BGWP strikes again

Well I don’t aggree with the whole “Caryl is romantic”-Stuff, i do see that there’s a strong friendly relationship but okay.

“Few in Numbers” ?

I do think that there are way more Caryl-Shipper than Bethyl-Shipper.

BGWP aggrees that Caryl-Shipper are “Weird”…okay this comes from a perosn who reblogs things like this:

And This

So tell me…who’s the weirdo again?

Inaho’s robot eye has gained sentience and is bitter over being removed once the war ended. It hacks into the Kataphrakts and controls them all gaining an army of pilotless Kats. The UFE is defenseless against it, Inaho tries to stop it but roboeye knows Inaho too well and can predict his every move. Nothing is working, humanity is ruined.

There is only one thing to do. The UFE salvages the wreckage of the Sleipnir and Tharsis, the only two mechas offline to roboeye. There are not enough parts to rebuild them, so they combine the two mechas. The only problem is that the combined mecha is now dual piloted.

They need a second pilot who is unpredictable, and daring, whose files roboeye has no access to, a dead man.

Inaho goes to Slaine. “Redeem yourself, save the world.” he tells him. Slaine reluctantly aggrees.

Epic music. At the infamous Sawano drop, the title ALDNOAH THE MOVIE flashes on screen. Together, they will save their home.


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Dear Diary v.1

Dear Diary,

You don’t exsist. Because I’m freaking dead. And I don’t have hands or pockets. 

Today everything comes up jackpot for Big-D:
- Glitter Lap aggreed to let me “help” him during the purge, I’m sure I can leverage my help, and my silence on the matter into favors from him.
- Mot came back, I know have some who will actually innovate AND follow orders. He might be unruely, but he’s better than the alternative.
-Ianite hass vanished into the Ether. If she’s like me she isn’t going to be gone for long, our family doesn’t stay dead. And once the pendulum swings back she’ll have to show to keep things “balanced” But in the mean time, I felt as if she has granted her powers to her flock; Martha, Glitter, and Andor. Due to our relationship 2/3 of those are easy to either bargain with or blackmail for favors when the thing needs doing. However direct godly intervention should my dong-holster of a repressed brother try to relieve me of my new mortal coil again is now out of the question. 

All in all, major net win.