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Thanks for sharing the updated CAA info. How you feeling about that agent's roster - do you think Louis is in good company? Additionally, agent movements like that are deliberate and aligned with the artist's career direction, correct? ( Louis wants to pursue tv acting so he signs up with a film/tv agent, for example) and not just an internal re-allocation of talents to agents (due to workload/roster issues) right?

In general, CAA is a fantastic agency.  It’s the absolute top tier so pretty much any agent within their company is going to be pretty great.  What intrigues me about Robert in particular is that he reps a lot of musician actors.  Harry’s agent, with the exception of maybe one or two people, just reps actors. I’ll be completely honest when I say that i’m not 100% certain what that means. Perhaps a guest spot on a show like Nashville where he’d get to act and sing? Maybe more on-camera personality-type appearances?  But like I mentioned in the original post, the first sign that Harry was going to do anything acting-related was that he got his own rep.  And Louis is now doing the same.  

To me the fact that Niall and Liam are still with Nick Styne and haven’t moved implies that it IS deliberate and not just reallocation.  


This is my Agent Color Pallet Cluster, I just drew the first guys who came to mind. ^^;

Agents Orange and Blue @tamarinfrog / @cafe-cardamari

Agent Sheep @buttersheeps@wasabi-beats

Agent Blueshift @myzzy

Agent 0 @son-of-joy

Agent Lee @wonder-meathead / @inklingleesquidly

Agent Joy @Me! 

(I really just drew the first guys that came to mind, and it kinda grew from there)

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Is this CAA representation for Louis, US or UK based? This is not management, correct? Just strictly PR? Thanks!

US based, but it’s neither management nor PR.  CAA (Creative Arts Agency) is a talent booking agency.  Their job is to pitch their clients for auditions (or possible on-camera appearances) and negotiate contracts.  

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Can you explain why it would be necessary for Harry and Louis to leave Nick Styne and get their own agents? Does Nick only do band booking and not individual projects? Also, would Nick have been closely aligned with Modest or Syco which would be another reason to leave him as they try to get different acting or music projects? Thank you!

Ok, so.  First let me preface this by saying that i don’t work in the music industry, I work in the acting side of things so all of my knowledge comes from there.  I’ll be the first to admit that it gets a bit complicated and I’m still attempting to figure out the details myself.  

From what I’ve gathered, Nick Styne handled the band as a whole for their on-camera appearances such as when they were on iCarly.  He reps the band as a whole.  He is listed as the band’s Theatrical Agent (and yes, specifically theatrical, not music). Nick DOES have individual theatrical clients such as Lily Collins, Bella Thorne, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, etc.  So it’s POSSIBLE he could do individual projects, but as far as I am aware, he only books the band as a whole.  

Each agent within CAA handles different things.  As I mentioned before, Harry’s agent specifically handles actors and not musicians.  Louis’s new agent handles those who seemingly do both (and also randomly the host of Property Brothers which doesn’t exactly fit but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).  To me that implies he’s looking to do things as an individual apart from the band.  Now I also want to clearly say I’m NOT saying that the band is breaking up, it just means he’s actively pursuing other interests.  

As for whether or not Nick has been aligned with Modest/Syco?  not any more so than the rest of CAA.  Again, he’s a theatrical agent and not on the music side of things.  

Hope this helps! 

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Wait. CAA is ex Jeff's agency? Bc in all articles about new Harry's REP talked about "Harry Styles has officially split with One Direction‘s management team Modest Management and has signed with CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff" I'm confused.

Yes, CAA is where Jeff used to work.  He no longer works there since he (supposedly) has started a management company.  Management companies and agencies are different and do different things.  Additionally, when Jeff worked there, he worked as a music booking agent.  This change in rep is purely for on-camera purposes.  

All of the boys have been with CAA as their agency since day one.  They all used to share the same agent WITHIN the company (Nick Styne as well as Christian Carino who handles their commercial bookings.  Back in…January I want to say?  Harry signed with a DIFFERENT agent within CAA who he’s still signed with to this day.  Louis has now done the same thing.  Niall and Liam are still with Nick Styne.  

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