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Prompt: Sometime down the line, Hades and Nico have a father-son moment. Feel free to include reconciliation, bonding, and/or hugs at your leisure.

*cracks knuckles* this is going to be short and sweet because i dont think my heart can take much more. {Under the cut cause blood of olympus spoilers}

Nico sighed loudly as he made his way through his father’s palace in the underworld. It had taken a lot of stressing, a lot of growing up and a lot of nagging to get him down here. And yet here he was, doing this. 

He sighed again. Why was he doing this?

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consider this an official tadacup fake relationship prompt my friend

Aunt Cass brings it up one night during dinner, when they’re having hot wings. Tadashi’s particularly exhausted at the time—he hasn’t been able to sit down with his aunt and his brother in two weeks because of a project they’re working on in class.

She gives him this goofy smile and smarmy eyebrows and is so obvious about it. Every time she flashes that look, Hiro snickers, and Tadashi’s left in the dark.

“Okay,” he says finally, “how red do I look?”

Hiro, unable to contain his laugh, snorts and slams his head into the table. Mochi purrs and rubs against his leg.

“Mrs. Takaishi came into the café today,” Aunt Cass chirps.

“Lovely lady,” Tadashi muses.

“Love her cookies,” Hiro supplies.

“Her grandson, the journalist, just came back from studying abroad in London! And I showed them your picture and he totally wants to go out with you!”

Tadashi blinks. “You…want me to go out on a date with one of your customer’s sons.”


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Art by @marimel-stars

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Gravity Falls Fans: Let’s Show Mabel Some Love!!

In light of a recent post I’ve seen going around, and the upcoming Mabel-heartbreak that’s sure to happen in the episode “Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future,” I thought it was high time for the Gravity Falls fandom to have a Mabel Pines Appreciation Week!

Mabel is a really important character to me and plenty of little girls out there, and she really doesn’t get the love and attention from the fandom that she deserves. So after talking about it with @agentsnickers, I’ve decided to host a fan-week just for everyone’s favorite sweater-wearing, pig-owning 12 year old. 

Here’s the plan: from November 16, 2015–November 22, Gravity Falls fans come together to blow up the Mabel Pines tag with lovely fanart, fanfics, photosets, cosplay, whatever you choose! 

Here are some daily prompts to help you get some inspiration:

Day 1: Favorite Sweater(s)/ Arts &Crafts: Mabel’s a crafting genius, as evidenced by all her hand-knit sweaters. Show her with your favorite Mabel-Sweater, a sweater you’d love to see her in, or for you fic-writers out there, have her working her creative juices in some way.

Day 2: Favorite AU: Kind of a self-explanatory one. Got an AU-version of Mabel you really like? Why not show her a bit of love?

Day 3: Waddles: Show Mabel and her devotion to her pet pig!

Day 4: Favorite Ship: Mabel’s had plenty of summer romances, most of which haven’t turned out so well. Highlight your favorite one! Or go ahead and pick your favorite non-canon ship. All I ask is that you please, PLEASE do not put any pedophilia/incest in the Appreciation tag. I want it to stay a friendly, positive, controversy-free space.

Day 5: Family/Friend Bonding: Mabel’s got a big heart and is super loyal to the people she cares about. Show her with some of her favorite people in her life; Dipper, Stan, Ford, Candy, Grenda, Soos, Wendy, or even people you’d like to see her get closer to, like Pacifica or Robbie.

Day 6: Favorite Moment: There are plenty of amazing Mabel moments in the show, from silly one-liners to super emotional to hardcore. So go ahead and redraw that screenshot, tell that scene from another character’s POV, or convert that scene to fit an AU. Your choice!

Day 7: Your Pick: Show Mabel however you want!

If you participate, please tag all your posts with #Mabel Pines and #Mabel Pines Appreciation Week so that everyone can see them!

For this little project of mine to work, I need for everybody to please share this with your followers and encourage them to participate. I’ll be posting periodic reminders as the date draws closer, but please do the best you can to share this post in order to spread the Mabel love! 

Name: Love You Both

Fandom: Percy Jackson

Pairing: Nico/Annabeth/Percy

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “It’s date night at the Jackson-Chase-di Angelo house.”

Word Count: 944

Note: Requested by agentsnickers. Happy New Years!

It was a chilly Friday afternoon when Nico and Annabeth found themselves inside of an aquarium. The two of them curled up on a bench and Annebeth leaned against Nico, tangling her fingers between his. They were completely silent as they watched the fish swirl above them. The fish were all different colors, from red to blue to green and everything in between. The pair lost themselves among the aquatic animals, much like many before them.

Eventually, Percy approached the two of them and tapped Annabeth on the shoulder. She turned around, her face breaking out into a wide smile, and quickly kissed him. Percy smiled back and then leaned down to kiss Nico.

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scarfdog-deactivated20140223  asked:

Frank and Hazel would have the weirdest sex ever tho I need a fic of frank accidentally turning into a horse during their first time and Hazel is actually into it

agentsnickers replied to your post “also frank can have tentacles” NO”

I don’t think that Hazel’s 1940s sensibilities would survive that.

hazel would probably be all flustered and uncertain at first. but like come on, she came back from the dead and fights monsters daily, she’s gotten pretty good at accepting weird shit. so eventually she just rolls with it and then dang realizing the possibilities of frank’s powers

Happy late New Year!

god i haven’t drawn in forever what is this shit

Here’s Marina and Ellis, Finn’s characters from her AMAZING series of shorts, Learning Normal, Finding Home about the 2nd gen PJO kiddies & my ultimate ot3 & nico perfection & SO MUCH MORE GO READ THEM RIGHT NOW 

Marina Jackson & Ellis Grace have been occupying my head for a number of days now, so they had to go on paper. Of course I ship them like burning so they had to smoosh faces plus I feel like even though Marina kisses everyone all the time, Ellis never really stops being surprised by it because cuties and Rina also uses her kisses as an excuse to mess his hair up even more and just agh I’ll shut up now