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Can I have (poly) Roadrat, (separate) Zenyatta, D Va, and maybe Hanzo (if that's too many characters than u dont have to do Hanzo) going to a family dinner to meet their fem s/o's big family? I live with my Granny, two aunts, two uncles, three cousins, my cousin's two toddlers and my dog lol, and I like to think about things like that. Thank u in advance, and if you end up deciding not to do it, just know this is still one of my fave blogs! <3

Junkrat and Roadhog

  • They are recognized as soon as you enter the house
    • There’s some awkward silence before Junkrat just pipes up
      • “Anyone ready for some barbecue?”
  • Roadhog keeps and eye on Junkrat
    • Make sure he doesn’t cause any property damage
  • Junkrat just chatters to your grandma
    • Talking about how to perfectly barbecue stuff
      • You said no explosions or mentions of them
  • Roadhog sits ther
    • Just gruffly staring at Junkrat
      • Occassionally chiming in
    • He’ll pet the dog though
      • He gonna love that dog
  • Junkrat is surprisingly good with children
    • You just need to keep explosions away from them


  • He just floats there as they ask him questions
    • About the Shambali and how you met
    • He answers them goodnaturedly
    • His response are generally talking about you
      • He is enamoured
  • When he sees the dog he’s cooing to it
    • Gently stroking it’s head
  • The children are enamoured with him
    • As  he patiently watches them
    • Just letting them crawl all over him.

  • She knows this is important to you
    • So on her best behavour
  • She’ll talk to the older relatives on what she does
    • Letting them know about the streams
  • She’ll play video games with the children
    • Letting them win
    • They’re just loving her
    • Constantly showing their toys to her
  • She’s just so cheerful that they all love her immediately


  • He is in no way prepared for this
    • He aggreed knowing how important it was to you
    • But he is not good at being around people
  • He stands there awkwardly as they asking questions
    • Giving gruff one word answers
    • He just has never been more than the murderer his parents raised him to be
  • However he quickly earns their affection near the end of the nihgt
    • As he pulls you close and just holds you there
    • They’re swayed by his love for you
NCT Hyung Line (+Mark) reaction to their crush taking care of the NCT Dream members (younger trainees)

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The older boys had very tight schedules. So they couldn´t take care of the younger ones. Luckily there were you: a really close friends of the older boys and also Taeils crush. You would give the little ones adive about everything they want to know. Helping them with any problems. You were like the older sister of them and Taeil…. gosh Taeil fell in love with you again.

Taeil found it amazing how much you love and care about them. He would probably watch you guys and also smile to himself and hoping he can manage to get close to the Dream members too.

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Hmm I think Hansol would feel a little bit different by this. He would be happy seeing you taking care of the boys but would wonder why you´re doing that when you could spend your time with him.

But don´t worry I think he would find it adorable seeing you with them. Caring about them.

“Yah Y/N you´re not their mother why are you telling them how to dress?”

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 Johnny would be confused too. Like Hansol he would ask you why you act like a mother to them but seriously Johnny would tease you about it too. Not because he don´t like it but because he liked it.

“Y/N if want children so bad why wouldn´t you make some with me”

 – and then getting slaped.

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You are the officialy mom of the group and Taeyong is the dad.

He loves the fact that you share motherly feelings for the dream members- just like him.You guys would always trying to make the boys happy and giving them all the advice they need! You guys would buy them every food they want.

 Even baking their favorite cookies.

 But be careful. Taeyong isn´t called Cookie Monster for no reason.

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You were giving the younger ones all of your attention. Even if Yuta would cling to you. Chenle´s first love story was just so cute.

 Yuta would stay by your guys side and listen to everything your talking about. Although Yuta wouldn´t show it he would love the fact that you were taking care of the boys even when he is a little be jealous.

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Kun and WinWin

Kun,WinWin, you and the little chinese Dream boys would often hang out for some ice cream.

 You find their culture very interesting and would love it to learn chinese. Because of their tight schedule Kun and WinWin aren´t able to spend everyday with you guys but the two boys knew that you were taking care of the younger ones.

 Making the two older guys jealous.

“Y/N we are hungry too!!”

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Haechan was in love with this new girl in his class and needed your adive.

You were sitting there with him on his bed telling him how to impress her as Doyoung walked in the room.

“NOo Haechan you just have to be a manly man! Confess right away!” 

“Hyung are you serious?Even you still didn´t confess to Y/N Noona” said Haechan making Doyoung and you blush.

Doyoung scratched nervously his head. “Y/N your doing a great job… help him to get her…” said Doyoung before running out of the room making Haechan and you breaking into laugher.

(Haechan you better run)

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Ten would compliment you all the time! Telling you that you´re going to be a great mother in the future and that kind of stuff.He would be fascinated by how you take care of them.

 Would probably teas you a lot



“Ok but only if you give me a goodnight kiss too.”

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Jaehyun is the type of guy who falls in love with a girl who can be a great mother in the future.

 He would LOVE the way you take care of the boys. He would smile a lot to himself. He,you and the little ones would watch disney movies together, cook together and act like a real family.

 He also would give them good advice and would help you out if you needed help.

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Mark being the Leader of NCT Dream has to deal everyday with the boys.

He would be very greatful when you would help him out even if it where just a little. You would buy them food or cook them food. The other members would probably tease Mark about the fact that you were there. 

Sometimes even telling you to marry Mark because you would be a great mother making Mark blush. You jokely aggreeing with them.

“Mark you heard that? We would be great parents.” told you him making him even more blush.

 But he would agree. “Oohh. you think so? haha that may be true “

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“You really think, you got it?”, Jace asked you probably for the fourth time in a row and you sighed.
“I’m seven, not stupid”, you gave back and he smiled at you.
To you, Jace was your big brother as much as Alec was, even if you didn’t shar the same blood.

But he was the only one who took you serious enough to train with you. Everybody else, even Max, always told you that you were still too small.
But not Jace. He aggreed to at least show you how to defend yourself against an enemy.

“Well”, he said, twirling the axes in his heands around, “than come and try to stop me (y/N).”

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She’s beauty, She’s grace, She’s made out of concreté ~

Regarding the whole Concrete situation, despite I not aggreeing with how people reacted, and I’m not talking about the people that got sad and insulted about the description, you have the right to not like something that seems to be insulting even if it’s not on purpose, but about the people that even tho Lamar AND Rebecca apologied, they STILL threw insults at them, acting like spoiled children who doesn’t want justice and apologies but want to humiliate people for their mistakes (like wtf they are searching for people in the crewniverse with the same way of writting of that descrition like what? Mediaval folks searching for witches to throw at a big fire pit? boiiiiiiiii that’s wicked), I am sad that we won’t see more of her, the developed her, she’s seems to be a cute!! 

Btw, I have a headcanon that she would be just like Rhodonite with a mix of Rose Quartz Perhaps? And mabe she would be a earthbender? aaaaaaah that would be amazingggg OR HAVE BIG GAUNTLETS LIKE GARNET???

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Tuaf when you write a 5 page paper on why you think you're autistic and give it to your therapist. (You're very thorough and also cant stand the thought of people only having half the info, esp when it comes to something as important/sensitive as this.) And you stress about it for 2 weeks thinking she'll think you're dumb or a hypochondriac but no! She thinks your writing is great and aggrees with you! So you start the proscess for an informal diagnosis!!!!! (And happy flap to celebrate)

Starkquill prompt

New prompt / Mantis touching Tony and everybody see how he feels / like always english is not my first langage so be cool and send me a PM if you see some mistakes I need to correct ! :)

When the guardians where finally on earth for Peter - he wanted to see the planet he left years ago - they got the surprise to see a team called the Avengers. Those guys jumped on them right know and after some talk, they learned that this heroes already got a visit from some “aliens” and were scared to see them coming here with bad thoughts in mind.

Finally, a man named Fury allowed them to stay for a while here, in Tony’s giant tower.

When they met Tony for the first time without his armor, Peter asked Mantis to never touch him. He looked so sad, so tired of his life, and the leader of the guardians knew this Stark guy was going to be really mad if someone saw his broken soul.

Now, they were in the Stark tower for two months and things were going pretty well. Tony was actually very sweet with them, and Peter used to think he was a little more happy too. The hero loved working on some tech stuff with Rocket - nobody could understand them when they were talking about this. He was kinda scared of Gamora at first - it seems like she makes him think to someone else - but it was really better now, and he hanged out with her sometimes. They especially liked to make fun of Peter.

With Drax, it was kinda funny to see Tony using metaphors and the guy being totally lost about this.

Tony is also the only one with Rocket who is able to understand Groot - and looking at this three laughing makes Peter’s heart melt of joy. In this two months, he developed sort of a big crush on the genius. He always loved to flirt but with Tony it was really different - he knew the guy was sad, broken and he didn’t want to hurt him anymore with his stupid feelings. So he didn’t say anything and continue to enjoy Tony’s presence - even if sometimes he can’t help himself but flirt a little.

Stark talked about the team Cap to them - and if the guardians didn’t say a word, they were really mad to learn how those guys acted with their new friend. He was really sweet with them and didn’t deserve all this hate.

This day, Tony was in the kitchen with Groot, playing with some strange toys and little robots. The playboy was laughing softly, a shy smile on his face when he noticed Peter.

“Hey, ” Iron man said.

“Hey Starlight,” the leader of the guardians answered with a big smile, really happy to see his friend turning red.

“Stop this” Tony laughed.

Obviously he didn’t trust him about the flirt. He was to used to this, to all the lies. But it wasn’t enough to stop Peter - he was decided to show him his support, and his love.

“I am serious, you look cute when you play with Groot”.

Tony wanted to say something but Friday said suddenly :

“Sir, we got a call from director Fury”.

Stark’s face frowned at this and answered :

“And what ?”

“We have to talk about the Accords now, Stark” the voice of the director said without a hello.

He sounded already annoyed by all of this.

“I thought all of this was done” Peter mumbled.

“What do you want?” Tony added.

“Captain Rogers finally decided to talk about the Accords and make a deal with us”, Fury explained.

A sarcastic laugh left Tony’s lips and he shook his head.

“We’re going to meet each other, then…”

Peter hated how tired he looked at this words, and when the director ended the call, he can’t help but take Tony’s hands in his and say :

“We’re going to stay here with you. We will protect you.”

The genius smiled a little - he was scared, terrified, but the guardians were here. It was going to be ok, right ?


“Stark,” the voice of Steve was rough, and sounded a bit mad, and Peter feels his anger growing when he saw how scared Tony was. But the guy fixed Cap with some pride on his face, a sarcastic smile on his lips, like everything’s ok - but it wasn’t, Star Lord knew it.

“Yo, Capt'ain. You look bad, actually. If you can’t afford a razor, maybe I can help you,” Tony said with the worst smile on his face.

Steve looked kinda mad at this - he hadn’t touched his beard since weeks, it was true, but he had some other things in head.

“Im not going to say anything…” Rogers groaned. “So, about the Accords…”

“I don’t think Tony is going to accept any concessions”.

Steve turned his face to Peter and said :

“I don’t know who you are, but I don’t think its your problem. Its between Tony and me.”

“Since Tony is our friend, its actually our problem too.”

“And who the fuck are you?!”

“The guardians of the galaxy. I think the name say it all, you know.”

Steve laughed in front of all of them, and even Fury didn’t know how to act about this. He turned his face to the rest of his team - Natasha was too busy watching Gamora with a dead glare, but the others looked really amused.

“If you say so” he finally said.

“What is so funny about this ?!” Rocket claimed, a paw on one of his guns.

“We don’t need you and these things you call “friends” here. The Avengers are already here.“

Peter wanted to kill him.

“Are you deaf ?! I said "of the galaxy”. You know, there’s other people in the universe than you and your little team, and we protect all of them.“

"It doesn’t matter. I have to talk with Tony face to face.”

To be honest, Peter didn’t know how to act when Tony said yes and left the room with the guy. It seems like it was just a bad idea.

The team Cap was in the tower for two months now, because they found a deal for the Accords, and cohabitation was kinda difficult between them. The Guardians and the Avengers worked together, but the only thing who keep them without falling appart was probably Tony. He tried is best for everyone to be happy - even if he looked himself so sad everyday.

They just finished a mission right know and they were going home. Tony left his suit in the tower and reached for the couch, curled on it with a sweet blanket. Peter smiled at this, especially when Groot and Rocket joined him without a word.

The raccoon hated how people acted with him sometimes, like he was only a stupid animal but it was different with Tony - he loved cuddling with the superhero in front of the TV, forgetting who he was and happy to feel all the love coming from the genius. Peter wanted to act the same with Tony, but, well…

“Stark, I think you forget we have a meeting about the mission.” Steve said when he enters in the room.

“Im too tired. We can do it tomorrow…”

“You’re annoying. Do your fucking job, Stark !” Natasha added.

Tony didn’t say anything but Peter noticed how he grabbed Rocket harder, but the raccoon just put a paw on his arm, softly.

“We’re all tired here, the job was exhausting !” Gamora sighed, rolling her eyes at Romanoff.

Clint was watching them. He was tired of Tony attitude, how he finished in jail because of him. It was time to change all of this. Without a sound, he reached Mantis in a corner of the room and said :

“Hey, don’t you think its sad to see them hating each other?”

The girl shook his head, totally aggree with the guy. She was someone really sweet and hated how people can act like this.

“I want to help Tony but I don’t know how,” she murmured with a sad smile, her big dark eyes fixed on Stark.

“I think I know how. Touch him,” Barton proposed, hidding his smile.
“But Peter say-” Mantis started.

“I know Tony since years now, trust me. If we know how he feels, it will be better to help him.”

It was a lie, obviously - Clint only wanted to show to everyone how selfish Tony was. But Mantis was too innocent, so she approached the couch, and before Peter can stop her, she touched Tony.

Directly, it was pain. Mantis feels like she was alone, even surrounded by friends. Like nobody was going to love her. Like she was nothing but a disapointment. It was a hole in her chest and her heart was so heavy, she thought she was going to throw but she just started to cry loudly, all her body shaking of pain and sadness.

“Wh-why…?!” she cried, her knees on the carpet. “Im sorry…I only wanted love… I am so sorry…!”

It was a dead silence in the room and everybody looked right at Tony. He didn’t say anything, grabbed his soft blanket and put it on Mantis’ shoulders. She didn’t want to feel the pain anymore but she still grabbed his shirt, and added again :

“I am sorry… I just want-”

“I know,” Tony stopped her, gently touching her hair, like she was some sort of a pet who need comfort. “You are loved, honey. The guardians love you.”

She smiled a little and grabbed the blanket tightly. Tony knew how Mantis powers worked…and he knew the pain she was feeling from him. He was used to it, but Mantis…it was new for her, she wasn’t strong enough to support all of this.

“Tony, we-” Steve started.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Rogers.” Stark persiffled.

He turned to Clint and added, his face looking really angry :

“Why have you asked her to touch me?”

“Oh, calm down ! Go find love, idiot. If its the only thing you want.”

The smile of Clint at this words was horrible - like he was about to laugh. Tony’s face went red and he didn’t say anything but Peter, in fact, did :

“Go away. Right now.”

His voice was calm, but inside of him it was a true storm, determined to destroy all of them and protect Tony who was about to cry.

Steve wanted to say something but the look on Peter’s face stopped him. All the guardians waited for them to go away, and finally the captain grabbed Clint’s arm, looking really mad, and some seconds later they were all gone.

Directly, Tony fell on his knees and started to cry softly too, right in front of Mantis and all of them. The guardians ran to him and Peter murmured :

“It is ok, we love you. We’re not going to left you behind.”

“I- I just…”

“Shhh, I know. Since we are on Earth, we noticed how sad you are here, Tony. We will go back to space soon, and you’ll come with us.” Peter proposed - but it wasn’t really a choice, because he can’t think about his life without the genius now.

“I can’t- this world need me…” Tony murmured.

“They have their "Avengers”. That’s enough, come with us. You already made too much for this planet and nobody cares. Thats not fair for you, you have to think to your happiness now.

Gently, Peter put his lips on his forehead, keeping him safe between his arms. They were going to show him what family truly was - what love was.

Sorry for the long post, I am going to put the “read more” later :) feel free to send me a prompt on ANY unpopular ship of the MCU :)

It's just a one night thing - ch1 dluh

“Where are you going?” My friends yelled at me over the music while I walked away from them.
“To the water.” I yelled back. I’m honestly not a fan of parties, I’d rather be home than in a crowd. I’m on vacation in LA for a few weeks with three of my friends then i’m heading on my own to who knows where.

I sat on the sand staring at the dark waters.
“Kilo! Come here!” I heard someone yell in a distance. I turned my head to where the sound was coming from. I could see someone running in the distance after a small four legged figure.
“Hey buddy.” I called out to the puppy who fell probably stardled by my voice. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I laughed and grabbed the small puppy in my hands. I pet his little head and walked towards his owner.
“Trouble keeping up with this little guy?” I laughed handing the guys dog back. He quickly put his dogs coller back in his neck and hugged him tightly.
“You have no idea.” He smiled back at me, he was so hot. “Thanks for catching him, he can run like this for miles.”
“My pleasure.” I petted the puppy’s head as he tried to lick my hands. “Whats this cuties name?”
“Kilo, I got him not too long ago and as you can see he’s full of energy. Were you at the party?” He asked putting Kilo down.
“Ya but my friends were kind of annoying me.”
“How come?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that whenever they get high they become annoying.”
“Oh, that must suck.” I nodded my head and stared down at my feet. “I should probably head back, it was nice meeting you.” I started walking back but he called me up.
“I’m going to walk back with you, my friends are actually there and I was suppose to leave them my dog.” He walked up to my side and we walked back to the party in silence.

“My friends over there.” The boy said over the music.
“And that’s my best friend with him.” I smiled at Corinna since she was on the verge of hooking up with a hot guy.
“Skate!” The brown haired guy turned his head towards us at the sound of his name.
“Yo Derek!” He smiled and brought Derek in a bro hug. “Who you with?” He nodded his head towards me.
“Uhm…” he looked over at me and I realised that we’ve never even introduced eachother to one another.
“Y/N.” I smiled and pulled my hand out to shake it. “Nice to meet you.”
“Same goes here.” Skate smiled back. “So you ready for tomorrow?” He asked his friend.
“I’m stocked man.” His face lit up at the thought of whatever was hapening tomorrow. “But I’m not done packing so I should head back.”
“Anyways.” I cut off their conversation. “I’m going to leave you guy and head back to the motel. You’re okay if I leave right away?” I asked Corinna. She nodded her head and smiled looking up at Skate.
“I think I’ll be fine, plus I don’t think the other girls are done partying just yet.” She pointed to two girls dancing together on the dance floor.
“Okay, then I’ll see you later. It was nice meeting you guys.” I smiled and started walking away but stopped when I was called out by Derek.
“Are you heading that way?” He pointed to the right side of the beach, I nodded my head. “Wait up.” He gave his friend Kilo and gave him a kiss on the head which gave me butterflies in my stomach. I’m a dog lover as you can see. He jogged back to me and I started walking back with him.
“Do you live in LA?” Derek asked me as I took my shoes off for it to be easier to walk.
“I’m only here for another week then I’m leaving.”
“Oh, and where are you going next?” I shrugged.
“I have no idea.” The truth is that I left home since I was miserable over there and I’m just trying to find a place that’s going to make me happy again. “I just want to see the world.” He looked over at me and smiled. “What?”
“Nothing, I just think that it’s cool.”
“Tell that to my family.” I mumbled looking down at my feet.
“How come?”
“Lets just say they’re not to happy that their daughter dropped out of college to travel.”
“Well are you happy you did?”
“I don’t know yet.” I answered honestly. We talked for a while about how he was leaving for a few months on tour with his friends and that he was a rapper. Talking to him was quite fun actually and I wasn’t scared of saying what I thought since I would never see him again. We walked off the beach and went threw a couple of streets before arriving at a creepy motel.
“This is where I’m staying.” I pointed to the reacked place.
“You’re staying there?” He looked at the place in disgust.“
“It’s not that bad. I mean yes we have ant problems and the floor sinks and the shower only gives us cold water but we have air conditioning and its extremely cheap.” I laughed but he just stared at the place. “Its the only thing I can afford in California, it’s better than nothing.” He hesitated but ended up aggreeing with me. “Wanna come sit with me, I’m not really tired anymore.”
“Sure.” He followed me at the swing hanging from the roof of the motel. It’s actually the only thing I like about this place.

We talked for hours and the sun was starting to rise. “So why did you leave everything behind to travel?” I was hesitant to tell him. I wasn’t used to people actually asking questions about me.
“I don’t really want to talk about deep stuff.”
“Oh come on, we’ve been talking for 6 hours, at this point I think we can talk about the deep stuff.”
His hand was still resting on my thigh but inched a little higher making me want him more. He was so attractive.
“I wasn’t happy back home. I was miserable.” He stared down at me with a questionable look. “I struggled with bulimia and self-harm.” At that moment it’s as if he could see the scars on my legs and the fading one on my arms, probably since it wasn’t as dark outside anymore. He took my arm in his hand and strocked the tattoo on my arm.
“What is this?”
“A reminder.” I started at the writting ‘fight off your demons.’
“What’s your biggest fear?” He asked, I couldn’t look at his face so i stared at a car parked far away.
“Not to make it. Not being strong enought to continue anymore.”
“I totally get it, I’ve thought about it too.” I furrowed my eyebrows confused. “Hey, don’t give me that look, good looking guys can also struggle in life.” He chuckled lighting up the mood. “I had problems with drugs in high school and I almost killed myself, which I ended up not doing, but still, I hated myself so much, I didn’t see a purpose anymore.” I stared at him playing with my necklace not really knowing what to say. “Promise me something?” I waited for him to continue. “Promise me you wont do it. Promise me you wont end it.” I couldn’t promise that, but at the moment I was happy and I couldn’t possibly think of that.
“I promise.” His head started leaning down as we stared into eachothers eyes. A part of me wanted to do it but another wanted to push him away. His lips connected to mine but I quickly pushed him away. “Wait!” I blurted out.
“Whats wrong.”
“I need to admit something.” He looked at me confused. “I’ve never kissed a guy.” He looked at me surprised.
“What!? I don’t believe you.”
“I swear. I’ve never kissed anyone or been with a guy ever in my life.”
“But your hot and beautiful, how could you not.”
“I don’t know guys back home just don’t see me that way and I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like an idiot now.” I babled but he quickly cut me off laughing.
“Don’t stress you were actual pretty good.” He said making me a little more nervous. “Just relax.” He kissed me again but this time I didn’t push him away. He deepened the kiss and I could feel his hands untying my jeans shorts and I let him. Derek’s hands slid in my short touching me and filling me with pleasure as I slightly tugged at his hair. I heard a door opened and we quickly pulled apart acting all casual.
“Worst timing ever.” I giggled tying my pants back. I could see Corinna walking in the parking of the motel with a smile on her face.
“You guys are still together?” She smirked. “What have you guys been up to?”
“Nothing, we were just talking.” I lied and stood up and so did Derek.
“Sure you were.” I rolled my eyes and waited for her to enter our room before speaking up again.
“I think I’m going to go sleep now and I think you should go finish packing since you’re leaving in 2 hours.”
“I should.”
“So I guess this is goodbye.”
“I guess it is.” I stood up on my toes and kissed his cheek. “Good night Derek.” I said before closing the door to my room.

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This has probably been made obvious before because of the latest chapter, but just so to avoid any confusion, what is Ui's real intentions and what he said about him aggreing?? Did he aggree to Take or Hajime?

It’s fine Anon, not everything in the story is completely obvious. I don’t mind answering questions like this at all. I totally miss out on completely obvious details all the time and I’ve reread tokyo ghoul like five times. 

Jaminis box and mangastream have almost wildly different translations on this one, so take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt I suppose.

Basically what Hajime is questioning here is how Take can stand there with a completely blank face and not say anything as he’s betraying the CCG. Remember, Hajime was about as much of a CCG loyalist as Amon. He completely buys into the belief that ghouls are horrible monsters that need to be destroyed. Therefore he stops and questions for a moment, how Take is about to come out on the side of ghouls, but do absolutely nothing to justify himself. 

I mean, I might be reading slightly into this but he questions “Do you realize what you’re about to do?” That’s probably in reference to the fact that Take a former CCG officer is now about to risk his life potentially in the defense of ghouls. 

The specific details about what Hajime is asking about though is not really as important as the motive behind it. The reason he’s asking so many questions and running his mouth is that he’s trying to provoke a reaction out of Take. “Why don’t you say something?” and “You look pretty funny with that blank stare of yours” both of those are lines that indicate that Hajime does not understand Take’s motive at all in what he’s about to do. Not only that, but Take is giving nothing away himself and making himself impossible to understand as well because of his own insistence on keeping his silent, stoic, attitude the same as ever. This is a running theme with Take, he’s implied to have a lot more going on in his head but always dismisses himself as not being important, relevant or special. He’s essentially a guy that looks like villager #2, but nobody is really a random bystander as much as they seem that way.

Anyway, even if Take did explain himself it would probably be lost on Hajime in the moment. He’s far too radicalized at this point to accept anything other than wholesale slaughter. However, that is exactly why Ui stepped onto the scene.

What Ui agrees with here essentially, is what Hajime was rattling off in an attempt to provoke a reaction from Take. Hajime can’t understand Take at all, and Take doesn’t help to explain himself by always having that blank expression on his face. That’s the part Ui agrees with, but rather than a child running their mouth for Ui it is more personal. Remember from Ui’s perspective Take who is the closest person that Ui has to a best friend (His four hobbies are, horsies alone, scrapbooking alone, karaoke alone, and drinking with Take), decided to one day betray and kill Arima their shared mentor, and then leave the CCG to join the side of ghouls their enemy. Not only did he do that, but he id not even bother to explain to anybody, Ui included why he would ever try to do something like that.

In a way Ui is double burned by the betrayal. Not only did Ui suddenly lose his mentor and his best (work) friend in the same blow, but also that friend betrayed all of their ideals without even bothering to trust Ui and attempt to explain himself. Not only can he not believe his loss, Ui can’t even understand why this happened.

Kuramoto even brings this up to Ui himself, and even though Ui dismisses it considering the fact that he cried about two seconds later it’s probably true that he agrees. Not only has he lost two important people, but the remaining ones do not even trust him enough or value him enough to keep him in the loop or try to explain their actions. 

Kuramoto even says beforehand, Take is inscrutable but he had to have his reasons for his own actions right? He had to care about us? For Ui though, the thought that Take did care but chose to take those actions anyway was too much for him to handle. The loss of those people was too great, so much so that even though Haise and Take are still alive and there was still a chance for Ui to have reached them it’s easier to just come down hard and say that their intentions didn’t matter. That there was no reason for their actions, and to only look at the actions themselves. 

Of course Ui is not right for choosing to mow down ghouls left and right in response to his own sense of betrayal and abandonment at being left behind by all the people in his life. 

However, there is a clear breakdown of communication here and Take plays a role in it. Perhaps part of the reason that Take didn’t explain himself is because he couldn’t, it’s what Arima observed of him.

Take avoids thinking critically too much about himself or his own actions, even when he’s placed specifically in a role where he should, being the lieutenant of a rebellion of ideals after all. His only justification for himself so far is that I’m doing what Arima told me to do because I thought it would please him. 

However, Ui likely is operating on that same logic. The flaw is of course that Ui was not let into what Arima truly wanted, he was not trusted with that information. Thus he can only follow what he thought it was that Arima wanted, which means sticking with the CCG. 

In a way both men are following the two sides of Arima’s legacy. Take follows the rebellious one eyed king who betrayed the CCG to give hope to ghouls, but also to the half ghoul children of the Washuu, while Ui follows the CCG’s reaper whose nonstop slaughter of ghouls inspired fellow CCG officers. 

What partially causes Ui’s choice though, is that he does not know. The reason he does not know is Take never bothered to explain himself. He’s let in on all of these secrets such as the Garden and Arima’s true purpose, but rather than acting for himself in the way he thinks best for this information as Arima probably intended when he left Take in charge, Take still acts eternally as the subordinate who has no choice but to follow his master’s orders. 

What Ui is agreeing with is the fact that Take is inscrutable, that his face gives away no reasoning as to how he could possibly justify the betrayal he’s done. Ui cannot understand Take at all. However, at the same time Take never really trusted Ui or tried to help Ui understand him.So we have a breakdown in communication that comes from the flaws of both boys present. Ui does not want to face his grief, and Take does not want to give up his own habit of downplaying himself, or even try to explain his own reasoning for doing things. Therefore, Take vs Ui was always destined to happen as a conflict and something that is probably going to result in a major change for both Take and Ui at the end of this conflict. 

Guys, there’s thins thing troubling me for a long time. Its about Dan and Phil’s vidcon podcast where they talked about how they lost their flight etc etc- you know, and the thing is, what would they present to the audience if that didnt happen? My concern is that maybe they lied to us. Im so, so sad that im thinking that but its really something questionable. Ive seen a lot of people talking about it and i want more opinions. If they actually lied, it means they only cared about how much money they could make from this, and how much more famouse they could get by this little story. I mean, it has everything: a prediction, a tragic mistake, a last minute incident, a cute disagreement about who’s fault it was. Dont get me wrong though, i don’t completely aggree with that lets say im 40% positive this happened. But it makes me sad, if this concept is real, it means that fame has changed them for good just like many more youtubers and theyre becoming commercial. Correct me if im wrong i would love to read your thoughts about it. And please dont attack me im sensitive and small- I absolutely love dan and phil with all my heart. This is just a thing that makes me kinda sad

Another cute Amasai imagine:

Rantaro and Shuichi are very sweet boys who are in love with each other. Shuichi is prone to having anxiety attacks, so he and Rantaro have aggreed that whenever Shuichi is overwhelmed by anxiety, he texts Rantaro who immediately comes over to him to his room or at lunch, whenever the two are available with bunches of crayons, colored pencils, and black-and-white pictures. Cue Rantaro just spilled cryaons out on a table and the two boys Get To Work coloring as many pictures as they can. Shuichi likes to think about what colors he needs for the image and spends quite a bit of time mulling over the crayons and picking out about 5-6 colors at a time. Rantaro is very patient and lets his boyfriend take all the time he needs to chose his colors carefully. Then he picks any color left and begins to work, not really caring if the color matches. Shuichi still keeps each and every picture both he and Rantaro made in a desk drawer in his room as a reminder of the love his boyfriend has for him.

Inaho’s robot eye has gained sentience and is bitter over being removed once the war ended. It hacks into the Kataphrakts and controls them all gaining an army of pilotless Kats. The UFE is defenseless against it, Inaho tries to stop it but roboeye knows Inaho too well and can predict his every move. Nothing is working, humanity is ruined.

There is only one thing to do. The UFE salvages the wreckage of the Sleipnir and Tharsis, the only two mechas offline to roboeye. There are not enough parts to rebuild them, so they combine the two mechas. The only problem is that the combined mecha is now dual piloted.

They need a second pilot who is unpredictable, and daring, whose files roboeye has no access to, a dead man.

Inaho goes to Slaine. “Redeem yourself, save the world.” he tells him. Slaine reluctantly aggrees.

Epic music. At the infamous Sawano drop, the title ALDNOAH THE MOVIE flashes on screen. Together, they will save their home.