[OOC] Stark household stuff

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Since Robb, Sansa and I have already had station interactions, should that be scrapped?

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Sounds like a plan. I’ll get down to London then, shall I? Did you want to play something before I leave?


I mean, there’s no real time on when Varys and Peter are meeting, so it could be that he’s called down somewhat urgently? Maybe no need for a telegram, Ned just steps off the train like SURPRISE, NO ONE’S LEAVING LONDON. These are thoughts I have but they are not legitimate ideas. 

(Ugh, sorry, on the wrong account…)

Okay how about this, Ned gets off the train to the surprise of Robb, Sansa and Jeyne, and tells them they’re not going anywhere.  You won’t have to scrap anything, just keep in mind that some of us are a bit behind you.

I do want to do something with Ned before he leaves, write a letter back to Lysa and/or Peter, and yes I think it’s totally fine if Varys has too much knowledge about Cat’s comings and going.  Sounds juicy :)

Is this okay with everyone?  Apologies if it’s any major inconvenience.