Braids and Confessions

Summary: You finally convince Sam to let you braid his hair.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: mentions hair kink, interrupted make out session

A/N: duude, that gif gets my every time this has been sitting in my drafts for agess. Enjoy some Sammy lovin’, guys! xx


“Can I braid your hair?”

Sam looked over at you from across the table, a mixture of amusement and confusion on his face at your question.



He raised his eyebrow at you, the puppy eyes you were giving him gradually breaking the wall. “What’s it worth?” He queried, taking his attention off of the book in front of him and onto you instead.

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I have this headcanon that this was the first real time they met and had a good talk in centuries, if not in millennia. Probably no one cares about my theories, but I’ve been thinking about them for a while now, and I can’t really keep them to myself.

So, according to what Gabe says in Changing Channels, he should have left Heaven somewhen around Lucifer’s fall:

”But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each others throats? I couldn’t bear it! Okay? So I left. And now it’s happening all over again.”

It’s not clear whether he’s referring to the early stages of Lucifer’s rebellion (before he fell), or the fights between Heaven and Hell that came sooner after it; within Christian and non cultures, it’s clear that Satan, the Devil or whatever you want to call him was there way before humans were born (I’m thinking about the snake and the apple, yes). Anyway, according to this whole consideration, if Gabriel left Heaven little after Lucifer’s fall, he would probably be wandering about on Earth for God knows how many millennia; at least since the early stages of humanity developement. But, just a few moments before, he had said:

”Okay, Gabriel. How does an archangel become a trickster?”

“I skipped out of heaven, had a face transplant, carved out my own little corner of the world.”

Okay, so: we know that Gabriel isn’t just a trickster. He is the Trickster. So, unless he has sort of stolen Loki’s identity after he and his myth were born, he probably has always been Loki, whose first mythological appearance is set circa in year 1000 AD.
Considering this, there are two possibilities:
• Gabriel got out of Heaven way before Norse legends were born; before, during or after Lucifer’s fall, somewhen from humanity’s first stepts and beyond; he found a vessel, became a trickster and eventually the object of the Vickings’ legends;
• Gabriel ran away from Heaven just during the Middle Ages, either stealing Loki’s identity or becoming Loki himself in the first place.

This sets Gabriel’s getaway from Heaven in a quite ambiguous time lapse, say at least between 200.000BC and 1000AD. Which is, actually, very ambiguous. *coughs* But I thought about that too: Gabriel, in fact, was the archangel meant to announce Jesus’ birth to Mary; of course God had ordered him to do so, therefore we can assume Gabriel was still in Heaven by Jesus’ birth. This reduces our possibilities and we can finally set his parting from Heaven approssimately between 6BC and 1000AC.

Okay, here comes the important part!
As this beautiful post convinced me, I have a headcanon about Gabriel and Castiel having a very strong relationship like the one Sam and Dean have. However, when Cass first saw Gabe in Changing Channels, he didn’t immediatly recognise him:

Something is not right. This thing is much more powerful than it should be”.
”What thing—the Trickster?”

“If it is a trickster.”

By the end of the episode, though he had had no possibilities to talk to the Winchesters anymore, Castiel figured out who the Trickster really was. And look at Cass’ face when he finally saw Gabriel again:

External image

I love Misha’s acting so much in this scene, because the emotion here’s clear on his face: this is not the expression of someone who’s simply angry. This is someone who feels betrayed. If you add this to the expression on Castiel’s face when, a little while before, Gabriel taped his mouth and sent him away, that look of complete shock - because no, it can’t be Gabriel, Gabriel could never do something like that to him - and to the post I linked a few sentences above, the results are absolute.
Gabriel and Castiel were obviously close in Heaven, and if what I just pointed out in this last paragraph - or, again, the post I linked - didn’t convince you, you can’t just deny the obvious bound the writers showed us in Meta Fiction. And still, however strong their brotherhood was, Castiel didn’t at first recognise Gabriel in Changing Channels, meaning that he had never seen him with this [Gabriel’s] vessel. And, considering the many times Supernatural showed us how difficult it was to find someone strong enough and willing to become an angel’s vessel (especially in S09E03), I am more willing to believe that Gabriel’s never changed his vessel at least since he became Loki; also, if Gabriel had changed his vessel through history, pagan gods would have found out he was something else than a demigod, something who instead required a vessel, as a demon or, in fact, an angel. Last thing is probably bullshit, but I like to think it that way, even if it’s surely just a coincidence: Gabriel’s vessel is short, and his height is about the standard one of - wonder what? - the Middle Ages, or, Loki’s myths ages!

So, finally, here’s the thing. Castiel has not recognised his vessel, who’s most likely to have at least a thousand years, though, considering our first statements, could be up to two thousands; this brings me to think that Gabriel did not just leave Heaven, but his whole family, walking out on his brothers for good and coming on Earth for a fresh start. And though, after two thousand years of being away, after not talking with Cass and his sibilings for centuries and centuries and centuries… He still would give his life for him. He still believes him, and viceversa. And well, I know that two thousand years are not so many for an archangel, but damn, you can actually see in his eyes how much he really cares for his little brother; you can actually sense how Gabriel, the mighty Gabriel, who played badass and pretended to not give a frick about the other angels, who made us believe he only cared about women and sugar- he has truly changed, or has returned to be the person he once was. People misunderstand Gabriel so much, because they just look at how badass he pretends to be and how cheerful and funny he always is; but this is the real Gabriel; someone who left his family because he couln’t stand to see his brothers fight, someone who gave up everything he had because he didn’t want to stand up to his sibilings, but someone who, at the end, screwed up the whole life he had created for himself because he loved his brothers and humanity too much to let them sink without doing anything about it. And if this doesn’t make you think Gabe’s one of the best characters of this whole show, then, well, dont know how else I could cajole you.

Dont imagine: Tronnor edition

#1.Connor and Troye waking up on a Sunday morning, just snuggling next to each other in silence.

 #2.Connor cooking breakfast one morning and Troye coming up behind him, and snuggling into him kissing the back of his neck while con continues to make Troyes favourite brekkie, smashed avo with eggs on toast.

 #3.The smile on Troyes face when they come out publicly as a couple.

 #4.Troye and Connors first kiss, with Connor making the first move to lightly brush his lips on Troye’s but then Troye making the next move and grabbing Connors face and kissing him hard and passionately.

 #5.The boys confessing their feelings to one another Connor getting all shy because he is new to loving boys and hasn’t been in a gay relationship and Troye being there helping him because Troye knows about Cons feeling but wasn’t going to push him.

 #6.The love and support Connor got when he came out publicly, Troye sitting with him and cuddling, holding him and telling him it is going to be alright.

 #7.Connor and Troye making love for the first time Connor being blushy and getting embarrassed, Troye calming him down and making love to him.

 #8.Troye seeing Connor again for the first time in months, as soon as they are in private Connor kisses Troye long and hard, trying to make up for all the time that they missed.

 #9.Troye and Connors first child, heading off for her first day of school and Connor getting all emotional and Troye standing behind him hugging him telling him it is ok to be emotional, their baby is going to school.

 #10.Connor and Troye supporting each other in absolutely anything and everything they do.

 #11.The pure love that the boys have for each other, being expressed in wedding vows.

 #12.Connor and Troye dancing around Connors apartment at 2am to no music, just enjoying each other’s company.

 #13.Troyes goodbye to Connor when he has to go back to America, them just lying in Troyes bed cuddled together not wanting to acknowledge that Connor has to leave in a few hours.

 #14.latenight skype calls, telling each other how much they miss the significant other and how badly they crave their lovers touch, falling asleep on skype.

 #15. Connor waking up to a knock at the door only to reveal a very cute and very jet lagged Troye Sivan Mellet, him jumping into Troyes arms pulling him inside so they can have a more personal hello, the day is filled with lots of kisses, light make-out sessions and most importantly love.

 #16.Connor giving Troye a promise ring for his 20th Birthday.

#17.Connors relationship with Laurelle, she has only met him a handful of times but she already treats him like her own, after hearing what the poor boy went through and the fact he is still smiling is amazing to her, she knows that Connor will treat Troye right no matter what within a few minute of meeting him. Anyone who can make her baby Troye happy, makes her happy she knows she can trust her son’s heart in the hands of Connor.

 #18. The way they look at each other

 #19.Troye begging Con to help him film his ‘get ready with me’ for the paper towns premier , batting his eyelashes and pouting giving Connor little kisses and teasing him until he finally say yes.

 #20. Just Tronnor

 #21. Them cuddling in Connors bed Troye straddling Connor, Troye just sitting there in nothing but his boxer briefs and one of Connors shirts.

 #22. The boys telling Tyler and Zoe about their relationship and Zoe screaming at Tyler “YOU OWE ME $20 DOLLARS!!”

 #23.Troye surprises Connor by outing them on the vidcon main stage, then getting down on one knee and proposing.


//Bucky’s protective ways get to much for you as he put’s the teams life in danger in order to protect you//

warnings: Language, Violence, slight mention of blood..i think that’s it.

Word count: 1,488

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anonymous asked:

What do you plan to do when you meet the king?

*Give the king my soul

*Free the monsters.

*But… uh…. 


A/N: Combined the following requests for this! Oh, and also, ily 2 anon. (and all anons..and all readers..) ♥ Sorry I took so long! 

“ The reader is lonely, she has family & friends but feels alone all the time. She meets the Winchesters & moves in. She falls for Dean but wont do anything for fear of abandonment. He secretly loves her but Sam interfeers. They end up together & smut?”

“ PLEASE can we have some brotherly rivalry?? Xx “

  “  I’ve wanted to do this request for agess! :D can you write a fic where the boys both want to be with the reader and theres angst and some brotherly rivalry?? ♥ love u! “

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