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I am a voracious reader, always have been.  I discovered the “Supernatural” books years ago gathering dust at my favorite second-hand bookstore and purchased the whole series for $10.  I’ve always been a fan of paranormal stuff so they were right up my alley.

The books were chock full of monsters, ghosts, and demons but I found myself more drawn to the complex relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean.  My relationship with my own sister was difficult and the lengths Sam and Dean were willing to go for each other intrigued me.

I read those books over and over.  The spines grew bent, and the pages tattered, but when my work at the hospital made me sad and drained me, Sam and Dean were there to take me away.

When I heard they were making the books into a TV series. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical.  I couldn’t imagine any show would be able to get Sam and Dean right.  Especially Sam. I had such a thing for him.

That combination of strength, intelligence, vulnerability, and faith just did it for me.  He had been through 10 lifetimes worth of pain and damage but he was still determined to do the right thing.

So when the show premiered I watched but didn’t expect much. But it was good.  And I kept watching.  It was Sam and Dean from my beloved books.  This Eric Kripke guy had gotten it right.  

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Never, In Fact, Homeless

Relationship: Dean x Daughter
Words: 2,625

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You shivered as you gripped your leather jacket tighter, curling in on yourself in a desperate attempt for warmth you knew wouldn’t come. The bench was hard and cold beneath you, the slats digging into your hip. You were probably better off by the edge of the park, where the trees could hide you from this biting wind, but it was late and you were too exhausted to move.

As hard as you tried, though, sleep just wouldn’t come to you. By midnight, you were beyond frustrated; you were planning to leave town the next day, and you knew you were going to need your strength. But strength was a little hard to come by when you didn’t know when your next chance to eat would be.

A twig snapped a little ways down the path, shaking you from your thoughts. You stiffened and strained your ears to hear footsteps. It sounded like two men, judging by the heavy footfalls, both either very big or very tall. They were talking to each other, whispering animatedly about something evidently important. As they came closer, you swore their voices seemed eerily familiar; but then, you had met a lot of people in your travels over the past two years.

The men stopped about fifty feet away from where you were, and you held your breath. They were arguing now, about what you couldn’t tell. You gave a silent prayer to a God you knew wouldn’t listen that they would pass by you and ignore you like everyone else. As luck would have it, they didn’t.

You heard them start towards you, and you feigned sleep as they came up behind you. Your whole body was tense.

“Excuse me, miss?” One asked in an authoritative voice, and you would have fallen over had you not been lying down. “Hey, we know you’re awake, so you can quit pretending.”

Your heart fell to somewhere in your stomach region. They were the last people you expected. You’d hoped that you wouldn’t have had to face them for a few more years at least, but apparently fate had other plans. You sighed as you pushed yourself up from the bench, stretching to get the blood flowing through your stiff body. You knew you were just prolonging the inevitable, but the thought of seeing them again, and the possibility that they would recognize you, had your stomach in knots. Finally, after stalling for too long, you turned around to face the men.

They were both extremely tall, and dressed in official-looking suits. The one who had spoken was very handsome, with spiked up dirty blond hair and the greenest eyes you had ever seen. He had a look of concentration on his face, with hints of concern and worry. You could see he recognized you, although faintly, and was trying to figure out how he knew you.

If the first guy had been tall, the second was a giant. He towered over the park bench, and if you hadn’t known how big of a teddy bear he was, you would have been terrified. His shaggy hair was longer than it had been before, now just above his shoulders, and his warm brown eyes held concern.

“What are you doing here?” Gigantor asked. You stared at a spot just over his shoulder; you weren’t entirely sure that you’d be able to look at him directly without breaking down or throwing yourself at either of them.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you shot back. Green-eyes gave his partner an eye roll before they both reached inside their jackets and pulled out their badges. They showed them to you as Gigantor replied.

“Agents Page and Plant, FBI.”

“Page and Plant? Like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin?” you asked with false innocence, and you smirked as their eyes widened almost comically. You knew it was sort of cruel, but you wanted to watch them squirm a bit.

Agent Page gave his partner a look that told you they hadn’t been expecting that. Agent Plant struggled for a bit to think of a reasonable explanation that anyone but you would accept.

“We, uh, our bosses are, uh, really big fans,” he stammered, refusing to meet your gaze. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, and under different circumstances, you would have teased him endlessly about it. He cleared his throat and looked back at you, his tone serious once more. “What about you? You got a name to go with that attitude?”

You blanked. You hadn’t been expecting things to get this far, and you didn’t have a fake name ready. You just said the first thing that popped into your head. “Campbell. Mary Campbell.”

As soon as the words left, you immediately regretted them. You mentally cursed yourself. How could you be so stupid? You knew that was still a sore subject for both of them, and you’d crossed the line by throwing it so casually in their faces, even if they thought it was just a coincidence. They tried to play it off like it didn’t bother them, but you could see the pain their eyes held, and you had to look away so that you wouldn’t start crying.

You cleared your throat and tried to pretend like you hadn’t just struck a nerve. “So, what’s FBI doing in a small town like this? Don’t you guys have bigger fish to fry?”

You could tell Agent Plant was relieved at the change in subject. “We’re investigating the deaths of those three teenagers from the local high school.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember hearing about them in the newspaper,” you said. You’d only glanced at the article, but even from what you saw, you could tell something supernatural was behind the murders. That meant it was only a matter of time before hunters came into town to investigate, and you should have been long gone by then. Unfortunately, circumstance forced you to stay a few more days before you could go. “It’s really tragic. Do you guys have any theories on what happened?”

“Not yet, but we’re working on it,” Page replied. He took out a notepad and pencil. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it, would you?”

Oh, lovely, an interrogation at twelve-thirty in the morning. Of course that was just what you needed.

“No, sorry,” you answered truthfully.

“Don’t you go to school with them?” Plant pressed. Suddenly your boots became really interesting. You felt the blush creep up your neck, and you mumbled something to the ground. “Come again?”

“I dropped out, ok?” you said a bit too harshly, and you had to bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from crying. You missed the agents’ identical looks of concern.

“Mary, how long have you been out of school?” Page asked gently. He was kneeling in front of you now, and it took all you had not to wrap your arms around him.

“Two years,” you said in a soft voice. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, and you angrily swiped at it. There was no way you were going to cry in front of them and let them see how weak you were.

“Can I ask why?”

“My-my parents needed help at home, and to them, my sister’s education was more important than m-mine,” you lied as more tears fell unbidden. You couldn’t tell them the real reason, that you were a failure and a burden and that’s why you were here, but you did give a little bit of truth. “I was g-gonna fail out anyways, it’s not like it made any difference.”

The agents had a silent conversation with each other before they turned back to you. Agent Page’s eyes held so much pity and concern that it physically hurt you.

“Do you need us to give you a ride home?” he asked. You could feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest. This was the kind of thing you’d wanted to avoid, because it led to other questions that you really didn’t want to answer.

“N-no,” you stuttered, cursing yourself for showing so much weakness. “My p-parents kicked me out of the house.”

“Do you have any relatives you could stay with? Maybe a friend who’d be willing to let you crash for tonight?” Page pushed. You sniffed and shook your head. You appreciated his efforts, you really did, but you were so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, that you just wanted them to leave.

“Where are your parents, Mary?”

You stayed quiet, thinking that if you didn’t acknowledge the question it would just go away. You knew Plant just wanted to help you, but you could tell from his body language that he was getting very annoyed with you.

“Mary.” His voice left no room for argument. “Where are your parents?”

“Th-they’re dead,” you whispered. Another lie, but to you, they were as good as.

Plant knelt down in front of you. From the look he gave you, you could tell what was coming next. Now it was only a matter of time before they told the real authorities and you were carted off to Child Services.

“Mary, are you…” He swallowed thickly, a multitude of emotions playing across his face. “Are you homeless?”

Your heart clenched, and you refused to meet his gaze. You’d told yourself time and again that you weren’t homeless, just traveling around. But hearing those words come from him of all people made the realization ten times harder. “No.”

The agent put a hand under your chin and gently lifted it so that you had no choice but to look at him. Those beautiful green eyes, so much like your own, found blue contacts, and the genuine concern they held for you, someone he didn’t even know, was enough to push you over the edge.

And then you were sobbing, tears dripping off your chin and snot running freely from your nose. You didn’t even care that the agents were still there. You weren’t thinking properly. Your desire, your need, to be held and comforted caused you to act impulsively, and you threw your body onto Plant. You were so desperate for any form of affection, something you’d been denied for two years. You just wanted to be in his arms again. He held you just like he used to when you were a little girl,  albeit rather awkwardly, and you instinctively leaned into him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

As your sobs died down to pathetic hiccups, you slowly became aware that you were still draped over the agent. You quickly scrambled back on to the bench and stared down at your feet, your face burning. “S-sorry.”

The men didn’t say anything for a while, which made you very nervous. When you chanced a glance at them, you could see they having a silent argument with each other. You put your head back down, feeling a tidal wave of guilt wash over you for causing them even more trouble.

Agent Plant cleared his throat. “Would you excuse us for a moment?”

You nodded mutely and watched their blurry feet move out of your line of vision as they jogged down the path. As soon as they thought they were out of earshot, they started arguing with each other. You couldn’t tell what it was about, but by the way Plant was waving his hands, it was a little intense. You thought you heard your name thrown in there a few times, but you weren’t sure.

It wasn’t until you saw their feet approach out of the corner of your eye that you brought your head back up. Both men wore serious expressions, which instantly set you even more on edge. They kneeled in front of you again, and Agent Page looked at his partner, who gave a nod of confirmation, before addressing you.

“Mary, we were wondering if, uh, if you’d like to spend the night with us,” Page said, and your eyes widened. He seemed to realize how that sounded out loud because he back-tracked a little. “I mean, like, in a totally non-creepy way. We just, you know, we wanna help you out a little, get you back on your feet.”

You knew you probably looked like an idiot with your mouth hanging open and your eyes wide as saucers, but you couldn’t help it. For the first time in over two years, someone was offering kindness, not just money or food. For all they knew, you were just some random teenager sleeping on a park bench, and yet here they were, offering to let you stay the night with them.

You didn’t even try to stop the tears this time. You let them fall, too overcome with emotion to really care. You could see the agents were startled by your reaction, and they quickly looked at one another.

“I-I’m so sorry,” Page stammered. “Did I say something wrong? Was it something I said?”

You shook your head and drew in a shaky breath. You forced yourself to focus on your breathing, attempting to calm down enough to explain yourself.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, wiping at the tear tracks on your face. “It’s j-just that, no one’s ever done that for me. Offered to let me stay the night, that is. They give me food, a-and some change if they can spare it, but never anything more than that.” You paused, looking at both of the agents in turn. “It’s just nice to know there’s still some good left in the world.”

“Ah, don’t mention it,” Plant said as he stood up and offered you a hand, which you gladly accepted. “You seem like a good kid, just in a bad situation.”

Blushing at the compliment, your gaze shifted to your feet as you followed the agents. It was all a bit overwhelming, seeing both of them again, and you knew it probably wasn’t the best idea to stay with them. But you were willing to take any risks if it meant spending time with them again, even if it was only for a little while.

You whipped your head up as you heard a car door open, and your breath snagged in your throat. There she was, just as beautiful as you remembered her. The sleek black hood caught the reflection of the moon and stars in the clear night sky. She was meticulously detailed, with not a scratch to be found. You found yourself running your hand over the trunk on your way to your seat behind the driver.

“She’s beautiful,” you breathed, more to yourself than the agents. But Agent Plant heard you as he walked to the driver’s side.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming with pride. “Rebuilt her myself. She’s a-”

“1967 Chevy Impala,” you cut in, unable to help yourself. You glanced up to see him giving you a look of mild impression, with a hint of curiosity, and you found yourself blushing again. “My dad was obsessed with classic cars, and it kinda rubbed off.”

He gave you a small nod of approval before opening his door and ducking inside. You quickly followed suit, sinking into the familiar leather of the backseat. You recalled fondly the many nights spent sprawled out back here, sleeping away the distance as you traveled across the country to gank the next SOB that decided to rear its ugly head. A contented sigh escaped you as you stretched your legs across the seat out of habit, making sure to keep your dirt covered shoes off of the upholstery.

You closed your eyes and let the gentle purr of the engine pull you under, a soft smile playing on your lips.

Well, Hello Agent.

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Pairing : Dean x Reader.
Word count : 748
Author : Mel

Final chapter of  ‘Well, Hello Officer’.

It had been six months before you felt ready to go back on the force. Six long ass months of getting ready and learning what you could to feel safe enough going back.

You refused to go back to the station. Still shook every time Pete went near you. The captain who had taken over was happy to give you a glowing recommendation and a transfer elsewhere. You told him you didn’t care where, so long as it wasn’t there. He had given you a smile and a nod and promised to find you a place.

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Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 2

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,956

Summary: Reader has found herself in a bit of a situation and since the boys have offered their help, she feels it’s only right to return the favor.

Warnings: talk of hunger, mostly just sad Daddy!Dean feels tbh

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner because she asked to be tagged in her followers’ stuff and I figured why not? If anyone else wants to be tagged in stuff let me know!

A/N: Here it is! Just like I promised! Please don’t hate me for being so slow!

Part 1

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For supposedly being made of water vapor, clouds were actually incredibly warm. So soft and comfortable, you couldn’t recall a time when you’d slept on something as pleasant. The cloud even smelled nice, too, like worn leather and faint cologne. It reminded you of better, happier times, when the worst things you had to worry about were your grades or the latest gossip at school. It reminded you of coming home to fresh baked pie right out of the oven, of sweet lemonade with two straws that twisted around each other. It reminded you of –

You bolted upright, heart racing wildly in your chest. Whipping your head around, you noticed you’d somehow ended up in a motel room. But when? Why? How was it possible that you’d slept on a bed, a real, actual bed?

The realization had you almost in tears.

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