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shadowhunterstv: “The fact that I was a ninja from age 7 to 15.” - @AlbertoRosende😂
What was your best Halloween costume?#Shadowhunters

10 Interesting Facts About Kissing

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Did you know that there is actually a scientific term for french kissing? It’s called caglotticism. Although the word itself isn’t as appealing as the act of making out, many scientists study the effects of this sought after affection.

Since many of us love to kiss our significant other, we might as well educate ourselves on the topic. We invite you to ready some awesomely interesting facts about making out.

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ABC’s of Me

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Age - 15

Biggest fears - Abandonment 

Current time - 7:59

Last drink you had - Water

Every day starts with - Checking Tumblr 

Favorite song - I have too many

Ghosts? - ?????

Hair Colour - Black

In love with - Newt Scamander, Dalton Rapattoni, Eddie Redmayne and David Tennant 

Killed someone - I wish. People are dicks 

Last time you cried -  Last night, lmao I hate my life

Middle name - Rose

Number of siblings - OTwo

Own any pets - Two doggos

Person you last texted/called - My friend

Questions you’re always asked - “are you really 15?″, “aren’t you supposed to be smart?”(bc I’m Asian)

Reasons to smile -  Newt Scamander, 

Song last sang - “Say you won’t let me go” by James Arthur

Time you woke up today -  12am

Understanding when it comes to - some emotions

Vacation destination - London 

Worst habit - I run my hands through my hair and pick at my lip

X-rays - None

Your favorite food - Cheese and pasta

Zodiac sign - Libra

I tag - whoever wants to do it

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a - age: 17
b - biggest fear: gHOSTS
c - current time: 7:15 pm
d - drink you last had: Earl Grey Tea
e - every day starts with: The obnoxious sound of my alarm clock and the cracking open of a single eye.
f - favourite song: This one is debatable. Probably Julia (because thats my name ha!)
g - ghosts, are they real: Y E S.
h - hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada
i - in love with: Music and my bf
j - jealous of: David Bowie
k - killed someone: no (why is this even a question??? Mildly concerning if you ask me)
l - last time you cried: last night while watching the Oscars.
m - middle name: Annan (no thats not a miss spell)
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: an endless closet full of wonderful clothes.
p - person you last called/texted: my mother. I just wanted a coffee ha.
q - questions you’re always asked: Is that your real hair colour? (Im a red head so yeah)
r - reasons to smile: Good music, my dog, the people I love and a good cup of hot drink.
s - song last sang: probably something from a musical (probably Sweeney Todd)
t - time you woke up: 6:22 to be exact. ( i have a weird knack for remembering exact times)
u - underwear colour: Blue
w - worst habit(s): being late, being loud, being a little cold, never doing tags ha.
x - x-rays you’ve had: None.
y - your favourite food: anything gluten free, dairy free. (Allergies my man)
z- zodiac sign: Virgo

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Pick one . Harley x Reader x Joker

A/n: loosely based on a request I had a week ago , hope you enjoyed ;)

Warning : swearing, mentions of blood and violence, killing

Plot : The reader is an orphan and goes to a school where she gets bullied a lot . Then one day Harley and Joker attack the school in search of a new addition to their “Family ” .

Pairing : Harley x Reader x (Jared Leto)Joker

Pick one .

Can this day get any worse? 

Oh of course it can .

You were the only surviving member of the (L/n) family car accident.  Even now when you remember it you got chills running up your spine . And to think that , that night,  the night of the accident,  was your baby brothers first birthday.  It pained you  to remember it .

Even if it was almost 7 yeas ago .

Now at age 15 you were stuck in an orphanage. It was ok there . The lady who looked after the kids was nice to you . The orphanage wasn’t so bad .

But school was a different story .

There , you started to understand,  there was only one rule.

Crush others or be crushed in every way, shape and form.

And you were being crushed. 










You heard thies words far too much on a day to day basis.  You hated it . You hated them . Often in fits of rage and sadness you imagined , them all dead , lifeless,  cold , frozen in one place,  FOREVER. 

You would smile at this , sometimes you would smell , the scent of the red metallic liquid , oh so slightly. 

Oh back to the absolutely worst day .

It was English class.  Lunch brake.  Your school didn’t have a cafeteria so you had lunch in classes , and you usually go to the roof to eat , but today you didn’t.  Big mistake .

They started again,  calling you names , yelling at you , some times hitting you . One of the took his water bottle and poured it’s content over your head and when you jumped up from your seat the other pushed your lunch box to the floor ruining your meal that you bearly even tad the chance to eat .

You felt rage but with the want to ripp all their heads off you wanted to cry , sadness almost choked you in your throat.  You bearly could breathe as you watched them , laughing and pointing on you .  

Something happened.

There was an explosion , screams , gun shots. 

The next second a guy in a mask walked in to the class room and ordered you to get out of the classroom and to the hall all the while holding up an AK .

Strangely you didn’t feel scared . On the contrary,  you wanted to see what was up , who attacked the school,  why . Curiosity now started to kill you .

As you and all of your classmates were in the hall you saw them .

The Joker and Harley Quinn.

You knew who they were or how dangerous they were ,  but why were they here ?

“Here you go Harl ! Pick anyone you like ” Joker laughs as Harley started walking to all of the kids with a giggle , her bat at hand .

So they wanted a kid ? Like adopt or something?  … as weird as it sounded you wanted to see how it turned out. 

Harley walked along the row of children from ages 8 to 16 . She doesn’t seem pleased with any of the brats she sees . Until she saw you . She smiled at you

“Aww what happened to you puddin? ” she asked sweetly “some jackass pouted his water bottle on me ” you say .

She only smirked as she saw the now growing rage in your eyes.  She took your hands pulling you out of the crowd “Mister J I want this one ! ” she smiled as she walked to Joker while holding you hand .

You weren’t scared . You were actually a little bit happy about this situation.  But of course some one had to spoil the fun . Before J could even say a word you heard HER voice . The girl who treated you like garbage from day one .

Alice Walker .


Rage boiled in your veins.  A growl escaped your throat.  You had enough. 

In one quick motion you grabbed J’s gold and purple gun out of its holster and turning around and aiming at her you shot her till the gun was out of bullets.  It all happened so fast .

No one expected it .

The room was soon filed whit the smell of metallic blood that you enjoyed so much as you looked at the lifeless body of your most hated enemy.  You took a deep breath with a smirk on your face as you turned back to Joker , who had a massive grin on his face

“I love this kid ! Great gob Harl!  Now jets leave before Batsy comes and ruined the party! .” He laughed as he ordered his henchmen to leave but not before killing a few people .

Harley giggled,  taking your hand again she ran to the car , right after J . She jumped in to the car right next to J and sitting you down on her lap all the while laughing as the car drove off at massive speed .

Oh did I say it was the worst day ?

No .

What I ment to say was it was the absolutely best day you could imagen .


Happy New Year! Are you ready for the 2016 animated film slate?

/// (Unknown) Sly Cooper / Rainmaker /// (Unknown) Animal Crackers / Blue Dream Studios /// (Unknown) Spark / Toonbox ///  (1/1) Little Door Gods / Light Chaser (China) /// (1/15) Norm of the North / Splash Ent. /// (1/15) The Nut Job 2 / ToonBox /// (1/29) Kung Fu Panda 3 / DreamWorks /// (¾) Zootopia / Disney /// (4/29) Ratchet & Clank / Rainmaker /// (5/20) The Angry Birds Movie / Rovio/Sony /// (6/17) Finding Dory / Pixar /// (7/8) The Secret Life of Pets / Illumination /// (7/15) Ice Age: Collision Course / Blue Sky /// (8/12) Sausage Party / Nitrogen Studios /// (8/19) Kubo and the Two Strings / Laika /// (9/??) The Red Turtle / Wild Bunch/Studio Ghibli (Japan) /// (9/23) Storks / Warner Bros. /// (11/4) Trolls / DreamWorks /// (11/23) Moana / Disney /// (12/21) Sing / Illumination Ent. ///

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A- Age: 15
B- Biggest fear: Bugs
C- Current time: 7:56 a.m
D- Drink you last had: Dr. Pepper
E- Everyday starts with: Thinking about that one person…
F- Favourite song: Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Divison
G- Ghosts, are they real: Sure, but they aren’t what you think
H- Hometown: Ventura 
I- In love with: a vampire
J- Jealous of: musical talent
K- Killed someone: nah
L- Last time you cried: two nights ago
M- Middle name: Rose
N- Number of siblings: 1
O- One wish: for his chrons to be cured somehow 
P- Person you last called/texted: @bandjunkosaurus

Q- Questions you’re always asked: What’s Up?

R- Reasons to smile: music, food, friends, family
S- Song last sang: Gigcantic-Pixies
T- Time you woke up: 7:30
U- Underwear colour: Purple
V- Vacation destination: Italy
W- Worst habit: Hypocrite to my own beliefs

X- X-rays you’ve had: Teeth?.

Z- Zodiac sign: Leo

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Pastel Phanart!

Blue and pink opposites. I actually went outside and I gathered flowers to make their flower crowns but it is winter over here so there are not many flowers :P

Drawn on 15/7/2016 age 14 in a new style I’m trying out! (Ik the eyelashes and nose are weird I just like them) Drawn with light blue, dark blue, pink and red water colour pencils mainly (obviously I used guidelines first bc proportions are so hard).

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In case anyone was sitting there going JAAL AND KAELAS HAVE DIFFERENT HAIRCOLORS THEY’RE NOT SIBS, dude, my full sisters are both very blonde and my hair is so dark brown I should probably list it as black if I can legally do that at this point.

Trust me, Jaal’s black hair and Kaelas’s blond are absolutely possible in full siblings. Genetics are weird.

Also, having wildly different physical builds is a thing. I’m very long, and one of my sisters is very compact. So, again, Jaal being a relatively-short kid (5′7 at the age of 15–he might still grow heeheeehee) compared to Kaelas’s like, I dunno, at least 6′4+ muscular frame is totally possible.

Also remember that Jaal spent five years, the years when he should have been getting all the nutrition a little kid needed, living on scraps of dubious quality in the gutters of Nar Shaddaa while Kaelas, being “raised” as a fighter, was being given probably/likely better food.

Little searching for a Daddy!
  • Name: Amalie :))
  • Role: Little princess :)
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 14 (turning 15 soon yayyy)
  • Little age: 5-7
  • General Area: England
  • Mono or Polo: Mono (easily jealous)
  • Preferred role of partner: Daddy (14-17 only)
  • Preferred gender of partner : Male
  • Appearance: i have short blonde hair, blue eyes, quite germanic features, and quite a petite build, around 5ft.2" tall. (will send a picture privately if i speak to someone who I’m interested in!)
  • What i want in a Daddy: Someone who is caring, loving, loyal and fun. Someone who will be my best friend and will always be honest with me no matter what. I have a lil struggle with mental heath so someone who is patient and understanding would be great!
  • About me: I looooove reading and i hella love Disney. I enjoy being creative so stuff like art and sewing. I have many stuffies and i love them all. Little me loves watching Whinnie the Pooh or We Bare Bears. Big me likes to watch stuff like Brooklyn  Nine Nine or Gotham. I love family and friends, and though I’m general sweet my little claws will come out for anyone who messes with people i love!
Young people: The hardest hit by the budget?

Firstly, the increase to the minimum wage to £7.20 an hour next year isn’t actually a living wage as the Living Wage Foundation sets the current living age at £7.85 nationally and £9.15 in London. Secondly, the minimum wage increase will not apply to anyone under the age of 25, adding another tier to the already multi-tiered minimum wage.
Then there is the changes to student maintenance grants which will be replaced with loans for students from families with low incomes. This will create even more debt for graduates. Osborne also stated that tuition fees could rise with inflation above the current £9,000 a year cap if the University has “high quality teaching”.
The final big change for young people is that 18 to 21 year olds will no longer be able to automatically claim housing benefit. The government will take benefits away from one group of adults, treating them differently (a similar problem as there is with the differences in the minimum wage). Britain already has a problem with youth homelessness and taking housing benefit away from 18 to 21 year olds can only make this problem worse.

Young people think that politicians don’t care about them and this budget just gives them even more reason to.

Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン)

Age: 15
Birthdate: February 10
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Position: 104th Trainees Squad, Scouting Legion
Graduation rank: 1st

Mikasa is Eren’s adoptive sister and mutual childhood friend of Armin. Mikasa shares an unbreakable bond with Eren following events in their past, and rushes to protect him whenever he is in danger. Mikasa possesses impressive fighting skill and strength even as a child.

As a teen, Mikasa is considered a genius among all the army trainees and is incredibly skilled at combat and agility. She constantly worries for Eren’s well-being and lives to protect him.

My ABC’s

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Also, I added the O and yeah. That was just something I could think of real quick

A- Age: 15 (Almost 16, 7 more days)

B- biggest fear: Uh, spiders and bugs except for butterflies and ladybugs

C- Current time: 3:01 pm

D- drink i last had: Chocolate milk

E- Everyday starts with: Laying in bed for a bit before starting on school work or world of warcraft (depends on the day)

F- Favorite song: I have way too many, but one that I really like a lot would have to be something ACDC probs TNT

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yes.

H- Hometown: Lousiville KY

I- In love with: food and a girl I like

J- Jealous of: Nothing

K- Killed someone: In my mind i have because people are so idiotic

L- last time i cried: I have no idea.

M- Middle name: Rose

N- Number of siblings: 1 half brother who is like 28 maybe 30

O- Opinion of season preference?: Spring

P- Person you last called/texted: my mom

Q- Question’s you’re always asked: either how old are you with a follow up question of really? That’s how old you are? And what school do you go to/ what grade are you in

R- Reasons to smile: Lots of things puppies, kittens, food,netflix, video games and books

S- Song last sang: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley

T- Time you woke up: 9:30 ish

U- Underwear color: A blue with dark blue polka dots and lace

V- Vacation Destination: Greece/Rome

W- Worst habit: I pop my neck and knuckles and back and it can freak others out sometimes (i find it funny when they just stare at me when i do it)

X- X-rays You’ve had: My back from a car accident when it wouldn’t stop hurting and my left foot (numerous on that) because i broke it

Y- Your favorite food: chcolate and mac and cheese

Z- Zodiac sign: Pisces

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Looking for my daddy 💞

Name💞 Emma
Gender💞 Female
Pronouns💞 She/Her
Little Age💞4-7
Preferred Role💞 Daddy😍
Interests💞 Cuddling, movies, YouTube, music, cuddling, glitter, flowers, cotton candy, cuddles, adventures
About me💞my past daddy wasn’t the greatest and it was hard to go into little space for awhile but I decided to get a new daddy and feel loved and cared for again 😊 I have brown hair and eyes, on the chubbier side, and 5'5 (:
Where to contact me💞kik- Emmailene or Snapchat- emmailenesnap 💞💞💞

Please don’t contact this blog (: