1. 13 Reasons Why
  2. American Horror Story: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel 
  3. Arrow
  4. Awkward
  5. Baby Daddy
  6. Bones
  7. Castle
  8. Charmed
  9. Chicago Fire
  10. Chicago Justice
  11. Chicago Med
  12. Chicago PD 
  13. Cold Case
  14. Criminal Minds
  15. CSI
  16. CSI: Miami
  17. CSI: NY
  18. DCs Legends of Tomorrow
  19. Devious Maids
  20. Dexter
  21. Downton Abbey 
  22. Dr. House
  23. Everybody Hates Chris
  24. Faking It
  25. FlashPoint
  26. Friends
  27. Game Of Thrones
  28. Ghost Whisperer
  29. Glee
  30. Gossip Girl
  31. Gotham
  32. Grey’s Anatomy
  33. How I Met Your Mother
  34. How To Get Away With Murder
  35. Kyle XY
  36. Las Vegas
  37. Leverage
  38. Lie To Me
  39. Marvel Agent Carter
  40. Marvel Agents of SHIELD
  41. Medium
  42. Modern Family
  43. NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  44. NCIS: Los Angeles
  45. Numb3rs
  46. Once Upon a Time
  47. Paranormal Witnesss
  48. Person Of Interess
  49. Pretty Little Liars
  50. Prison Break
  51. Suits
  52. SuperGirl
  53. Supernatural
  54. Teen Wolf
  55. The Big Bang Theory
  56. The Flash
  57. The Listener
  58. The Magicians 
  59. The Mentalist
  60. The Originals
  61. The O.C.
  62. The Secret Circle
  63. The Vampire Diaries
  64. The Walking Dead
  65. The X Factor
  66. True Blood
  67. Two and a half Men
  68. Two Broken Girls
  69. Vikings
  70. Without Trace
  71. Young and Hungry

So today, I walked to the gym, to find out they’re like renovating or cleaning or something that makes them take all of the equipment out so I can’t use it. So, I came back home. I’ve watched two episodes of Agents of SHIELD, did my questies, scooped poops, and played a little Marvel Heroes.

I want to do something creative, I want to make something, but mehhhhhh I’m also very uninspired and when I start something and don’t finish it, I’ll just feel worse.

So the trailer for Marvels new show The Inhumans came out

And I just have to say…




@MingNa_Wen : This is just too cool! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Thank you @theacademy for inviting me to be a new member!
I am very grateful and moved to be part of an organization filled with so many incredible talents in the film industry that I grew up watching & admiring.
Immigrating from China to America with my older brother and brave mom, I was a frightened little 6 year old girl who didn’t know any English when we landed in Queens, NY. But I always dreamed of being an actress. And today, here I am, with my name next to someone as inspiring and iconic as Betty White as new members of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences. I certainly hope to have an acting career that can go into my 90s! Wow! Betty White is so badass! 💪👏 Also, I applaud @theacademy for expanding and diversifying their membership. Class of 2017 boasts 39% women and 30% People of Color. I am proud and happy to fall into both those statistics. It hasn’t been easy to get work as an Asian woman in Hollywood, so this invite from @theacademy & my peers is splendid and priceless. I am very thankful. 👍👏 Congrats to all the new members of 2017! And yeah…….I, Ming-Na Wen, am one of them.
This is just too cool. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #AcademyMember #oscar #keepdreaming

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Formerly dead agent comes back to work as new director after vacation on tahiti and meets superheroes who are too minor to make it too the big screen

Agents of shield

describe a tv show very badly in my ask and i’ll try to guess what it is

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dude do you watch agents of shield? if u like marvel movies you should

i used to be such a hardcore aos stan but i stopped like midway through s3. it got boring to me???? idk i hated what they did with grant and Trip i might try to watch it again sometime in the future but it doesn’t really interest me rn :/

Inhuman of The Day

June 29th - Lucio 

An Inhuman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has this far only appeared in the television show, Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  Lucio had been a member of the national police force of Columbia when exposure to Terrigen activated his latent Inhuman powers.  He gained the ability to temporarily freeze others into statue-like paralysis by gazing at them with his eyes.  

Initially, Lucio utilized this newfound power to assist in the corrupt business dealings of certain factions of the Columbian federali.  Later, Lucio was abducted by Agents of Hydra whereby the Inhuman Hive used his parasitic mind control powers to make Lucio his pawn and foot soldier.  

Lucio was later killed in an altercation with the agents of Shield.  Performing and autopsy, the Shield scientists, Doctors Fitz and Simmons were able to ascertain the true nature of Hive’s powerful mind-control powers.
Lucio was portrayed by actor, Gabriel Salvador.

anonymous asked:

I read that the Inhumans show has the same showrunner as Iron Fist... explains why that trailer is so underwhelming. I'll wait around for confirmation that they're doing a crossover with Agents of SHIELD before checking it out.

there are so many people working on each show that i’m not going to expect one person to have had that much influence on either one, that’s just not how it works. the trailer, to me, is underwhelming because i read the comics and taking the inhumans back to the moon doesn’t do much for me because that’s not where they were when i started seriously reading back in 2014. and honestly? i don’t care for aos at all so i’m really just hoping this show gets to be its own thing judged on its own terms. if all else fails, lockjaw is going to look hella cool in imax

I’ve taken drastic measures to deal with my massive television backlog, working under the assumption of “If I was that bothered about the show I’d have watched it by now.”, it means I’m deleting all the episodes I’ve not watched of Gotham, Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, Legends Of Tomorrow and Legion.

Regular shows I’m caught up with and keeping in are Doctor Who, all three NCISes, Elementary and Lucha underground. Got some short season shows to catch up with, Fargo, American Gods and Westworld but no hurry.

My movie backlog is still over a hundred movies long though.


Cutting me up like a knife
and I feel it
Deep in my bones
Kicking a habit I love
Even harder
You oughta know
I just wanna dive in the water, with you
Baby we can’t see the bottom,
it’s so easy to fall for each other
I’m just hoping we catch one another