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agentred asked:

omg songlee is destroying me. i think i need to know more. and that one scene idea, him running so fast his feet slip, knees hitting the ground, scraping hands to get back up and fly to her as fast as possible and no why is this in my head you are the worst. aka can we collab soon you are amazing.

i didn’t do anythin !!! but ye let’s collab vv soon. after december 11th, ok!!!  i can tell u about their prom.

so their eighth grade ~prom takes place before the apocalypse even happens. mei hua asks tze jun to go with her even though she knows that he doesn’t like this kind of thing. he agrees to go with her because he knows what it means to her. he picks her up at her house (walking distance, so he walked .. like an idiot). she’s in this gorgeous dress and she’s wearing high heels; it’s cute because she’s short and not use to wearing heels. and .. he’s not very sociable so the idea of mei hua wearing heels completely slipped his mind and he was like .. oh … we have to walk there .. because we have no ride …. im sorry. he already messes up her prom and she tells him it’s okay because she’s just happy that he’s with her. 

he would give her a piggyback ride except he didn’t want to ruin her dress. i’m not sure what happens here but they arrive about 30 minutes late or so. i forget how long grade 8 proms are but this one wasn’t long and they weren’t going to any after-parties so they left. tze jun feels awful for having ruined the beginning of prom so he takes her to their favourite park (she takes off her heels and he gives her that piggyback ride bc i imagine her feet were hurting). they idle about and sit on the swings and talk. (they like imagining that they’re in far-off places doing other things) (like when they’re about to die, they distract each other from their unavoidable death by describing what they would do if they had more time to live and it would be like they were doing it because they would use such vivid details). 

then night falls. tze jun figures he owes her a dance because they didn’t get to during their prom. he pulls out his phone and plays a song (maybe her favourite slow song), asks her for a dance. i don’t remember too much but i remember the headcanon was that she would stand on his shoes and he would lead the dance. it was vvvv cute. :3c