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Rivalry Reanimated Final Thoughts

Hey folks, thank you for following my last series, focusing on some of the more famous rivalries that stopped being played in the 1980′s and 90′s.

I’ll be giving a quick recap of each series and put together some things I found interesting about the project.

Miami-Notre Dame

Series Record at time of cancellation (1990): Notre Dame led 15-7-1
Series Record of Reanimated Rivalry (1991-2016): Notre Dame leads 14-12
Combined All-Time Record: Notre Dame leads 29-19-1
Longest Miami win streak: 6 (1999-2005)
Longest Notre Dame win streak: 7 (2010-2016)

Notre Dame started out with such a big lead because they played Miami for a decade before the Hurricanes actually got good in the 80′s. Since The U’s first national title, the series has been very even. Miami actually leads since 1983, but just by a few games. In the Reanimated series, both schools enjoyed periods of alternating success. Currently ND is dominating the rivalry, having won the last seven games against their the Canes.

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Attack on Aggie

Aggie and her family are introduced in Chapter 36, Demonic Guardian. (

Short summary of Demonic Guardian: Alcor was summoned to be bound as Aggie’s (Agatha’s) protector, as her parents are powerful preturnatural-rights leaders. Recognizing Soos’ soul, Alcor makes up his own contract instead, to protect a friend in their new life.

And now, it seems that summoning Alcor may have been the right thing to do.


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When Richard and Tabitha Mendis had requested their security detail find something, anything, even a demon if they had to, to protect their daughter, they hadn’t thought they’d be taken literally.

Except they had, and now they had to deal with the fact that their daughter had a literal demon hovering over her.

Being natural optimists, they did manage to find a few bright sides. Alcor the Dreambender had a soft spot for kids, despite all his efforts to hide it, and the contract he’d written up did state quite clearly that Aggie would always be safe from him as well as being kept safe by him. And they always had a babysitter, no matter how spur of the moment the need was.

Getting used to having Alcor hanging around was a more different matter.

Thankfully for their state of mind, the demon had other children he was keeping an eye on, so he wasn’t with their daughter at all times. Elusive about what other children he was watching, yes, but it still gave them a little break.

Though it was still unnerving to find their daughter painting the demon’s claws, or brushing his hair, or a dozen other childish games that they never would have believed a demon would have the patience for.

And finding the most powerful demon in the world patiently letting Aggie put all of her favorite glittery plastic clips in his hair or give him a ‘makeover’ was likely to always be just a bit unsettling.

The original summoning had meant to bind a demon to protect Agatha, though by now they’d all realized just how lucky they were that it had been Alcor they had called, that he had been charmed by Aggie, had agreed to protect her his way, without a binding. The protective and almost loving friendship between human and demon, amazingly enough likely to be real (Alcor was known to sometimes be odd that way) was a more sure bet of his protection than any binding could ever have been.

The threats that had prompted their action kept coming in, though they’d remained just threats for a very long time, long enough that the rest of the security detail had begun to wonder if maybe, just maybe, they had overreacted a bit by calling up a demon.

But still, the threats were serious enough (and both Aggie and Alcor attached enough) no one even considered trying to negate the contract.

Besides, but this point, well…demon or not, they trusted him with their daughter.

They just hoped and prayed that playing with their little girl, being her friend, was the only part of the contract the demon would have to fulfill.

Their prayers wouldn’t be answered.

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Is it possible that A&E are filling in the blanks from season 5 with season 6?

It all started here for me. Why would A&E give the same name to two different missions?…unless they weren’t two different missions, but, in fact, the same.

I also compare other seasons/episodes to the current season. So expect parallels, parallels galore.

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this is one my favorite scenes from anything ever. And the music in this was awesome. It was crazy awesome to see something so intense and strong and actiony come out of a kids movie.

Not that kids movies don’t always come with a really good, passionate scene, but I really loved this one.

Soundtrack inaccuracy?

Paranorman’s fight scene is amazing (am I right?) So no one can blame me for my ongoing search for the soundtrack for that scene; but I can’t find it. I’ve found a track titled Aggie Fights by Jon Brion but the orchestra is absent, all it has the background electronic bass. Where can I find the soundtrack for the fight scene that includes all of the music? I probably wouldn’t mind having the sound effects either, but finding that music is my main goal . Thanks for any help.


“Aggie Fights (Unreleased Version)” from Paranorman