aggressive in line

sana and isak are Savage together and i love it;

  • someone says something islamphobic in class and will IMMEDIATELY get shut down first by isak, who is the quicker one to react, aggressive and sarcastic with #classic lines such as, “yeah, muslims are terrorists, just like christians are all homophobic pieces of shit who kill people for being gay, right?”
    • followed by sana whose more calm but just as Savage, expertly telling them how much of an idiot they are 
    • also, any homophobic shit is immediately dissected and shut down by Sana whether or not isak is there 
    • when he is there, she responds before he even gets a chance to open his mouth 
    • “you didnt have to do that" 
    • "of course i did, you wouldn’t insult them right." 
  • they argue a lot but the instant someone offers a solution or a third option neither of them have thought of, they both stare that person down 
    • its better not to get involved 
  • sana and isak’s friendship help recover isak and eva’s friendship, and improve the relations between those two groups in general
    • i.e.,  isak goes up to sana and asks if vilde is into magnus. she asks if he’s asking because magnus is into vilde. neither of them give anything away or say too much but somehow manage to set them up by working together. 
  • they’re competitive little fucks, and trying to outdo sana helps isak actually do better in biology and motivates him to do his homework and come to class and all that. 
  • sana only feels like admitting she’s wrong when she’s around isak because she knows that he won’t tease her about it or make it weird. he’ll just accept it and they’ll move onto arguing about the next thing. 
  • sana l o v e s it when isak challenges her. he doesn’t do it the way other boys do it (as in try to pressure her into doing things she doesn’t want to do), and most of the girls are too intimidated and say things like "yeah, you’re probably right” after arguing for ten minutes. 
    • isak fights her and makes her question herself even when he’s wrong and sana loves it.
  • sana never makes isak talk about things he isn’t comfortable with, but She Knows, and she’ll prod him every now and then until he opens up about what’s bothering him. 
  • they’re not FRIENDS, and they don’t talk about everything, but somehow they’ve reached this silent agreement of trusting each other, and sometimes its nice to have someone that isn’t in your immediate circle of friends who you know has your back. 
  • people in school who don’t Know about isak and even ship him and sana and they both think its disgusting.
  • Charming: I'm gonna get that lamp.
  • Hook: Mate, there is nothing I want more than to make the Evil Queen pay for what she did to Emma. But we are outgunned.
  • Hook:
  • Charming: Have you *still* not listened to that?
  • Hook: When would I have the time?
  • Charming: It's Lin-Manuel Miranda. You *make* the time.

hyosung takes no shit from any man


Liam sighed and shuffled closer to see what she was drawing now, but it was too much effort to prop himself up so he rested on Serenity’s back, laughing when she theatrically went ‘oof’. She didn’t complain when he stayed there. 

“He likes you too,” she said quietly. “That’s why we started talking to you. He kept seeing you mowing all those lawns.” She giggled. “But… he liked you first. Guy code, girl code, whatever. It’s the friend code. You don’t date someone that your friend liked first, and still likes.” She paused, crossing out the heart with aggressive lines, and blew out a sigh. “Don’t tell him I told you that, though. He’ll be pissed.” 

“I won’t,” Liam promised. “You’re a good friend, Ser.” 

“Yeah, well, you bought me pizza, so I guess you’re a pretty good friend too.” She nudged him playfully and they laughed together, and as far as Liam was concerned, that was all that needed to be said. 

puyo line stickers ripped from here

all of them are transparent, and 100x100 except for popoi and black tiger’s, i had to account for popoi’s flower and black tiger’s tail. no credit needed

under the cut;

characters included:

  • ringo (2)
  • maguro (2)
  • risukuma (1)
  • lemres (1)
  • klug (1) / strange klug (1)
  • feli (1) / white feli (1)
  • amitie (1) / red amitie (1)
  • sig (1) / black sig (1)
  • arle (2)
  • schezo (2)
  • rulue (2)
  • raffine (1)
  • carbuncle (1)
  • rider (2)
  • draco (2)
  • satan (1) / yellow satan (1)
  • suketoudara (1)
  • witch (2)
  • ocean prince (1) / prince salde (1)
  • ecolo (1) / unusual ecolo (1)
  • yu and rei (1)
  • dongurigaeru (1)
  • popoi (1)
  • paprisu (ppq) (1)
  • black tiger (1)

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modern dumbledore’s army (insp.)

honoring their past gay professor albus dumbledore who was killed in street fight, these teens call themselves “dumbledore’s army.” living in an oppressive society where the lgbt community is not accepted, they fight for equal rights and start rebellions. each member plays a vital role in keeping this organization afloat - without one another, they could not make an impact they do today.

harry potter - openly gay leader. wanted by the fuzz. in love with draco malfoy. creator of the d.a. 

ron weasley -  the right-hand man. strategist. supporter. the glue. the muscle.

hermione granger - the brain. deceptive to the other side. focused. determined.

neville longbottom - the heart. d.a’s recruiter. dedicated. lover.

luna lovegood -  the spirit. openly bisexual. optimistic. hopeful. 

ginny weasley - the rebel. outspoken. aggressive. on the front line. 

draco malfoy - the wildcard. the double agent - truly on the side of the d.a. in love with harry potter. 

wow i sent an anon message to basically say “hope you feel better soon” to someone who said they were having a bad time

and they publicly responded with a sarcastic, passive aggressive message along the lines of ‘wow it means SO much to me!! to hear that from someone i don’t know or care about!! you’re too kind’

“whatever happened to normal fucking names?!”

lol shut up

your partner’s name is ‘locus’

you’re fighting a war on behalf of a covetous megalomaniac you knew as the name “control” for most of the job, you’re honestly sticking with it because you have fun dicking around killing people, and you deal with alien technology on a daily basis

you don’t get to complain about the lack of normal in your life

sirius black
always goes for the worst puns
interrupts people constantly
has to have the last word (always)
curses excessively when it will piss someone off (usually in french)
can pull, when required, but rarely uses this skill
will correct your grammar without hesitation
adds ‘fuck’ to innocuous wizarding phrases
sings, but only when drunk
delights in saying the one thing that will make everyone uncomfortable

peter pettigrew
pun-master extraordinaire
will never use the same pun twice
stammers more than is generally acceptable
uses your first name if you are pissing him off
cannot pull for shit, except when drunk
excessively borrows phrases & wears them out quickly
lets out long strings of curses when aggravated
sings the proper melodies but always fucks up the lyrics
makes up words and defends their honor to his death

remus lupin
goes for the subtle joke
will correct your grammar, but only in his head
will sit in silence for three solid minutes until he has formed his entire thought
uses the deadly calm voice if you are pissing him off
cannot flirt for shit but also never tries
king of passive-aggression okay
throws your own lines back at you five minutes later
curses excessively when when tired/ill
always knows the lyrics but refuses to sing in public
excellent vocabulary but not pretentious enough to use half of it

james potter
makes jokes based off something someone said ten minutes ago
uses filler words when trying to gather a thought
king of small talk & chatters incessantly
uses your surname if you are pissing him off
cannot flirt and/or pull for shit
can tell an excellent, if not entirely truthful, story
will correct your grammar by reusing the word properly in his next sentence curses excessively when drunk
cannot spell for shit
hums off key in the shower when he thinks no one can hear


Aggressively blurring the lines between 2d, 2.5d and 3d, Bakumatsu Rock proves it has the best official twitter account with genius birthday campaign for Takasugi Shinsaku (2016/8/20).

Remember what it was like to accuse a sibling of stealing a favorite possession? No matter how hard they protested or how strongly they insisted that maybe you should take a peek at that shithole you were calling a bedroom, it didn’t matter. Your Jem and the Holograms cassette was stolen, and you knew who took it.

Suspect interrogation is kind of like that. If the interrogator is convinced the suspect is guilty before the interrogation starts, it’s hard to change his mind. He or she will assume everything from cries of innocence to constant crotch-scratching is proof of guilt, which leads to a more aggressive line of questioning. But who cares? If the bad guy confesses, the good guys win – it’s the one time you know for sure you got the right guy. That’s why just about any confession makes a jury more likely to convict, even if the jury is told that the confession was coerced. After all, no matter what, an innocent person isn’t going to confess to something he didn’t do.


Wrong. It happens all the time. And we mean all the time.

5 Common Crime Fighting Tactics (Statistics Say Don’t Work)

In Memoriam: A memorial service is held for Sirius Black following his death. x

Harry hadn’t spoken a single word in almost 3 days. 

Molly knew this because she was listening… always listening… She was fixated on the hope that the young boy she had grown to love like a son, the young boy who had lived through too much, seen too much… would speak again. Eat again. That life would return to his green eyes, that the aggressive lines of pain carved into his face would fade away with time.

She had given up on trying to engage in conversation with him. He offered nothing more than a delayed fluttering of eyelids, a hesitant shift of weight. So she stopped trying. And she directed a sharp look towards anyone who offered him a consolatory question and expected an in-depth reply, anyone who commented that it was unhealthy to hold it all in… because she understood.

She understood that sometimes, sympathy from others was certainly appreciated, but neither needed nor desired. Sometimes, sitting together in silence is more than enough. A brief caress of the hand, staying attuned enough to know when it’s time to leave. Sometimes grief must be endured alone, especially for one who has suffered so deeply, who has heard the same chorus of words repeated time and time again like a broken record.

She knew precisely how Harry felt…

Leave home the stuttered “I’m sorry for your loss.” Don’t bother with the pitying expressions. Dry away the tears of foreign sorrow that almost anger you because they didn’t know him the way I did. Don’t bother with the clumsy attempts to resurrect pleasant memories of him as if this will make me not miss him more. Silence the well-intentioned lies— “It was his time to go” or “It’s ok”— because it wasn’t his time to go, it wasn’t, his life was stolen from him, from me, it’s not ok. The unnecessary positivity— “This should be seen as a celebration of life, not a mourning of death”— don’t tell me how to feel, how I should deal with my sorrow.

Molly sensed that Harry didn’t desire the warmth of another’s touch in the way that he flinched away from her when she tried to fold him in her arms. She imagined it was because it reminded him of the way Sirius hugged him, a way that very few had ever embraced him… it felt like the unconditionally loving arms of a father, a mother, and a sibling all wrapped in one and it likely shocked him to the core.

The morning of the memorial service, the majority of the Order gathered in Grimmauld Place. Molly had gone up to wake Ron and Ginny and to influence Harry to get ready, because she secretly feared that he wouldn’t move from his spot against the wall if she tried calling to him. She placed a fresh set of black robes on the bed for him and smoothed them over, silently gesturing towards them, and left. She only returned when she determined he had put them on, and felt saddened to see him back in the same spot on the floor, his knees drawn to his face, the clothing draped loosely over his thin frame. She touched him lightly, and he slowly looked up at her. She held out her hands to him, and he took them, and she hoisted him to his feet. Though he towered over the woman, she reached up to straighten his collar, to brush her fingers through the knots in his hair until he looked presentable. He looked at her for a long while and she looked at him, and understanding resonated between them. In that moment she knew that she would do everything in her power to treat him as dearly as the mother he never got the chance to know.

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