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Hyden Yoo... Killed It

Taking inspiration from the British 50’s rockabilly movement Hyden Yoo created a complete environment with cool girls and hot guys that were card playing, pool shooting, oldies listening and downing stiff drinks. 

The mens looks were styled by our handsome friend Paul Avarali:

The ladies were taken care of by Mary Kate Steinmiller.  She didn’t miss a beat, I was dying over the details:

I need someone to do my hair like this:  Please ION, call me.

The creative direction done by The Supervisory didn’t overlook the smallest details and the models were kitted out with faux ciggies that even looked like they were burning. 

Tattoos are the real deal. 

Here is Hyden with 2 of his models.  Well done. Here’s a shop of the coat detail: