I’m trying not to get myself too excited.
I’m trying incredibly hard to not jinx this.
I’ll only tell you, interwebs, because I’m far stronger of a person in my slight anonymity than I am up close and personal.

Presently my book has been requested in full by four agents and is being considered for representation as we speak. And I’m so sick with fear, worry, passion, and that edge of being finally so close to fitting into the shoes of the purpose I know I’ve been planted on this earth for.

I hope telling someone hasn’t jinxed this for me, but I’m figuratively collapsing in on myself not saying anything.


Artwork for a TV pitch I did last summer!  The studio officially passed, and I’ve decided to shelve the “TV” version and instead work this one out as a graphic novel.  


“Captain by Default” isn’t exactly how 12-year-old Lena Tauri dreamed of earning her first command. But after space pirates capture the grown-up crew of STARGARDEN ECHO, Lena fools the ship’s clunky, outdated DNA access locks into thinking she’s her missing mother, Captain Aisha Tauri.

It’s not just Lena–all the children left behind pitch in to fill their parent’s jobs.  It takes a huge amount of trial and error and more than a few white lies programmed into the ship’s stubborn, outdated Artificial Intelligence, but one by one the kids find their best fit. 

Lena struggles to lead her group of friends through this unfriendly, strange galaxy. Of course, her rebellious older sister Xia would gladly steal control—that is, if Xia wasn’t locked up in the fertilizer bay for betraying their ship to the pirates in the first place.

Together our greenhorn kids navigate the tricky subtleties of teamwork, puberty, and intergalactic politics–all without adult supervision! As the crew grows more confident, the kids start to wonder: What if instead of just trying to evade the pirates and get home…what if we saved our parents ourselves?


Jemma Simmons | Agents of SHIELD comic book 

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Lego Worlds Gets New Agents Pack

Lego Worlds, the toy company’s open sandbox game, just got a new upgrade!

Now fully released on Xbox One, Playstation, and Steam, the game has introduced one more little addition upon it’s release: Lego Agents! Unfortunately, this update is a Playstation 4 exclusive, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome!

Given a throwback to the original Lego Agents line from 2008, this update includes 4 characters - two agents (Agent Chase and Agent Trace) and two evil masterminds (Dr. Inferno and Dyna Mite). Also introduced are new vehicles and gadgets, such as a Jetpack, which were actual Lego sets at one point. Even a glowing octopus was added! (and yes that was from a set, too).

No release date was given for the game on the Nintendo Switch console, yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game!

So what are you waiting for? Play some Lego Worlds already!