Honestly I am tired of this Cou-Barca thing….if he wants to go then go I don”t care.
when I read about it I always remember a man who could reject Barca because of his loyalty for LFC. This man is Daniel Agger, the Danish Prince who is still in loves with LFC. He cries with us in bad time and he smiles with us in good times….not to speak of his YNWA and Liverbird tattoos.  He is a true legend. Supporters never ever forget him.  ❤  

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I miss it. I bet if you ask a lot of other players they would say the same. When you leave Liverpool, you notice the grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes you have to hold tight to what you’ve got, especially if it’s a good thing - and Liverpool Football Club is definitely a good thing.
—  Daniel Agger [Full article]

You left, you came back, then you left again. Twice, I had to see you leave. I know life is not a fairy tale but oh, what I wouldn’t do to have you stay for just one more day. I’d sail across the ocean, fight dragons, break my heart along the way, and conquer the world just so you could be mine again. Can’t you see that I love you?