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One silly DM and almost a year later I’m still with this amazing woman. It’s crazy how this all happened and how fast this became real. Went from friends to dating in only a couple months, this year has been a journey for sure but I’m glad I got to spend it with you. 4 more months and there’s no more long distance. Can’t wait to see where this journey leads us


Just trying to live my best life 💫

Shoutout to North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University for allowing me to be an honorary Aggie this weekend.

Black Aggie is a supposedly cursed statue. Originally being on the grave of General Felix Angus, in Druid Hill Cemetery located in Pikesville Maryland.The legends say that at midnight the statue comes alive, and has glowing red eyes. The legend also says that pregnant women who walk inside its shadow will miscarriage, and looking into her red eyes will blind or kill a person. It was also said that grass wouldn’t grow within the shadows during the day. One urban legend surrounding the statue, claims that a girl went to the cemetery at midnight and looked at Aggie, the girl was found dead by her friend in the statues arms. The popularity of the rumors, made many people brake into the cemetery. The statue was relocated, where it eventually ended up in the Smithsonian, and later a courtyard behind the Dolly Maddison House.

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Re: Blue Diamond, I find it interesting that she so strongly resembles a very well-known piece of funeral art. Google 'Black Aggie Statue' (also known as 'Grief') and you'll see what I mean. There's a legend about the statue that it's bad luck or cursed! This statue was so well known in its day that it was widely copied for headstones and memorials around the world. Sugar talks about a dance being an inspiration for the character design, but I think Black Aggie must have been as well.

That’s an interesting idea! And it further reinforces the idea that BD is in perpetual mourning, or at least she’d like to be. 

And to add to that, the veiled figure of mourning is one that is well-known as well. I feel all this historical imagery blends together into BD’s aesthetic so that immediately looking at her, we already get a set of ideas about who she’s supposed to be and what she does.

The thing is, Crewnvierse has always introduced these tropes knowingly and then subverted them. Every antagonist ever is a good example. So I think that’s also a really good hint at what’s to come for us, and it’s that the Diamonds aren’t the one-note characters they present as.

The Boyfriends and the Avengers

So we all know Louis has a thing for Marvel…

So when I was watching Avengers Assemble the other day it suddenly struck me that a certain Louis Tomlinson does somewhat resemble Robert Downey Jnr AKA Iron Man…

And then I remembered that Louis himself told us that he had a full Iron Man suit… [I can’t find the audio but it definitely happened!]

But it gets better, something else then came to mind! Remember the work out video on 1D Day? Who was “training to be Thor”?

Oh yeah! Harry was training to be Thor! There’s also a bit of a similarity…

Gotta love a man bun!

So, what’s the obvious conclusion here? Well, the boyfriends were clearly having a snuggly film night on the sofa in their Louis’ house watching a bit of Avengers Assemble. It all started when Harry told Louis he thought Iron Man was hot and Louis was like no way, Thor is much hotter! Louis is definitely a Thor kinda guy, all those muscles yet that beautifully selfless nature, he’s like a muscly cupcake…But Harry thinks Iron Man’s sarky personality reminds him of someone he holds very dear…and he’s cute. (“Iron Man is not cute Harold!”) They debated this for a while until Louis muttered, “Well, I do have an Iron Man suit…maybe you could be Thor?” and that was when they decided superhero roleplay was definitely a great addition to their sex life!