aggresive romantic

Six Sentence Sunday- 7/30/17

‘It feels like I’ve waited an eternity and I absolutely must kiss you now,” Sherlock said, his eyes not leaving Molly’s as he bent his head lower till his lips hovered a hair from hers.

“Sherlock, if you kiss me right here and now, with how I’m feeling…I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” she whispered amidst unsteady breaths, her back firmly against the door. 

“Music to my ears,” he purred in response.

“I think that perhaps it would be best…” Molly added, her hands languidly roaming over his chest and shoulders as she gave him a playful smirk, “if you unlock the door to our honeymoon suite first so that we don’t end up snogging and undoing my wedding dress right here in the hallway.”

Sherlock chuckled low as he took out the key card, slipping it in while still gazing into her eyes and speaking in a velvety soft tone. 

“Brilliant planning, as usual…Mrs. Holmes.”