fandom vomit !! instead of making an ugly graphic, u guys get some nice gifs instead (sry for the lack of variety; you’d think i’d at least get rise of the guardians in here but nah son my computer was being a dick). but hey!! if you’re on this list, it means we’re either friends!!! or mutual follows!!! which means u will be my friend eventually!!! (wow i really hope i didn’t forget anyone but if i did, i’m so sorry and i didn’t mean to; this is my first follow forever thing woops) (and wow i hope these links all work) either way, you’re all kings and queens in my heart and i’m so vvv much happy that u all exist in my life. and um. wow it’s been a lot of years with some of u. thank u to all of u for staying with me. i dont wanna get sappy or anythin cause u kno i gotta keep up dis cool demeanor so. ye. flsdfjk MERRY CHRISTMAS / HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAAAR!!!! 

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AND TO THE REST OF MY FOLLOWERS, I HOPE YOU’VE HAD A WONDERFUL YEAR. and i give u lots of wishes and kisses for the coming year. you’re always welcome to talk to me ok !!! < 333 chu chu snug love u !!