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Modern Setting

So this modern setting has “monster people”, mostly called demihumans or therians. (Calling them monsters would be offensive.)

They’re a minority of people who have animalistic/other features and grow more/transform completely based on their emotions, sometimes accompanied by some kind of magical power.
(Example: Nor has scales and can breathe/control fire)

Each individual is different and the emotions that trigger the transformations are subjective. It could be an emotion felt at a very specific time or it could be something you feel very often.

Demihumans/therians appear fully human until ages 5-8. At which point they usually show symptons and are registered as demihumans and if they are old enough, sent to different schools with dorms made for them specifically for safety reasons. Family’s and loved ones are allowed to come visit.

They have the same education as regular schools, elementary school, middle schoo, high school etc. until they’re 20 years old.
What is different is they have classes where they learn what triggers their transformations and how to control it, and their powers if they have any. There’s a lot of counseling and talking about their emotions.
They can never be fully rid of their features but that doesn’t matter as long as they’re proven to be harmless. If they are they could also be released earlier.

Those who learn are accepted back into society.
The school also remains in touch with the graduated students to make sure they’re doing alright. Closely monitored for two years then gradually left alone.

Obviously there’s a lot of fear and hatred towards these people because some are potentionally dangerous. This especially towards those with more “aggressive” features, while others with “cute” features face a different kind of oppression.

Those who don’t learn as they reach adulthood risk losing themselves to their other forms completely, most of the time becoming dangerous to be around.
Now if THAT happens they’re sent to different facilities meant to house and care for them, and if possible revert them back. Only family’s and loved ones are allowed to visit.

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Sam + childhood
This is my bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa gift for the-dilatory-dictator, who requested Winchester family dynamics. It’s not very festive, I’m afraid, but I hope you like it anyway! Happy Christmas!

Help. Them.

If HV is trying to make it seem like ‘Guys My Age’ is about general immaturity/maturity, then damn, ‘Broken Home’ by 5SOS is just a song about a house that was blown down by a freaking tornado. I swear, do these people even think before they speak? “Because a guy can be a few years older, or in his 30s or 40s, and can still be incredibly immature or not know how to treat someone else like they’re a priority.” What the actual fuck? Aren’t most people married and settled down when they reach 30 years of age or older, or even younger? They are out of college, they have jobs, they have houses or apartments that need to be taken care of, and they have possible relationships. All those things relate to maturity and being mature enough to handle being on your own and living in the real world. HV’s “target” audience is what? 18-22 (around there) year old people. OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO BE IMMATURE. They are young and are just getting to experience life on their own, but that is no reason to stereotype them. If this song was really about general immaturity and maturity, then the lyrics and total message of the song would’ve been different. But ‘Guys My Age’ is not about general immaturity and maturity. It’s about sexual immaturity and maturity. And lyrics within the song give that away. I’m not going to explain why they do because it is self-explanatory. Here’s an example.

“Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut
‘Bout to get attention from a grownup”

Is this not giving the song away? Rena is literally saying - or singing in this case - about wearing something that will get her attention from an older guy. Like I literally just stated, these lyrics are self-explanatory as to why Guys My Age is about sexually immaturity/maturity. And personally, if I were a boy between the ages of 18-40 - because God knows all 30 to 40 year old men are still immature - I’d be a offended as hell. JUST BECAUSE HV HANGS OUT WITH IMMATURE 18-40 YEAR OLD MEN DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERY MALE IS LIKE THAT. And that is not what HV is understanding when it comes to singing about males. They stereotype them based on their friends and zero to little real-life experiences. I don’t know if they are trying to convey the message that all boys want to do is break your heart and mess around with you or if they are trying to convey the message that girls should be with these types of boys because they give you a rush and your personal self and the most vulnerable part of yourself just needs to be shared for every boy that you are attracted to. That’s what their songs convey don’t they? Females get mad whenever they’re generalized and stereotyped, so what makes it okay to do it to males???? Not every guy you come across is going to want to take you to dinner and then smash you! Not every guy you come across is going to be a master or experienced when it comes to sex! Not every guy only wants to take advantage of you for his personal needs! And that is something that you should never teach to a girl. And that is exactly what HV is writing about! They are writing about sexual songs and abusive/unhealthy relationships! They are stereotyping males, then saying that girls should offer themselves to nearest boy who wants to get in their pants and it’s even better if they do that if the boy is older because he has more sexual experience.

HV needs to get their shit together because at this point, it’s obvious that even they don’t know what they are writing, talking, or singing about.

Got Your Back

Before an improv show performers will often pat each other on the back and say, “I got your back.” It’s a symbolic gesture to remind us that no matter what you do out there, we’re going to support you.

My kids (ages 8 and 5) occasionally have trouble getting along, which is natural. I’ve tried using other team-oriented concepts to inspire them to play together better but haven’t had the success I was hoping for.

Last week I introduced the “I got your back” concept to the family. Every morning before we leave for work/school/camp/etc. we all tell each other “I got your back.” Every night at dinner we all say one time we felt like someone had our back that day.

The kids accepted the idea MUCH quicker than I expected. Parker, our 5-year-old, will randomly say it throughout the day. There are still plenty of arguments here and there, but reminding them to have each other’s backs has been a great tool.


Mother accused of stabbing her two toddlers to death in exorcism was commander of church group called ‘Demon Assassins’

On January 17th, 2014, police arrived at a Maryland home where they discovered a 'very bloody scene’ involving six people, four of them children under the age of ten. The two youngest children were pronounced dead at the scene. Norell Harris, age 1, and his sister Zyana Harris, age 2 were the two victims. 

Recently divorced Zakieya Avery, age 28, attempted to ‘exorcise the demon’ out her two children after doing it several different times before to other victims but these incidents never ended in bloodshed. Prior to the killings, Zakieya wrote long journal entries about an imaginary spirit boyfriend and how her kids were possessed by evil forces. At one point, she became so afraid of her own children that she slept in her car for almost two weeks, in an attempt to avoid the kids.

According to investigators, Zakieya tried to snap the neck of her 1-year-old son, then choked him and finally stabbed him with the help of her friend, Monifa Denise Sanford, age 21. Convinced that the demon jumped into her 2-year-old daughter Zyana next, the two women allegedly stabbed her to death as well before turning on her two siblings, ages 5 and 8, who suffered injuries in the attack.

Judge Terrence McGann ruled that Zskieya was mentally incompetent and there was strong evidence that showed she lacked “rational thinking” when the killings occurred. He also indicated that she suffered from both bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. “I find that Ms. Avery’s ritualistic albeit barbaric attempt to rid her children of demons is powerful evidence of her lack of rational thinking. The inescapable conclusion I draw is that she believed she was providing for her children’s salvation. What rational normal-thinking human being could possibly conclude that their children would be better off dead than alive?”

Both participants were found mentally incompetent.

okay so i keep reading prompts for spy au’s and they finally got me to write one so here’s a document from “Fantagio Inc.” which details the newest members of the a.s.t.r.o. team. (this au is lowkey inspired by the avengers and how those agencies exist except minus the superpowers bc nobody has superpowers in this ok cool) i think i’ll probably continue this au as a series of files which document the work that the a.s.t.r.o. team does tho eventually you might see some kind of fic/oneshot which is part of it so consider this a “part one”! anyways,,, i’ll stop talking now, please enjoy!! :)

Fantagio Inc. is a top-secret government funded spy agency disguised as a regular company located in Seoul, South Korea. The agency has been around since the early 1960s when governments around the world were secretly asked to develop agencies and training programs which would allow the United Nations to discover possible threats from every part of the globe. The primary focus back then had been international security but since their formation, each country’s agency has begun to focus more and more on domestic security instead. Attached below are the profiles of six agents now under consideration for the newest age of the organization’s a.s.t.r.o. team (or “alternative safety threat reaction + observation” team). The a.s.t.r.o. team is a group of carefully selected agents, chosen once every 25 years by Fantagio who work to keep track of the globe’s biggest threat, c.h.a.r.t. (or “central hostile agency/resistance team”), and to keep them at bay. The following agents are those who Fantagio considers to be most qualified to take part in this initiative, one which takes the utmost devotion and skill to succeed in. 

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Quincy Li, the Transformer

Name: Quincy “Qinlin” (aka verdant forest) Li I named him Quincy bc of the visual of Q and bc of the ‘in’ part, not bc Qin sounds anything like Quin lmao

Occupation: mercenary employed by RED (sort of, more in his backstory)

Age: 26 (in 1970 so he’s like… the same age as scout…?)

Height: 5′8″ (standing)

Build: Average. His upper body and core strength is far better than his lower body strength. He is currently still undergoing physical therapy, so he’s working on it. His arms probably get buffer as time goes on simply because of the nature of his disability (paralysis below the knee if thats even a thing lmao either way it has to do with his legs and basically the whole point of his class).

Description: He has fairly standard Chinese features, and his skin is on the tanner side (bc seriously, don’t believe those commercials, far more Asians have darker skin than those vampires you see on TV–his skin tone is actually fairly close to my own). His hair is short, and he generally wears a beanie and fingerless gloves. He usually is found wearing a modified dress shirt with a maroon vest emblazoned with his class logo. He wears a small, stud earring on his left ear. 

Likes: Machines, programming, computers, technology, exploring, cars, motorcycles, listening to folktales

Dislikes: exercise, his physical therapy training, his crutches (even though he understands their necessity), his leg braces, his modified shoes, gender dysphoria

Alignment: True Neutral (gives zero fucks tbh)

Zodiac: Aquarius

DOB: February 2, 1944

Gender: Male

Orientation: I haven’t really thought about it yet tbh although I don’t think it will ever come into play should I ever end up rping as him at any point? but I have a feeling he’d end up bi/pan like most of my muses lmao

Voice: The sound of a 12 year old boy like the kind you meet in tf2 servers tbh His voice sounds gender neutral. Even if you listened very carefully, it is hard to discern whether his voice is that of a mature woman or a boy in his teens.

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Education: He’s fresh outta college dude. Went to a 4 year for a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, then took a few years of grad school until he was taken to Mann Co, where he finished his education under Engie.

Nationality: Chinese American (he has an American passport bc he was born in the US, specifically, San Francisco)

Disorders: Mild PTSD

Habits: Tinkering with things that don’t belong to him. Prone to experimentation with machines, specifically cars and motorcycles. He loves motorcycles bc he can use them to great effect if he mods them a bit to accommodate for his legs. Plus, gotta go fast my dude, and motorcycles are the easiest way for him, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, to get his fill of adrenaline (plus he’s a speed demon i mean what do you expect, being stuck to a wheelchair all day?). Likes trying to “sneak” around as best he can: it’s a habit he developed since childhood, and is especially a challenge bc of his disability.

Positive traits: Intelligent, confident (in some ways, at least), gives good advice despite not following it on his own

Neutral traits: Passive, impartial, talkative

Negative traits: Impulsive, immature/petty, uncaring, selfish, prideful

And, of course, an obligatory explanation of what the fuck this lil kid is doing with these hardened mercenaries:

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Request: If you want, could you do a wanna one mtl to date a 99 liner.

(sorry, I already anwsered this but I forgot to tag it. So I deleted it and apparently that deletes the message as well)


  • Woojin 
  • Jihoon
  • Daehwi 
  • Jinyoung 
  • Seongwoo 
  • Guanlin 
  • Jaehwan
  • Daniel
  • Minhyun 
  • Sungwoon
  • Jisung


Woojin & Jihoon: Are both 99 liners themselves and look like they would prefer someone around their age.

Daehwi & Jinyoung: Would prefer noonas, but also with a small age difference

Seongwoo: He prefers younger girls and I guess that 4 years isn’t that much of an age difference

Guanlin: Looks like someone who prefers younger girls.

Daniel & Jaehwan: Have both said they prefer noonas…sooooo

Minhyun: Also likes younger girls, but closer to his age.

Sungwoon & Jisung: 5-8 year age difference might be a bit much.


Some doodles of Lúcio and Junkrat as babies (probably around the ages of 5-8 here).

Some quick headcanon nonsense:

Jamison was the only child of Alice and Lachlan Fawkes. Lachlan either died from smth or they got divorced - either way, Alice raised bb Rat alone.

Lúcio is the second oldest in a big family. His mom is a Brazilian named Júlia and his dad is a Canadian named Matt. Including Lú they have five kids - the oldest is Maria, then Lúcio, then Matheus (the little one in that Lúcio calls stinky), then the twins Felipe and Mariana.

anonymous asked:

Is it weird that I feel its unfair that people bash on Larry's character constantly but fully ignore how all the other characters acted in their own very shitty ways as well? Like..I am not the biggest fan of Larry either, but its not right to get mad at a single character and then fully ignore what other characters have done that were just as bad in its own way.

I really do get where you’re coming from! Personally, I find Larry to be the most unsympathetic character in DEH. I think a lot of the bad things DEH characters do can be excused or pushed aside due to their age (5/8 of the characters are minors), but Larry doesn’t have that. Heidi and Cynthia both immediately show some pretty strong signs of remorse, sadness, and empathy, but Larry….doesn’t. 

The first thing we really know about him is that he “didn’t even cry” at his son’s funeral. Which…..doesn’t make him likeable in the slightest. It actually makes him hateable. Also, I think a lot of the fans of DEH are teenagers who struggle or struggled with mental illness, and therefore immediately relate to and therefore forgive a lot of the actions of the young characters of DEH. Because their actions, no matter how bad, make sense to us. 

I can understand Evan’s lies because I, too, have said things I shouldn’t have said (not to Evan’s extent, obviously), and regretted it soon after. I haven’t been a parent, though, I haven’t had a “kid who lost control,” I haven’t dealt with any of that, so Larry’s actions immediately make lense sense to me and therefore are viewed as less forgivable.

Larry has moments that make me outright hate him. But he also has moments that I remember so clearly because they’ve stuck in my heart and mind so strongly. His breakdown during “You Will Be Found,” the way he silently comforts Evan during “To Break in a Glove”, the way he’s the last person in the room with Evan during “Words Fail”… 

Overall, Larry Murphy is a jerk, and he’s not my favorite person by a long shot, but he’s an important jerk who isn’t 100% bad.

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Headcanon on Chris if he had a younger brother with a huge age gap (5-8 years). Like how would he act etc. etc.

-He’s very, very overprotective of them

-And he’s the proudest big bro ever

-When it’s time for lil bro’s puberty, Chris will be the person who’s like ‘ah, where did the sweet sunshine child go?’

-Lil bro is in high school now, and it’s time for a parent meeting

-Unfortunately, the parents™ are out of town

-So big bro Chris goes in their place

-Somehow, he gets the time wrong and arrives a bit early

-So to kill time, he visits little bro in his classroom

-Lil bro is so embarrassed

-But the girls in his class are definitely not complaining

-Everyone’s like ‘ya we knew Chris is how, but wow’

-From that day on, lil bro never allowed Chris to come to another parent meeting

-Honestly, Chris is the ‘I’m the only one who can mess with my sibling’ type of brother

Meet The God Killer: Created By The Community!

Name: Yusk Aerstrass (Known as “The Scourge of Elysium” or “Fiendkeeper”)

Race: Changeling

Class: Oathbreaker Paladin / Fiend Warlock

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Background: Haunted One

Harrowing Event: A fiend possessed Me as a child. I was locked away but escaped. The fiend is still inside Me, but now I try to keep it locked away.

Weapon of Choice: Glaive

Age: 234

Height:  5′’ 8′

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eye Color: White

Skin Color: Light Grey

Hair Color: Platinum


(All Suggested by the Community)

  • Their natural look can be scary to some due to their lack of detail and distinctive features.
  • Their skin tone is always pale, the darkest tone some see is a light grey.
  • They have large white eyes but have no pupils and are circled by thick black rings.
  • Their nose is small and subtle with no detail.
  • Their body structures are slender, even more so than elves and border on being frail.
  • Their hair color is a light shade of platinum and silver.


(All Suggested by the Community)

  • Their Hair seems to shimmer in the Moonlight.
  • Their eyes are white… pure white…
  • They have seen enough horror, they have no need to fear the small things.

What Divine Power Do They Wish To Slay And Why?: Cyric, God of Lies.

“My Destiny Has Lead Me To Slay The Gods…”

“The Only Gods Who Deserve Worship Are Those Who Are Not Tyrants…”

Voice: Their voice is smooth, almost beguiling, but with a hint of something that puts people on edge, makes them seem less trustworthy. Perhaps a subtle harmony as their inner demon mimics their words…

Mannerisms: They try to smooth out their hair when nervous, even if it is already smooth. 

They also enjoy tapping along to a tune, and mind bards a bit better than other classes.

Personality: They are confident in themselves and few others. 

They are self reliant and have little patience. 

They also know that one day they’ll be in myths and legends for centuries to come once they take their destiny, so doesn’t like dealing with the ‘Pests’…

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First day

I basically just had to write an Andi Mack of the day the three of them met for the first time. @persongoingfast hope you like it.


“All right, kiddo. It’s your first day of kindergarten! You excited?” Ham said, handing Andi her backpack. She smiled at him and slid it over her shoulders.

“You got it! Do my pigtails look okay?” She tightened them again, just to be sure.

“They look fine,” Celia assured her. “Now let’s hurry up and go before we’re late.”

“Hold on,” Ham said. “We need to take a picture of our little girl on her first day, don’t we?”

“Yeah!” Andi chimed in enthusiastically. “We need something to send to Bex right?” Celia’s smiled faltered at the mention of her daughter, but Ham tried to continue to be enthusiastic.

“Of course! Even if she’s not here, she’ll be happy to see a picture of you on your first day.” He pulled out his phone and opened the camera. “Now smile and say, ‘Andi!’“

“Andi!” The flash went off and the picture had been taken, but Andi was still grinning like it was the best day of her life.


Ah, school. Something that many young children between the ages of 5 and 8 enjoyed. If you were any older, it was just a lot of work to do. But, today was a day to play and to meet new people.

For convenience sake, this teacher had everyone’s name on a desk so that they knew where to sit. Andi stuck her pink and blue backpack (that Ham helped her tie-dye) into a cubby, and skipped over to her seat. A girl was already sitting in the one next to it.

“Hi! I’m Andi!” she said excitedly, holding out her hand. The other girl seemed shy, but shook Andi’s hand politely.

“Buffy,” the girl said.

“I like your hair! It’s so curly.”

“Thanks. I like yours too, your pigtails look great. I wish I could wear pigtails.”

“Well, anyone can wear pigtails. You just put your hair into two pigtail holders, and boom! Done!” Buffy laughed, and even though Andi didn’t know what was so funny, she laughed too.

“Do you wanna play together at recess?” Buffy asked.

“Whatever that is, sure! Do you wanna be best friends?”

“Whatever that means, sure!”


Recess, as it turned out, was a period of time where kids could run around and get out all of their energy. There was a place where you could climb things, slide down things, or just run around. Buffy wanted to do a lot of climbing, but Celia had told Andi it could be dangerous, so the two girls just sat on a bench and talked.

“You have an older sister? That is so cool,” Buffy said. “I wish I had a sister.”

“Yeah, she’s not around a lot though. Daddy says that she’s having new, fun experiences, but Mommy says that she made bad decisions, so she can’t stick around for a while.”

“Well, having a sister who isn’t around is better than none at all.”

“I guess you’re right. I mean, she sends me cool scarves, sometimes.”

A boy wearing a sweater vest with a big purple bump on his head ran up to them. “Hey guys! I’m Cyrus. Who are you?”

“I’m Andi, and this is Buffy,” Andi introduced cheerily.

“What happened to your head?” Buffy asked.

“Oh, that. I was on the monkey bars, and I slipped and banged my head.” He shrugged, like it was no big deal.

“Ouch,” Andi said. “Do you need to go to the nurse?”

“Nah, I’ll just walk it off.”

“You have a lump in your face,” Buffy pointed out, receiving a giggle from Andi.

“True, but it’ll be fine.”

“No, I think we should take you to the nurse,” Andi insisted.

“He said he’s fine,” Buffy insisted.

“But Buffy…” Andi gave her friend a pouty lip.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay. Come on Cyrus, we’ll take you to the nurse.”

“Okay!” Cyrus said nonchalantly. “I like your guys’ hair.”

“Thanks,” said Andi. “Yours looks good too.”

“Thanks.” The three linked arms and started walking inside the building. Andi smiled, feeling like these two would be her best friends forever and ever.


Emily Sears                                                 Lindsey Pelas

Age: 31                                                        Age: 24

Height: 5′8″                                                Height: 5′3″

Weight: 132lbs                                            Weight: 115lbs

Cup Size: 32-D                                           Cup Size: 32-F

for somethingeff