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Okay y'all so I decided to go to an HBCU ☺☺ I live in Charlotte and I’ll be going to Greensboro to attend North Carolina Agricultural & Technical state university in the fall 🔷🔶 Yay for black women in STEM lol

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If they played the magnificent card game Magic: The Gathering, what colors would the crew play?

Ah, I know exactly who’s asking this ;)

Hadley is red/green, possibly red/green/black, raw power and life-burn with a healthy dose of chaos for the fun of it

Lumen fits mono-white best, mainly wall and lifegain, but push too hard and he’ll drop something nasty right where it hurts

Oldarva might go with blue/white, highly defensive and focused on redirecting anything that comes her way

Nyota would play green/blue, power and control, lock the board so they can’t hit back when she starts playing the really nasty creatures

Arjun plays artifacts, possibly colorless… he focuses on building combos, relying less on power or complex strategy than sheer utility

Namina is mono-green, and not just because plants/nature association; trample and swarm both suit him very well

Aggy could fit black/white, more cautious than Hadley and focused on getting whatever’s in his way out of his way (and insert penguin joke here >.>)

Sonny is red/white/blue, speed and fireworks, but she’d play more for the joy of discovery, enjoying the twists and turns more than actual victory