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Can I have (poly) Roadrat, (separate) Zenyatta, D Va, and maybe Hanzo (if that's too many characters than u dont have to do Hanzo) going to a family dinner to meet their fem s/o's big family? I live with my Granny, two aunts, two uncles, three cousins, my cousin's two toddlers and my dog lol, and I like to think about things like that. Thank u in advance, and if you end up deciding not to do it, just know this is still one of my fave blogs! <3

Junkrat and Roadhog

  • They are recognized as soon as you enter the house
    • There’s some awkward silence before Junkrat just pipes up
      • “Anyone ready for some barbecue?”
  • Roadhog keeps and eye on Junkrat
    • Make sure he doesn’t cause any property damage
  • Junkrat just chatters to your grandma
    • Talking about how to perfectly barbecue stuff
      • You said no explosions or mentions of them
  • Roadhog sits ther
    • Just gruffly staring at Junkrat
      • Occassionally chiming in
    • He’ll pet the dog though
      • He gonna love that dog
  • Junkrat is surprisingly good with children
    • You just need to keep explosions away from them


  • He just floats there as they ask him questions
    • About the Shambali and how you met
    • He answers them goodnaturedly
    • His response are generally talking about you
      • He is enamoured
  • When he sees the dog he’s cooing to it
    • Gently stroking it’s head
  • The children are enamoured with him
    • As  he patiently watches them
    • Just letting them crawl all over him.

  • She knows this is important to you
    • So on her best behavour
  • She’ll talk to the older relatives on what she does
    • Letting them know about the streams
  • She’ll play video games with the children
    • Letting them win
    • They’re just loving her
    • Constantly showing their toys to her
  • She’s just so cheerful that they all love her immediately


  • He is in no way prepared for this
    • He aggreed knowing how important it was to you
    • But he is not good at being around people
  • He stands there awkwardly as they asking questions
    • Giving gruff one word answers
    • He just has never been more than the murderer his parents raised him to be
  • However he quickly earns their affection near the end of the nihgt
    • As he pulls you close and just holds you there
    • They’re swayed by his love for you
NCT Hyung Line (+Mark) reaction to their crush taking care of the NCT Dream members (younger trainees)

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The older boys had very tight schedules. So they couldn´t take care of the younger ones. Luckily there were you: a really close friends of the older boys and also Taeils crush. You would give the little ones adive about everything they want to know. Helping them with any problems. You were like the older sister of them and Taeil…. gosh Taeil fell in love with you again.

Taeil found it amazing how much you love and care about them. He would probably watch you guys and also smile to himself and hoping he can manage to get close to the Dream members too.

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Hmm I think Hansol would feel a little bit different by this. He would be happy seeing you taking care of the boys but would wonder why you´re doing that when you could spend your time with him.

But don´t worry I think he would find it adorable seeing you with them. Caring about them.

“Yah Y/N you´re not their mother why are you telling them how to dress?”

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 Johnny would be confused too. Like Hansol he would ask you why you act like a mother to them but seriously Johnny would tease you about it too. Not because he don´t like it but because he liked it.

“Y/N if want children so bad why wouldn´t you make some with me”

 – and then getting slaped.

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You are the officialy mom of the group and Taeyong is the dad.

He loves the fact that you share motherly feelings for the dream members- just like him.You guys would always trying to make the boys happy and giving them all the advice they need! You guys would buy them every food they want.

 Even baking their favorite cookies.

 But be careful. Taeyong isn´t called Cookie Monster for no reason.

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You were giving the younger ones all of your attention. Even if Yuta would cling to you. Chenle´s first love story was just so cute.

 Yuta would stay by your guys side and listen to everything your talking about. Although Yuta wouldn´t show it he would love the fact that you were taking care of the boys even when he is a little be jealous.

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Kun and WinWin

Kun,WinWin, you and the little chinese Dream boys would often hang out for some ice cream.

 You find their culture very interesting and would love it to learn chinese. Because of their tight schedule Kun and WinWin aren´t able to spend everyday with you guys but the two boys knew that you were taking care of the younger ones.

 Making the two older guys jealous.

“Y/N we are hungry too!!”

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Haechan was in love with this new girl in his class and needed your adive.

You were sitting there with him on his bed telling him how to impress her as Doyoung walked in the room.

“NOo Haechan you just have to be a manly man! Confess right away!” 

“Hyung are you serious?Even you still didn´t confess to Y/N Noona” said Haechan making Doyoung and you blush.

Doyoung scratched nervously his head. “Y/N your doing a great job… help him to get her…” said Doyoung before running out of the room making Haechan and you breaking into laugher.

(Haechan you better run)

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Ten would compliment you all the time! Telling you that you´re going to be a great mother in the future and that kind of stuff.He would be fascinated by how you take care of them.

 Would probably teas you a lot



“Ok but only if you give me a goodnight kiss too.”

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Jaehyun is the type of guy who falls in love with a girl who can be a great mother in the future.

 He would LOVE the way you take care of the boys. He would smile a lot to himself. He,you and the little ones would watch disney movies together, cook together and act like a real family.

 He also would give them good advice and would help you out if you needed help.

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Mark being the Leader of NCT Dream has to deal everyday with the boys.

He would be very greatful when you would help him out even if it where just a little. You would buy them food or cook them food. The other members would probably tease Mark about the fact that you were there. 

Sometimes even telling you to marry Mark because you would be a great mother making Mark blush. You jokely aggreeing with them.

“Mark you heard that? We would be great parents.” told you him making him even more blush.

 But he would agree. “Oohh. you think so? haha that may be true “

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Tuaf when you write a 5 page paper on why you think you're autistic and give it to your therapist. (You're very thorough and also cant stand the thought of people only having half the info, esp when it comes to something as important/sensitive as this.) And you stress about it for 2 weeks thinking she'll think you're dumb or a hypochondriac but no! She thinks your writing is great and aggrees with you! So you start the proscess for an informal diagnosis!!!!! (And happy flap to celebrate)

It's just a one night thing - ch1 dluh

“Where are you going?” My friends yelled at me over the music while I walked away from them.
“To the water.” I yelled back. I’m honestly not a fan of parties, I’d rather be home than in a crowd. I’m on vacation in LA for a few weeks with three of my friends then i’m heading on my own to who knows where.

I sat on the sand staring at the dark waters.
“Kilo! Come here!” I heard someone yell in a distance. I turned my head to where the sound was coming from. I could see someone running in the distance after a small four legged figure.
“Hey buddy.” I called out to the puppy who fell probably stardled by my voice. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I laughed and grabbed the small puppy in my hands. I pet his little head and walked towards his owner.
“Trouble keeping up with this little guy?” I laughed handing the guys dog back. He quickly put his dogs coller back in his neck and hugged him tightly.
“You have no idea.” He smiled back at me, he was so hot. “Thanks for catching him, he can run like this for miles.”
“My pleasure.” I petted the puppy’s head as he tried to lick my hands. “Whats this cuties name?”
“Kilo, I got him not too long ago and as you can see he’s full of energy. Were you at the party?” He asked putting Kilo down.
“Ya but my friends were kind of annoying me.”
“How come?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that whenever they get high they become annoying.”
“Oh, that must suck.” I nodded my head and stared down at my feet. “I should probably head back, it was nice meeting you.” I started walking back but he called me up.
“I’m going to walk back with you, my friends are actually there and I was suppose to leave them my dog.” He walked up to my side and we walked back to the party in silence.

“My friends over there.” The boy said over the music.
“And that’s my best friend with him.” I smiled at Corinna since she was on the verge of hooking up with a hot guy.
“Skate!” The brown haired guy turned his head towards us at the sound of his name.
“Yo Derek!” He smiled and brought Derek in a bro hug. “Who you with?” He nodded his head towards me.
“Uhm…” he looked over at me and I realised that we’ve never even introduced eachother to one another.
“Y/N.” I smiled and pulled my hand out to shake it. “Nice to meet you.”
“Same goes here.” Skate smiled back. “So you ready for tomorrow?” He asked his friend.
“I’m stocked man.” His face lit up at the thought of whatever was hapening tomorrow. “But I’m not done packing so I should head back.”
“Anyways.” I cut off their conversation. “I’m going to leave you guy and head back to the motel. You’re okay if I leave right away?” I asked Corinna. She nodded her head and smiled looking up at Skate.
“I think I’ll be fine, plus I don’t think the other girls are done partying just yet.” She pointed to two girls dancing together on the dance floor.
“Okay, then I’ll see you later. It was nice meeting you guys.” I smiled and started walking away but stopped when I was called out by Derek.
“Are you heading that way?” He pointed to the right side of the beach, I nodded my head. “Wait up.” He gave his friend Kilo and gave him a kiss on the head which gave me butterflies in my stomach. I’m a dog lover as you can see. He jogged back to me and I started walking back with him.
“Do you live in LA?” Derek asked me as I took my shoes off for it to be easier to walk.
“I’m only here for another week then I’m leaving.”
“Oh, and where are you going next?” I shrugged.
“I have no idea.” The truth is that I left home since I was miserable over there and I’m just trying to find a place that’s going to make me happy again. “I just want to see the world.” He looked over at me and smiled. “What?”
“Nothing, I just think that it’s cool.”
“Tell that to my family.” I mumbled looking down at my feet.
“How come?”
“Lets just say they’re not to happy that their daughter dropped out of college to travel.”
“Well are you happy you did?”
“I don’t know yet.” I answered honestly. We talked for a while about how he was leaving for a few months on tour with his friends and that he was a rapper. Talking to him was quite fun actually and I wasn’t scared of saying what I thought since I would never see him again. We walked off the beach and went threw a couple of streets before arriving at a creepy motel.
“This is where I’m staying.” I pointed to the reacked place.
“You’re staying there?” He looked at the place in disgust.“
“It’s not that bad. I mean yes we have ant problems and the floor sinks and the shower only gives us cold water but we have air conditioning and its extremely cheap.” I laughed but he just stared at the place. “Its the only thing I can afford in California, it’s better than nothing.” He hesitated but ended up aggreeing with me. “Wanna come sit with me, I’m not really tired anymore.”
“Sure.” He followed me at the swing hanging from the roof of the motel. It’s actually the only thing I like about this place.

We talked for hours and the sun was starting to rise. “So why did you leave everything behind to travel?” I was hesitant to tell him. I wasn’t used to people actually asking questions about me.
“I don’t really want to talk about deep stuff.”
“Oh come on, we’ve been talking for 6 hours, at this point I think we can talk about the deep stuff.”
His hand was still resting on my thigh but inched a little higher making me want him more. He was so attractive.
“I wasn’t happy back home. I was miserable.” He stared down at me with a questionable look. “I struggled with bulimia and self-harm.” At that moment it’s as if he could see the scars on my legs and the fading one on my arms, probably since it wasn’t as dark outside anymore. He took my arm in his hand and strocked the tattoo on my arm.
“What is this?”
“A reminder.” I started at the writting ‘fight off your demons.’
“What’s your biggest fear?” He asked, I couldn’t look at his face so i stared at a car parked far away.
“Not to make it. Not being strong enought to continue anymore.”
“I totally get it, I’ve thought about it too.” I furrowed my eyebrows confused. “Hey, don’t give me that look, good looking guys can also struggle in life.” He chuckled lighting up the mood. “I had problems with drugs in high school and I almost killed myself, which I ended up not doing, but still, I hated myself so much, I didn’t see a purpose anymore.” I stared at him playing with my necklace not really knowing what to say. “Promise me something?” I waited for him to continue. “Promise me you wont do it. Promise me you wont end it.” I couldn’t promise that, but at the moment I was happy and I couldn’t possibly think of that.
“I promise.” His head started leaning down as we stared into eachothers eyes. A part of me wanted to do it but another wanted to push him away. His lips connected to mine but I quickly pushed him away. “Wait!” I blurted out.
“Whats wrong.”
“I need to admit something.” He looked at me confused. “I’ve never kissed a guy.” He looked at me surprised.
“What!? I don’t believe you.”
“I swear. I’ve never kissed anyone or been with a guy ever in my life.”
“But your hot and beautiful, how could you not.”
“I don’t know guys back home just don’t see me that way and I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like an idiot now.” I babled but he quickly cut me off laughing.
“Don’t stress you were actual pretty good.” He said making me a little more nervous. “Just relax.” He kissed me again but this time I didn’t push him away. He deepened the kiss and I could feel his hands untying my jeans shorts and I let him. Derek’s hands slid in my short touching me and filling me with pleasure as I slightly tugged at his hair. I heard a door opened and we quickly pulled apart acting all casual.
“Worst timing ever.” I giggled tying my pants back. I could see Corinna walking in the parking of the motel with a smile on her face.
“You guys are still together?” She smirked. “What have you guys been up to?”
“Nothing, we were just talking.” I lied and stood up and so did Derek.
“Sure you were.” I rolled my eyes and waited for her to enter our room before speaking up again.
“I think I’m going to go sleep now and I think you should go finish packing since you’re leaving in 2 hours.”
“I should.”
“So I guess this is goodbye.”
“I guess it is.” I stood up on my toes and kissed his cheek. “Good night Derek.” I said before closing the door to my room.

kawaii—ness replied to your post: this chapter did nothing but confirm (or make it…

maybe big mom will go after them tbh . bcs they just disrupted everything and she wouldnt forgive them easily OAo

but yeah i aggree . idk if luffy might be hiding some ridiculous power or smth but as things are… o.o and if it goes that way your prediction should be right.

especially after what she said this chapter about never forgiving the straw hats, and how vengeful she tends to be with the whole “heads in boxes” thing i do feel like she’d come tf after them and their families if they escape.  but on the other hand that’s kind of an argument against them not beating her, because if they don’t how will they stop her from killing everyone they love???  IDKKK.  the more i think about it the more conflicted i become.

Inaho’s robot eye has gained sentience and is bitter over being removed once the war ended. It hacks into the Kataphrakts and controls them all gaining an army of pilotless Kats. The UFE is defenseless against it, Inaho tries to stop it but roboeye knows Inaho too well and can predict his every move. Nothing is working, humanity is ruined.

There is only one thing to do. The UFE salvages the wreckage of the Sleipnir and Tharsis, the only two mechas offline to roboeye. There are not enough parts to rebuild them, so they combine the two mechas. The only problem is that the combined mecha is now dual piloted.

They need a second pilot who is unpredictable, and daring, whose files roboeye has no access to, a dead man.

Inaho goes to Slaine. “Redeem yourself, save the world.” he tells him. Slaine reluctantly aggrees.

Epic music. At the infamous Sawano drop, the title ALDNOAH THE MOVIE flashes on screen. Together, they will save their home.


    He knows that getting Ashe to do “fancy” shit is rare and so when the other man aggrees to actually going with him to an art gallery… well, let’s just say that David has trouble not smiling for a while. 

    The meeting place is the usual spot and he show up a little early, most because he loves seeing Ashe coming towards. “You actually showed,” he says reaching out to caress the other mutants cheek. “I’m shocked. You sure you don’t wanna back out now?”

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I don't aggree with the stalking fan attitude, but I also don't aggree with Harry's. One word from him and he can change her entire life (or at least this phase of her life), ruin her week or make it worth it. He can easily put her in depression or give her the best day of her life. He is her fucking idol! He'll probably not remember that in a while but his influence in her life is pretty strong, he should have kept that in mind. He was too rude and she will never forget it. I still love him tho

Actually, he was still nice because he didn’t call her names or told her a rude thing all he said was “stop following me”. And he has every right to do so because like I said he’s a human being who is not working right now, he is on break and how many times do you think Harry goes through this on a daily basis whenever he is anywhere. If it was you, wouldn’t you just reach a day when you just had a enough. Imagine someone stalking you for hours and following you around and then they find out where you live and then your address gets shared with millions of fans on twitter. How would that make you feel? When he wants people to know where he is YOU WILL KNOW and then you can go and take pics with him. When he’s doing fan service THEN YOU CAN GO where he is at and take pics with him. But it will never be okay to following people around - that is harassment.


Nash Imagine for Jessica:❤️

Nash, Cameron, Carter, Hayes, Matt, Gillinsky, Johnson, Mahogany, Aaron, Taylor and I were all in mine and Mahoganys hotel room just sitting around. It was around 12:30 am and we were all on our phones, bored out of our minds.

Of course my phone dies. I roll over putting my head and Nash’s lap, moaning of boredom. He looks down at me and laughs that adorable laugh I’ve come to know.

“Guys my phone died, let’s do something” I sit up wining like a 2 year old.

“Ok, you and Nash can do that thing where you flirt with each other but deny that you flirt and we can go and do our thing.” Cameron laughs along with the other guys and Mahogany. But me and Nash were stiff and red.

“We don’t flirt!” You laugh uncomfortably. “I don’t know what you see, but it’s just 2 best friends doin their thang.” I bumped Nash’s fist as he goes on “bam pow, preach it.”

Cam rolls his eyes. It’s either you guys are both extremely dumb or, you know that you like each other and won’t do anything about it. Cameron groaned.

“Yeah anyone with eyes can see you guys like each other.” Carter goes on laughing like a smart ass.

“None of that’s true but okiiii.” I laughed getting up off the bed to go plug my phone in.

“Jess and Nash sittin in a tree k-I-s ” Nash cut them off by throwing a pillow at them.

“You guys are so annoying, it’s incredible.” Nash said clearly frustrated and got off the bed as well and walked past me opening the door and slamming it behind him.

“Did I just miss something.” I asked completely dazed of the situation.

“OHHH, I get it now Jessica’s the dumb one and Nash is the scared one.” Matt explains putting his hand on his forehead and laughing.

“What?” I ask desperate for answers.

“OMG, that makes so much sense now!” Mahogany giggles.

“Who would’ve thought, Nash… the scared one.” Hayes questioned.

“I guess girls is his weak point..” Aaron shrugged.

After listening to everyone comment on the situation, still confused I finally screamed out “CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS HAPPENING!”

Everyone just stared at me dumbfounded.

“Jess, be 100% honest.. Do you like Nash?” Gillinsky asked seriously.

I choked a little. “What does that have to do with anything?” i managed to retort.

“You seriously have no clue what just happened?” Taylor asked.

I shook my head. I guess I’m oblivious.

Jack G patted a spot next to him on the bed. I sat as directed, as he started to explain “Ok, lets say you do like Nash. I’m not saying you do I’m just trying to explain this better.” I nodded letting him continue. “So, Cameron just called yours and Nash’s flirting out. You covered it up, or told the truth, Nash aggreed, but didn’t really agree. Did I just confuse you?”

I nodded “a litttle.”

Thats when Johnson jumped in. “Basically, he meant that even though Nash said he agreed with the whole your best friends it’s not flirting thing, inside he did not. Because he actually does flirt with you on purpose… Because he likes you in THAT way.” My eyes widened a little. Nash does not like me. Why would someone as amazing as him like someone as ordinary as me?

“Wow, you really didn’t know.” Taylor realised.

“Are you guys sure. I think it’s a little strange that he would like me?” I didn’t believe it.

“Trust me Jess, we are absolutely sure that he likes you. Now let Gillinsky finish.” Matt justified.

I nodded and Jack continued. “Thank you guys, now Jess. You now know that Nash likes you. Having said that you have been denying that you have even the littlest bit of feelings for him and Cam singing about you two just set him off and he stormed out. He thinks you do not like him, Jess.”

I’m starting to understand this a little more.

“But, Jessica."I turn my attention to Hayes.
"In all seriousness, do you like him?”

I run my hand through my hair exhailing. They are waiting for my answer. I have to come clean, admit it. It will only kill me more if I don’t.

I cover my face “YES, OK yes. I like Nash… a lot.” I finally admitted.

“YASS , AGH WE KNEW IT!!” they were now all yelling happily.

“Well? now what?” I ask confused on how to fix this.

“GO TALK TO HIM YOU IDIOT” Mahogany laughs.

Carter stands me up and brings me to the door. He kisses my head roughly and says “ go get him tiger. ” I laugh and push him away and walk out the door to find myself face to face with Nash’s door.

I knocked 2 times and a tired Nash faced me.

“Hi.” I said shyly.

“Um, hey. You wanna uh, come in.” He ran is hand through his hair and opened the door wider as I walked in.

He turned to face me. “Look Nash, i think understand what happened in their and I wanted to sa-” and with that Nash’s hands were on my face and his lips passionately pressed onto mine. This was actually happening. I started to kiss back and he pulled away.

“I like you Jess, a lot.. And I never really knew how to tell you but, I just I don’t know, I’m so-” This time it was my turn to interrupt him by wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him.

I pulled away and smiled, as was he. “I like you a lot Nash.” i smiled.

He pulled me closer to him by my waist. “You have no idea how happy you just made me.” he laughed and leaned down to kiss me again.

Sorry it was so long HAHA hope you liked it darling xxx

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People are definitely gonna ship greg and amethyst, WHICH I DO NOT AGGREE. They have a very complicated relationship, but not a romantic one... what do you think?

I agree, I don’t see their relationship as romantic at all. I think its very very complex and has to do with how they were essentially both competing for Rose’s attention (I really get the vibe from Amethyst of a child who feels unwanted when their parent starts dating, especially considering Amethyst’s origins). 

I think they relied on each other after Rose ‘left’ because they really do have similar personalities and they both just wanted to shut out everything and forget. I think things got bad when Greg realized he can’t spend his whole life numbing his pain, he has a son that needs his attention and support. But Amethyst wasn’t ready to stop, especially since she didn’t have anyone to go back to.

I think that Amethyst tries to downplay it most of the time, but she really does blame Greg for causing Rose to leave so it must’ve been incredibly painful that she found a way to ease the pain by hanging out with him and now he wants to stop. It’s like “But this is YOUR fault, I wouldn’t even need to do this if it weren’t for you” kind of rage and she lashed out, which completely wrecked their friendship.

And I think Greg kind of feels bad for 'taking Rose away from the Gems (even though it wasn’t really his fault), too. I think he feels guilty. He seemed aware Amethyst was trying to use him as a crutch and he wanted to help and even suffer through her making him uncomfortable, but he had a line where he couldn’t tolerate her behavior anymore. I think he really does wish he could make it up to her for 'taking away’ Rose because he knows what Rose meant to her. Greg even says “I can’t stay here and humor you” which to me implied that at least in part he was so easily sucked into marathoning the tapes with her because he knew it would make her feel better. It felt so much like he was trying to be her surrogate parent, to fill the void where Rose was.

I think their relationship is really complex and I really don’t see romance or sex being part of it. I mean, I’m not knocking it for other people, but its really not how I see it.