So you want to write a Star Wars fanfic…..

Here’s a few helpful things to remember (SPOILERS)


Poe Dameron is the oldest (32 years old)

Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) is next (29-30 years old)

Finn (FN-2187) is third (23 years old)

Rey is last (19 years old)

[Hux is supposedly 30 years old but there isn’t canon stating it]


Finn – As a cadet, Finn continuously went against the accepted ways of the First Order to help a slower fellow cadet, FN-2003 (Slip). He was considered the top cadet and was commended for his marksmanship. He also had a great grasp of tactics. FN-2003 is the stormtrooper who dies at the beginning of the movie and wipes blood on Finn’s helmet. As a cadet, Finn was put in leadership positions. Basically remember, even though he acts unsure, he is a trained soldier. He doesn’t hesitate to fire to kill stormtroopers because he believes that he’s doing the right thing.

Poe Dameron – Poe learned how to fly in his mother’s a-wing. (A-Wing’s are much faster than x-wings but lack the same firepower and shields). His mother was a Rebel pilot and his father was part of the groundforces. His mother died tragically when he was young but not in battle. His call sign is “Black Leader” and his x-wing is called Black One. He leads two x-wing squadrons, red squadron and blue squadron.

Rey – Rey was five years old when she was left on Jakku. On Jakku, she lived inside an AT-AT but the helmet she puts on is a Rebellion x-wing helmet.

Kylo Ren – Betrayed Luke Skywalker and joined the Knights of Ren. His chosen evil name is Kylo and the Ren is like a cool surname like the Sith used Darth to denote their ~evilness.


TIE fighter – These were used by the Empire and now again by the First Order. They are fast and highly maneuverable. Much more so than the x-wings. However they have terrible shields.

X-wings – Used by both the Rebellion and the Resistance, they do the bulk of the fighting. Fast and maneuverable with great shielding, x-wings are the workhorses of single-man ships. They use astromech droids (aka BB-8 or R2D2) that serve as an automated mechanic.


Lightsabers – anyone can turn one on but most people are terrible with them. Finn is a trained soldier, which is why he is capable of basic fighting with it.

Bacta – In Star Wars, they have bacta which is basically a healing goo that speeds up healing and treats minor injuries. Sometimes they just dump badly injured people in a tank with a breathing mask. (Most times that person is basically just wearing a diaper and is naked except for that. So let your imagination run wild. Both Kylo Ren and Finn were severely injured at the end of the movie.)

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