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Help. Them.

If HV is trying to make it seem like ‘Guys My Age’ is about general immaturity/maturity, then damn, ‘Broken Home’ by 5SOS is just a song about a house that was blown down by a freaking tornado. I swear, do these people even think before they speak? “Because a guy can be a few years older, or in his 30s or 40s, and can still be incredibly immature or not know how to treat someone else like they’re a priority.” What the actual fuck? Aren’t most people married and settled down when they reach 30 years of age or older, or even younger? They are out of college, they have jobs, they have houses or apartments that need to be taken care of, and they have possible relationships. All those things relate to maturity and being mature enough to handle being on your own and living in the real world. HV’s “target” audience is what? 18-22 (around there) year old people. OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO BE IMMATURE. They are young and are just getting to experience life on their own, but that is no reason to stereotype them. If this song was really about general immaturity and maturity, then the lyrics and total message of the song would’ve been different. But ‘Guys My Age’ is not about general immaturity and maturity. It’s about sexual immaturity and maturity. And lyrics within the song give that away. I’m not going to explain why they do because it is self-explanatory. Here’s an example.

“Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut
‘Bout to get attention from a grownup”

Is this not giving the song away? Rena is literally saying - or singing in this case - about wearing something that will get her attention from an older guy. Like I literally just stated, these lyrics are self-explanatory as to why Guys My Age is about sexually immaturity/maturity. And personally, if I were a boy between the ages of 18-40 - because God knows all 30 to 40 year old men are still immature - I’d be a offended as hell. JUST BECAUSE HV HANGS OUT WITH IMMATURE 18-40 YEAR OLD MEN DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERY MALE IS LIKE THAT. And that is not what HV is understanding when it comes to singing about males. They stereotype them based on their friends and zero to little real-life experiences. I don’t know if they are trying to convey the message that all boys want to do is break your heart and mess around with you or if they are trying to convey the message that girls should be with these types of boys because they give you a rush and your personal self and the most vulnerable part of yourself just needs to be shared for every boy that you are attracted to. That’s what their songs convey don’t they? Females get mad whenever they’re generalized and stereotyped, so what makes it okay to do it to males???? Not every guy you come across is going to want to take you to dinner and then smash you! Not every guy you come across is going to be a master or experienced when it comes to sex! Not every guy only wants to take advantage of you for his personal needs! And that is something that you should never teach to a girl. And that is exactly what HV is writing about! They are writing about sexual songs and abusive/unhealthy relationships! They are stereotyping males, then saying that girls should offer themselves to nearest boy who wants to get in their pants and it’s even better if they do that if the boy is older because he has more sexual experience.

HV needs to get their shit together because at this point, it’s obvious that even they don’t know what they are writing, talking, or singing about.

This AU was 90% created just for the purpose of memes and angst, it’s not meant to be anything serious and is entirely not canon whatsoever. Yet here I am, drawing and writing shit for it anyway.

Playlist: ♥♥♥
Name: Foreteller (formerly Nat Sko’dal)
Occupation: Inquisitor, Adviser to Vader and Palpatine
Height: 5’8”
Age: Physically, about 40
Pronouns: They/Them
Special Abilities: Foreteller has a cyborg eye where their blind eye once was. It’s not good for helping them see like a normal human eye, but it can detect temperature signatures and electromagnetic waves. They can also access Imperial databases with facial recognition technology.
Foreteller has a unique ability to see constant and absolute visions of the future rather than premonitions that can be changed or prevented, and sometimes they are able to see flashes of other people’s pasts. They could see visions for specific people if they came into physical contact with said person, as in holding their hand and such. This being said, while they may know much of what the future holds, they are helpless to change what fate has in store. So for everyone’s sake, they usually keep their thoughts and visions to themself. 

Personality: At first, they may appear cold and distant to most, Foreteller’s general atmosphere demands attention and respect. But they’re notorious for their uncharacteristically relaxed and casual attitude toward figures of authority, including Vader himself. If there is anyone who can badmouth the Sith Lord to his face and live to tell the tale, it’s Foreteller. They’re an invaluable resource, and they know it, so they often push their limits.

How this junk would have happened: The majority of Nat’s origins remain the same, only a few key differences in choices would cause them to go down this path. Throughout the Clone War, Nat would have become disillusioned to the Jedi Order, believing them to have become corrupt in this age. Upon receiving the vision of Order 66, instead of working to save however many Jedi they could, they would decide to join Palpatine in his plot of galactic domination. When the Inquisitors were created, Nat joined their ranks and was renamed “The Foreteller,” effectively shedding their past self and falling to the dark side. Nat has worked as an adviser to Palpatine and Vader, telling them of force visions they receive.

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Headcanon on Chris if he had a younger brother with a huge age gap (5-8 years). Like how would he act etc. etc.

-He’s very, very overprotective of them

-And he’s the proudest big bro ever

-When it’s time for lil bro’s puberty, Chris will be the person who’s like ‘ah, where did the sweet sunshine child go?’

-Lil bro is in high school now, and it’s time for a parent meeting

-Unfortunately, the parents™ are out of town

-So big bro Chris goes in their place

-Somehow, he gets the time wrong and arrives a bit early

-So to kill time, he visits little bro in his classroom

-Lil bro is so embarrassed

-But the girls in his class are definitely not complaining

-Everyone’s like ‘ya we knew Chris is how, but wow’

-From that day on, lil bro never allowed Chris to come to another parent meeting

-Honestly, Chris is the ‘I’m the only one who can mess with my sibling’ type of brother

9x04, 5x16, 4x13, 7x14, 1x20, 3x08, 1x01, 1x08, 7x03, 8x23

Sam + childhood
This is my bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa gift for the-dilatory-dictator, who requested Winchester family dynamics. It’s not very festive, I’m afraid, but I hope you like it anyway! Happy Christmas!


Here’s the APUSH DBQ rubric for the 2016 - 2017 year! Also the BASIC, NEED-TO-KNOW, term review!! From John P. Irish!

And my tip for this— Focus more on Cause & Effect and Synthesis, because if you have the information/context memorized(ish), then you only have to worry about connecting to different time periods!

For instance:

• AP likes to relate the prosperity of the 1920s with that of the 1950’s.

• Malcom X and MLK jr can be related to Brooker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois.

• John Quincy Adams and Seward were the most influential Secretary of State’s.

• Henry Davis Thoreau wrote “On Civil Disobedience,” which would influence the Civil Rights Activists in the ‘50s - ‘60s.

• Reagan’s economic policy lead to the surge in investing into estate and land, which created a bubble that will later burst, causing ‘The Great Recession of 2007/08,“ leaving the Obama administration to deal with it.

• Because of Nixon’s handling of Watergate and Vietnam, the American public began to suspect the US gov’t was being secretive–created a distrust of the gov’t.

• Gilded Age, trusts and monopolies “owned” gov’t, kickbacks and subsides, bribes and all.

• Andrew Carnegie- Vertical Integration (his own company mined, processed, manufactured, and sold to the public–eliminates middle man, counters capitalism); believed in the Gospel of Wealth- It was the wealthy’s God-given right to help people, donate, use your wealth for the public’s benefit.

• John D. Rockefeller- Horizontal Integration (bought/forced other companies out of business, held a monopoly on the Steel & Coal/Oil industries, Andrew Carnegie also had monopoly on oil).

• AP relates Progressive Reformers of the 1920s to the Civil Rights Activists in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

• Theodore was an ambitious Imperialist, AP may relate him to the Antebellum period (1820 - 1860) because of the Manifest Destiny that many Americans had, especially Southerners.

• American Imperialism (1890 - 1910) relates to Manifest Destiny (1820 - 1860).

• Laissez-Faire polices; let the market regulate itself, gov’t does not regulate business.

• Social Darwinism; Survival of the fittest, applied to the economy.

• International Darwinism; Survival of the fittest, applied to countries and nations, this is predominantly shown in the Imperial Age (1890 - 1910).

• Sectionalism and the inauguration​ of Abraham Lincoln lead to the gradual secession of the Southern States, Southerners feared Lincoln would abolish slavery–which was not his goal at all (in his campaign).

Vital Stats: Faye Covington

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NAME: Faye Covington
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5′8″
SPECIES: Hyur (Midlander/Garlean)
GENDER: Female
NAMEDAY: 14th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
MARITAL STATUS: Betrothed/Eloped

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
DRINK: Tea, wine, water
FOOD: Lobster, light meals
SNACKS: Fruits, veggies, finger sandwiches, pastries and cookies
A FEW CURRENT SONGS On Their Playlist: Fight Like A Girl - Emilie Autumn, Peacemaker - Green Day, Conquest - The White Stripes
PET: Checkers the dog
COLOR: White, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Lavender
FLOWER: Roses (red, pink, or white especially), cherry blossoms
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual/Demisexual
BODY TYPE: Tall, slender, feminine, soft
EYE COLOR: Light blue with a hint of pink/red/violet
HAIR COLOR: White/platinum with faint blonde hints

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Emily Sears                                                 Lindsey Pelas

Age: 31                                                        Age: 24

Height: 5′8″                                                Height: 5′3″

Weight: 132lbs                                            Weight: 115lbs

Cup Size: 32-D                                           Cup Size: 32-F

for somethingeff

[5/8/17, 12:18:23 PM] Maxwell #111: When I was your age, I had to walk through the fetish art on Deviantart through the snow both ways, with a cobra attatched to by leg, you can face this
[5/8/17, 12:19:03 PM] Clarice #81: you’re not even my age yet but okay
[5/8/17, 12:19:31 PM] Kirstin: Time is a illusion
[5/8/17, 12:19:35 PM] Eleanor #109: When I was yout age I would have been lucky to have a cobra
[5/8/17, 12:19:45 PM] Eleanor #109: In my day, we called that lunch
[5/8/17, 12:20:44 PM] Clarice #81: :0 as a young rabbit I am amazed by these tales of adventure

The bunnies are getting into some antics 

Character Profile Meme (Part 3)

NAME: Armedoux Foquet
AGE: 30 (Hypothesis)
HEIGHT: 5′8″ Exactly
SPECIES: Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te

BIRTHDAY: 9th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (Hypothesis)
RESIDENCE: Immortal Flames Barrack / Occasionally his Office

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
DRINK: Wine, Juice, Water
FOOD: Meat, Fruits, Vegetables, food heavy in protein
SNACKS: Desserts/Sweets
SONGS: Conquest (Ablaze), Way to Fall, The Sound of Silence
PET: His Chocobo, Beatrix.
COLOR: Blue, Black, Gold.
FLOWER: U’ldah…

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Fit, muscular, lean and cut.
EYE COLOR: Bright Gold.

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Detailed info - Teo Dreis

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NAME: Teo Dreis
AGE: 28
SPECIES: Miqo’te (Seeker)
NAMEDAY: 24th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
RESIDENCE: The Mangy Coeurl (ship docked at Limsa)

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
DRINK: Sweet drinks, fruit teas, orange juice
FOOD: Spicy food, sea food
SNACKS: Fruit, moon nuts

PET: His ship has a communal coeurl kitten
FLOWER: He doesn’t really know flowers
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: A lot of muscle packed into a small package
EYE COLOR: Dark brown

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Mobile about/byf ~

I go by Ciel / Lenore / Micah or any of my kintypes’ names!

 I am an age regressor, and currently active in the groups Teenietots, Childminds, Foreverchildren, and Smallkin! I’m also otherkin & ficktionkin! (I regress to ages 5, 7-8, or 10! and my kin page is here, though it only works on desktop! Otherwise my kintypes are listed later on this post~

Facts abt me: age 21; bigender and pansexual; mentally ill and an abuse survivor; chronically ill/spoonie; mixed race (i consider myself latinx and white)


- you’re a c g l/ l i l t o t/ l i t t l e s p a c e/ etc blog
you’re a true crime or gore blog
you’re a proana blog
you are transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, classist, or don’t see anything wrong with these views
you’re anti-kin
you’re anti-self dx
or (and this is for your own benefit) if you’re a minor and uncomfortable with adults interacting w/ you! 


I’m super polykin lol! I’ll list all my fictionkin and otherkin -types here as well ask IDs. I don’t mind doubles at all!


  • Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)
  • Link (Legend of Zelda) 
  • Frisk (Undertale)
  • Oliver (Vocaloid)
  • Rose (Homestuck)
  • Elizabeth (Bioshock)
  • Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Dinah (Bizenghast)
  • Lottie (Snotgirl)
  • Crona (Soul Eater)
  • Raven (Teen Titans)
  • Veronica (Heathers)
  • Michiru (Sailor Moon)


  • Aelita (Code Lyoko)
  • Roxy (Homestuck)
  • Usagi (Sailor Moon)
  • Chirin (Ringing Bell)
  • Ranma (Ranma ½)
  • Killua (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Rarity (My Little Pony)
  • Sapphire (Steven Universe)
  • Allen Walker (D Gray Man)
  • Nepeta (Homestuck)
  • Mei Misaki (Another)
  • Elyon (W.I.T.C.H.)


  • Haruhi (Ouran HSHC)
  • Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)
  • Peridot (Steven Universe)
  • Yuri (Yuri on Ice)
  • Len (Vocaloid)


  • Crowkin
  • Catkin
  • Tigerkin
  • Lambkin
  • Angelkin


  • Mew
  • Togepi
  • Phantump

Other things: 

- I will tag anything you need me to, just ask on or off anon and I’ll let you know what tag I’ll use for it!
- please let me know if you’ve read this by liking this post, and it would be helpful if you’re following from a non-agere blog if you’d send me an IM or ask letting me know - especially if you want me to follow back! 

Thank you!! 

Get to know me

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Name: Savanna

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5'8

Age: 23

Time right now: 11:21 am

Orientation: It don’t take an intellectual to see that I’m bisexual 🎼

Ethnicity: white

Biggest fear: Idk thinking about money a debt freaks me out

Favourite colour: Green all the shades of green but especially like pine green

Favourite music artist(s): P!ATD, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, The Oh Hellos, Bon Iver, Vance Joy, Elle King, Troye Sivan ( I could go on forever but imma stop now)

Favourite books: The Great Tree of Avalon by T.A. Barron, Dark Powers by L.J. smith and Deerskin by Robin McKinley.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, swimming and camping

Average hours of sleep: 6

Language(s) you can speak: English

Reason behind your url: I love Merlin, but it was also fandom-y and aesthetic-y

Middle name: Lee

Dream trip: Iceland, Rio during Carnival and now Australia (cuz apparently that’s where half my friends are

Dream job: Working for the Travel Channel maybe as a cameraman (also I’m in love with Josh Gates so if I could work on his show and get paid to travel that would be heaven)

When this blog was made: What year did catching fire come out? I remember it was when were getting all dressed up to go to the premiere that I made mine

Number of followers: 212!?!?!???

What made you decide to post this blog: just like interacting with like-minded people

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I just want to know more about Sammy, I love her

Name: Sammy

Eye color: black

Age: 20

Height: 5′8″

Sexuality: Most

Fav food: fruit & cream cake

Fav color: Pink

Fav shape: Circle

Hobby: Competitive DDR

Skin type: combination oily

Dream job: Sociologist

Date: Cafe setting, sit around and chat for a bit, pretty standard stuff. If she likes you then she will take you shopping and try to paint your nails 10 different colors.

Trope: Shota

Subverted: Shota tropes usually imply a cis boy that borrows aspects of femininity to cater toward the genre’s target audience. But it pretty much stops at just that like most storylines don’t explore the possibility of the character being trans, gnc, or non-het because lets face it most otome games are marketed toward cis women. like. The industry probably thinks the character will lose appeal if they are anything other than cishet. In fact development usually goes the other way where over the course of the story they have to discover their masculinity and man up or whatever the fuck. Like that’s a valid storyline but having them realize they are a trans girl is way more interesting imo. Also not underage because that is fucked up why would you want to fuck a child do not fuck children

new ah au idea:

combining the baby au ideas that float around every once and a while and the gta au: Geoff and Jack, in starting their own crew and working with the Cockbite Empire (Burnie, Gus, and the like), have somehow accumulated a small group of children. It started with Ryan, a child of a mob boss who abandoned Ryan when he was held up for ransom. The Cockbites discovered the child when taking down the crew that took him and even went as far as bringing Ryan back to his family. But the mob boss refused to take him in and Geoff, the bleeding heart that he is, takes him in. Ryan is only 14 at the time. 

The next is Gavin, a child of some rich family, another child taken in an attempt at getting ransom from those who can pay it and they refuse. This time the Cockbites were hired to help the crew that took the six year old that Gavin was. The second they found out though what this crew was up to, well, you can imagine what a bunch of angry guys with a deadly skills with guns can do with a crew that is daring to harm a child. And again they tried to get in contact the family and again the family didn’t care. Geoff just had to give one look to Jack, she sighed and already started planning on how they were going to take care of him.

Michael and Ray (age 8 and 5 respectively) were found together, huddled on the streets, caught in a shootout at the end of a heist gone to shit. And fuck if Geoff and Jack were going to leave these kids there, no place to go, no food to eat, no shelter. So they pick them up and offer their home to two more children, bringing their crazy family to a total of six people now. 

And just. Mama Jack and Papa Geoff taking care of these forgotten children while still being the badass criminals that they are. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this au but I’m calling it FAHC Children. im sure others have made aus similar if not the same but my new motto in life is fuck it

Edit: Some time, a few years or so down the line, they find a Lil J left alone in the aftermath of two crews wiping each other out. He was only 5 at the time (keep in mind everyone else now is a year or so up from their ages they were found, making Jeremy the youngest of them all now), left wandering the empty home his parents left and never came back. Jack and Geoff were in the area when they found him wandering, and learned of what happened. And of course, with their ever bleeding hearts, their family became 7.

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Name: Allyson 

Nickname: Ally, Goodeye, 

Gender: Haven’t seen one 

Sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5'8 

Age: 24

Sexual Orientation: *loud truck horn* 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 

Favorite Color: Gimme them purples and gunmetal grey 

Time right now: 4pm 

Average hours of sleep: 5? 

Lucky number: Nope

Last Google search: “WMU commencement schedule” 

Favorite fictional characters: I love all of my children equally 

Blankets I sleep with: Anywhere between three and five 

Favorite bands/artists: Coheed & Cambria, Prize Fighter Inferno, Senses Fail, Thank You Scientist, Dance Gavin Dance, Tyler Carter, Jonny Craig, Craig Owens, aaand Hands Like Houses. 

Dream trips: I wanna visit Italy, Spain, and Mexico. 

When did you make this blog: I think it was 2013? 

Follower count: I think Im at 530? 

When did your blog reach its peak: It hasn’t really. Its just a big goofy mess

Why did you choose your url: “Goodeye” comes from “Good eye, sniper” from my favorite song, A Favor House Atlantic. The Cyborg bit is from me loving robots and it sounds a bit like sniper, so it just sounds right.  

Pottermore Wand Test 101

Hi darlings, I thought I would make this post to make it easier for all of you to find your true wand!

Many people ask me what each answer means/results to when you choose them. This is what I have gathered from mastering/studying the test.

Your wand length is determined by what artifact you choose from the chest, and your height.

Your wand core is determined by what artifact you choose from the chest, and what you fear most.

Your wand flexibility is determined by what you pride most in yourself, and if you were born on an even or odd date.

And last but not least, your wand wood is determined by your eye color, what is your most prided trait, and what path you would choose to go. 

When it comes to personality analysis, the questions you need to get the most accurate/clear within yourself are what is your true eye color, what is the path you would take, and what is your most prided trait. This is because your wand wood determines the personality of you and your wand the most. Cores have a lot to do with it too, but your wood is what you want to get the most accurate. Lengths/cores can be explained basically within any personality.. it just depends on the angle you look at it from. 

The eye color part probably seems silly to all of you, like of course you know your eye color.. but this is honestly what people screw up the most (other than their most prided trait). I used to think my eyes were blue/grey.. but after talking to people and getting multiple opinions, my eyes are actually blue. That changed my WHOLE wand personality. Not even joking. Getting the correct eye color on the test is crucial. Get multiple opinions from people on what they think your eye color is. It will make a huge difference.

When you approach what you pride most in yourself. Think about what makes you most defensive. The character trait you defend most to other people is your most prided trait, period. If you did not pride that trait in yourself, you would not bother getting defensive when people bring it up in a negative fashion. 

When you look at the path, think about how you solve problems. Do you meet them head on and don’t take time to think (forest), or do you like to go off on your own for awhile to think things through and have some peace (sea or castle)? This question isn’t just about the symbolism.. it is also about which environment you do prefer, but keep that in mind when you answer if you are really torn between two options. Do you like regal things and like to think/get advice before you solve a problem/make a decision (castle)? Do you like calming things and like to find peace in yourself before making a decision (sea)? Or do you like going straight ahead to solve your problem so you don’t have to worry about it anymore (forest)? 

When you try to figure out the artifact, think about what each item symbolizes or what that item would do if it had magical powers. Are you insanely curious and like to read/have answers to everything (scroll)? Do you like the idea of power (dagger)? Do you like looking into something and seeing who you really are or on the other side (mirror)? These are just possible interpretations for some of them. I’m not going to list every artifact.

When you try to figure out your fear, think of it symbolically again. You might legitimately fear heights, but what does heights also symbolize? The fear of lacking control, the fear of not having security, etc. If one of your literal fears isn’t on the test, you should look at the answers symbolically. 

For height to be most accurate, I would look at it from this scale.

Short for your age: Below 5 feet - to 5 foot 3.

Average for your age: 5 foot 4 to about 5 foot 7.

Tall for your age: 5 foot 8 and taller.

The easiest question to answer is your birth date, you cannot get that wrong (unless you’re not clear on what odd or even numbers are, which I doubt). The rest of them take a lot of thought. If you follow this guide, it could potentially help you. It really helped me.

Also, talking about these things with people that know you well will really help. They see things in you that you don’t see yourself. You might think you are most defensive about one trait, but you’re actually most defensive about another.. because the person that you talk to SEES what you are most defensive about.. even if you aren’t aware of the fact you’re being most defensive about it. 

I really wish you all the best of luck. Remember to use this resource so you don’t have to take the test multiple times with different accounts (I have tested the resource, it is accurate).. and remember to always follow your gut. Your gut instinct should also match what you have analyzed to be accurate. If it doesn’t match your analysis, then it is still wrong. It should all line up. It does take a lot of time. You won’t figure this out in a day (if you want to get an accurate wand). 

If any of you have any questions, my ask box is always open! I will also analyze your wands once you figure them out. Enjoy your self-discovery process. x