I hope this gonna be helpful/useful in someway.

AGF 2013

Tsukiuta gonna be at booth R-28

Those 2 pictures that I posted came from the official twitter.

It’s the buying form

1. Special Set 12,000 yen (everything below includes badges and posters)

2.Tsukisatsu special issue 700yen

3.Mug cup A (6G black) 1,000yen

3.Mug cup B (Pro White) 1,000yen

4.Metallic Charm 600 yen (12 types altogether = 6,000 yen)

5.Clear file set A (6G black)

5.Clear file set B (Pro white)

6.Eco-bag 800 yen

7.2014 Desk-top calendar 1,000 yen

sum the total in the box for the staff there are 3 column leave the middle small one for the staff to make check box.

another side right sum box is for the item that you buy excluding the price of (1) (in-case you buy other thing than the special set) sum up there for each 1,000 yen you will get bonus.

each 1,000 yen you will get 1 poster. you can choose 

1) Six Gravity poster


2) Procellarum poster

from 3,000 yen on ward you can get to choose

3) mini badge which the staff will give them to you randomly.