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Person: I don’t read much comics, but this Check Please! is pretty sweet. And the main guy? Eric? 


Person: Eric is pretty cute, yeah? And the uh, captain, Jack he -


Person: Uh, right. Once Jack softens up, he’s pretty cool too. Huh, and I saw some spoilers, but it seems Bittle and Jack get together. They have some ship name, um, Zimbi -


Person: Um.

The Assassination of Pink Diamond by the Coward Rose Quartz

This was written some months ago, for a fic exchange that I’m not really sure is still happening. It’s also been a pretty lousy few months for me, writing-wise, so I thought I’d stick this on here and let it breathe the free air a bit - and help me feel slightly accomplished, too. I’d also like to thank @projectormom and @joan–of–bark for giving this some very helpful readthroughs and putting up with my writing-related angst.

Summary: The Earth represents many things and many freedoms. Amongst them, perhaps, a place for a pearl and a quartz to be in love. Or: the start of the rebellion. Pearl/Rose. ~7200 words.

The Assassination of Pink Diamond by the Coward Rose Quartz

“Well, here we are.”

It wasn’t the most creative or original set of words to mark the end of a very, very long journey in a relatively crowded ship among Gems who couldn’t exactly be trusted, but it was the best Pearl managed. The simple phrase certainly couldn’t begin to convey her relief. All the pretending had really started to get to her, and the brief times of respite and being allowed to be herself when the two of them got to be alone in Rose’s cabin were far from enough to counteract the seemingly endless stretches of nothing, of standing around and standing on protocol and standing in wait and standing, standing, standing…

She was standing on the ship’s gangway now, on the threshold to a new world, the last of the crew to disembark. But, far more importantly, Rose was standing right there beside her.

“This… is it, I suppose,” Pearl went on, squinting at the very bright light of the local star that was allowed to pass through the atmosphere in some capacity, before turning her glance towards the overabundance of strange, variously-textured and mostly green substances around their landing site, presumably organic in nature. “Crystal System planet Earth. Doesn’t really look like much.”

“Pearl,” Rose laughed, in that open, loud, free way she allowed herself when they were alone, “we’ve hardly seen anything of it. Don’t be so quick to judge.”

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You have to hand it to the Doctor for dumping a slightly clingy girlfriend by palming her off on a copy of himself. He tried leaving her in a parallel universe, and that didn’t work.

This is the first time I disagree with the ethical message of a Steven Universe episode. Homeworld was and is intent on violating Bismuth’s inalienable rights as a person, and she is entitled to whatever means of defense she sees fit to prevent that. Without any other context (Bismuth might have committed some other crimes that justified bubbling her, or maybe she made an agreement with Rose not to shatter gems on purpose) Rose bubbling Bismuth was definitely a mistake.

Shattering Gems is unnecessarily cruel when you have the option to disperse their forms and bubble them, but Rose bubbling Bismuth and then lying about what happened to her constitutes secret imprisonment without proper cause. :/

Steven bubbling Bismuth was totally justified though. She tried to kill him, even if it was a misunderstanding.
7 Natural Ways to Cosplay Steven Universe

Amethyst: Bathe in beet juice.
Ruby: Get a sunburn
Sapphire: Contract hypothermia
Jasper: Eat only carrots for two weeks.
Pearl: Be malnourished. Get heat stroke. Die.
Rose Quartz: Aggressively rub your skin with a pumice stone for a pinkish glow.
Peridot: Become plant. Be green.

buttella  asked:

5, 11, 14 for Rose and Bastion!

5) What is their favourite weapon to wield? 

Rose would definitely say daggers are her favourite. She is often expected to wear a rapier when out and about, as is required by an elf of a noble house, but she’d be the first to admit that she’s bad at sword fighting. 

Daggers and knives are quick and dirty, which suits her. 

Bastion would say something pretentious like “My weapon of choice is a paintbrush. I can do more to change minds and conquer foes with my art than I can with a blunt instrument or blade”

He’s also killed a man by shoving a paintbrush through their eye socket, so there’s that. 

11) Diplomatic or aggressive?

Both Rose and Bastion are diplomatic characters, preferring to negotiate than fight. 

Though as Charismatic as Rose is, she gets frustrated by go-nowhere debates easily, and is quick to kick over a table.

14) If they could own any creature as a pet, what would they have?

Rose would love to have a pet fairy. 

Bastion is still a child at heart. He still believes that one day he’ll tame a dragon. 

wait, no, i think i do have a Rose Opinion

as ive said lots of times they both don’t trust the judgment of anyone that isn’t themselves, but while dirk would probably completely ignore or deflect if he felt someone was trying to manipulate him (i’m not sure because it’s not like anyone’s tried, or at least successfully) (UNLESS the person manipulating him is someone he has on a pedestal i.e. roxy in which case he internalizes what he’s being told), rose becomes aggressively paranoid if she feels someone’s trying to fuck with her. which extends to friends! (unlike dirk, whose #1 perceived enemy is himself) as we see in her reaction to john’s letter + present

the problem is: even though she’s overly sensitive to being manipulated, her (self-imposed?) blind trust in herself completely nullifies that, which results in her doing completely illogical things: “well, DUH, of course this omniscient being is trying to manipulate me! everyone could see that! …aaaanyways i’m gonna keep talking to him because now that i’m aware he’s manipulating me i’m completely immune!” bam, grimdark ensues

rose has a fairly bad judgment, while dirk has what could be a sensible judgment if it weren’t for his self-loathing, self-centeredness, and denial of his emotional bias

but they both force themselves to rely on their horrible judgments because of their tendency to think of themselves as the responsible one

which oh man does it backfire big time

why are villains always portrayed as evil, hard, and unloving 24/7?

like give me two cohort villains who, after their Evil Deeds are done for the day, go change into unicorn onesies and stay up late watching netflix

give me villains who try so hard to keep a hard, cold shell but they like really like their partner-in-crime so one day they just aggressively shove a black rose in their direction and say “take this” and the cuteness that ensues 

give me villains who have a huge softspot for cutesy things

give me a villain who only dresses in black but their bedroom looks like a pepto bismol bomb went off