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I love people being bitter/angry on Tony's behalf, even in more subtle ways. And I feel like the majority of people would be on Tony's side? Like iron man merch is the top seller and the rest of the avengers merch is slowly cut back. Tony is the only one asked for his autograph. Tony is the only avenger that is personally requested for missions. He gets most of the questions at press releases and publicity showings. Just Tony getting all the love and the rogue avengers being largely ignored

Yes passive aggressiveness gimme!! *grabby hands*

I’d even ?soften? it a little and say sure, there are some staunch Iron Man fans that hate and despise the old team for their actions but the majority of the people doesn’t hate them. (Because lets face it, there will always be people supporting Captain America, just like there will always be people supporting Iron Man, independent of their actions.) So it’s the subtle changes that really matter.

Because while most people still trust the team to defend the world, the months of negative press and scandals have left their mark. And ironically the world hasn’t changed completely in the aftermath of the “civil war”, no.

But the ex-Avengers are now treated the way the public used to treat Tony. Suddenly their decisions and answers are questioned, simply because it’s them who’re saying it–and people have seen so many headlines linking them to criminals on the run, have seen so many political debates with the blame being shifted to them, that suddenly they don’t have to remind themselves that their heroes are human, they have to remind themselves that these humans are heroes. 

Whereas Tony is suddenly given the benefit of the doubt. Because Tony has been there through it all, Tony is a familiar face, he hasn’t changed. He’s accepted the demands for accountability, he’s been around to clean up the messes the fights within the team caused. He’s worked all these months tirelessly, always been around, not a single scandal, and so when he speaks, people listen because that’s what they’ve been doing for months now. And he’s always come through, so why should that change? Why shouldn’t they trust him?

And so, to his undying bewilderment, Tony finds himself being treated like Steve used to be treated.

How’s that for karma?