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ah, a few episodes behind me. i don’t think i’ve…  oh no, I’ve been off from tumblr because of naruto, but I’m on 125, and I assume your post was about Obito?

Oh okay that’s good :) well welcome back! I’ve been fortunate enough to have a naruto-free dashboard these past 2 years but tumblr savior’s helped me out after a recent reblog frenzy from someone I follow  And my post? Eh, yeaaaaah… that was only one of the moments when I just whispered “…no why

agentyrk said: What if a native american has one? I was thinking about getting one myself to match my regalia.

I’m just talking about the culturally inaccurate/offensive/stereotypically racist/sexualized ones that only white people seem to get. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a Native American person with one of the kind I’m talking about? But I could be totally wrong on that front, but most of the people I see with them are Caucasian twenty-somethings.

ah, a few episodes behind me. i don’t think i’ve ever said hello to you but hello! didn’t expect another follower to be in the same boat as me, i hope i haven’t spoiled anything for you. i feel like i have and i am so sorry if i did :(