefs, where they came from, why they did the things they did, do the things they do, and coming to somewhat of an understanding of each other.

anonymous asked:

How do you come up with poses??

Hi Anon,

I’m not exactly sure which answer you are looking for, but I hope that you will find it in this dreadfully lengthy response. 

In my opinion, drawing a pose requires the understanding of two different but related things: human form and body language. Either can be achieved by observing people, each in a different way. 

The first is by learning the many aspects of anatomy, which is an endless path of repeated exercises. For body language, you have to look at how people hold themselves when they behave in a certain way. Live drawing is great, as it teaches you both at the same time.  

Just watching people be, doing stuff, interacting with each other, has provided for great material that I can apply to my own characters, especially regarding their personality. 

However, their personality isn’t necessarily why I portray them in a certain way. Instead, it’s based on how I want other people to see them as (for example, drawing an antagonist, but not explicitly showing they are one).

Taking into consideration who the character is and what I’d like to express about them, the formula for the pose itself would be something like:
Angle + form of the body + gesture + facial expression = final pose. 

I could give you so many examples for every part of this quickly invented formula, however for the sake of this response, I’ve doodled one example in which I’ve combined all these elements, and elaborate on associating a pose with body language. Please note that this is my personal interpretation!

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A Study of Gender Roles and Self Identity in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

In my Analysis of Fantastic Worlds class at my university, for the final project I was asked to critically analyze a piece of fantasy or science fiction art. I debated back and forth about what books or series I would want to do but when I really thought about it the only series that I truly felt passionate enough about to do was the A Court of Thornes and Roses Series. 

Feyre’s journey over the course of these two books has changed my life over the past eight months and I knew as soon as I started this project that it was going to be so much more than just an assignment for class. I poured my heart and soul into this project because I realized I was doing it for me. I wanted to explain why Feyre and Rhys had made such a large impact on my life and why they were so important to me. And by the time I finished I felt like I accomplished that and am extremely proud of the end result. 

But when I thought about it, I realized I didn’t want to keep this to myself, I wanted to share it with everyone else whose lives have been affected by Sarah J Maas’ incredible story. 

You won’t get to experience the full affect of the map but everything else that’s written on the board will be in the following post. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and I would really appreciate if somehow we could get Sarah to see this. Because I want her to be able to see the impact her story has had on my life and why I think this story has such significance to young woman.

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prompt 1: it’s been too long.

As requested by @ edo-salandria -

Natsu x Lucy

Rating: M+ (steamy citrusy goodness & swearing)

Words: 5,317.

Lucy hummed to herself happily, strolling down the confectionery aisle with a basket hooked around her elbow. Cana followed her groggily, looking around with red ringed eyes.

“Cana, do you want to borrow my sunglasses?” Levy questioned, pushing a trolley of her own a few metres back as Cana’s head turned to the bluenettes slowly, eyes narrowing.

“Why haven’t you offered me them before?”

Levy gave her a sheepish smile, “It’s kind of cool to see you hungover. I swear, I’ve never seen you hungover in the twenty three years we’ve known each other.”

Lucy laughed which made Cana growl and snatch the sunglasses away from Levy’s hands.

The blonde stopped in front of the chocolate bars, peering at the choices before grabbing a few and plopping them into her basket. Cana, equipped with sunglasses, strolled over and took a look at the contents.

“That’s a lot of batteries Lu, stocking up for your vibrator?” Cana cackled as Levy spluttered. Lucy, used to her friends teasing, just smiled sweetly, “I don’t need any batteries for my vibrator until the year 2040. It’s part of my apocalypse survival kit. Water, canned food and batteries for my vibrator.”

This made Cana laugh harder and Levy even cracked a giggle, “Nice priorities you have, Lucy.”

The smiling blonde shrugged, “If I’m going to die in a nuclear explosion, I want to go out with a bang.”

Cana, who had been trying to gain control of her laughter, lost it once again and wrapped an arm around Lucy’s neck.

“I think you are my soul mate.”

Lucy smiled at her best friend, “I thought Bacchus was your soulmate.”

“He stopped being my soulmate when he doesn’t laugh at my post-sex jokes.” Cana complained as Levy shook her head, “Saying ‘it looks like a mushroom’ isn’t a joke. It’s insulting.”

Lucy laughed, as Cana pouted, “I told you that in confidence Levy. And look, Lucy’s laughing so it must be funny!”

“She’s laughing because it’s funny to us. Not to a man you just had sex with!”

“That’s sexism and I don’t appreciate it!” Cana argued back loudly and Lucy pressed her lips together to stop the laughter wanting to rip from her mouth. She glanced over the top of the short shelving units, catching a glimpse of pink hair.

She tilted her head, before a gasp ripped out of her throat.

Pink hair. Cocky grin. Scarf in the summer.

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anonymous asked:

Ellie there!Sorry to ask,but do you have any headcannons for a very feisty and tempered Omega who tends to yell"fight me!"Alot and her Alpha who genuinely wants her to stop so she doesn't get hurt or something one day?Like how the Alpha would react when she yells it to another Alpha, what he does when another Alpha looks actually prepared to like kill her, and like a situation where she yells that?He hates she does this but it's also a reason he loves her? Please and thanks.I love your account!

Never be sorry for asking me about anything, love! I’m always happy to answer asks, and I absolutely adore this one! It’s set at sort of high school age, because that’s when (I think) alphas are most aggressive

  • Her alpha usually just taps her on the head or pretends to throw a punch at her whenever she says it, and as adorable as he finds her feisty attitude, he’s so worried it’ll get her in serious trouble one day
  • Because alphas take invitations to fight so personally, even an omega saying it could trigger them into throwing a heavy punch
  • He’s heard her saying it to her omega and beta friends occasionally, and even her alpha brother once or twice, but they’ve never actually acted on it, just laughed or pretending to raise their fists in a defensive position
  • He sometimes sees other alphas looking around when she says it loudly, and he’ll often move closer to her out of instinct, because even though it wasn’t directed at them, they might still take it to heart
  • One day, he hears her yell “FUCKING FIGHT ME” at the top of her lungs, and at first he’s happy because she’s arrived at school early, but then he realises that people are starting to clear a space and stand back, and that only happens when there’s going to be a fight
  • As soon as he’s shoved through the crowd, people are already chanting “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT” and stamping their feet and clapping their hands
  • His omega is flattened against the lockers, hunched in on herself, trying to glare at the alpha but being unable to. The alpha is a tall, brutish looking girl with short, jet black hair and a wide, aggressive stance. The muscles in her arms bulge as she rolls her shoulders and cracks her knuckles, looking absolutely murderous
  • He can hear her growls over the roar of the crowd, and instead of lunging at the alpha and slamming her into the ground like his instincts are screaming at him too, he darts in front of his omega just as the other alpha throws the first punch
  • He hears his omega let out a soft, anguished noise as the punch hits home, right in the alpha’s shoulder, but he grabs the alpha female’s wrist and pushes her back, trying not to do anything that could seem aggressive
  • The other alpha would growl and crack their neck and try to square up to the alpha, but this boy is having none of it. He just backs up and grabs his omega’s arm, pulling her away as the crowd parts for them. He doesn’t care that he’ll probably be labelled a pussy by the rest of the school
  • As soon as he and his omega are safe, he’d pull her into a bone crushing hug, saying “what the hell were you thinking?! You know what happens when you pick fights with alphas!”
  • As soon as he lets go of his omega and she manages to get her breath back, he makes her promise to cut down on the number of times she yells “fight me”
  • She agrees, but looks so forlorn, and the alpha feels so bad, that he promises to take her out for ice cream after school
  • His omega girlfriend looks up and grins, still slightly red eyed from crying, and says “fight me”
The Mrs. - Part One

SamXReader (eventual)

Summary: You’re a long time hunting partner of the Winchesters; to Dean you’re a best friend, and to Sam you’re just a friend. But oh how you wish you could be more. When a hunt comes up and Sam needs you to play his wife, you reluctantly agree. Now Dean is playing your fairy godmother and you’re starting to think you might just end up winning Sam’s heart.

A/N: I’m a sucker for the pretending to be married trope, and I wanted to write it! There will be a part two!

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