It’s days like this that I wish I still lived in Manhattan. I would love nothing more than to celebrate tonight’s win with loads of friends in Aggieville. I love hearing people singing Wildcat Victory and high-fiving strangers just because they’re wearing purple. I miss singing “happy trails’ and wearing my baseball cap backwards as I made the trek up the stadium steps to the tunnel to take off my band uniform. Game days just aren’t the same anymore. I’m proud of my Wildcats. I love me some Optimus Klein and how the team performed tonight. SUCK IT SOONERS YOUR FIGHT SONG SUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

Dear Fellow Kansans & Wildcats
  • I am sharing a story about a friend of mine who was treated very, very poorly at a restaurant in Aggieville on her birthday.
  • She decided to celebrate at Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill. Because it was a week night they weren't very busy at all, and yet they still waited 15+ minutes to be seated.
  • After being seated she ordered a margarita. After waiting another 15+ minutes waiting on her drink, she flagged down the waitress and inquired about it. She inevitably got double charged for her one margarita.
  • In the event of getting food her daughter ordered soup as a started, while everyone else got a salad. Her daughter didn't receive the soup until everyone else finished their salad, and the soup was served cold.
  • After waiting even longer they finally received their entrees ice cold.
  • It was deducted that the servers, and the manager on duty, were too caught up gossiping with one another and fiddling on their phones to serve their customers.
  • At the end of the night my friend mentioned the sub par quality of food, and service to the manager, and asked that she only be charged for the one margarita she received. The manager proceeded to raise her voice with my friend and run her and her family out of the store in tears.
  • When she left the establishment and left a review on Wahoo's Fire & Ice Grill's facebook it was replied to by members of staff in an equally rude demeanor. All she was looking for was a simple apology by a manager, or since it is a locally owned establishment, an owner.
  • The outrage and backlash Wahoo received from their negative replies inevitably led to them disabling the review options from their page altogether.
  • The rude comments from staff have been documented and many individuals have come to my friend's aid in attempting to get in touch with Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill's owners.
  • When a friend went into the store to speak to a manager today, they raised their voices with her, denied her the right to speak to someone in charge, and threatened to call the police on her. Because she had a child with her, she obliged.
  • This behavior is outrageous and a pitiful display of customer service. Large chain restaurants apologize immediately when a customer has an issues, and looks to remedy the issue, not act disrespectful, and attacked.
  • Another friend attempted to call and speak to the manager and was hung up on.
  • Frankly, I am appalled by this behavior. I will personally never be a customer at Wahoo's Fire & Ice Grill, and will never recommend it. Shame on them.