How the times have changed:

S1E1: Jokes about cosplay, Doctor Who (was it this episode?) and Harry Potter, corny one-liners a plenty, friendly science bickering with Fitz and Simmons, drones are named after seven dwarves, Skye and Grant have sexy playful banter, and Coulson is lovable dad.

S4E1: Actual blood splattering, torture and killing of captives, mentions of pedophilia and characters with a racist background, casual nudity and a gratuitous changing scene with Daisy, gruesome description of Ghost Rider’s victims, mourning of deceased characters, ghosts that drive people insane

Philinda Fanfic: Stuck


SPOILER: Everything up to 3x22

SUMMARY: May and Coulson get stuck in an elevator and he gets bored. Since there’s no way to run, she agrees to play a game …

NOTES: This is dedicated to the wonderful @pooritalianfan, whose encouragement was crucial to getting this one shot finished. Thank you so very much for keeping me focused and for all of your wonderful words of support!


This was why she hated undercover missions.

This should’ve been an easy mission, just go to the party, bug the laptop of the sketchy arms dealer with party fever and get out. But of course that stupid party had to be on a roof top and of course she had to wear stupid high heels and a short dress and smile and make small talk.

And on top of all of it, they got stuck in a stupid elevator.

Melinda gritted her teeth and kicked off her shoes while she glared at Phil.

This was all his fault.

He raised his hands. “This isn’t my fault!”

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