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Top 5 favorite Loki moments/quotes from the comics

All of these but one ended up being from Journey Into Mystery or Agent of Asgard, haha. I mean, probably predictable, as far as I’m concerned those are the best series for Loki that have happened possibly ever, but.

1. All of Journey Into Mystery #645, which remains one of the single most heartbreaking comics I have read ever, but especially:

2. From Agent of Asgard #17 (it’s my header): 

3. The “for myself!” moment in the Surtur Saga (Thor #353).

4. The moment in Agent of Asgard #13 when Loki chooses, not his past self or his child self - not evil or oblivion - but something else. 

5. The end of Agent of Asgard #17. All of it, down to the last panel with Loki drawing the door in blank space that says “next”, but especially:

It’s such a powerful mission statement for the series as a whole, and a concluding note to end on - especially how it echoes Loki’s words in Siege: Loki (which was really the issue that opened up his modern era as a character): “this isn’t mischief, this is mayhem.” This isn’t that Loki. He’s changed, evolved, and this set of panels underlines that.