This is going to be the longest cupcake explanation but IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY!!! I just finished the most amazing Fall treat. First, I made a graham cracker crust mixture and packed it into the bottom of a cupcake liner. Second, I filled the liner with a Pumpkin cake batter and baked it.

After the cupcakes cooled I scooped out a little bit of the center. I loaded my piping bag with the marshmallow cream I made yesterday and filled the center.

I added heavy cream and milk chocolate to a sauce pan and made a ganache that I drizzled over the top of the marshmallow I had piped. Then I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs over the top. I threw some big marshmallows under the broiler to toast them.

Finally, after the marshmallow was toasted enough, I placed it on top of the cupcake. Viola! Pumpkin S’more Cupcakes!!!!

The Silence Is Unbearable // #BSPromptChallenge

Day 9: Betrayl/Lies/Trust

A/N: For some reason, all of my angsty fics end up containing a moment where Jane breaks down and Kurt comforts her. Oh well?

Kurt swung open the apartment door to find his wife sitting on the couch, a half-filled glass of bourbon in her hand.

Jane glanced at the clock on the kitchen counter when she heard the door open behind her. 11:30pm. When they’d first got married, he’d promised her that he would always be home by 11, even if it was a hectic day. But recently, since her return to New York, he had been staying on at work for as late as possible, every single night, and then when he did eventually come home, he only spoke to her if it was absolutely necessary. It was exhausting.

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time to design a dave sweatshirt

the design will be sort of like a back tattoo with elements like caledscratch, nakkodiles, gears, hero of time, crows, records and davesprite

wish me luck. bc im itching to start but haha guess who forgot to buy black paint so i’ll just design it first



I like how he falls down but dries his own tears and then gets right back up and tries again until he makes it to his dad. And he does it without any verbal encouragement either. He was such a determined little thing even back then too. And then he breaks down crying again once he knows he’s safe.