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Pauline Black, The Selecter and Siouxsie Sioux, Siouxsie and the Banshees

Punk had swept away all that had gone before and it was a time of reinvention really for women.  There’s a very, very famous photograph that has myself, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie Sioux and Poly Styrene all collected together for the front cover of an NME and those were the women who did change the pop landscape.

Pauline Black, The Selecter

I think the first time I would have seen Siouxsie and the Banshees would have been Top of the Pops, 1980, when they were on there doing Happy House. It stayed with me and I could tell that, you know, there was a lot of depth to what Siouxsie was doing. 

She, as an icon, was never a sex symbol. Her entire career was about refusing the male gaze, refusing to be sexualised in that way, refusing to be submissive to the male leer. In rock and roll terms that was a real first.  She’s quite a kind of forbidding presence, really. There was a real toughness to Siouxsie, this refusal to compromise. And, I think fans, whether male or female, respected that. I got it completely.

I was really shy, cripplingly shy, at the time.  I loved the idea that I could walk down the street looking quite alien and quite freakish and people would look at me, they’d stare, but they’d keep their distance. And I think Siouxsie inspired that in a way, because you cannot take your eyes off her. But you don’t want to get too close, because she is, frankly, terrifying.

Simon Price, Siouxsie and the Banshees fan

I want to talk about a situation involving a Taiwanese fanartist who draws fan art of Undertale. Her art is absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, someone attempted to kill her by offering her a cookie with NEEDLES inside of it.

It is believed this was an attempt to KILL her, not hurt her feelings, but actual MURDER. Of course, the Undertale fan who offered said cookie didn’t seem to understand the whole fucking point of the game. 


That aside, there are actually people DEFENDING this sick and twisted thinking.

…except she doesn’t draw pedophiliac art. She doesn’t even draw Frisk and Sans NSFW! But of course, our brave little social justice knights here have come to stop the evil of ships they don’t like!! 


In all seriousness, this is why I absolutely hate Tumblr and the Undertale fandom. It’s bullshit like this that is made as an excuse to murder an artist. The same shit happened to a fan artist in the Steven Universe fandom, but dare I say it’s got worse on Undertale’s end. It’s disgusting to see people like this actually exist. I don’t really agree with any ships that aren’t otherwise canon (ie Xayah x Rakan, Alphys x Undyne, etc) but do I go out of my busy life to harass a person who likes something I care very little for? NO!

And before any little triggered micro-aggressed polykin “minor” pops up here who demands that I apologize for their made-up sob story of Uncle Peewee touching their weewee and that the artist “deserved it”, I want to make it clear for 10 years of my life, I was sexually abused constantly by my uncle and my stepfather. I had no power because I was seen as a little girl (although I’m a nb now) and my mother wasn’t sure who to believe. Finally when my uncle got tried for rape, the system said they had no sufficient evidence, even though he had many of my little girl panties hidden under his bed that was dismissed as evidence. Her drawing this art has no emotional response out of me. I see nothing inherently wrong with an individual drawing art of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. If a person drawing hurts you bad you feel the need to kill, you should seek counseling or find the closest nuthouse on the block before you become a threat to decent people.

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Haikyuu Road Trip Music
  • Karasuno: singing along to Disney music at varying levels of enthusiasm
  • Nekoma: blasting Nicki Minaj. Nobody says a word but they all have shades on and most of them are dancing in their seats
  • Datekou: everyone's content to listen silently to jazz and r&b except Futakuchi, who hates that shit
  • Seijou: aggressively listening to bubblegum pop
  • Fukurodani: head banging and singing along to classic rock
  • Johzenji: Anything and everything that has a sick beat and you can sing along to. Everyone has such varied tastes in music and they all just want something to listen to and scream lyrics at each other and have fun
  • Wakunan: They listen to stuff like Green Day, Jimmy Eats World, and stuff like that. Some of them actually still like them but some just remember songs from middle school and like the nostalgia.
  • Shiratorizawa: Old school rap. The Sugarhill Gang type of stuff from way back. Ushijima doesn't care for it but the rest of the team makes a game out of who knows the lyrics to the most songs. Ushijima will either keep score for them or have his own headphones in (he's partial to classical and r&b).
  • Nohebi: Show tunes, Broadway and musical music, all that jazz. They love acting out the different parts and putting on voices. They're most partial to the villain songs for some reason
toasted pb & j’s | h.s. imagine

☼ fluff !! (just a fun lil short imagine)


//in which y/n makes harry a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast 


The pop from the toaster frightens a distracted y/n as she pours herself a cup of coffee. She spills a little bit of it on the counter and on her toes. She lets out a small yelp, hissing as the hot coffee attacks her skin.

“Love, is everything alright?” Harry calls from the stairs. A towel is wrapped low on his waist and both of his hands shake another towel through his wet hair. He had just gotten out of the shower when he heard y/n’s cry. His loud footsteps make their way to the kitchen, thinking he’d find his girlfriend, but she isn’t there- much to Harry’s dismay. “Poppet, where did you go?” He walks around the island to see y/n tending to her toes, wiping up the spilt coffee. He kneels down to inspect y/n’s actions. “What happened?” His eyebrows knit together and he brings his bottom lip in between his index and thumb.

Y/n looks up from her yellow toenails and answers Harry. “Well I was making toast and pouring my coffee but while I was pouring my coffee, the toast popped up and it scared me so I jumped and spilled a little bit of my coffee…” She speaks fast however her voice trails off when she realizes how ditzy she is. Harry laughs and offers his hand to y/n to help her up. This is certainly not the first time y/n has done this sort of thing. One time- again, while making toast- she was cutting an avocado and then cut her hand when the toast popped up in the toaster. It’s not her fault the toaster makes such an aggressive noise when it pops up the bread! Y/n retrieves the four slices of toast from the toaster and Harry pours himself a cup of coffee- without spilling. Harry sits at the table and admires y/n’s movements. He just likes to watch her sometimes. He likes how she always makes them breakfast, whenever they’re together. Lately, it’s been variations of avocado toast but this morning, y/n has decided to introduce Harry to an old childhood favorite.

“Avocado toast this morning?” Harry inquires before gingerly taking a sip of his black coffee. He watches y/n’s actions, noticing she doesn’t grab an avocado from the fridge but peanut butter and jelly instead.

Y/n shakes her head and places the two jars on the counter. “No, not this morning,” is all she says. The smooth peanut butter is swiped onto the toast first, a habit y/n has always kept. Her mum would always start with peanut butter and end with the jelly. It’s imperative for the peanut butter to meet the warm bread as soon as possible, otherwise there would be no ooey-gooey goodness. Y/n takes the time to cover every inch of the toast- even the corners. The blackberry jelly immediately stains the once golden bread. While in the middle of spreading around her jelly, y/n realizes she doesn’t even know what Harry’s favorite flavor of jelly is. “Harry what kind of jelly do you want?”

Harry hums. “Well what kind do we have?”

“There’s blackberry, strawberry and grape. Sorry, no kiwi,” y/n tries to be funny. Harry doesn’t laugh, he just stares at her, disappointed in her attempt to be funny. “I don’t think they even make kiwi jam,” she continues.

“Make up your mind, love. Is it jelly or jam?” Harry asks y/n.

Y/n only shrugs. “Both? I don’t know, now which kind of jelly slash jam do you want?”

“Strawber- wait no, grape.” Harry looks up from his phone to smile widely at y/n then turns back to the device after she rolls her eyes at him.

“Grape jelly it is.” Y/n dips the spoon in the purple jelly and plops a great deal on Harry’s toast. Once covering all the bread, y/n squishes the two slices together and cuts each of their sandwiches in two triangles- the only way you can eat a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich…or any sandwich for that matter. A bowl of fruit has already been set at the table, which Harry as already helped himself to. His coffee is nearly gone and he decides to fill his mug before dining on the breakfast y/n made. “Okay Harry,” y/n says while placing the plates down on the table. “This is toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I used to make these all the time because why have a regular pb & j when you can have a toasted one?”

Harry sets down his coffee and joins y/n at the table. He takes a seat and brings one of the corners up to his mouth. Once taking a bite, the gooey peanut butter oozes out of the sandwich and makes a mess all over Harry’s hands. “Mm,” he begins- his mouth still full. He holds up a finger, swallows, takes a sip of his coffee and sighs. “That’s quite good, love. A little messy,” Harry licks his fingers clean of peanut butter. “But still good.”

“The melted peanut butter is the best part!” y/n rejoices. She takes a bite of her own and let’s out the smallest, littlest moan imaginable. Harry stops his chewing and darts his eyes to look straight into y/n’s.

“Did you just fucking moan from taking a bite of your sandwich?” Harry asks.

Y/n continues to chew slowly, very uncomfortable that one, she moaned from taking a bite of her pb & j and, two, Harry heard her. She nods reluctantly and Harry snickers. “Well babe, at least I can make you moan louder than a fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”


[authors note • i wrote this bc a little while ago, the harry chat was talking about pb&j’s and how some have never tried one before ok pls don’t judge me. (im writing part 2 to purse dating and then @hardliquorhaz is going to help me write a smut based off a personal experience of hers lmao)]

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Real Friends | Brisbane | 12th June
W/ With Confidence, Columbus, Malibu Stacy & Satellites
beer-friends photo from our night•

corgi-love  asked:

Anti no longer needs to glitch out like a lil glitch bitch because he now knows how to mimic jack without needing to change his voice. Anti pops up in games when jack needs to be the voice actor so he can easily manipulate jacks mood and voice while he is PRETENDING to be someone else. slowly jack forgets why he plays so many horror games & he forgets why he's always wearing black or why he feels dizzy or why he's screaming at us so aggressively as another square pops up and anti joins the game

The Homoleadus Singerus is most commonly found in the summer months lurking side stage in an effort to evade nearby selfie-vultures. If you do come across this rare specimen outside of their merchandise cavern, be sure to approach with caution as entering their personal space may provoke mild aggression.

description of you based off your favorite RPDR queen
  • fan of Alaska: people constantly ask me if im high. but im just really fucking weird (i may be high tho)
  • fan of Jinkx: hello friends i am here [drama] goodbye friends i am gone
  • fan of willam: hello friends i am here [drama] HELLO FRIENDS I AM EVEN MORE HERE
  • fan of Sharon: pls dont pull out those receipts on sharon.
  • fan of any of the Aryan Airlines girls: i am constantly overwhelmed with pain and joy :)
  • fan of adore: PARTY! i haven’t cleaned my room in three months
  • fan of bianca: i am not nice :)
  • fan of detox: *inappropriate joke*
  • fan of bendelacreme: i am way too nice :)
  • fan of latrice: i quote latrice in my daily life now as habit more than enjoyment.
  • fan of Roxxxy: i constantly live in fear that someone will start a fight with me for my decision.
  • fan of Courtney act: whenever i show someone a picture of courtney and i tell them shes a drag queen they freak tf out
  • fan of raja: [constantly walking like they're on a cat walk]
  • fan of manila: HEY LOOK!! A PICTURE OF MANILA!! !
  • fan of shangela: i dont have a sugar da-
  • fan of Raven: wanna hear me say something indirectly shady :)
  • fan of pandora boxx: unicorn wasn't that bad.
  • fan of any other queen: i am always staying in my lane :)

Devenford Prep Part 31

Other parts and Brett fics here

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

A/N: It’s been a while, but I’m going to post this now…it’s not really edited, but I wanted to get it up as a surprise!

“Brett?” You call out trying to find him. Everyone in the fun house had left and were walking back to their cars to get out of public’s eye. “Talbot?
“He’s with Scott,” Killian informs walking toward you. “Are you sure you’re okay? I mean you’re allowed to be scared.”
“Of what?” You ask almost challenging the twin in front of you. “Of Brett? I’ve never been scared of Brett, not really.”
“I think you should give him some space,” Killian furrows his brows, trying to get you to stop thinking about Brett. “Give him some time and then possibly call him.”
“Killian,” You mash your lips together and then speak. “If he’s with my alpha, or whatever you guys call them, then I think it’s okay to talk to him. I think he needs me.”
“Needs you?” Killian chuckles crossing his arms. “Brett doesn’t need anyone.”
“Shut up Killian,” Samantha approaches the two of you. “Just leave her alone, Y/N go find him, he’s near.”
You shoot Samantha a sympathetic smile and started to walk off. You take in a deep breath trying to focus in on his scent again the carnival smells. He was still there, some where.
“I was just trying to help.” You hear Killian say in the background.
Wrapping your arms around yourself you walk quickly through the crowd of people know good and well that they were staring at your state. Blood and ripped clothing. You brush past them and start to run, run fast toward the parking lot where Brett’s scent was leading you. Then you see him leaning up against his SUV with Scott beside him.
“I want you to go see Deaton,” You over hear Scott say to Brett. “I just want him to give you a quick check up.”

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