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Emily Sears                                                 Lindsey Pelas

Age: 31                                                        Age: 24

Height: 5′8″                                                Height: 5′3″

Weight: 132lbs                                            Weight: 115lbs

Cup Size: 32-D                                           Cup Size: 32-F

for somethingeff

9x04, 5x16, 4x13, 7x14, 1x20, 3x08, 1x01, 1x08, 7x03, 8x23

Sam + childhood
This is my bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa gift for the-dilatory-dictator, who requested Winchester family dynamics. It’s not very festive, I’m afraid, but I hope you like it anyway! Happy Christmas!


Omigod. Look at my sweet summer child.
So I decided to make another Rogue scientist, Julius a Lepidopterist (also known as a aurelian), a entomologist who specializes in moths and butterflies. :>
More info
- Julius Orion Thomas
-22 years of age
-5 ft 8 (172.72 cm)
-actually the sweetest bean
-freaks out when he meets Cass bc her name is a type of butterfly ( which just so happens to have blue eyes spots on its wings)
- shy until you make even the slightest refrence to butterflies, moths, or caterpillars.
-is attempting to selectively breed larger butterflies and moths
- the largest he has managed to breed is an atlas moth with a wingspan of 30 cm
- he has 250 live species of butterfly in his room which he turned into a green house
(But he has 10,000 pinned/dead/display species from his travels)

Valentine’s Colouring Contest!

As it is Valentine’s day on Tuesday the moderators of this blog thought a colouring competition would be the best way to celebrate!

So the rules:

  • Each colouring page has an age range attached to it, however if you want to do more than one colouring you can!
  • Anyone can enter as long as their blog is completely sfw.
  • The Competition will end two days after Valentines day!

The Prizes:

  • A Promo
  • A follow from both mods private blogs
  • A personalised lockscreen or moodboard

Age range - 0-4

Age range - 5-8

Age range - 9+


But can you imagine a group of aunties at a get together

Like do they just pull out pics like deck of cards and its like

Hassan 5"11
Brown eyes
In Med school
22 years of age

Javed 5"8
Green eyes
Has a beautiful recitation voice .
Manager of his own restaurant .
Knows how to cook
25 years old

Ali 6"4
Brown eyes
Has nice teeth
Dental Hygienist
24 years of age

And some auntie comes along and goes

Put her cards on a table

Loves cats
Majored in Biology
Nice lips
hazel eyes
23 years old

And goes I’ll love to pair this up with Ali please think of the tall children they’ll make

And some other auntie comes in and say not so fast, I remember you told me fatimah had an attitude problem(cause aunties don’t be shutting up about anything for the most part) I have a Hiba who is better match

Has own clothing line
Nice eyebrows
24 years old … Like do they duel with each other like this 😂

Let’s Learn About Each Other!
I was tagged by the totally gorg, @how-whoreifying  <3

-Name? Olivia

-Age? 25. 

-Height? 5'8

-Where are you from? Ohioooo

-What is your favorite song of all time?
Keep Breathing, Ingrid Michaelson

-What is your favorite song Currently?
Body like a backroad by Sam Hunt

-What is your favorite book?
Hmmmmm. Honestly, don’t know. Either one from the Harry Potter series, or 11/22/63 by Stephen King

-What is your favorite smell? Fresh snow orrrrrrr citrus

-A memorable experience?
The first time I hugged my <3

-Which countries have you traveled to? Just Canada.

Which countries do you wish to travel to?
So many. Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Egypt. And probably some others I can’t think of right now.

-Which languages can you speak?
I’m fluent in English and sarcasm. :)

-Favorite subject in high school?

-Any hobbies?
Reading, and video games. 

-What is your favorite plant? Orchids I think.

-What is your favorite food? Ice cream. and Pizzzzzaaaa.

-What are your views on modern society?
We’re all screwed.

-What is your favorite era, and why?
I’m super into the style and music of the 20′s. But I hate that so many people were marginalized based on gender or race or income level.

-Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
10 tattoos, a bunch of piercings in my ears and then my nose and septum.

-Do you want any more tattoos and piercings?
Yes to more tattoos, I think I’m cool with piercings,

-Thoughts on love?
It’s crazy amazing. I didn’t know what I was missing out on till I had it. Now that I do, I’m gonna fight like hell and hold on to it. <3

I identify as agnostic, other than that…..

-10 facts about me:
1. I really suck at coming up with random facts

2. I technically finished high school in three years.

3. I took two years of Spanish, and two years of french in high school. Aced all of it, but can speak like zero of it.

4. I graduated high school with honors and I’ve made deans list in college. I’m kinda a smart hard worker. :)

5. 3/5 of the people I’ve dated names have started with J.

6. I haven’t eaten beef or pork in almost 5 years.

7. I didn’t really watch star wars until I was an adult, but now I’m soooooooo obsessed.
8. I’ve done a fair share of traveling over the last few years and I looooveeeeee it. I can’t wait to go to more places. 

9. I hate being hot! I crave the cold weather, but then when it gets here, I bitch and moan a little about being cold.

10. My ideal job would be to do something dealing with animals. 

I tag anyone and everyoneeeeeee. If you’re reading this, I tag you. :)

let your followers get to know you

thanks so much @trustinawitch for tagging me out of the blue! i hope you’ll have a super awesome week with lots of nice lil things happening to you!

Name? gabi
• Age? 21
• Height?  5'8"
• Where are you from? i’d rather not say tbh
• What is your favorite song? Gasoline by Halsey

What is your favorite book? don’t have one, actually. the last one i read and enjoyed, though, was “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski
What is your favorite smell? i really enjoy white sage incense and lavender
• A memorable experience? a memorable experience was when my gf first told me that i was the only person who got her struggles, and that she appreciated how considerate i was. that made me feel like i was able to do something right, actually support her in some sort of way
• Which countries have you traveled to? i have been in europe (england, germany, france, the czech republic, hungary, france, italy and spain), i’ve been in egypt and on lanzarote
Which countries do you wish to travel to? i want to travel to australia and south korea, and i’d like to go to turkey at some point. 
• Which languages can you speak? english, i know a few bits of french and i tried learning russian at some point
• Favorite subject in high school? english and philosophy
• Any hobbies? witchcraft, cuddling, make-up and researching cats
• What is your favorite plant? sunflowers and echevarias
• What is your favorite food? mmmh vegetable lasagna!
• What are your views on modern society? well first off there is no ONE modern society sooo i can only speak for the bit of Western modern society that i grew up in. my opinion: 5/10, there’s potential and i’d like people to get their shit together
• What is your favorite era, and why? …dinosaurs? joking. the historical period that interests me the most is the golden age of piracy
• Do you have any tattoos or piercings? yup, one tattoo and several piercings
• Do you want any more tattoos and piercings? i deeeefinitely want nipple piercings, and tons of tattoos!
• Thoughts on love? there are lots of different kinds of love and most of them are awesome
• 10 Facts About Me:
1. i have bpd
2. i want two cats
3. i think i may legitimately be addicted to chocolate, and it’s one of two things keeping me from going 100% vegan (rn it’s like.. 95%)
4. one of the walls in my room is mint green
5. i have no idea what i’m doing, ever
6. i am a very sleepy person
7. i am super duper gay
8. i’m white, cis and able-bodied
9. i’m scared of developing actual psychotic traits, even though i know i’d be fine
10. i’m going blonde this week

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I’ve updated/rewritten my headcanons as follows!

Full Name: Joseph Adam Wheeler.
Japanese Name: Jounouchi Katsuya.
Age: 23.
Height: 5'8’’.
Nationality: American.
Occupation: Trainee Fire Fighter.

Smoker?: Yes.
Drinker?: Yes .

Backstory Notes:

  • Born in New York to an American man and a Japanese woman. He lived in New York with his father for a long while after his sister and mother moved to Domino, but eventually followed them over.
  • Joey’s relationship with his whole family is strained. Though he cares deeply about his sister, he feels like a terrible role-model for her and inadvertently avoids her. As for his father, Joey stopped living with him prior to this roleplay setting. Their relationship is violent and tense, but he does love his father. Deep down. Regardless, he makes almost no effort to talk to him now that he’s moved out. As for his mother? They stopped talking years ago.
  • Joey did not go on to complete any further education after high school. Despite getting a job in the Fire Services as a trainee, he remains pretty much ‘homeless’ and is currently jumping between living on peoples’ couches, squatting and sleeping it rough in his car. He doesn’t mind too much.
  • He has given up duelling, due to the costs of attending tournaments being too steep.

Personality Notes:

  • Joey is stubborn beyond reason and he’ll fight his side of an argument viciously. He has a slight Inferiority Complex and becomes incredibly irritated when he’s put into submissive positions and situations; he goes out of his way to compensate for feelings of inadequacy.
  • He’s selfish, but not so much arrogant as stupid. He doesn’t consider his actions having effects on others and therefore sometimes acts in ways which potentially cause others trouble without thinking it over.
  • His temper is a time bomb. Or a volcano. Whichever suits you best. It’s easy to trigger and builds up and up until it explodes. When it explodes, he’s like a bull in a China shop.
  • For all Joey is rude, obnoxious, loud and violent, he’s an incredibly loyal friend, and to him, friends are everything. He would sacrifice everything if it meant that he protected his closest pals and prevented them from lasting damage.
  • He’s a smoker and a drinker and sometimes indulges in illegal substances as well.
  • He’s a decent fist-fighter. Before meeting Yugi and befriending him, all of Joey’s ‘friends’ were in gangs or mobs. That was the atmosphere he grew up in, and that state of mind remains with him. His first reaction when angered is to bring his fists up. His bite is almost as bad as his bark.

Fun Facts:

  • Joey, when he can afford it, takes part in amateur drag contests and events. It was a joke, at first, following his debut in Season Zero, but he’s since discovered it to be a form of escapism and thinks it’s great fun. He doesn’t bother to keep it a secret.
  • He’s developed a form of alcohol dependency. He’s harshly secretive about it and refuses to admit that it’s a problem. He is not currently seeking help for it.
  • He’s terrified of anything paranormal, but can tolerate heights and spiders well.
  • He still has gang connections, though he’s doing his best to shed them. Occasionally they crop back up when he’s least expecting it.

I’ve also updated my rules/disclaimer, which can be found here.

i was tagged by @clevernxss - thank you!!! 

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Name: Anna

Family name: i hate it 

Gender: Female 

Star sign: Pisces everything. Imma fish. 

Height: 5′8

Age: 18, almost 19 

Hogwarts house: according to my latest Pottermore sorting, Ravenclaw.

Favorite color: Blue 

Time rn: 9:22 pm 

Hours of sleep last night: like…9 and a half. 

Lucky number(s): 7 and 13 

Last thing I googled: undertale merch 

Favorite fictional character: i have a lot… Death of the Endless, Amy Hughes, Elsa, Anna, Jyn Erso (and all of Rogue One tbh) Rey…

Blankets I sleep with: Two. 

Favorite artists: Musically - Halsey, Two Steps from Hell, Toby Fox… other than them, my music taste it really all over the place. In terms of drawing, idk…the artist who did the art for the Sandman comics 

Dream trip: either to Japan or the UK 

Dream job: to own my own bookstore, or be on Broadway

What I’m wearing rn: an Elsa shirt and jeans

Follower count: 1,846 (whoaaaa) 

What do I post about: uhhh…pretty much whatever crosses my dash that i like. mostly fandom stuff. 

Most active followers: @dino-hoodie, @melisalady22, and @iluviasrain ( <3 ) 

When did your blog reach its peak: 

Originally posted by robotjedi

Why did you make your blog: fuck if i remember

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope 

Why did you choose your url: because i love Wicked a lot and i used to write a lot of angsty fic 

Countries you’ve lived in: the US. it sucks.

Favorite fandom: Fandom wise…honestly somehow i tend to find myself in some of the most toxic fandoms…idk, really. the Pokemon fanbase seems great, and so is the Dead of Summer fanbase (all, like…four of you I know) 

Languages you speak: English

Favorite film: Frozen and/or Carol followed closely by The Force Awakens and Rogue One 

Last article you read: don’t remember. it was either something terrible about politics or something nice about food 

Last thing I bought online: this little one 

just look at that face ajhfeihnbgkjslfnsjkdbgd

Last person I dreamt of: I don’t remember

Reoccurring dream: Volcanoes and drowning -_-

Phobias/fears: …volcanoes, small spaces, drowning trapped in a small space, and some others 

How would me friends describe me: no idea

If I had $$$ to spend what would I buy first: a good computer, an apartment, food, maybe a college class 

Shuffle your song library and list the first three songs that play: Megalovania - Toby Fox, How To Save a Life - The Fray, and Hymn for the Missing - Red. 

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I see these all the time and they always suck and its always silly information, so heres a more intellectual and exciting one. They always talk about followers and physical features and nothing that makes up someone as a person, so heres one for your personality and life experiences. Don’t forget to tag people you want to get to know!!!

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Where you’re from?

South Carolina

Favourite song?

It is impossible for me to have one favorite

Favourite Book?

This is also hard to pick… um, The Secret Garden?

Favorite smell?

Anything fall related

A memorable experience?

When I got to meet everyone in my favorite band for the first time (the front bottoms)

Countries you’ve been to?


Countries you’d want to go to?

Germany, Greece, and Italy

Languages you speak?

English, and very broken german

Favourite subject in high school?

English and History


Reading, knitting, sleeping, and video games

Favourite plant?


Favourite food?

Anything alfredo

Views on modern society?

Do not get me started

Favorite era and why?

Either the 50′s (style and music) or the 90′s (literally everything cause im biased)

If you could experience one event in history, which would it be and why?

I’d like to be around when the pyramids were built because I just wanna see how they did it.

Have tattoos, Piercings?

10 tattoos and 7 piercings 

Want any?

I want so many more tattoos but im kinda over the piercings now

Thoughts on love?

I think it is beautiful and unifying and beyond powerful


I was raised southern baptist… but now a baby witch.

10 facts about you?

  • I can eat enough food for 3 people in one sitting
  • I have 5 cats
  • I have a strange fascination/love for pens and notebooks
  • I graduated high school in 2009
  • My first pet was named Simple Jack
  • I am a nutcase
  • One of my favorite movies is The Crow
  • I was born in October
  • I am borderline in love with Jared Padalecki
  • Coffee is my life essence 

Feel free to ask me any questions about myself x

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Name: Goro Akechi 
Alternative name: Veritas Sairai 
Code name: Jupiter Crow 
Age: 17 
Height: 5'8"
Arcana: Star, The World 
Persona: Robin Hood, Iris


Goro or better known as Jupiter, is an alternative version of the real Goro Akechi. As his name states it, he is not the real Goro but rather a saint like version to seek peace for the other. However he does in fact state that his father is Shido but never met him except once in his entire life. He lives alone in Osaka where he works as a private detective who sometimes helps out the police.

Jupiter’s past is different from the real Goro as he confirms that his mother loved him dearly and was murdered for a total different cause than because of Shido. Despite saying that he had never cross paths with Shido before, he had actually came face to face with other in an unpleasant situation which causes him to run away to Osaka.

Jupiter never reveals his real name, which is Veritas Sairai, to anyone unless they are close to him on a personal level because unlike the real Goro, he states he is more of an astral being and can easily be fooled thus not wanting to be hurt. He is very insecure about certain matters but very confident when it comes to his ability of using psychometry in order to help out others.

Persona Follow Ups

Like the real Goro, he is able to use Robin Hood, however his main and ultimate persona is Iris, which is represented by a female figure that most likely is symbolic to his mother. Iris is covered in white feathers which also represent that Jupiter is pure in certain ways.  

Iris is able to use aiding, ice, light and dark magic skills.

Because Jupiter never interacted with Shido in the way the other did, he does not possess Loki within him and nor is he able to make others go berserk.

To a similarity, Jupiter also wants to be accepted and loved but lacks the ability to speak with others, hence why people from his school consider him a ghost and why only certain people know him in the police station. 

Despite his low sense of communicating, he is able to take on various rolls to fit it in certain situations, mainly in stake outs during the cases he works with.

I started a new file on Stardew Valley and I love my farmer boy <3

Name: Glenwood De La Rodríguez
Gender: cis male
Orientation: gay
Age: 26
Height: 5'8.4"
Weight: 153lbs
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: forest green
Skin: ebony, large birthmark on his left flank

Farm Name: Willow Tree Farm
Pet Name: Autum
Favorite Thing: Nature
Diet: Pescatarian

3 Likes: All berries, sea shells, wood
3 Dislikes: Carp Surprise, Joja Soda, coffee

Personality: Glen is a generally friendly person, he’s the kind of person who will smile while passing a stranger.  He doesn’t do well in loud and high energy environments because of his claustrophobia, so you won’t find him in the bar very often.  He much prefers quiet mornings working on the farm or fishing at the beach or riverbank.  If he feels too overwhelmed he will go home and snuggle up with his cat Autum - a gift from his mother when he moved to the country, so he won’t get lonely.  Similarly Glen also tends to keep in the company of calm and content people.  When he first moved to town he found himself befriending Linus because of his choice to live surrounded by nature, as well as the elderly couple George and Evelyn for their low pace energy and willingness to share stories and experiences with him.

Glen is also a very artistic person, he enjoys wood carving and making sea shell and flower jewelry. Though art was always his real passion, he never believed he was good enough to pursue art as a living - he instead majored in business and accounting and ended up working a job he hated for two and a half years.  Because of this he greatly admires Leah and Elliot for their choice to pursue their artistic dreams against all opposition.  Though he didn’t have much time to befriend them when he first moved (the farm desperately needed a facelift) he began to hang out with them more near the end of summer.  Elliot even asked what kind of novel he thinks he should write, what an honor!!


Since February 2,2015 I’ve lost 75 pounds! Running 3-12 miles daily while keeping a healthy food style. I’ve grown so much over this time, becoming more sociable and ultimately more happy. I just want to let anyone know you can do anything even if the odds are against you.

Age: 15
Height: 5'8
Starting weight: 220
Current weight: 145
Goal weight: 130

Stop saying tomorrow and say today.

I’ve heard a lot about jack coaching little kids...

so, allow me to present this:

  • jack starts giving hockey workshops to kids of varying ages. say, once a week. people thing it’s for PR but he just really enjoys doing it
  • he has an uncanny ability to remember all their names. there are a few classes for different ages (5-7, 8-10, 11-13) and by the end of each one he knows their names
  • he does that thing with the little kids where he holds out his stick and skates backwards while they hold on
  • he loves his kids (yes, he calls them his kids) so much
  • once when an interviewer asked what his angle was in helping a bunch of little kids?” and jack is really confused like ??? angle??? and goes on a full rambling speech about the different individual kids and what he’s been helping them with
    • “well romy’s a great skater but she needs to look up more so she can complete her passes” “the little ones really just need to get better on the ice before we give them sticks” “jeremy keeps one-timing all his shots, and he gets about half of them, which is pretty impressive, but we’re trying to break that habit”
  • he really wants to give his kids an extra advantage
  • gets bitty to come help with speed and footwork
  • all the kids love jack, don’t get me wrong
  • but they LOVE bitty
  • they keep asking him to do jumps and spins and stuff and they all try to copy him and the parents get really worried cause “oH GOD JOEY NO DON’T—DO NOT TRY AN AXEL PLEASE”
  • the next week when bitty isn’t back the kids get really upset asking when eric is gonna get there
  • jack gets goaded into calling bitty by oldest group
    • *phone ringing*
    • bitty: “hey, baby”
    • jack: “…”
    • bitty: “what is it, hun?”
    • jack: “…you’re on speaker”
    • kids: “ooOOOooooohhhhh eric likes coooach! eric likes coooaach”
  • when jack and bitty finally go public, megan, one of the oldest kids, gets so many freaking followers on twitter because she posts a selfie of their group with jack kissing bitty on the cheek in the centre of it all and the caption “WE KNEW IT FIRST!”

Hello, I’m Rudy Night. I’m looking for a boyfriend but can’t seem to find one that with stay with me and won’t hurt me. Read my bio to find out more about me.


Age: 16

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120lb

Eyes: greyish blue

Hair: black

Profession: student and waiter at Texas Road House

Penis size: 6.3"

Knot size: 2.5"

Likes: kittens, puppies, cuddling on rainy days, cookies and milk, reading, and writing, and listening to music

Dislikes: loud noises, mate being upset with him, watching horror movies alone and being alone

Sexual orientation: gay

Sexual likes: love maaking, rough when he’s in the mood for it, cuddling after sex, shower or bath tub sex, and food sex using whipped cream and some other items

Sexual dislikes: being spanked with a belt, orgasm denial, not getting to touch his mate, and used for sex

Tattoos/scars/piercings: no tattoos or piercings yet. But he wants them soon. He has a scar on his left cheek, scars on his arms old and new ones, and a scar on his throat

Starter: Rudy was on his computer on a gay porn website looking at different porn videos while playing with himself, as he is watching the video he gets an idea and sets the computer aside as he is getting off his bed to walk over to his closet to grab a box of sex toys out, he looks through the box for a moment before taking a few sexy toys out he likes to use, he then walks over to his bed placing the sex toys on his bed neatly, and then he walks into his bathroom grabbing a towel and a hand towel, after grabbing the towel and hand towel he walks back into his room placing the towels on his bed, he sits on his bed, opens the night stand drawer and pulls out some lube and his video camera. After he gets all of that done he grabs his tripod stand and sets his camera up facing the bed. Rudy walks over to his bed and grabs his laptop and a USB cable, he grabs a chair and sets it next to the camera, then sets his laptop on the chair connecting them together. He then logs into his porn hub account and clicking on record new video ((however the video thing works)), he fixes the towel he got from the bathroom to lay underneath him so, he doesn’t get his bed dirty with cum and lube, he grabs the remote control to the camera and lays on the bed after putting a pair of lacy thongs on and he then his start on his remote to the camera and it starts to record him. “Hello, gentleman. This is my first shot at this and I really hope you enjoy it” Rudy says into the camera. He lays down flat as he sexily strips off his lacey thong and throws them to the side and he sits up a bit holding a toy in his hand and hotly swallowing it down his throat with no, problem, Rudy turns over and gets on his hands and knees and starts to open himself up after he lubes up three fingers. When he finishes stretching himself and takes the toy he had down his throat, lubing it up and pushing it in teasingly slow for the viewers. After he finishes fucking himself with his toys and cumming harder than he ever has in a long time he sits up and looks into the camera. “I hope you liked my little video. Bye, for now.” he says before shutting off the cemera and hitting upload video. Rudy cleans up everything and putting stuff away. He checks the video and sees it has been up loaded, so, he turns the camera off and puts it away then puts his computer on his desk plugging it in to be charged. He starts doing his college work since he graduated high school early because of how smart he is.

So, as a fellow Briton, I felt it was time someone made a set of guides to aid those who don’t know Britain. On countless occasions, I see roleplays being made set in England, or more specifically London, and people are acting as if it is America. So, my first guide is specific to school roleplays;

The British Schooling System

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Name: Taylor “the Tailor”
Age: 39
Height: 5′8″
Race: Slime

Taylor is a very patient multi-gendered slime who loves sewing and socializing. They’re pretty new to the Space School staff but are already well known for their excellent craftsmanship.

I’ve been asked quite a few times, “How do the non-humanoid shaped students/teachers get their uniforms?”

Why, the tailors of Space School make them custom stuff, of course!

So, here’s one of said tailors! Taylor here isn’t the only one, but they’re the only one I had a design in mind for. (And of course neither the kids nor their parents pay for any of said tailoring. Everything provided for the students and teachers at Space School is free since it’s a Federation run program.)

Space School has a lot of inner workings so there are a lot odds and ends jobs that have many to maybe even just one employee doing them– depending on what it is, of course. The majority of staff is teachers. Most all teachers/faculty live off campus in the nearby city/space station tho– while the students all live in the dorms on campus.

It’s been SO LONG since I got to design a Space School character– and while Taylor here won’t play an important role in the comic at all, it’s still nice to use the universe I made for fun.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!