Inaho’s robot eye has gained sentience and is bitter over being removed once the war ended. It hacks into the Kataphrakts and controls them all gaining an army of pilotless Kats. The UFE is defenseless against it, Inaho tries to stop it but roboeye knows Inaho too well and can predict his every move. Nothing is working, humanity is ruined.

There is only one thing to do. The UFE salvages the wreckage of the Sleipnir and Tharsis, the only two mechas offline to roboeye. There are not enough parts to rebuild them, so they combine the two mechas. The only problem is that the combined mecha is now dual piloted.

They need a second pilot who is unpredictable, and daring, whose files roboeye has no access to, a dead man.

Inaho goes to Slaine. “Redeem yourself, save the world.” he tells him. Slaine reluctantly aggrees.

Epic music. At the infamous Sawano drop, the title ALDNOAH THE MOVIE flashes on screen. Together, they will save their home.


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anonymous asked:

What do you Think on what type of girls of seidou boys are insterested in physically and mentally ? I love your blog

* eyes glitter , evil grin is on, rubbing hands together *
OHOHOHOHOHO! now that is a very GOOD QUESTION +w+


  • also for marriage lifestyles here and here of other members of seidou & co.

now , first of all i can utterly aggree with some of the cannon info but i wil also add some info basing it on my observations , deduction and reflections :


  • Sawamura -  someone with a onee-san air about them. mature looking, probably those girls who stay quiet in a corner during meetings. his ideal type of girl is the nee-san. he even dares compare it to chris-senpai, since he’s older and often acts like a brotherly figure. so to be honest since eijun is often an uproar he would need someone who can hold his reins and calm him a bit? someone who will not mind that he takes the stage and spotlight and support him , still, keeping him on his shoes.
  • Kuramochi - mr.cheetah is weak to shy, serious girls, it seems. and im 100% down with it. i mean, he would probably find them cute with all the stuttering from nervousness or fidgeting with their fingers / looking to the side to avoid direct eye contact i mean— this boy is always running and jumping around this kind of person would be just amazing for him to sometimes stop and appreciate the world around him more. and since he’s such an observant bean he would probably guess what was going on sooner than expected - resulting in him going after his crush to ask them for a date ;))))))))
  • Miyuki - he seems to like the …..imouto type? as far as i’ve read. basically he wants to be the knight in a suit and save a damsel in real distress. much disney prince like? well anyways, since miyuki no matter how tactless and recklessly insensitive in his manners , would surely need someone who can be silly and weird but know when the situation demands them to be serious.
  • Isashiki - it seems sensei reccomends Isashiki to women. well, i would not say no since he must know a lot, being a shoujo entrepreneur and connoisseur .  although his rash impulsive habits ofn shouting and being often enraged surely must care girls at first, so i would say he has a heart of butter but its to difficult to access to it first. someone who’s not judgemental, strong-willed, and level-grounded should be the best choice for him (or maybe someone who’s a disney princess like in values kk)
  • Yuki - since he’s usually so calm (seemingly), perhaps someone more on the wild side? opposites often attract, in a way. someone who’s louder and more social, and who does not shy away from the spotlight perhaps? 
  • Ryousuke - mr. tease here needs someone who will probs be a tsundere. maybe. since he loves to tease others and make you fall to his mind games and salty words someone who can keep up with his game would be the better choice.
  • Haruichi - haru just wants some peace and love, but also some thrilling dventure under the sheets jkjk. no but haruichi is this sweet looking yet mysterious figure who could turn from cute to dangerous in seconds. he ‘s probably that person who’s looking at you with a smile and the next minute he’s reading porn in the cell. someone who can be evenly in energy but still be a bit perverse would suit him fine.
  • Furuya - someone completely opposite of him but not in a eijun level. someone who can easily engage in chats and empathize with others, perhaps a leader like figure. since he’s like those who go with the flow someone who can be assertive yet caring is fine.
  • Kawakami: i almost forgot nori ahhhhhh. nori would probably enjoy someone feisty but who can understand if he feels uncomfy. 
  • Tanba - someone who can totally support him and understand his shy manners, yet be open and free minded, and able to make him get out of his shell.


remember this is just a preference, a bonus. people go more for personality than looks! 

  • Sawamura: someone with long smooth hair maybe, and thin looking? he’s a very simplistic guy. hair color does not matter really, but he likes natural looks.
  • Miyuki: someone with ponytails/twin tails probably. or shoulder length hair. someone fit…. not overly muscled but healthy.
  • Kuramochi: another simplistic guy. maybe someone with long dark hair. and fit. he’s weak to brunnettes (this is a cannon fact i mean he would not stop flirting with wakana bro) also prefers natural hair because faux hair looks like you’re lying about yourself to him.
  • Isashiki: hair length or colour dont really matter to him, but he seems weak to brunnetes, and to curvy types (i mean most curvy types) he often gets more enticed by eye shapes tbh.
  • Yuki: not really judgemental on this. he’s open to anything. he likes seeing girls in messy buns for some reason though…
  • Ryousuke: for some reason he likes girls with braids? it sort of makes him feel all warm inside. he does not really have a concrete type, as long as you can deal with his weird persona. will like brunnettes or people with crazy hair colours/hairdos.  
  • Haruichi:  honestly has not a specific type. as long as they can make him feel like the man in the relationship. might like short-haired types tho. 
  • Furuya:  shoulder length hairstyles , type not mattering. preferably someone healthy / fit.
  • Kawakami:  shoulder length hair types. type and colour not mattering to him. body shape is not big on his judgment.
  • Tanba: he likes long haired types. preferably brunnetes